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AP 0879: How Do I Market My Podcast to Listeners Who Don’t Know What a Podcast Is?

AP 0879: How Do I Market My Podcast to Listeners Who Don’t Know What a Podcast Is?

By Pat Flynn on

AskPat 879 Episode Transcript

Pat Flynn: Hey, what’s up everybody. Pat Flynn here and welcome to Episode 879 of AskPat. Thank you so much for joining me today. As always, I’m here to help you by answering your online business questions five days a week.

We have a great question coming in today from Liz over in Wilmington, NC and let’s get right to it. Here it is.

Liz: Hi Pat. I’m Liz, and I’m the marketing director for a national software company. I recently launched a weekly podcast for my company that’s all about idea sharing where I interview guests to share their knowledge and success stories and it has absolutely nothing to do with our software, but I’m hoping to make it an amazing tool for our industry.

At the time that I’m recording this question, my podcast is on Episode 12 and it’s been fairly successful so far. It’s allowed us to collaborate with other vendors and professionals that aren’t even using our software and even a representative from a national industry association. We’re gaining credibility to our podcast and by extension to our company.

Here’s my dilemma. Our target market is not necessarily podcast savvy. They aren’t your typical podcast listener and maybe they don’t even know what a podcast is or how easy it is to access it. You might be wondering why I even launched the podcast in the first place, but I promise I did put a lot of thought into this before launching.

Each podcast episode has . . . The content in it is just insanely rich. We’re creating a new free resource for our industry and it’s been amazing to even have professionals that aren’t even using our software be a guest on the show because they see so much value in it. I think having an episode every week and each episode being about ten minutes long has helped make it successful so far.

My question is, do you have any tips on specifically marketing a podcast to someone that doesn’t know what a podcast is or doesn’t realize how easy it is to access? As it stands right now, one thing I’ve done to kind of combat that is I don’t even use the word podcast in my promotions. I just say, “In this episode,” in an attempt to not scare them away if they think, “Oh, it’s too difficult to access a podcast” or “I don’t understand.”

Anything that you could suggest would be amazing. Thank you so much for everything that you do. I’m not an entrepreneur, but as a marketer, I find so much value in SPI and AskPat and I appreciate it so much. I even mentor marketing and entrepreneur students at my alma mater, UNC-Wilmington, and I recommend you to them all the time. One student, in particular, has found your podcast helpful in launching her fashion blog. We appreciate you here in Wilmington, NC. Thanks again, Pat. Cheers.

Pat Flynn: Hey, Liz. Thank you so much for the question. I appreciate you, all the kind words, and for sharing the podcast and blog with everybody. I really, really appreciate that.

Here’s the thing. There are still loads of people out there who don’t know what a podcast is and if you were to go up to them and say, “Hey, do you listen to podcasts?” or “Do you want me to help you get set up with a podcast?” or “Do you want to listen to my podcast?” they’re going to look at you like you’re crazy, right? Now here’s the thing. Podcasts are incredibly valuable and the moment a person discovers what a podcast really is it becomes a life-changing experience because now people have this free audio content available to help them do whatever, or help them keep entertained during their car rides or whatever.

You have an opportunity with your audience not knowing exactly what a podcast is, to be the source where they figure it out from. If you can do that, I mean, they’re going to love you. They’re going to want to continue to follow you and listen to your podcast, but just imagine the new world you’re going to be opening up for them, if you take that challenge of, “Hey, I want to be the person to help people discover what a podcast is.”

Now to do that through a podcast is a little bit more difficult because people have to first find that podcast. Now, here’s the thing, if people are listening on your website, they have to learn what a podcast is. I like that you’re not calling it a podcast in your show, but calling it episodes or calling it a show. I think that’s pretty smart, but you also want to let people know that they can subscribe to this, that they can get more audio files. Their questions are going to be, “Okay well, how do I do that?”

The number one way that you can actually share this is to create a video that literally walks people through how to do this. I would use a tool like ScreenFlow, or Camtasia if you’re on a PC, to literally record your process for—on your phone—how to find the show, how to subscribe, and just let everybody know, “Hey, this is where you can get access to loads of all this different kind of content. Here’s what we have to offer, here’s some of my other favorite shows.” That way it’s sort of like . . . Liz, it’s like if you were meeting a person on the street and they were interested in what you had to do and you let them know about this podcast and they’re like, “Yeah, show me how.” It’s as if you had their phone in your hand and you were walking them through how to do it.

Our good friend, Cliff Ravenscraft, over at Podcast Answer Man, he says that’s one of his favorite things to do is kind of be that person to introduce podcasts to people. He literally will take a person’s phone, if he’s there in person talking to them, and show them how to subscribe to his show, but also just the amazing database of all these other shows that people could have access to.

So I would create a video and have it be one that is linked to. It doesn’t necessarily have to be embedded, maybe it is embedded at first, but it can be linked to your website after every episode or maybe even before. “Hey, unsure about what a podcast like this is? You can actually subscribe to this show and thousands of others. Click here to see an example.” That’s just an idea.

You could also, within your podcast episodes themselves—at the end of each episode you could mention just every once in a while, “Hey. By the way, if you don’t know what a podcast and you’re listening to this, first of all, congratulations. You’ve listened to your first podcast episode, but here’s the thing: You could subscribe to this show and get them automatically uploaded to your device every time I come out with a new episode. Plus you could have access to this amazing resource that is podcasts. Free audio for anything that you want to listen to. To do that, go to this short link. I’ll show you a quick video on how to set everything up and it’s free. Go ahead and check it out.” You’re adding more value to that person’s life. You’re being that instructor and as a result, they’re going to want to come and listen to you, they’re going to get that habit of getting amazing rewards, and going to want to keep coming back for more.

That’s how I would approach it, as if you were the teacher showing people. Own it. What an amazing opportunity to be the person or the group or the company that can offer up what the world of podcasting is to people. That’s a huge opportunity, so take it, roll with it, and do that.

You can also send an email out to your audience as well linking them to that video, but what’s really cool with ScreenFlow—I believe you can do this on Camtasia as well—is you can mirror what’s on your phone. You can just literally talk people through it and flip through your phone and it’ll show the screen and where you go, and go to the Podcasts app, type in this, subscribe. When you do that, when you show people how to subscribe, they’re going to be more likely to do it, so there you go.

Thanks, Liz, I appreciate you. Best of luck, keep up the good work, and I want to send you an AskPat teeshirt for having your question featured here on the show. For those of you listening, if you have a question that you’d like potentially featured here on the show as well, just head on over to, and you can ask right there on that page.

Thank you so much. I appreciate you. Two final things. One is that my new course, Smart from Scratch, is opening up next week. Today, by the time this episode comes out, it’s Friday, open enrollment starts Monday the fifth and goes through Friday the ninth and that’ll be the last time that it’ll be offered at the current price point. That’s, built to help you manage all the ideas you have and filter them down into one successful one that will work for you down the road, so that you can have confidence in the direction that you’re going. That’s Check it out. Open enrollment begins next week. I look forward to working with all the new students there. We’ll hold office hours. As a community, you can get access to it as well with other students and the alumni, so check it out.

Finally, here’s a quote to finish off the day. This is an anonymous quote, but it’s short and sweet and that is, “To lose is to learn.”

Thanks guys. Take care and I’ll see you next week on the next episode of AskPat. Bye.

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