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AP 0990: Should I Put Multiple Podcast Formats in the Same Feed?

AP 0990: Should I Put Multiple Podcast Formats in the Same Feed?

By Pat Flynn on

AskPat 990 Episode Transcript

Pat Flynn: Hey, what’s up everybody? Pat Flynn here. Welcome to Episode 990 of AskPat. Thank you so much for joining me today. As always, I’m here to help you by answering your online business questions five days a week.

We have a great question coming in today from Juan, but a couple important things. First of all, I want to thank today’s sponsor, which is ZipRecruiter, where you can post your job if you’re looking to hire anybody. You can post your job to 100 plus job sites with just one click and actually, in fact, 80 percent of employers who post a job on ZipRecruiter get a quality candidate within just one day. There’s no juggling emails, no calls to your office. Just simply screen, rate, and manage candidates all in one place with ZipRecruiter’s easy to use dashboard. All you have to do is go to and you can try it out for free. How awesome is that? One more time,

The other important announcement is, since Episode 900, I have been dropping clues related to something that’s gonna happen, where if you solve the puzzle, if you want to call it that, you will be entered into a drawing, a random drawing, to win $1000. That’s happening, that drawing is happening five times next week. So all throughout next week’s episodes—995, 996, 997, 998, and 999, and Episode 1000—I’m giving away a thousand bucks to a random person who solves the puzzle. You will have had to start at Episode 900 and listen to . . . some of the episodes include clues, typically after the show, sometimes during the show. If you know what the puzzle is and you have an idea of what the answer may be—again, it’s a little bit cryptic, especially if you don’t know what I’m talking about, but if you want to put in your answer and see if you got it right and enter yourself into this drawing—yes, you only have to enter once to win, but you can get multiple entries by sharing the podcast. If you go to, you’ll see what to do there. Enter the drawing, and each day next week we’re offering a prize, and that’s $1000 to a random solver. So there you go. Hopefully that makes sense.

But, anyway, for now, let’s get into today’s question from Juan.

Juann: Hi, Pat. How are you? I hope you are doing great. My name is Juan. I am from Mexico. I am the founder of It’s a site about social entrepreneurship, entrepreneurs that are doing business to create meaningful impact in the world. We actually started with a podcast almost three years ago where we interview social entrepreneurs once a week. It’s doing well; it’s all in Spanish.

My question is—we want to start with different formats of podcast. We want to not only do interviews, but also do a small, sort of blog podcast where I talk about different concepts and aspects of social entrepreneurship. I also want to do a weekly review of a book connected to social entrepreneurship. I want to, just like you, start answering questions of our audience we are getting from different media on the podcast. I’ve been wondering, and I wanted to ask you, should I do all these different formats in the same field as I do the original podcast? For example, I’d say Monday we get out the regular interview we already have, we’ve been doing for three years. Then, on Tuesday, do the book review. Then, on Wednesday, do the blog. On Thursday, do the questions. Should I do that on the same feed or should I have a different feed, a different podcast for each of the contents? You do it, for example, in two different podcasts. I mean, I see benefits from both. I think that if we do them all in one feed, we get might more subscribers, more plays, more downloads, which can help us be better positioned, but I also think that it might have a bad effect because of people that are only interested in the interviews. If they see all this other content, they might stop following us.

So I don’t know which way to go and I would love to hear your answer. Obviously we’re not as big as your podcast or anything like that. In Spanish, there’s a lot less podcast listeners, but we’re doing good. We have a constant audience, we’ve been growing for the last three years. So I would love your input on this, so we can proceed the best way. Should we do one, only one feed with different contents each day, or should we do different feeds for different podcasts for each content? Thank you very much. A huge hug and a lot of regards from the team at Disruptivo, all the way from Mexico. Bye.

Pat Flynn: Hey, Juan. Thank you so much for the question and all the support, I really appreciate it. You know, there’s no wrong way to do it, but, obviously, there’s a better way to do it than others. I think it really just depends on your audience and how you set that expectation for what’s to come. In some niches, it might make sense, like with what I did, to separate a specific format into a different show. The benefits of doing that is I have another show that could potentially reach people because it’s a separate feed. It can have its own ranking, it can also be something other people can subscribe to because they prefer it that way, they prefer the shorter length episodes here on AskPat versus my longer episodes on Smart Passive Income.

Keeping it all on the same feed, you’re actually going to potentially get a lot more downloads, you’re gonna get a lot more listens, and it’s not split up between multiple episodes. Everybody’s there anyway, there’s just one call to action, “subscribe to this show.” You don’t have to worry about people not subscribing to the other, although perhaps they may be people who don’t want that other kind of content.

Now I will say that there are some things you mentioned there, like book reviews. Book reviews, I think, can be a part of a segment within your original show. That, perhaps, won’t take very long, and it’ll just add a lot of value to the existing show that is already there, and it could be published within the same episode. It just happens to be a separate segment, maybe in the middle or at the end of those episodes. Now if you have a specific format that’s different, that may lend itself to a different show, you can experiment with that. However, I would first try to put it on the same feed and just have it be experiential. Really, that’s the cool thing about this, Juan. You can say, “Hey, you guys, for the next four weeks, for the next month, what’s gonna happen is you’re gonna see another podcast come out each week. In that podcast, it’s going to be . . .” whatever it’s going to be that’s different. So, on Monday, you come out with your regular show, and you can tell people ahead of time, “Hey, for the next month only, we’re gonna experiment. We’re gonna see how you guys like this, but we’re gonna try it. It’s just gonna be on the same feed, so you won’t have to resubscribe. But, on every Wednesday, you’re gonna get this kind of post where we answer one of your questions.” You can try it that way and just get a response to see what people think about that.

Now I included AskPat originally within the same feed, within the same episodes. I could have broken it up and put it into its own separate day on the same feed, but I really wanted to try and see what it would be like to create another show. Now I will say it added a whole new line of effort because it’s a new podcast, it’s new hosting, it’s new work, and it’s just another round of getting the podcast set up. Now, obviously, once it’s set up, it’s just on autopilot, but it is something else I have to manage. It has its own set of characteristics and personalities, if you will, versus the other show.

So, really, it’s up to you. I would just use your current feed to test these new segments before you create a new show about them. If you find that people want more, then you can cross promote them once you create that new one. It begins to give you another excuse to launch and go live with another show and make a big deal out of that to get some new subscribers, double your numbers even. You’re gonna have people who subscribe to both shows, like I do, and that can help increase the, just love that people have for your brand. If you include any ads and things like that, I mean, your advertisers are gonna like that because there’s gonna be big numbers there too.

So, Juan, really, there’s no wrong way to go about it. If it’s really tiny of a segment, include it in your existing show. If it may lend itself to a separate show, then I would test it out on your current feed. See what the feedback is like before you make that decision, if you do create it into its own show.

There you go, Juan. Thank you so much for the question. I appreciate it. I want to send you an AskPat teeshirt for having your question featured here on the show.

For those of you listening, if you have a question that you’d like potentially featured here on the show, just head on over to and you can ask right there on that page.

Like I said earlier, if you know the answer to the riddle and all these clues that I’ve been dropping since Episode 900, just to give you a clue, the next clue was dropped in episode 905. Go to and enter your answer there. If you get it right, you will be put into the drawing for winning, potentially, $1000. I’m giving away $1000 every day next week for the last five episodes of AskPat before we hit Episode 1000; that includes Episode 1000. Then, Episode 1001, guys, I have a very special announcement about AskPat and what’s gonna happen with it. I’m excited like never before for it, and I think a lot of you will be excited about it too. But, a lot of stuff coming up, guys. I hope you’re excited about that.

To finish off today, I’m excited because we have a quote from one of my favorite authors, that is J.K. Rowling. “It is impossible to live without failing at something, unless you live so cautiously that you might as well not have lived at all—in which case, you fail by default.” I love that. Right, guys. Cheers, take care. I’ll see you in the next episode of AskPat. Bye.

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