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A Blogger’s Guide to Getting Your Freq. On: Defining the Importance of Consistency

A Blogger’s Guide to Getting Your Freq. On: Defining the Importance of Consistency

By Pat Flynn on


“Success doesn’t happen overnight – especially when it comes to Blogging, but simply going out there and ‘being consistent’ isn’t going to get you anywhere. Not if you don’t have the right focus, the right drive—and an ability to get your freq. on.”

This is a quote and guest post by my buddy, Alex Whalley, who blogs about building, ranking and profiting from niche sites on He’s quickly gaining ground in the blogosphere and often times I’ll have to stop myself from reading the content on his blog because it is very useful and engaging information. Today, he talks about being consistent, frequency and what really needs to happen in order to gain ground with your blogs and online businesses. In other words, getting your freq. (not freak) on.

Blogging, like any business requires consistency – that much is a given, and any semi experienced blogger will be nodding their head right about now.

But what is consistency really? And has anyone taken the time to define what aspect of it is important?

“Find what works and do it consistently”

You hear that phrase all the time and although it is true to a certain degree, it’s also a catch 22, because when it comes to blogging and the whole making money online niche – to find out if something truly works you have to do it consistently first!

But there are two key ingredients that every blog needs, and beyond all the mish mash that resides in between – it’s about doing these things frequently, and in your own unique way. You know, ‘Getting Your Freq. On’.

What Are the Two Key Ingredients?

  • Good Content
  • Networking

Simple really.

Make these two things happen, and make them happen consistently and you WILL find success.

If, however, your motive is to wait for these things to start ‘working’ then there is a really good chance you’ll throw in the towel before it actually happens.

This is the single reason most people fail online!

It’s got nothing to do with information overload, or not having time, or whatever other reason you can think of. The single most prevelant reason why 97% of online marketers fail is because they skip from one ‘opportunity’ to the next in a vain attempt to find what works rather than simply taking action and ‘getting their freq. on’.

This is the reason why the ‘Guru’ thrives – selling his promises of instant riches and one click copy and paste systems to make you a millionaire. “That works! (?) I’ll do it consistently then…”

“Earning a passive income online takes hard work, some patience and a little bit of luck too” – Pat Flynn, Smart Passive Income Blog.

The question you should be asking then is not ‘Is this working?’ but ‘How frequently should I be doing it?’

The question of ‘How Often Should You Post’ is a frequently discussed topic in the blogosphere and although this article is not here to join that particular debate – it is jumping on the point that no matter how frequent or infrequent your posting schedule is, you need to keep that frequency going.

This is Pat jumping in here for the moment, because I do like this particular debate about how often one should post on their blogs. Alex brings up a great point here, and it is that the ‘how often’ doesn’t really matter, as long as it’s consistent and you keep going. On another level, maybe your blogging schedule is erratic, but if that’s the case there still needs to be something that is consistent. An example is Glen Allsop’s blog at He seems to post irregularly and not very often at all, however the quality of his articles is consistently top-notch, as each of his posts become some of the best and most unique content on the web, and that is why his blog is considered one of the best. That is all…back to Alex!

The same goes for the all important networking that must be done. If you choose to utilize a certain social network or forum, then make sure you actually frequent that site.

Tools and Resources to Help You Get Your Freq. On


FocusBooster is a free timer that basically goes on your desktop and counts down from 25 minutes at which point it breaks for 5 minutes and then starts again.

This cycle is based on the Pomodoro Technique – a method designed to help you focus and achieve more in less time.  It’s also great because it sits on top of whatever application you are using so that the timer is always prevelant.

Getting Things Done

The Multi-Award Winning, and hugely successful  book that has become a multi million dollar industry is definitely a must read if you want to truly get your freq on. Available from Amazon (or any good bookstore) I recommend checking out  ‘Getting Things Done’ By David Allen. (affiliate link – I earn a commission if you buy)

The Content Pyramid

Pat himself actually posted a fantastic article, complete with an infographic that serves as a great framework for getting your content freq. on.  Read the post, download the graphic and you’ll have a good idea of what ‘type’ of post should come next.

Further Reading / Listening

For some insight into the importance of consistency you can hear the full story of Pat Flynn’s growth in a Podcast with Yaro Starak. The Post (or downloadable podcast rather) titled How Pat Flynn Lost His Job Then Made $203,219.04 In His First Year Online is a fantastic insight into the how, where and why Pat Flynn got his Freq on.

You can learn more about what Alex does on his blog at Probably one of the more interesting things going on at his blog right now is his recent Article Marketing Experiment where he chose to use only Unique Article Wizard (affiliate link – I earn a commission if you buy), a tool that I recommend here on SPI, to help promote one of his new niche sites. In about a month he’s already ranking on the first page of Google, starting to see traffic and make a little bit of money, which is awesome. You can read more about his Article Marketing Challenge here.

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