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How to Use FREE In Your Business to Get More Traffic, Subscribers, and Customers (Pat’s 2013 NMX Presentation)

How to Use FREE In Your Business to Get More Traffic, Subscribers, and Customers (Pat’s 2013 NMX Presentation)

By Pat Flynn on

Today I’m incredibly excited to share a full-length video recording of my presentation from New Media Expo this past January!

The presentation is about the power of using FREE in your business and exactly how and why it should be used, by everyone, to get more traffic, subscribers and customers. Not only is the session packed with a ton of relevant content, but I’m extremely proud of my delivery of that content to the packed house that was in attendance.

I started working on this presentation 6 months prior to sharing it at New Media Expo, and I actually hired a coach to help guide me towards my A-game.

It wasn’t easy though, and if you talk to Mike, my speaking coach, you’ll find out that during those 6 months we must have went through 4 or 5 completely different presentations before we finally landed on ‘the one’—each one with a different flavor and path to presenting the core message of the talk.

Although it was stressful at times, I had so much fun putting this presentation together. I remember a few moments during my final preparation that I actually jumped up and down around my office because I was so excited. That sounds a little geeky, but hey—if I enjoyed putting this presentation together there was definitely a good chance the audience would enjoy it too—and I believe they did.

Several people came up to me after the presentation was over to tell me that it was the best presentation they had seen during the entire event! Others told me their heads were buzzing with ideas, which is exactly what I wanted to happen. One person I spoke to took 8 pages of notes, which is awesome!

Here is my favorite tweet from the session.

And, you won’t see it on the video because it wasn’t recorded, but during my Q&A session I actually got a kiss on the cheek! 😉

I really feel at home on the stage now—something I never would have dreamt of saying when I first started public speaking back in October of 2011 at the Financial Bloggers Conference, which I hope to attend once again later this year.

Please enjoy, share, and let me know what you think in the comment section below. Thanks, and I appreciate you!

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