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Back to the Future Again (My Short Film to Open My NMX Keynote)

Back to the Future Again (My Short Film to Open My NMX Keynote)

By Pat Flynn on

A lot of you know that I like to go all-out when I get on stage for a presentation. I’ve watched hundreds of talks online and even hired a coach at one point to improve my public speaking skills, and I always try to bring something new, creative and different to the stage.

In 2013, during the opening Keynote for the Financial Blogger Conference, I started the presentation by literally tripping and falling on stage, something I got special training for to learn how to do correctly. I tripped because the presentation was all about the power of first impressions, and that you never have a second chance to give one.

People still talk about my entrance at FINCON13 today.

In 2014, I took extra time to get training from a magician to incorporate magic into my New Media Expo presentation, which was so well received that I’ve been hired to conduct that same presentation a half a dozen times since, and it landed me the opening keynote at New Media Expo this year.That opening keynote happened last week.

That opening keynote happened last week.

Since I knew the opening keynote at NMX was going to be the biggest presentation of my life, I went huge with how I was going to leave my mark.

You may have heard last week from the social buzz that I arrived on stage in a Delorean from Back to the Future, which is true. The presentation was titled How to Futureproof Your Brand, and the Delorean was the perfect symbol for something memorable, but also a part of who I am since Back to the Future is my all-time favorite movie, which I’ve mentioned several times before on my podcast and blog.


It was truly a dream come true, and the full presentation will be published as an episode of SPI TV on May 1st. Make sure to subscribe (on YouTube or iTunesso you can get it as soon as it comes out!

Before anyone in the audience saw the Delorean, however (which was hiding under a tarp in the back of the ballroom), they saw a short film that I scripted that set the whole thing up.

Here is that short film:

I wanted to publish this portion of the talk today because the cast and crew involved in the making of this short film deserve high recognition and thanks. I did not include the credits within the actual presentation so as not to interrupt the flow of the presentation in whole, but the credits are included in the film and here below:

Taylor Hard
Mitchell Peck

Pat Flynn

Maxwell Albert

Pat Flynn – Himself
Doc Brown – Allan Murray
Tour Guide – Charlie Farrell
Tour Guide – Angie Sanchez
Storm Trooper Fan – Brennan Schloo
Ninja Turtle – Nik Glazer
Tourist – Jeff Jessamine
Tourist – Justin Baraglia
Tourist – Inger Tudor
Tourist – Heidi Schooler
Tourist – Angela Patterson
Tourist – Simone Wasserman
Tourist – Nihan Gur
Van Couple Man – Van White
Van Couple Woman – Katie Danza

Director of Photography – Neil Fernandez
Production Manager – Van White
Production Designer – Matthew Harvey
1st AD – Will Lambe
2nd AD – Justin Hopper
2nd 2nd AD – Dean Schaller
1st AC – Drey Singer
Sound Mixer – Ryan Agostino
Gaffer – Ronnie Gotch
Key Grip – Marlon Obrien
Script Supervisor – Evan Hart
Costume Designer – Camille Calvin
Hair & Make Up – Katie Danza
Production Coordinator – Travis Berens
Catering Woodys Grill Truck
Delorean Provided by Adam Kontras

Edited by Jeff Osborne
Sound, Color and VFX by ReAgent Productions

Additional Lenses Provided by Panavision
Hollywood Tour Bus Provided by
VW Euro Van Provided by Mariana Abaroa
Cameras – Red / Blackmagic
Post-Production Software – Adobe Creative Cloud

Shot on location in Southern California
Special Thanks to SAG-AFTRA and Robert Zemeckis


Big shout out to Producers Taylor Hart, and my good friend Mitchell Peck from Hollywood Embassy for truly making my dream come true. As a result of all of this, I was able to drive a Delorean, star in my own short film, and deliver the keynote speech of a lifetime!

A special behind the scenes episode of the shooting of Back to the Future Again (which was actually filmed at Puente Hills mall where Back to the Future was filmed back in 1985) will be available on May 7th, a week after I post the full presentation on May 1st.

Again, make sure you subscribe to my channel to get it as soon as it comes out! (YouTube / iTunes)

Thanks again to the cast and crew of Back to the Future Again, New Media Expo, and everyone who shared praise for the work I put into this. Thank you!

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