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AP 0574: I’m a Musician. How Can I Grow My Email List?

AP 0574: I’m a Musician. How Can I Grow My Email List?

By Pat Flynn on

AskPat 574 Episode Transcript

Pat Flynn: Hey what’s up everybody, Pat Flynn here and welcome to Episode 574 of AskPat; thank you so much for joining me today.

Hey, if you do any podcasting and you want the best-looking podcast player on your website—and that’s really important because although we want people to go to iTunes for example, to subscribe, most people who find you for the first time are potentially finding you through your website and if that experience isn’t good you might not have as many subscribers; you might not have as many downloads and interaction with your podcastees, so I highly recommend checking out my software. It’s actually one I created with my co-founder Matt and that is Smart Podcast Player at All right here’s today’s question from a guy also known as Applejaxx. Awesome name. Here we go.

Applejaxx: Hi Pat, my name is Ernest, also known as Applejaxx. My question today is, how can I engage my audience through email and social media more efficiently as an artist, a vlogger, and podcaster. Through my music and my free downloads, I’ve achieved 9,000 free downloads using a website known as NoiseTrade and on my retail albums I’ve sold almost 2,000 albums and 10,000 digital singles. So the question that I have is more of like, how can I engage the audience more through email and I realize that as I email my audience videos related to my vlog, they didn’t really seem interested in that, but when I send free downloads or music related emails they were interested in that. The majority of my emails come from the free downloads and rarely anything, I have one email subscriber to my website. So, I’m trying to find ways to grow the email list but also engage the audience through my emails.

So just looking for some suggestions on that and also how to kind of increase my vlogging and podcasting and how those things can help me as an artist so I love all the content that you’re providing and planning to use your podcasting software so thank you.

Pat Flynn: Hey, what’s up Applejaxx, thank you so much for the question, I think that’s a cool name actually. For those of you out there who are listening it’s spelt Apple J-A-X-X. Applejaxx.

Awesome job on the success you’ve had thus far I think 2,000 albums and 10k digital downloads is not something that’s not awesome because it is awesome! So great job, I think that’s awesome. And I think it’s really cool that as an artist you’re also looking for ways to better engage with your audience, I think that’s something that a lot of other artists on all creative…kind of…platforms can do more of so I’m very encouraged by this question, and I think emails are very underutilized in the space of music for sure. It’s cool that you’re getting a lot of downloads and getting people onto your email list that way. You know just offering more value that way, if you drop a new song, have them be the first to listen to it for example give them early access to it and have them be able to comment on it or give them a small snippet of it just to excite them and that’s how you can better engage them.

I know for example when I follow artists that I like and enjoy, if I get first crack at something I’m on it quick. If I can even interact with that person, that artist in a way that would be even better. So I would say, you know, traditionally if you were running a business that wasn’t sort of music and recording artists and that sort of thing I would say ask questions to people via email. And that by far is the best way to engage with people via email is to open up for questions but I would say as an artist that there are ways to do this and ways for musicians that are better because you’d be able to utilize sort of the group and how the group, and when you see a bunch of people doing something or listening to somebody or being involved with something, related to a particular artist for example, it just makes it even that much more exciting.

What I’m trying to get at here is, there’s a lot of other platforms out there that would allow you to interact with a lot of people at the same time. And I’m not gonna suggest a webinar, that’s not something that I would suggest for you, I would suggest something like Periscope or doing…you know…gosh who is it…Wiz Khalifa also did something great on Snapchat. You know using those kinds of platforms to reach a lot of people at the same time where you can then manage those conversations in a one-to-many fashion much better. Snapchat might be an interesting one too because I know a lot of people would love to get some behind the scenes stuff. I think that more than anything is something that would really engage with your audience and really have them look at what it is that you have to offer and the next things that you have coming out is the behind the scenes.

So if you’re ever in the studio just snap a photo, share that on Instagram or on Snapchat or do a little live Periscope where you’re interacting with the audience in between sets or something or while you’re on a break. Those kinds of things really get people to understand who you’re about and really fall in love with you. I think that’s one of the cool things you can do with these different social media platforms. So with email, how do you use email for that? I would tell people via email that you’re on these different platforms. I would create an event and make a big deal out of a specific day that’s coming up and when you’re gonna go live on Facebook mentions, for example, or Periscope. “Hey guys I’m going live on this day; ask me anything you want!” I know a number of celebrities both musicians and actors and actresses who do that. They make this big deal out of a Q&A that’s happening on a live platform that people can then interact with and it’s awesome. And I go on those too, and it’s so fun to potentially have your question featured.

I don’t think I’ve ever gotten my question featured because I’m on those things and there’s you know…these are big celebrities so there’s millions of people watching at the same time but even if it’s a couple hundred. I mean, man, you’re creating raving fans at that point and when you interact with even one person it shows that you care about your audience and because everybody’s there watching, and you answer those questions, you get them involved, you show behind the scenes, I mean they’re gonna fall in love with you and they’re gonna become a raving fan and that way whenever you come out with anything new…I mean you utilize that email address to share those new things, but I would also utilize those emails to mention when you’re gonna be available because they want access. And so giving people access in a controlled means through those social media platforms would be very smart I think.

And then in terms of your podcasting and things like that I think that’s something you could also experiment with, and share bits and pieces of. I think what you could do is talk, again, more about the behind the scenes stuff and maybe even share bits and pieces of your work there too. Again, just a way to get people, again, into your email list, I encourage that you have that many email addresses, and then it’s just utilizing that to be build more fans, to build rapport with them and then just whenever something drops, utilize that kind of…all those jabs that you’ve been creating for that big right hook at the end when you’re selling something. Or coming out with a new track, for example.

So, Applejaxx I hope that answers your question or at least gets you some … you know gets those gears going for things that you could do to more effectively use email and social media and I wish you all the best, man. Best of luck to you.

We’re gonna send you an Ask Pat t-shirt for having your question featured here on the show as well so look out for an email from my executive assistant in the next couple weeks and we’ll send that to you free of charge. For anybody else out there listening if you have a question that you’d like potentially featured here in the show just head on over to you can ask right there on that page.

I also want to thank those of you again who are interested in the Smart Podcast Player, that is a tool that you can use to put on your website to play a whole list of tracks from your podcast or you can play one track at a time on any post. You can even embed other people’s mp3s on there too if you’d like, and there’s social sharing and you can also get show notes and if you use certain hosting companies you can even tag and have them be categorized and whatnot. So, again, check it out, all the information’s there at, again that’s thank you so much that is my own software that I do sell and it’s awesome. Check it out, thank you so much I appreciate you and here’s a quote today from H. Jackson Brown Junior, he says “Nothing important was ever achieved without someone taking a chance.” Very true.

And before I let you go today I just have a really important announcement. You know I’ve been running 574 episodes now of Ask Pat and we’ve had some chats internally with the team with the book that came out, the audiobook, and some of the plans for courses coming out down the road we had to make some changes in production in the editorial calendar and I’m sorry to say that today is the last episode of Ask Pat that you’ll hear at least from this point forward, you know it was a tough decision because … come on, guys you know me I’m going to do this for much longer, April Fools. For those of you who are listening to this in the future you might be like “What”, well this was actually published on April 1st of 2016 so just wanted to give you a little jolt there but nah I’m gonna continue to do this show. Love you guys, I appreciate you, and I’ll see you the next episode of Ask Pat. Bye.

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