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Drive Like They’re Crazy. Blog Like They’re Lazy

Drive Like They’re Crazy. Blog Like They’re Lazy

By Pat Flynn on

When I first started learning how to drive, my Dad gave me a piece of advice to help me stay safe on the road and become a good driver:

“Drive like everyone else on the road is crazy,” he said.

Drive Like They're Crazy. Blog Like They're Lazy.Although I know there are mostly safe drivers on the road (unlike this guy), by adopting this mindset, I learned how to stay alert and be aware of other vehicles on the road next to me.

Thanks Dad!

Now, here’s a piece of advice I’m going to give you to help you think about how to become a better blogger:

“Blog like everyone else is lazy.”

Please don’t take offense to this—in no way do I think you or anyone else reading my blog lazy. But I do have this mindset when it comes to certain things I do on my blog that I know helps when it comes to the experience people have on my site, as well as with conversions.

The Design Of Your Site

Your site should be designed in such a way that the laziest of people can use it. This means:

  1. It’s easy to access.
  2. It’s easy to navigate.
  3. It’s easy to subscribe.
  4. It’s easy to find content.
  5. It’s easy to share your content.

With the desire for speed and ease of use in today’s lifestyle, you’ve got to make the actions you want people to take on your site a speedy “no-brainer.” The harder it is to perform a certain action, the less chances there are of that particular action happening.

Some questions to ask yourself:

  • Is your site cluttered and hard to understand?
  • Are your best and most useful posts highlighted somewhere on your blog?
  • Is sharing your information as easy as one click of a button?

Make things ridiculously easy, and you’ll get ridiculous results.

The Content That You Provide

Your content should be easily consumable, so much that the laziest of people can enjoy it. This means:

  1. Sharing as much information as possible. The more you leave out, the more questions arise and people don’t want to go searching for those answers. If you give people all of the steps, they will appreciate it and you will be rewarded.
  2. Writing your posts so that they are easy to understand. Check out an old archived gem entitled: It’s Dumb Not to Dumb It Down.
  3. Structuring your posts so that they are extremely scanable. Most people don’t read every single word of a blog post. Instead, they scan, which means if you utilize things like headers, bullet points, numbered lists, bold and italic lettering, your content will be much easier on the eye and people won’t have to work as hard to read what you have to say.
  4. Providing great value. If you can give people exactly what they are looking for – something valuable and easily consumable, your readers will have no problem remembering what you wrote and who wrote it.

Your Calls to Action

In general, if you have a specific action you want people to take on your site, the more steps that are involved, the less conversions you’ll have. In other words, keep your funnels small and get rid of any roadblocks.

The most extreme example I can think of as far as a “lazy funnel” is’s One-Click Purchase option. Just think – one click and the product is shipped to your house. No need to fill in any shipping information, billing information or confirmations.

Amazon's One-Click PurchaseAgain, the less steps that are involved, the better.

Another example of a lazy funnel is when I promote my newsletter and my free eBook, eBooks the Smart Way, on my podcast.

In order to keep things simple, I purchased the domain name which is something my listeners probably don’t have to write down to remember. That url forwards to a landing page that has information about my eBook and an opt-in form both in the sidebar of my blog and at the bottom of the page’s content. There are no extra steps involved to sign up.

And lastly, one of the most important things you can do while adopting this blog like they’re crazy mindset is just inserting calls to actions in the first place. As much as we would love to think people will do what we want them to do while on our blogs, chances are, they won’t. By telling them exactly what you want them to do, you’ll do the thinking for them and they’ll perform the actions that you want them to take.

Drive like they’re crazy. Blog like they’re lazy.

Can you think of any other examples of how we can apply this mindset on our sites?

Stay tuned for my November monthly income report this coming Monday! Click here to subscribe if you haven’t already, and enjoy your weekend. Cheers!

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