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How to Create a BRANDED Facebook Page (with Matching Profile and Banner Images)

How to Create a BRANDED Facebook Page (with Matching Profile and Banner Images)

By Pat Flynn on

Facebook can do amazing things for your blog or online business.

It can become your primary source of traffic:

Facebook - A Top Traffic SourceIt can help you quickly understand your audience a little better:

Ask Facebook AudienceAnd most importantly, it can help you connect on a deeper, more personal level with your reader, subscribers, customers, and fans—in simple but effective ways:

Personal Facebook Post

The one thing I dislike about Facebook, however, is that it gives us very little room for customization and branding. Yes, we can create our own landing page for new visitors to see—which is extremely important, but as far as the wall is concerned, we have very little to work with.

This is why you must take advantage of what you do have to work with—your profile image and the smaller spaces for 5 banner images at the top.

The profile image should be tall, which gives you more room for pictures, a logo and/or text to highlight your brand. The 5 banner images, normally used to illustrate previews of pictures that have been previously uploaded, can be designed and uploaded in a way to add to the branding of the page as well.

Pat's Facebook Page

Corbett Barr’s Facebook Page utilizes the banner images quite well too.

A lot of people have been asking me for more information about how this is done—especially how to connect and match both the profile image and banner images together. In the video below, I explain everything you need to know in order to get this done fast and take your Page to the next level. And if you’re a Photoshop user, I also share a .PSD file that will quickly slice and dice your Page design into separate files for super easy uploading.

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Facebook Image Slicer PSD File

As mentioned in the video, if you have photoshop you can use the .PSD file linked to below to easily setup the look of your page and generate the 6 images that you need to upload at the correct sizes. Just right click and “save-as” on the file below, open in Photoshop and follow the instructions written on the screen:

Click Here to Download the Photoshop (PSD) File to Create Your Facebook Page

If You Don’t Have Photoshop…

Don’t worry! You can still create the images for your Facebook page manually, although you may need to do some trial and error to properly align the profile image and the banner images if that’s something you’d like to do.

Also, please note that the banner images randomize after each page reload, so you will need to design them in a way that works in any order.

The sizes of the images used in the example are:

Profile Image: 483px tall by 183px wide

Individual Banner Image (all same size): 68px tall by 97px wide

I hope this tutorial has helped (or will help) you take your Facebook page to the next level. If you do use this tutorial I’d love to see the results. Feel free top drop a link on my Facebook Page and I may highlight your page in a future post.


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