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AP 0027: How Do You Continue to Run Your Brand While You’re on Travel?

AP 0027: How Do You Continue to Run Your Brand While You’re on Travel?

By Pat Flynn on

AskPat 27 Episode Transcript

Pat Flynn: Hey, what’s up everybody? Pat Flynn here. This is Episode 27 of AskPat, and I’m here to answer your business questions five days a week. And I want to mention one of my all-time favorite conferences, because they deserve a shout-out. This is FinCon, which is short for Financial Blogger Conference. I’m going to be speaking there later this October. I think it’s October. In New Orleans. That’s the worst accent I’ve ever done. But New Orleans. I don’t even know what accent that was. But anyway, I’m just so stoked to be there. I love this conference. It was my very first one I ever spoke at in 2011, and I’ll be speaking there again. Hope to see you there.

Today’s question comes from Andrew. It’s about travel, actually. So let’s hear from Andrew.

Andrew: Hey Pat, this is Andrew. I have a question for you. When you travel and are away from your main office, what tools and technologies do you use to keep in touch, and do you try to get work done when you’re on the road, or do you just do batch processing before you leave, and then try to relax or just be fully engaged with whatever you’re doing on vacation? Alright, love your show. Thank you so much. Bye.

Pat Flynn: Andrew, thank you so much for your question. It’s actually very, very relevant right now because in a week and a half, I’m going to be on my way to the Philippines for an event called Tropical Think Tank. That is an event that is being put on by my good friend Chris Ducker from, so this is actually the longest I’ll be away from home. And I do have businesses to run at the same time. So this is a great question.

So, I’ll start with tools. I think the most important tool of course, and you’re not going to hear anything completely brand new here; these are just great reminders when you are on travel. I mean, your laptop is going to be the most important thing in the world, right? So your laptop, making sure you have your power cord, and any sort of, at least for me for the first time, since this is my first time doing international travel, I’ll have to have some special adapters. I think my dad got me one from Brookstone, which is like a universal one. So wherever I go, there will be a way to plug in, which is really important. So the laptop is important, because if you’re running a mobile business or online business, you need to get online to see how your businesses are doing, or if you’re blogging you can, you know, continue with your blog posts and things like that when you’re out. When you’re not at home. Which is great.

Now I also have a podcast, of course. I have AskPat, and I have other podcasts as well. If I’m going to be doing podcasting while I’m out, I use some really simple tools. I don’t bring my whole mixer set up with me. Right now on this mic right now, you’re listening to the Heil PR-40, which is connected to my desk. Actually, it’s connected to a mixer on my desk, which is connected on my iMac here at home. I’m not going to bring that when I travel. So, how do I do podcasts when I’m traveling on a laptop? Well, I use a mic called the Audio-Technica ATR 2100. It’s a great mic, you can plug it in via USB, sounds great. And that’s all I would need to record a podcast on the go. However, I will say, I won’t be recording podcasts while I’m in the Philippines because I want to focus on what I’m going to be needing to focus on while I’m there.

So that answers another part of your question: Do I work while I’m out? Well, I could. But I’m batch processing all of the recordings I need to do, all of the blog posts and other forms of contact that I need to do for the month of March, right now in February. So I’m putting in hard work now so I can just have those automated and scheduled for later. I can go back and, you know, if I have internet access, which I’m sure I will, I can use my laptop and change things, or I can use the laptop to actually manually publish those things. But I’m going to do the bulk of the work before I go, because whenever I go travel, I like to focus on just what I need to focus on. Especially when it comes to speaking, you know, when I’m speaking. I get fairly nervous a little bit, and I put a lot of effort into focusing on those presentations and those performances because I do think of them as performances. Anyway, I will focus on those, and I don’t want to have other things on my mind. I like to get a lot of the things out of the way beforehand that I don’t need to do at that time.

So I am batch processing a number of AskPat episodes, for example. I’m also batch processing a few Smart Passive Income podcast episodes, and also blog posts as well. I also have, and this is a great tip for you if you have a blog, when you’re on travel, that’s a great time to also run guest posts. So I have a couple of guest posts going live when I’m in the Philippines, so that I don’t have to worry about writing one there, and I can focus on the presentations, I can focus on listening to the other presenters, and I can focus on having a good time, too. I don’t want to get run down and have to stay up late and get all tired and . . . you know, when I’m there I want to enjoy myself. So that’s sort of the approach that I normally take.

Although, sometimes something will come up in business, and it’s nice to have your laptop there in case something does come up. I remember one time I traveled to San Francisco, and it just so happened that I got a text from my good friend that my site was down. So I was like, “Okay. Well, my site goes down every once in a while.” Well, a couple of hours later, I checked and it was still down. So I went and checked, and I called my provider at the time, who I am no longer with, actually. And no, this isn’t Bluehost; this is actually a dedicated host that I used before. They were like, “Oh, well, your site was attacked.” A DDoS attack. Denial of service attack. And that was kind of bad because my site was down and people were trying to access it, and so you know, when people aren’t on my site, they can’t click on affiliate links or they can’t buy products. And you know, all of my sites were down. Not just my passive income but all the sites that were on that host. That was bad. But luckily because I had my laptop, I could sit down and try to figure it out. I also had a way to email my list, which is another brilliant reason to have an email list so if your site goes down, you can still contact your people. So I used my email list to inform people of what was going on. It actually took about a week before I got it back up. But that’s a whole ‘nother story. Just having the laptop there was nice. I was on travel, I wasn’t at home, but I still had access to my websites and my business.

With that said, most of my businesses do run on their own. It’s just pretty much the blog and the podcast where I’m continually having to do things. But a lot of the businesses that I do have run on their own. And I can be flexible with my time with them, so when I’m in the Philippines, I won’t even have to really do anything but check in on them every couple of days. That’s it.

So I hope that helps, Andrew, answer some questions. Nothing totally brand new here, but I think it’s just kind of interesting to see how other people do it, and this is how I do it. Actually, I will mention one other important tool for me, or app, that I use when I’m out, and that is FaceTime or Skype. Because you know, I do what I do in my business to provide for my family and be there for my kids, but of course sometimes I need to travel, or sometimes I have these other things to go to for business and I’m not at home with my kids, so it’s really important for me to be able to check in with them. I mean, they are the reason why I do what I do, so it’s nice that I can check in with them, even if I’m not there. So anything that allows me to communicate with them, the telephone, you know my iPhone, or FaceTime especially and Skype. I love to do that. And so most nights that I’m out, Philippines will be a little different because of the time change, but when I’m speaking usually I’ll take 30 minutes to an hour every night and just talk to the family and check in. That gives me the motivation I need to move forward with the next A and B. You know, feel satisfied, you know.

That’s a little bit of insight on what I do when I travel. I hope that’s helpful and interesting to you and at least will give you some motivation to keep doing what you need to do for when you need to go out and travel. So thank you so much for your question, Andrew. An As Pat t-shirt will be sent your way. If you, a listener, have a question you would like potentially featured here on the show, head on over to

Again, a shout out to everybody at FinCon especially P.T. Money, Philip Taylor, who is the founder of FinCon. Just one of the best put on conferences I’ve ever been to. That’s

And lastly, I want to leave you with a quote as I always do. This is more of a funny quote. You know, this is about travel, and I want to give you something interesting, especially something relevant to the trip I have coming up, which is a really long plane ride. This is a quote from Al Gore, and he says, “Airplane travel is nature’s way of making you look like your passport photo.”

Alright, take care, and I’ll see you on the next episode.

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