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AP 0791: How Do I Make Sure My Email Subscribers Get the Right Resources?

AP 0791: How Do I Make Sure My Email Subscribers Get the Right Resources?

By Pat Flynn on

AskPat 791 Episode Transcript

Pat Flynn: Hey, what’s up everybody? Pat Flynn here and welcome to Episode 791 of AskPat. Thank you so much for joining me today. As always, I’m here to help you by answering your online business questions, five days a week.

We have a great question today from Oz, up in Scotland. But before we get to his question, I do want to mention a resource that I created to help you with your email. It is completely free. All you have to do is head on over to It’s going to give you ten different templates that you can use that you can plug in to your autoresponder. A lot of people give you tips and tricks on how to grow your email list but what do you send those people who subscribe? Well, that’s what Email The Smart Way is going to help you with. So again, that’s Thank you.

Alright, now here’s today’s question from Oz.

Oz: Hey Pat, it’s Oz from Glasgow here in Scotland. First, thank you so much for everything that you do. It’s hugely beneficial. Now, my question is regarding autoresponders and how to design them behind the scenes. It’s confusing me a little. I launched a podcast and a blog a few weeks ago. It’s going well. I also launched my first lead magnet, which is an ebook with 30 top tips on a particular subject. Now I didn’t get time before so now I’m going to design all the autoresponders and the opt-in forms behind the scenes to make sure that now on everything runs smoothly and the experience is the best possible for the guests that come on.

But here’s the thing: I am using Thrive landing pages and Thrive Leads to figure out everything on the website but also GetResponse as an autoresponder. Now for the lead magnet, I’m going to of course be releasing an autoresponder that has to do with the content of the ebook and perhaps some content upgrades too. But for those who sign up on the generic opt-in form, they’re going to get a welcome drip campaign which explains more about me and the brand and gives some quick tips and tricks to get them going and nurture them. But I’m wondering, how do I know which one the person is going through? For example, if somebody comes on the site and goes through the ebook opt-in form, they are only going to get the ebook drip campaign. But then they will miss out on the really important welcome campaign as well. And for those who sign up on the generic opt-in form, they won’t get the chance to get the ebook and go through the ebook autoresponder.

So how do I make sure that both are working and that they don’t miss one or the other. This is the part that’s confusing me. I’m not sure how to make it so that everyone gets the welcome email as well as the lead magnet emails without them overlapping and confusing themselves.

So if you could help with that and give some best tips and best practice, that would be awesome.

I hope this isn’t too confusing but it would be great if I could get some help from you.

Thank you so much. Bye

Pat Flynn: Hey Oz, thank you so much for the question. As you can tell, the resource of the day relates to your question so again it’s that’ll help you in terms of what other kinds of emails you can send out. It seems like you have a good grasp on the kinds of things you want to send. You’re just a little bit confused on how to send the different things to the same people and there are some very great solutions out there and you may or may not be able to do this with GetResponse.

The one thing that I would share with you that I’ve had such a great time getting my hands on something called ConvertKit. In full disclosure, I am now, since using this tool, an advisor for the company and I highly recommend them because they make this kind of thing, the tagging and the understanding where people are at and what sequence they are in, much much easier. And that’s why I got involved with them in the first place and now I am an advisor for the company, like I said. But you may be able to do this in GetResponse as well, so I’m not saying ConvertKit is necessary. There are other email service providers out there that are great and you can hack your way through this sort of solution as well.

So let me first talk about getting people to get both sets of emails. If people subscribe to one, you’re worried they will be missing out on the other and I totally get that. You can set up rules. I believe you could and should be able to do this in GetResponse but again, in ConvertKit it’s much easier: for my affiliate link if you want to check that out. But you should be able to set rules that if people subscribe to one particular list, they should be able to get automatically subscribed to another. So for example, if people subscribe to your ebook list, then they are getting that information and the content and the content upgrades related to that ebook, that you have, that lead magnet, you should be able to say that if they subscribe to that they’ll also subscribe to the welcome nurturing list.

I love the fact that you called it that because that’s exactly what the generic list is. It should be a nurturing campaign, so that you can send other more relatable things to them depending on what it is that they’re interested in. It’s great because you’re collecting information from them upfront, knowing that they have interest in whatever this ebook is about so that later on, you’ll be able to send them broadcasts or even more autoresponders, specifically to those people, depending on what that topic is. This is where we start to get into segmentation which is an incredibly powerful method for dividing subscribers in to different buckets. I have a lot more information about that on the website, but let me keep going here.

So you should be able to set up rules. In ConvertKit they are called “trigger actions” or “automation actions.” Again, look into Get Response or at least reach out to their customer service to see if you can do the same thing. So, setting up rules: if people subscribe to one, they subscribe to another.

Going the other way around, it might be a bit different because people who subscribe to the welcome email generally on your website, you don’t want to send them stuff they don’t know they’re going to get so giving them automatic access to the ebook emails is going to prove to be a little bit of a hassle to them because they didn’t subscribe; and the last thing you want to do is send emails that aren’t relevant to those who have basically given you permission to send them stuff. So the moment you send them stuff that isn’t relevant to them, that’s when they start to question whether or not they should be in your list or not and will likely unsubscribe.

So how do you get those people, the general people who you’re nurturing, on to the ebook list? Well, you send a specific email that basically tells them “by the way I have this ebook for you, if you haven’t got it yet, click here” and through that click hopefully you can automatically set up a way for them to then get access to those other emails that you were talking about, related to the ebook.

There are certain tools, and ConvertKit is one of them, where if people have access to the ebook already, they wouldn’t get that email, which is really cool. Even within an autoresponder series, you can subtract people or exclude people based on those certain kinds of things. And again, you may be able to hack your way through that with GetResponse or AWeber or some of those other tools. But that’s how I would do it.

Now if you don’t have that ability, you can just say exactly what I said: “hey by the way, I have this ebook. I know some of you have already got it,” which may be good for social proof. Then you might say: “if you haven’t, click here’” and that should automatically subscribe them. You could send them to another landing page where they would have to subscribe again but it’s kind of a hassle for them to enter their name and email when you already have it. So again, depending on the tool, it would be easy for you to have them just click a link in that email to then open up those new emails.

Now the final question I want to address here is how do you make sure that they’re not getting too many emails or that they’re not overlapping. And the trick for this is being able to schedule those autoresponder emails to go out on certain days. So, I do this in my email campaigns. I have certain emails go out on certain days, to make sure they don’t overlap. I also have a specific day or days where I am more open to sending broadcast emails so that they don’t overlap with the autoresponder emails that people are getting too.

And you can have certain emails within an autoresponder series, hopefully within GetResponse, to be sent on certain days. Which is really helpful and that’s how you would solve that problem. Now, once you start adding more branches of your email autoresponder, that’s when it starts to get a little more complicated. What I would recommend now, before it’s too late, Oz, before it gets too overwhelming or too complicated, I would literally draw out the funnel here. I would draw out where people are coming in from, in a box diagram: this leads to that, this is where get this and this and this. That way you start to create this tree or these branches so that you can see exactly what’s happening where you might be able to add new things or replace things in case it gets too complicated.

So Oz, I hope this helps. For those who are listening, I hope this is helpful to you as well. is that resource I want to share with you again to help give you some more templates that you can use to put into your autoresponder series and know what kinds of emails to send to your subscribers after you collect them.

So Oz, thank you so much for the question, I appreciate it so much. I want to send you an AskPat t-shirt all the way to Scotland so that you can just know your question was featured here and I’m so thankful for that. And also everybody else out there: if you have a question you’d like featured here on the show, just head over to and you can ask right there on that page.

Thank you so much, I appreciate you, I hope you had a fantastic January 2017. I look forward to serving you in February.

Until then, here’s a quote by Beverly Sills: “You may be disappointed if you fail but you are doomed if you don’t try.”

Don’t be doomed, guys. Alright, take care and I’ll see you in the next episode of AskPat. Bye.

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