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AP 0632: How Should I Promote Affiliate Products?

AP 0632: How Should I Promote Affiliate Products?

By Pat Flynn on

AskPat 632 Episode Transcript

Pat Flynn: Hey, what’s up y’all? Pat Flynn here and this is Episode 632. It’s always weird when I do the intros differently, I hesitate a little bit. Thank you again for being here, as always I’m here to help you by answering your online business questions five days a week.

We have an awesome question today from Phillip, but before we get to Phillip’s question I do want to recommend that for those of you that are interested in affiliate marketing, which is what this question is related to, that you head on over to Again, that’s

There you can get a free guide, that I wrote, that will help you understand this whole world of affiliate marketing and some tips for you to actually make money from it. So, go to, again all I need is your email address, and in exchange you will get not only Affiliate Marketing the Smart Way in PDF file, but a ton of great emails that are gonna be relevant to you too. Again, check that out,, all one word.

Alright, here is today’s question from Phillip, here we go.

Phillip: Hey Pat, first I wanna thank you for sharing all of your experiences and knowledge with all of your followers, I’ve really learned a lot from your website and your podcasts. I want to ask this question about affiliate marketing though: Do you suggest that we use the content provider’s sales page, or do we create our own so we can keep our branding? Should we use the swipe files or should we make it more personal and personalized based on our character and the personality of our own audience? What do you think about that?

Pat Flynn: Hey, Phillip that you so much for the question, I appreciate this. Typically, when it comes to affiliate marketing, there’s two ways to go about it, you just mentioned what they both were in terms of sales pages. So, you could have a link from the company, who you are an affiliate for, and that link when people click on it they go to their sales page, that company, that product’s sale page. The pro to that is that it’s really easy because you just send them through that link and then they take care of the rest. The con, or the thing that’s working against you, is at that point the rest is not up to you. You are relying on this partner that you have to actually then take your lead and walk them through the funnel and actually make a sale. In many cases, they’ll do a great job and a lot of companies actually focus quite a bit on what happens when anybody clicks over to their page and they focus on optimizing those funnels and getting people to become a customer. In that case, it could be positive for you to actually do that, but in many cases it is also a good idea to have some stuff on your own site.

Now, I will say that no matter what, no matter which one you choose you should always do more than just share the link. You wanna make sure that you prime this person, get them comfortable with what it is that you’re sharing, what it is that you’re recommending so that no matter where they go, whether it’s on your own page and they click through and purchase through you and you just go to that particular partner and you tell them who purchased, or you have some sort of automated feature for that, which is possible but also a lot more complicated and less common. Or they go to that person or company’s sales page and they take it from there and the sales get tracked back to you.

If you work on them before, on your own site, when you can on your podcasts, on your blog, through videos…some of my most popular affiliate products that I promote I’ve created videos for to show people what they’re gonna get before they get there, to walk people through the purchasing process on that sales page that they’re going to end up on. That converts really, really well because when people see what they’re gonna do, they’re more comfortable when it happens. When they see what they’re gonna buy, they’re gonna be more comfortable buying it.

You can utilize those strategies and that will help you with your conversion rate, plus that allows you to…even before they get to the “sales page,” you’re already selling them on it. Their experience through your site when you first recommend it, from that point forward, it is a sales experience, and that’s what you’re giving them there. Like I said earlier, it’s a little more complicated to keep the entire sales process on your own brand, at some point they’re gonna have to get over there and that company’s gonna have to have some sort of record that that purchase went through and it’s a lot easier to go through their sales page, their sales funnels, and have them take care of all that. If there are any questions, their reps are taking care of it, their FAQ, all that stuff. If you can do it on your own, you have the technical know-how to do that, that’s fine, I’m not going to get into exactly how to do that.

Now, I will say that the one compromise, or the one in between there, is to have a landing page that when people click on their affiliate link, that you again got from that partner or provider, you then bring them to a special landing page that is built on their page but has some elements from your brand on it. It’s a customized landing page. I have this, if you go to you’re gonna see my picture there and that’s not always possible with the affiliates. Even with me, a lot of the affiliates I work with, they don’t have the capability or they just don’t want to do that. I don’t understand why ’cause it always converts better, but maybe they just don’t have the capacity to do that at the time. Anyway, if you can get a customized landing page that someone how connects that person from your site and that click to that page, it continues that conversation. That’s what it’s all about, continuing that conversation, making it feel like when they’re on that new page and about to go down the funnel of buying that product that they are feeling like you’re still there with them.

So, that’s one way to do it. If you can, reach out to your affiliates, especially those that are converting very well, and ask them, “Hey, can I have a special landing page? Not just going to your regular home page, but can you create a special landing page just for me, put my image on it, my brand, logo. I can write a little message in my own style, my own voice for them when they arrive there, they’re gonna be comfortable with it and they’re gonna keep pushing forward into that sale.”

In terms of the swipe files, what that means is there’s a lot of companies that when you are on board to sell their product as an affiliate, they’re gonna give you email copy, social media copy that you can the post and share, I would absolutely not use those 100 percent verbatim. I would take them as inspiration so that you can then personalize it and make it your own. I never use swipe files because it’s never in my voice. I always change them around or use them as ideas so that I can write my own emails, my own sales copy, my own social media posts because my audience knows my voice and it’s gonna be very obvious to them if I’m just copying and pasting something else.

So, that’s what I would recommend. Phillip, thank you so much for the question. I think this is gonna be really helpful for a lot of people. If you enjoyed this episode, or any other episode actually, just use the hashtag and then the episode number or Ask Pat and then the episode and let me know what you think. Use the hashtag #AskPat632 if you like this episode, if you like this content, if you are diggin’ Ask Pat, maybe if you’re not diggin’ Ask Pat. Interact with me on Twitter, I wanna know that you’re enjoying the show. Use the hashtag #AskPat632 and I’ll see you there on Twitter.

Phillip, thank you again for the question, I wanna send you an Ask Pat t-shirt for having your question featured here on the show and for those of you listening, if you have a question that you would like potentially featured here on the show, just head on over to, you can ask right there on that page.

Again, I wanna mention, go there you can download your free e-book, all the best knowledge I know about affiliate marketing that is in that one package for you. Go ahead and check it out

As always, I want to thank you and here’s a quote to finish off the day by Josh Bernoff. He says, “We’re all learning here. The best listeners will end up the smartest.”

Cheers, and I’ll see you in the next episode of Ask Pat.

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