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Join My Personal Book Club & Enter to Win!

Join My Personal Book Club & Enter to Win!

By Pat Flynn on

One of my favorite things to do is take someone else’s experience doing something, and see if I can do it too. I think of it as a personal challenge. Something that may have taken a person years to accomplish or learn about, I try to learn in a shorter time frame.

I attempt to accomplish this in two ways:

  1. I find or hire amazing people: coaches, experts, and mentors, and I learn directly from them.
  2. I read their books.

Reading books is obviously a lot easier, and in most cases it’s cheaper than hiring a coach or mentor. With little investment upfront, and some time to read the book, you can take years of someone else’s experience and “download” that information directly into your own brain like Neo from The Matrix.

I read about a book a month, and I wanted to take this quick opportunity to invite you to join my personal book club! It’s free, and each month I’ll send you a new review of a book I’ve been reading.

How Is My Book Club Unique?

I get early access to a lot of books. Many authors know I have a large audience so they send me pre-release copies of their books to review. I read the ones that seem interesting, and I only share the ones that stand out and clearly will help you in some way.

Additionally, I sometimes receive multiple copies of these books to give away! This is especially exciting because I love the opportunity to do something special for my book club. But you do have to be in the book club in order to be eligible to win (link to join below)! Hint: This month’s email will have a members-only book giveaway.

I’ve had my book club for a few years now, but it was limited to just a few hundred people. Now, it’s public and anyone can join! To kick this off, I want to share a contest I’m running, one where if you join my book club this week, you’ll be entered into a drawing to receive My Top Five Books of 2016 that I’ve read so far.

Book Giveaway

Five lucky winners will get a box of the following five books from me:

[Full Disclosure: As an affiliate, I receive compensation if you purchase through some of these links.]

Plus, I’ll throw in a fresh copy of The Five Minute Journal, which is something I use during my morning routine every single day.

So, that’s six books in total, all for joining my free book club! To join this week and enter the contest before the next review comes out, click on the link below:


Existing book club members, you are totally eligible to participate in the contest (of course!) but you will need to enter the giveaway using the link above. Click the button above to enter. I’ll announce the winners in next week’s book club email!

Thanks so much, and I look forward to sending you the next book club email next week with another special giveaway related to that particular book.

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