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You Are My Why

My success is based on your success. period.

When I started SPI, I immediately realized the importance of community. Sharing valuable information has been the name of the game ever since.

I’ve gone through this entrepreneurial journey right along side many of you and every time someone shares a success story with me, it keeps me going.

Your story matters

And I'd Love to Share It!

Success comes in many forms. Whether you’re just starting out or you’ve been in business for years, I love hearing from readers about the steps you’re taking to reach your goals.

Gratitude is a

Two-Way Street

To put it plainly, I wouldn’t be here without you. I can’t imagine another job where I’d be able to give so much to a community and get so much in return.

If you’ve been active in the SPI community for a while, you know that my first why—the reason I started this business—is my family. They mean everything to me. That said, readers just like you have been sharing their successes with me over the years and that community has created an entirely different reason for me to keep sharing what I know in this space.

Every time I receive a handwritten letter, email, comment, or tweet from a reader who has seen success in their business, I know I’m on the right track. And when I know my work here means something to you, I’m motivated to continue my quest to be of service. Gratitude is simple, in theory, but the power it holds is immense.

In that vein, I’d love to share a few thank you notes from those who have found SPI to be helpful over the years:

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“I just have to say THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU! I’ve been listening to your podcast for years and have always benefited from the insight, but this year as I really dug into developing my venture, TILT Parenting, I have relied on your content and guidance.

I followed your podcast tutorial to the letter, stayed up well past my bedtime (I live in Europe) to watch your incredibly generous webinar last month on building a podcast audience and then ended up buying your Smart Podcast Player as a result. Which is the best decision I could have made. I had a big bullet point on my to-do list that said ‘Figure out how to have podcast episodes playable on website,’ which I kept putting off because as a non-techy person developing my own website, the very thought seemed overwhelming.

Then I found your webinar, bought your product, and within a few hours had my episodes on my site. The tutorial that accompanied the player was PHENOMENAL. I kept pausing in the process to remark to my husband how blown away I was by the lengths you went to make it super simple and accessible for people like me. And the support page and team is incredible. So, I just have to say THANK YOU again for the way you show up. Your authenticity and generosity coupled with the quality of what you create is so appreciated.”


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Beth Anne

“I want to let you know how great your advice is and the ways that it’s already helping my business to grow. My business all started by solving my own problem, but it resonated with so many other women. I am living proof that incredible things can happen when you stick with it.

My email list now has over 48,000 brilliant, motivated women on it, I have over 1,500 students in my courses, and over 600 women have purchased my planner to create the kind of lives they’ve always dreamed about. My most recent course launch brought in over $85,000 in sales in 3 weeks! My revenue for 2016 has blown my mind. I now have a team of women who work for me and are all crazy passionate about helping moms to grow a business on the side.

My big goal a few years ago was to bring home my husband from his demanding job in the Marine Corps. What felt like a pipe dream when I first said it out loud is now so close to happening. We’ve also been able to give more to others this year and are looking forward to adopting again — all things we’re able to do because of my business. I can’t tell you enough how much your podcast and content has meant to me. The stories of you and others kept me going and made me believe I could do it. And I’m pinching myself now because I couldn’t have dreamed this up 2 years ago! Thank you so much for your help, advice, and encouragement.”


Please meet


“After graduating with a doctorate degree in physical therapy, I rapidly climbed the ladder to reach the status of director of an outpatient clinic in Salt Lake City. As the bills continued to pile up, my wife and I realized that ends just weren’t being met.

I started my business, Tone and Tighten, as a way to share something I felt passionately about—health, fitness, and helping other people feel better. Working hard and utilizing the information you share, it took about eleven months to reach my first 1 million page views. I project hitting 14 million before my 16th month in business. I’ve stepped down from the director position in my clinic and am now working 25-30 hours/week. The remaining time I dedicate to building my site and my brand. Using the amazing information found on your site and podcasts, I have more than made up for the money I sacrificed in stepping down from my salaried position.

I am happier. I am at home more with my beautiful wife and amazing family. I am a better husband and father, and I couldn’t be more humbled and grateful. Thank you for your knowledge. Your content is amazing and so incredibly valuable. Thank you for sharing what you have learned—both your successes and your failures—and helping people like me to realize our dreams.”


Share your success story

I'd Love to Hear from You!

You know what makes my day? Hearing all about how SPI and the community we’ve built have benefited you and your business endeavors.

Please share, in detail, how SPI has changed the way you do business. Be sure to include examples of what you were struggling with before finding the SPI Community and how you’ve used SPI tools and strategies to overcome those obstacles.

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