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AP 0688: How Do You Plan Your Editorial Calendar?

AP 0688: How Do You Plan Your Editorial Calendar?

By Pat Flynn on

AskPat 688 Episode Transcript

Pat Flynn: What’s up everybody? Pat Flynn here and welcome to Episode 688 of AskPat. Thank you so much for joining me today. As always, I’m here to help you by answering your online business questions, five days a week. We have a great question today from Kamil all the way from Poland. But, before we get to his question, I do want to thank today’s sponsor, which is Pelican Business Capital.

You know, acquiring financing for your business nowadays can be a incredibly time consuming thing and a very difficult process. Well, can preapprove your business for financing in minutes, right over the phone and wire the funds directly into your business account within 24 hours with minimal paperwork required. They have a 90% approval rate and your personal credit is not a factor. So, call Pelican Business Capital at 949-299-1999 to speak with an account specialist. That number once again is 949-299-1999. All right. Now here’s today’s question from Kamil.

Kamil: Hi Pat. My name is Kamil. I’m from Poland. I have a blog at My question is about your planning. Obviously you have a lot of things on your plate and I’m very curious how you decide what to do, when, and how often you revise your plans. Also, do you set any apps for that? Thanks a lot. I appreciate your work. Thanks. Bye.

Pat Flynn: Hey. What’s up, Kamil. Thank you so much for the question. Editorial calendar and planning, this is something that’s been on the top of my mind very recently and I actually did an episode with a person that came on board my team to help me with all this planning stuff. You can listen to that episode at That’s Episode 215 of the SPI podcast I have her come on and talk about how we do what we do. And so, that’s the one thing that I’ve been very proud about this year, in 2016, was just how great the calendar and the work flows and the processes and the planning has been executed. Janna was a large part of that, of course, but also the tools we use.

We use a few tools. CoSchedule is by far one of the best tools that we’ve implemented into our business for planning, and tracking, and keeping in the know, and having all the team members understand what their roles are, and what content is coming out in the future. That is to get into, it actually connects directly with WordPress and you can draft posts and set them up in CoSchedule and it’s just fantastic. You can even schedule Tweets ahead of time for the posts, after you publish them Tweets go out automatically and they go out based on when you tell CoSchedule they should go. There’s a lot of things with it. You should check it out. The homepage does a really good job of explaining how this tool can help you. It’s definitely, definitely something that all bloggers should at least look at. Check it out at

Probably, the other most important tool we use is Google Sheets. Simple spreadsheet that we use that keeps track of the dates and depending on the different kinds of content, there’s different kinds of columns and data that we put in there. For example, for AskPat, I’m looking at my AskPat sheet right now because it shows me the date, it shows me the episode number, this is again 688. It tells me what file number from SpeakPipe, which is the tool that you used to record your voicemail, and that tells me yours is 2391. Yours was the 2391st question that came in. Having that there makes it easy for my team to go in and just take your audio file, your MP3 file that creates, and then plop it here into this episode and edit it all together.

I also have your email address so we can send you an AskPat t-shirt. The question. And then we mark whether or not this is something that has been recorded or not and then also the quote of the day and then also the sponsorship and the information about that. That’s all in one sheet so that I can just open up my editorial, we call it our editorial pipeline, and that one is for AskPat.

Then there’s the master content strategy tab, which we have in there, which includes a calendar and so it shows different months, and within each month there’s the blogposts that are being posted, the guests that are gonna be on the show or the topic for the podcast and also SPI TV. It also shares and shows what book is going to be in the SPI book club. If you’re not a part of my book club, you should definitely check it out. Go to You can see what that’s all about. Completely free to join.

Anyway, all this information is all on the one sheet and this is sort of the higher level planning sheet, where I can go and then I can see okay, well September. I can see what blog posts are coming up. I plan months ahead with Janna. And so we look into, I think currently we’re looking into next year. I can start to add and brainstorm blog topics here and who the guests are. I can see it all in one place. Just creating your own Excel file or Google Sheet, Excel spreadsheet can be really, really helpful. Again, we talk about it in episode 215 of the Smart Passive Income podcast, which you can find at

Those things are really important. Planning ahead of time is great because the last thing you want to do is open a blog post draft and just stare at that cursor. That’s the worst thing that you can do. You always want to know what you’re getting into. I know every Monday, which is my writing day, when I open up CoSchedule, I can see what blog post I’m going to be writing on, and I just draft it. I know going into the word processor exactly what I’m going to be writing about. Sometimes we even brainstorm bullet points and stories and data and everything that should be mentioned in that blog post already so the day I start writing it, it’s not a blank form. It’s already, sort of, predetermined what it’s going to be about and the structure of it. Also, I go into it with the mindset that this is what I’m going to be completing right now. That’s been really helpful.

The two tools one more time Kamil, are Coschedule. Again,, that’s my affiliate link if you want to check that out and just a spreadsheet. Google Sheets is what we use. That link one more time, I think this is a really important episode for those of you who are interested in really getting top of your editorial calendar, is

Just to give you an idea of where we’re at now. Blog posts are currently two to three months ahead of schedule, currently. They’re already written and most of them are already edited and copy edited. The podcast is about three months ahead of schedule. The SPI podcast, AskPat, is about, a little over a month ahead of schedule. It just makes it so much easier because then maybe one day when I’m supposed to record I just can’t because life gets in the way sometimes, right. Well, I don’t feel like I’m ever behind. I can just catch up later. That’s what getting ahead of schedule does for you. It also just takes that weight off your shoulder and it makes it more fun because it takes the stress out but it can allow you to focus and be creative and try other things too.

Kamil, I hope that answers your question and gives you some ideas. We’re going to send you an AskPat t-shirt for having your question featured here on the show. I’m going to click over now to my AskPat spreadsheet so I can see what the quote of the day is. I just want to thank you all for listening in, and like I said, if you have a question that you would like potentially featured here in the show just head on over to and you can ask right there on that page. Now here’s the quote to finish off the day by John Gruver. He says, “The quality of any creative endeavor tends to approach the level of taste of whoever is in charge.” Kind of interesting. Okay, now have a good time. I’ll see you in the next episode of AskPat. Bye.

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