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Chalene Johnson, AskPat 300 and This Week’s Upcoming Webinars!

Chalene Johnson, AskPat 300 and This Week’s Upcoming Webinars!

By Pat Flynn on

Happy Monday everyone!

Today is a recovery day for me before I get back into the thick of things tomorrow, so I just have a few quick updates and announcements for you here in this post.

Recovery from What?

Well – over the weekend I had the pleasure and honor of speaking at the Smart Success Seminar, a 3-day event put on by Chalene Johnson and her husband Bret.


Chalene is a huge authority in the fitness space who is doing much more than that now. She’s also a NY Times Bestseller and entrepreneur, and I was lucky enough to be featured on her podcast a couple of months ago. I didn’t know too much about Chalene before I talked to her on her show (I just kept hearing her name everywhere!) but since being introduced to her I’ve been able to witness the kind of impact she’s making in the world.

Her fans adore her like mad and her reach and influence is one of the biggest I’ve ever seen, so when Chalene invited me to speak at her event, it was truly an honor. After I learned that her audience was going to be around 1,500 people – the largest crowd I will have ever spoken in front of – I got even more excited.

Over the weekend, I met so many amazing, motivated people who all want to make an impact on this world too, and it was a pleasure to present in front of everyone. Seriously one of the most energetic, responsive, and fun crowds I’ve ever spoken in front of. Here are some pictures below (Thanks to Debbie Lefever!)

An awesome shot from above:

 2015-03-15 SmartSuccess 06562

Getting the crowd to respond and join me!

2015-03-15 SmartSuccess 06306

Chalene Johnson and me!

2015-03-14 SmartSuccess 04952

Thank you to everyone who was in the audience! You were so welcoming, and easily made me feel like part of the family!

AskPat Episode 300!

A big milestone today: AskPat episode 300 was just published!

I can’t believe we’re already here, especially after just starting the show last year – but it has made such a huge impact on my business and so many people have fallen in love with the shorter format show, I only wish I had started sooner.

Here is Episode 300 for your enjoyment:

This Week’s Upcoming Live Webinars

And finally, a reminder that on Thursday and Friday of this week, David Siteman Garland (and brand new daddy!) is joining me for two webinars about how to create awesome online courses. He was our featured guest in SPI Podcast Episode #136 back in November, and a lot of people have been asking for more on the topic, and an opportunity to ask David some questions related to building and selling online courses. Over 4500 people have clicked through to register already!

As always, not everyone who clicked through will show up, but there are only 1000 free seats available for each of the webinars below. Click the one that works for you and make sure to show up a little early to reserve your seat:

Thanks so much, and there’s only about a week left to vote for SPI for top business podcast for the podcast awards! Join over 1000 people who are signed up to vote daily at


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