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The Smart Podcast Player Is Back! And My Top 7 Lessons from Building a Software Product

The Smart Podcast Player was launched to a limited group of beta users in June of 2014. Since then, the cart has been closed as my team and I have been listening to feedback, tweaking, improving and adding new features to the product, and today, it’s finally back out of hibernation for it’s public release! I couldn’t be more proud, and there were lots of important lessons learned along the way. Here are my top 7 lessons learned from building up this piece of software…and it wasn’t always smooth sailing either. Check it out.


Physical Product Experiment [PPE #5] – Product Testing

In the fifth installment of the Physical Product Experiment, I explore digital products vs. physical products, give an update on what’s going on in the SPI Goal Quest Slack community, and share product testing results!