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Niche Site Duel 009: I’m On the First Page of Google!

Niche Site Duel 009: I’m On the First Page of Google!

By Pat Flynn on

Yep! That’s right! In almost exactly 2 months since the creation of my niche site for the niche site duel with Tyrone Shum, my site is now sitting at the #6 spot in Google for my primary keyword, as shown below in Market Samurai (full disclosure – I earn a commission if you purchase).

Niche Site Duel Rankings Update

  • August 25th: Site went live. Not ranked.
  • August 29th: #184
  • September 6th: #162
  • September 8th: #135
  • September 9th: #119
  • September 13th: #117
  • September 14th: #53
  • September 21st: #38
  • September 29th: #27
  • October 22nd: #16
  • October 27th: #6

I announced on Twitter and Facebook yesterday that I was sitting at #8, but I have since climbed another 2 spots, which is awesome.

After the announcement, some people immediately responded that they searched and saw me on the first page of Google, while others said they couldn’t find me until the 2nd or 3rd page, and sometimes up to the 6th page for the exact same keyword. In the happy and celebratory video below, I briefly explain why this happens, and I give you a quick method to find your best “true” search engine ranking.

(watch I’m On The First Page of Google on YouTube)

The lighting is off, I know. I was using two halogen lights and a lamp without a shade, lol. I really need to invest in some studio lighting equipment if I’m going to continue doing videos like this! Here is a link to Darren’s Productivity Video which inspired this one. Obviously, he knows what he’s doing.

As I mentioned in the video, a couple other niche site duel participants are already ranking in the top 10 and starting to see money come in through their sites, based on the reports that have been coming in:

  • Eric from My Four Hour Work Week
  • Spencer from Niche Adsense Challenge

Congratulations to Eric & Spencer for making money already – well done! If you’re participating and making money from your niche site already too, please let me know so I can give you credit.

The Process Works

Everything I’ve outlined for you since day 1 absolutely works. I’m using the same strategies I learned from the Top 5 of Google Within 40 Day Challenge thread that I came across in the Warrior Forum (thanks for that Joseph), which I’m obviously really happy I spent a few hours reading. Note: it’s very long, but it’s worth it.

Here is a recap of everything I’ve done so far:

I have been experimenting with some software and services to help me automate or speed up some of the work. Some of the software totally rocks, and some of them totally blow – or at least aren’t worth the money I invested. I’d like to spend a little bit more time with them before recommending them (or not), but I’ll soon come out with a post that will show you everything I’ve been working with, just so you know what’s available.

One Last Traffic Strategy

Before I finish up, I want to share with you where most of the traffic coming to my niche site is coming from. It’s not coming from my primary keyword (although that may change now that I’m on the first page of Google), and it’s not coming from the articles I’ve written and posted on

I’ve briefly mentioned this in a previous post, but it’s important to understand: most of my traffic is coming from super long-tail keywords that I never purposely targeted. There are several hundred different combinations of words related to my niche that I’m seeing hits for, as you can see below:

Super Long Tail KeywordsTrue, for each super long-tail keyword I’m getting only one or two hits, but over several hundred different terms, it definitely adds up.

So, what does this mean?

This means that one of the best ways to get traffic is to write a lot of relevant content. The more posts you publish, the more chances there are for people to find your niche site through terms other than the one you are targeting.

This means that you can begin to earn money form your site before you reach the first page of Google. It also means that you’re probably producing quality content that will eventually lead you to the first page of Google anyways, just like I have today.

Those “three post set and forget blogs” (blogs that people set up that only include 3 posts before being left on auto-pilot) used to work, and depending on the niche they can still perform very well, but the bottom line is that if you produce more content, you will be found. If you’re worried about your rankings, don’t. Just write and publish a lot of relevant content, and you’ll do just fine.

Now, it’s on to #1!

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