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I Am a Blackbelt. True or False?

I Am a Blackbelt. True or False?

By Pat Flynn on

Happy April Fools Day!

Instead of writing some bizarre fake joke post (which I was this close to doing, but I chickened out), I decided that we could play a fun little game of True or False, and at the same time you might get to know me a little better.


Below you’ll find 10 statements about me.

7 are totally true, and 3 are totally false.

Can you pick out the 3 false statements?

Tell me which letters you think are false in the comments (for example: A, C, H).

The first one to answer correctly gets a “Pat” on the back. No real prizes, this is just for fun.


A. When I was born, I weighed 11 lbs. 12 oz (5.329 kg).

B. I chose Architecture as a major because I thought it would give me the best chance to get into college, since there was less competition than many of the sciences.

C. I once held my breath for 2 minutes and 24 seconds.

D. My ethnic background is 1/2 Filipino, 1/4th Irish, 1/8th Russian and 1/8th Polish.

E. My first job was working at a Toys R’ Us.

F. In college I won Coxswain of the Year for the Lightweight Women’s Rowing team (a coxswain is the person on the boat who sits and yells, “Stroke! Stroke! Stroke!”).

G. I was ASB (Associated Student Body) president my senior year in High School.

H. I am a black belt in Tae Kwon Do.

I. In the spring semester of my junior year in College, I studied abroad in Italy with a group of architecture students.

J. I took 1 class my 5th year in college just to stay eligible to be in the marching band.

I will reveal the truth about each of these statements on my Facebook Page one at a time throughout the day today, so make sure you click here to become a fan! Editor’s Note: The answers are below—but we’d still love you to like the SPI Facebook page! (02/2016)

I’ll update this post on Monday with the answers if you’re willing to wait.

And speaking of Monday, I’ll be posting my March Monthly Income Report, so watch out for that!

Cheers, and have a great weekend!

And the FALSE answers are E, G, I. Everything else is true!

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