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Another Successful Niche Site Duel Project is my most recent niche site project. My goal for the site is to be the ultimate resource for anyone interested in understanding how to start, run, and operate a successful food truck business.

Niche sites are websites that have been created to serve the needs of a very specific audience, or niche. My experience has shown me that niche sites are one of the best ways to build a sustainable online business.

The Story Behind

The Website

The idea for FoodTruckr arose in May 2013, while I was conducting keyword research for a new case study that I planned to share publicly (dubbed Niche Site Duel). During the research phase, I discovered a keyword with relatively high search volume, and relatively low search engine competition: food trucks for sale.

Although there were no authoritative resources for buying and selling food trucks, upon further research it became obvious that this industry was completely underserved as a whole. I looked for information on how to start a food truck and because there were no answers to be found, I decided to create the ultimate food truck business resource.

With the help of a pre-launch marketing phase, upon its October 1 launch, saw over 16,000 pageviews and 7,000 unique visitors. More importantly, after speaking directly to several food truck owners who have come across the site (both in person and on the phone), almost all of them were very supportive and excited about what I’m trying to do to serve this young and booming industry.

Learn How To

Start Your Own Niche Site

I encourage you to read through the evolution of how came to be. Niche Site Duel walks you through the process of starting a niche site, from research to site launch.

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