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My New Podcast…with Chris Ducker? Yes! 5 Years In the Making

My New Podcast…with Chris Ducker? Yes! 5 Years In the Making

By Pat Flynn on

One day in 2010, at the Mandalay Bay conference center in Las Vegas during Blog World Expo, I met this guy. His name was Chris Ducker.

He was British. He was bald. And he was bold.

And he was living in the Philippines of all places too as CEO of a 250-person brick and mortar business over there.

“What part of the Philippines are you in?”  I asked.

“Cebu,” he said.

Cebu happens to be the part of the Philippines where my mom is from too, and that’s when we became instant buddies.

After that moment, I learned so many more things about Chris. I learned that like me, he had a young son who he loved like mad. Like me, he was a passionate entrepreneur. Unlike me, he pronounced the word niche like “neesh”.

I say “nitch”…like it is spelled.

Despite our 5-year long dispute about the pronunciation of various words, we’ve grown to become best friends. We talk on Skype more than we should. His family and my family have shared a roof and have broken bread together. And, he also fast-balled a water balloon straight into my wife’s face during a 4th of July water balloon fight, and I couldn’t be happier that I captured a video of the entire episode with my iPhone.

A lot of you know Chris and I get along well together. Some of you have even called it a “bromance” (and I think my wife mentioned that once before too, which was weird), but whoa – no funny business here! When it comes to business, we definitely get serious about that.

Over the past 6-7 months, we’ve been planning something big together. Today on SPI, I’m happy to announce that we’ve finally unveiled what we’ve been up to…and I couldn’t be more excited, and I hope you are too.

Keep reading, ’cause you’ll find out not only how this will help you, but you’ll also get a chance to win a 30-minute private consultation session with both me and Chris – something we’re giving away related to what we just put together for you.

The History of 1-Day Business Breakthrough

In July of 2013, Chris and I finally had a chance to work together – something we’ve always wanted to do since we met in 2010. We put together a live, 1-day, in-person mastermind event here in San Diego for 20 people which we called 1-Day Business Breakthrough, and the format of the day was simple:

Each attendee gets 15 minutes of their own time in the “hotseat” where they share a little bit about their business and then talk about what they need help with. Then, magic happens. The entire room has a massive mastermind brainstorming session together – led by me and Chris – to help that person break through those barriers and find a solution to their entrepreneurial pains.

That first event was a massive success. Not only did it sell out in about 24 hours, but the event itself was one of the most fulfilling things both Chris and I have ever done. There was a fire of excitement for all of the attendees that day, and during the dinner that we hosted for everyone that evening, I just knew this wasn’t going to be the last time Chris and I did something like this…and I was right.

1DayBB - July 2013

The attendees at the July 2013 1DayBB

Since then, we’ve done 5 or 6 more live 1DayBB events, including one in Australia while we were there for the ProBlogger conference. One of the things I enjoy the most are the updates that 1DayBB alums share with me and Chris over time – incredible success stories and action taking, not to mention the fact that several of them have teamed up together to form their own mastermind groups. How awesome is that!?

In Australia, August 2014, after another successful 1DayBB with 20 Australian entrepreneurs, we sat in the hotel bar over some tacos. We recapped the day with smiles and motivation like we always do, but then we talked about when we were going to do this again. Unfortunately, it didn’t seem like it was going to happen as often anymore…

You see, Chris traveled a lot in 2014 for his Virtual Freedom book launch tour. [Full Disclosure: As an affiliate, I receive compensation if you purchase through this link.]

Whenever he was close to San Diego, he’d come by for another 1DayBB event. Now that he’s traveling less, we won’t be in the same location as often anymore. We brainstormed how we could continue to work together because we loved being on the same team, but we also loved what 1DayBB produced for the attendees – an amazing experience for entrepreneurs who need help, who need accountability, who are lonely and want to network with like-minded individuals, and who need specific, actionable and validated advice. It’s in high demand, which is why it sells out every single time, and why we’ve had repeat attendees too.

I proposed the idea of a tour. Chris would be in San Diego at least once in 2015, we were sure, so why not make the most of that visit? Instead of a single 1DayBB session, what about several in a row, in different locations?

City to city – 5 to 6 events within the span of a couple of weeks. It would be awesome! We’d be able to serve more people in different locations and have a whole lot of fun doing it to!

Then, reality kicked in.

After the initial excitement cleared away so we could actually think logistically about it, we discovered that something like this was going to easily burn us out. Two weeks away from our families, the traveling, not to mention the nightmare of coordinating hotels, airfare, conference rooms, catered lunches and dinner, etc – it just seemed like too much to take on.

Back to the drawing board we went, and we were ready to just say “well, whenever it happens it happens”, but then out of no where, we came up with the perfect idea.

After months of planning from halfway around the world from each other, we’re happy to finally be able to reveal what we’ve put together for you today:

The 1-Day Business Breakthrough Podcast

1DayBB Podcast LogoYes, a new podcast, and it’s AWESOME!

We were able to take this little idea of a limited mastermind event (which didn’t even have a webpage), and turn it into an amazing brand that is now able to reach and serve anyone in any location around the world in a very unique way.

Our show adopts the exact same format as our live events.

Each episode features the voice of one real-life business owner who shares their most painful struggle, followed by a 15-minute “hotseat” where Chris and I go back-and-forth to brainstorm, share ideas and develop strategies, tactics and tips to help that person break through their struggle. At the end of each episode, we finish off with what each of our next steps would be.

We’ve already uploaded 5 episodes for you – each featuring a different entrepreneur covering a wide array of struggles that you are likely to relate to. You can download all of the episodes here on iTunes, Stitcher or Soundcloud, or listen to episode 1 below:

At our in-person events, the #1 comment about the day is that each person had no idea how much they were going to learn from watching and listening in on other people’s hotseats. That how we know this podcast is going to be a winner, and already the feedback we’ve already received has been incredible!

Our Brand New Website!

1daybb-website-previewMaybe I’m a little biased, but what my team has put together for this brand is seriously one of the most impressive things I’ve ever been a part of. A few dozen people have already asked me about how I got the website created and who did the brand work for 1DayBB. You’ve got to check it out:

Click here to visit now and check it out. 

It incorporates a lot of what’s working today in modern website design. A lot of care went into the little details on this page – see if you can find them.

Subscribe to the Show!

Make sure to subscribe to the show so you can get new 1DayBB content delivered to you as soon as it comes out. A new episode will go live every Tuesday, with Hotseat#6 going up on January 20th. Here are some convenient links for you:

If you have your own preferred podcast player, you can simply copy the RSS feed from the link below and use that instead:

Our Launch Week Contest!

To celebrate launch week, we’ll be giving away a Free 1DayBB T-Shirt every day through Sunday, January 18th. Only Chris and I have these shirts, so they are extremely rare, and you’ll be one of the first!

In addition to the shirts, one lucky person will win THE GRAND PRIZE, which includes:

  • 1x – Muse Brain Sensing Headband (Retail $299.99) – We both use this device a few minutes each day to train our brains to stay focused and calm. It’s awesome!
  • 1x – 1DayBB T-Shirt
  • 1x – 30 minute private hotseat session with BOTH of us to help you with your business. Conducted via Skype at a later date.

Here’s how you can enter to win. All you have to do is:

  1. Leave a Rating and Review for the 1DayBB Podcast on iTunes. (click here)
  2. Take a Screenshot of Your Review. Best to do this before you hit “submit”.
  3. Post the image on Twitter along with the hashtag #1DayBB

And that’s it! This make’s it easy for you to submit and for us to find them, and it also give international listeners a fair chance to win too!

We’ll randomly select a new winner at the end of each day from now through January 18th for the T-Shirts, and the Grand Prize will be selected after the drawing is over.

Winners will be contacted through Twitter. We can’t wait to see what you think!

Please Help Out the Show!

Even if you didn’t want to participate in the contest, to know you subscribed to the show and left a rating would mean the world to me. We’re hoping to make a big splash this week in the rankings in iTunes, and your subscription + rating would help out a lot!

You can leave a review on iTunes here, but here’s a shortlist of those important links one more time:

The 1-Day Business Breakthrough Community

One thing I’m really excited about is our brand new 1DayBB Community Group on Facebook. This is where listeners can discuss each episode after they go live and get that community and networking aspect that is very much a reason why our 1-day in person events are such a huge success.

Click here to join the community and we’ll approve you as soon as we sign on next. You’ll notice that only Chris and I can post updates. This is to keep things clean in the group and have the primary be focus on each individual episode. We feel this will provide a better, more streamlined experience here in this particular group. Can’t wait to see you there!

Ask Us Your Business Question – Possibly Get On the Show!

And finally, if you’d like to get in the hotseat yourself and have us find your next business breakthrough on the podcast, you can easily do that by leaving us a 60-second recording on our homepage. There’s a big recording button at the bottom of

Share with us what you need help with, and if you’re lucky we just might feature your voicemail and our followup advice on the podcast!

We’ve been working hard on this project for months, and we couldn’t be more excited to bring 1DayBB to you in this way. Thank you so much for the support, and we look forward to your Tweets and messages!

And yes, we’re still putting together a live event this April. It’s our favorite thing to do, but this time, it’ll be much different. Bigger, and anyone can join no matter where you live. Check it out here!

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