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I’m Going to Be a Daddy!

I’m Going to Be a Daddy!

By Pat Flynn on

I’m happy to announce that my wife and I just found out we’re going to have a baby!

Lots of feelings and thoughts are going through my head. Joy (woohoo!), curiosity (boy or girl, what will he or she look like?), scared (I’ve never really held a baby before…), anxious (we have a lot of stuff to take care of before it’s born).

This makes everything I’m doing online that much more important. I want to make sure I’m still able to work from home so I can watch our baby grow up and be there for every special moment, and I want to make sure I am always able to provide for my family too.

Funny story: two weeks before we found out April was pregnant, I had a huge craving for pickles. A HUGE craving. We went to costco and bought an industrial sized jar the craving was so huge. It was kind of weird. I told April that I loved pickles when I was younger, and it was probably because that’s all my mom ate when she was pregnant with me.

Two weeks later, we find out April is pregnant. I think there is more to life than we know.

Anyways, I just wanted to share this special moment in my life with you. Now in addition to pictures of my wife and our puppy, you’ll eventually see pictures of our baby boy or baby girl! So excited!

DDFD at hit is right on the nose in my last post. Good call!

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