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AP 1013: How Do I Grow My Membership Site Faster?

AP 1013: How Do I Grow My Membership Site Faster?

By Pat Flynn on

About This Episode

Today’s guest is Steve Collins, who has a website called His site is growing, and his podcast downloads are increasing. But Steve wants to see his business grow faster (he’s also a statistics teacher), in part to help put his kids through college. How can he increase his membership?

In our call, I ask Steve to walk me through his current strategy. I teach Steve techniques for increasing traffic to his membership site and tips for calls to action in his podcast and YouTube channel, and we talk over future ideas for collaboration and content. At the end of the call, Steve narrows the focus for his content and creates goals and accountability going forward.

What You’ll Learn:
Tips and ideas for scaling your online business, increasing traffic for content, and building an online membership community.

AskPat 1013 Episode Transcript

Pat Flynn: What’s up everybody? Pat Flynn here and welcome to Episode 1013 of AskPat 2.0. On this show I coach somebody and you listen in. They need help with their business, you might have a lot of the same problems or issues or just need some motivation—well, you’re in the right place. Stick around. If you haven’t yet done so, make sure you subscribe to the show. We’ve got this stuff coming every single week guys, and it’s all thanks to you because AskPat would be nothing if nobody was there to ask me questions. If you want to ask me questions and get coached just like our guest today—Steve Collins is going to get coached from me—you can go to and just click on the button right there in the middle where you can fill out an application. Just answer a couple questions and then I select a new person every single week. You’ll hear from me if I select you, and we just jam, and we record it, and it’s been super helpful for a lot of people who’ve been listening in. So you’re in the right place; stick around.

Before we get to the conversation with Steve, who is a stat teacher plus a basketball coach who is building a business online—a membership site in the basketball world, and really his goal is to help put his kids through college. His kids are almost there now so we’re going to talk about that. We’re going to go from “Okay, where’s he at now, and how are we going to get to where he wants to go?”

But before we get to that conversation I just want to thank FreshBooks: an amazing company that I’ve worked with for years, and I’ve used for years personally to help me keep track of my business finances, from income to expenses which they can keep track of automatically, to invoicing. That’s probably my favorite feature of FreshBooks more than anything. Even though the tracking is mostly automated and that’s handy, they can help you print all the forms you need and just understand what’s going on in your business, especially come tax season which is really important. But really the invoicing features are just incredible because in less than thirty seconds I can create a professional-looking invoice to go bill one of my students or clients or something like that.

What’s also cool: It doesn’t just tell you like, who is yet to pay you. It also tells you who has yet to even open those invoices, which is huge because then you can follow up and just know what to say. Like, “Hey in case you missed this,” which you will know they did, “make sure you pay by this date so you don’t incur any fees or interest.” Or whatever. So guys, if you want to check this out, it is a great product and the team there is there to help you. You can check it out for thirty days for free, an unlimited trial for thirty days if you go to, and just make sure you enter “Ask Pat” in the “How did you hear about us?” section. That’s all you gotta do.

All right, now let’s get to today’s conversation with Steve Collins from

Hey, what’s up Steve? Thanks for coming on AskPat. I appreciate you being here.

Steve Collins: Thank you for having me. Really appreciate it.

Pat Flynn: This isn’t your first time on AskPat, actually. You were featured in—you sent in a question for Episode 964 and then apparently you heard about this new format and were like, “I need to get on.” And here you are. You filled out the application and I’m excited to chat with you. Again, thank you for doing that and thank you for the previous question as well.

Steve Collins: I did. I’m so excited. I took a picture of myself in front of the castle in the Magic Kingdom with my AskPat shirt on, too.

Pat Flynn: I love it.

Steve Collins: Super excited. Yeah, love it.

Pat Flynn: This is very cool. is your URL. Tell us about that and what you do.

Steve Collins: I’ve been a teacher for thirty-plus years and I’ve always had side gigs. I’ve always tutored and run camps and kind of done that stuff. Teachers are probably one of those niches that are a little underpaid so I’ve always done that. My brother and I started a tutoring—tutoring would be the best way to say it—tutoring for basketball players, trainer thing. We called it Coach Market LLC, and we tried that for about a year and a half and it really wasn’t catching on. There were some issues with finding places for the coaches and the trainers to do it. There were all sorts of issues that we ran into.

So we pivoted to teachers, which is basically a location for a membership site for coaches to come together, and I have all sorts of resources I’ve accumulated over thirty years, and then there’s lessons, there’s office hours and there’s community there. And I started it in October of 2016, and like I was saying in Episode 964, it’s been growing steady. I’m a stats teacher by profession—I coach high school basketball, but I’m actually a stats teacher, and it’s been growing steady. I get seven, eight new members probably total, with losses, every month. And it’s been growing steady, but my goal is, I got a kid going to college pretty soon—my goal is for it to get like a hockey stick. We talked about that before. And that’s where I’m looking for some help. How can I not only have—steady growth is great and I’m super excited where we are after fourteen, fifteen months, but it’s the math teacher in me. I want it to grow faster.

Pat Flynn: Yeah, the stats person in me is asking, well what’s working right now more than anything to get more people in there?

Steve Collins: It’s interesting, because I have a podcast, so I’m two plus years into the podcast. I get two or three thousand downloads. That’s starting to grow, because I think podcasts are starting to take off.

Pat Flynn: For sure.

Steve Collins: You know the best about that. And then I have a YouTube channel, which has about 13,000 subscribers, so I get traffic from that. I get traffic from all these different places. I have a pretty big Twitter following, I have a Facebook group that’s pretty big, four or five thousand. So I’m getting all these seven, eight people each month from all these different avenues. Done a little bit of Facebook ads, but just dabbled in that at this point. I keep asking people to come—where are you coming from? They’re coming from all those avenues which all take my time to do. The YouTube, the Twitter, the podcast obviously takes time. All that stuff takes time.

Pat Flynn: I would definitely try to narrow the focus in one of two of those platforms. It’s very similar to me: I have all these fires going right now and I, in my head, choose to really focus on two at a time and just really nail that. For social media, I use that for more supporting where I create content. If you were to choose . . . Let’s just do a little exercise here. If you were to just choose one to really just nail down in terms of where your focus is, which platform would it be? I’m just trying to get a sense for . . .

Steve Collins: If I had to choose one—I would really want to choose two—I’d probably pick the podcast which has taken off recently within the last six months and the YouTube channel. Because the YouTube channel gets subscribers, twelve, thirteen thousand subscribers is quite a bit and it’s all over the world. If I had to pick one it would probably be YouTube.

Pat Flynn: Okay, cool. That just gives me a sense of where the energy’s going. And then in terms of how you are selling into your membership, take me through a story. Like I find you on YouTube—how do you get me over there?

Steve Collins: That’s changed over the last year after listening to you. In the videos I tell them about Teach Hoops. I have a little ad that goes on before the lesson or whatever we’re teaching, some drill or something. And then I go on and I’m in my office and I basically say “Hey, you’re here ’cause you’re a basketball coach and you want to learn just like I wanted to learn. We have a great community. Go check it out. There’s a fourteen-day free trial.” Blah, blah, blah. Then it goes onto the video, and then I do a soft pitch at the end. I’ve been reestablishing some of the videos that have been successful and re-putting them back up onto my YouTube channel and that seems to be working pretty well.

Pat Flynn: You had mentioned a fourteen-day free trial. Have you experimented with other promotional tactics to get people in?

Steve Collins: I haven’t. I’ve thought about the one dollar trial. I’ve thought about the seven day trial. In the churn rate, it’s hard to—there’s all sorts of stuff you read on the internet about churn rate, but people tend to stay. It’s really exciting. I don’t know if it’s you or the Sams who basically say “they come for the content and they stay for the community,” and it’s true. Coaches all over the country want to basically get together and talk. So my private Facebook group is—every day they’re in there and they’re communicating, they’re talking, they’re sharing things that have happened, they won a big game or something like that. That’s what’s super exciting about it.

Pat Flynn: Yeah, that is really cool. So the fourteen-day free trial—and this offer is just kind of consistent, right? It’s always there?

Steve Collins: It’s always there.

Pat Flynn: It’s always there. So where my head is going is I’m trying to figure out for the people who are on the fence who are saying to themselves, “Yeah, I mean, maybe I’ll get it later. It’s always going to be there so nothing’s really driving me to make a decision now.” What are some ideas that maybe you have that can help me, as someone who’s on the fence, to want to make a decision now?

Steve Collins: That’s a great question, and I love it. I’ve offered to do one-on-one, if you join do a one-on-one. I think I have to come up with something that’s going to, you’re right, entice them to try it out. Because once I get them into the Facebook group and they start talking, it’s so much fun for everybody. And this is my lull time. It’s crazy: It’s the end of the basketball season right now when we’re taping this. It’s the lull right now and then in the spring when everyone starts thinking about next year, that’s when it will pick up again. So there’s two big seasons, there’s the fall and there’s the postseason.

Pat Flynn: I like that. Maybe there’s a way to combine that renewed energy for coaching and some offer that, maybe, goes away at some point. So let’s jam on that a little bit. This is something that I, and I know a number of people at least in my space, are battling too. Because sometimes the thing that you take away is just access. Like, “hey guys, it’s only open and available until this date,” and I have experience with that with my courses. However, obviously when you close it . . . well then you’re either collecting a waitlist and you’re not making any money. I don’t know if people are paying a recurring membership fee to be a part of this, but either way, people may want to get in and they can’t. You seem to have a good rhythm of getting people in, despite not having something that goes away. You’re still growing steadily, which I think is great and I think you’d want to keep it open all the time.

Steve Collins: Right, and it’s a membership. It’s like Netflix. Every month—you can buy a month, you can buy six months, you can buy a year. If you buy a year, it’s cheaper. So from that standpoint—and I’ve actually thought about increasing prices. We’re getting to the point where I’m going to have to hire help, which is good.

Pat Flynn: That’s a legitimate reason to increase your prices, and that’s something that your community would likely know is happening as they’re seeing the membership grow. You hit a great point, I was about to mention this: Some people, they make the thing that is the scarcity-driven reason to buy now, is the fact that, “hey guys, guess what? After this date, the price is going up. Here’s why it’s going up. So get in now. By the way if you’re a current member, you’re not going to have to pay more. You’re grandfathered in.” Now as a current member, I do not want to leave because if I have to come back I’m going to have to pay more. Tell me what you’re thinking about that right now.

Steve Collins: I did that, I did that once and it was great. The funny part about that scarcity model, and it’s the math teacher in me again, you get a huge bump. I did it in June at the end of my last big postseason thing and I got a huge jump and then it was like crickets for six weeks. Which is fine, because that’s my summer for a teacher—it’s my content time where I can just drive content. I can try to find new members on my email list and those kind of things. It was okay for me but it was crickets for a good four or five weeks after that and then it slowly picked up again.

Pat Flynn: Sure. Although I’m sure you can do the math and figure out “okay, well now I have this larger number of people paying more monthly, that’s okay.”

Steve Collins: Yes, yes, yes. But for some people listening it freaks you out. It was like, “oh my god what did I do? What did I do?”

Pat Flynn: Especially the day after—you’re like, “nobody’s buying. It’s going to be like this forever now?”

Steve Collins: I actually went on and put my own credit card in and go, “is it working? Is it working?”

Pat Flynn: I’ve done the exact same thing, I promise you. And so okay, I like that for this, maybe this next season, obviously you always increase the price point, it’s going to get to a point where it just passes the point at which people—it doesn’t make sense for them to buy because it would just be too expensive. You don’t want that to always be. But I think on this next launch that you do, by launch I mean it’s not closed and then reopened, but there’s a limited window by which a person can take action and either get the price before it goes up. But I would also include some bonus that goes away. This is what I’m doing right now with my courses. I’m trying to make them evergreen because the open-close situation does take a lot of work and it’s a lot of stress. So I’m trying to figure out ways, even in my courses right now, to take people through a journey and still provide them value on the way but also have some form of FOMO: The fear of missing out. And that would be a bonus that goes away. At a certain point in the journey, something triggers where they go, “okay, well if this course is something you’re interested in, here’s the price, here’s where you get it, and by the way I’m going to throw in this bonus. This bonus, though, goes away after three days. If you get this course after three days you won’t be able to get access to this anymore.” Even if it’s not a huge bonus, still the fact that they know that they’re not getting something if they don’t act now, it just forces that decision to be made.

Steve Collins: It forces their hand, like you’re playing poker.

Pat Flynn: Exactly, exactly. And not in a bad way. Some people think this is manipulative and guess what, it is, but if you know you have something of value to offer, you know, for example for you and this community, this is something that would help them and change them.

Steve Collins: It’s going to, yeah.

Pat Flynn: You almost have to be like that, and obviously you can use those superpowers for good, but you could also use those superpowers for bad. Definitely using those tactics, that’s something I’ve had to get over. “No, that’s super scammy. Why would I do that?” But then I realize, “Wow, a person’s in my course now who would’ve never gone in unless I had offered this FOMO situation and now they’re just, their lives are changed.”

Steve Collins: Right. The thing is, is I’ve always, like I told my wife, I said . . . I do it obviously for the money, and it’s part of what I want to do when I retire from teaching, but I said, “I love this thing.” I have coaches in Florida that they found out I’m going on spring break and said, “Hey can we get together?” It’s like, “Well yeah, maybe. Let’s see if we could work it out where four or five of us get together and go have breakfast or something.”

Pat Flynn: What if you had fifty of you come out and do some fun thing together?

Steve Collins: Right, yeah, that would be awesome. We talked about it in Episode 964 too about, I’ve thought that a way to go for that hockey stick is to go find—I’ve had speaking engagements all around the country about basketball to try to go find some of those, try to find some of the leaders, maybe get on their podcast, all that kind of stuff. What’s your thought on that?

Pat Flynn: Whenever you get somebody who already has trust with a large number of people to vouch for you, that’s huge. What’s really cool about this is if you do this bonus thing for example, that’s something you could offer just for their audiences, that if the window’s closed and the bonus is gone already, to continue that growth you can utilize these other communities and say, “Hey guys,” in your community you come on their podcast for example, or you get featured on their YouTube channel. You can just say, “Hey, just for you guys, if you sign up we’ll also throw in this bonus for you. It’s not available normally for people except for certain times of the year, but you can get access to it now if you want.” Again, giving them something special for just having that random chance of finding you at that moment can make it really interesting and enticing.

Plus, that combined with the trust that that person has with the influencer—it might be interesting to test perhaps making a list of even podcasts that you could perhaps appear on. That way you don’t have to travel. It’s very simple. No video required. Guest podcasting has become pretty big in terms of growth and in marketing for people. Even if people aren’t buying directly from that episode into your program, now they’re in your ecosystem and perhaps there’s a lead magnet or something that you can give that does take them into a small, maybe five-day journey with the pitch at the end coming from these episodes. It might be good to maybe plan ahead a little bit and say, “Okay when I get on these shows or when I’m featured on these YouTube channels, what should I tell them to do from there? And how can they go from that call to action to now my program?” Maybe it’s just a simple five-day email course. Again, trying to keep it simple. Where’s your head at with that right now?

Steve Collins: I agree. The thing is, I’ve thought even going the other way, having them on my podcast ’cause I know when I’ve been, like when I’m your podcast, I shout it out to the world ’cause I want people to listen, they learn what we’re learning and that kind of stuff. Does it work that way too if they’re on?

Pat Flynn: Oh absolutely. Best case scenario is this: You get on their podcast and then that’s going to go live the week of May 15th and it just so happens that they’re going to go live on your show on May 15th as well. Or in your channel, or maybe in an interview or on your YouTube channel, perhaps. Because what happens is people who are in your audience are going to want to hear you on their channel, and that’s the value that you’re providing to this guest. Hey, we’re going to bring people your way too. But people who find you on their show are going to be like, oh well I want to listen to my hero or whatever who’s also featured. This is very popular on YouTube, you probably know, collaborations and stuff. It’s less popular to plan this granular in the podcasting space, so there’s a lot of opportunity there. Now you don’t need to do it on the same day but it just, that’s just an extra punch on top of just having that person on your show too.

Because you’re right, if a person’s on your show, first of all there’s authority through association if it’s a really high up person and plus, a lot of times if you have a great relationship with them they’re going to be more than happy to share that because they’re featured on there and you’re making them look good. So it’s going to make them look good in front of their people. I don’t know, there’s a lot of cool things you can do there. I would even just try to do one and see what happens, to test it out. To see what the reaction’s like. Maybe have some sort of special offer just for them and just, that may or may not work but at least you’d give it a shot.

Steve Collins: Okay, yeah. Especially for my podcast, my listeners love interviews because they’re coaches, they all think there’s this special X and O thing that’s going to help win a game. So they love when I do interviews.

Pat Flynn: I imagine it must be great.

Steve Collins: Which you know takes more time than me sitting in front of a mic, or me—

Pat Flynn: In your interviews, I’m just curious, do you get so into “you were down by three with five seconds left, what did you tell your kids in that moment in the huddle?”

Steve Collins: We haven’t gotten that specific. We’ve gotten more about, “tell us about your journey. How did you get here?” And then we just talk like you and I are talking. And then I have what I call quick questions like what’s your favorite player? Blah, blah, blah. We do quick questions. And then we don’t really—it’s hard on a podcast to do but that’s a great idea for hey, give them a situation. How would you handle it? I love that.

Pat Flynn: Maybe I’m just spitballing with you here, I just get really excited about this. I play basketball too, so this is really interesting.

Steve Collins: I know you do. I know. And I’m going to give you a lesson. Next time you have a live event I’m coming and I’m going to give you a lesson.

Pat Flynn: Oh, that’d be great dude. Thank you. Thank you.

Steve Collins: You’re welcome.

Pat Flynn: It’d be cool if, for setting up an interview with somebody, you can say, “Hey by the way, can you think of one coaching moment that you just remember that we can just dive into because I think it’d be really interesting to unpack how you taught in that moment.” And it’d be fun and exciting. That storytelling aspect would be really fun, I think, to listen and hear just how that coach handles that situation. Or you could even go to, “Hey did you see that game? Warriors blew it in the last minute. How would you have coached them at that moment so that they wouldn’t blow it?”

Steve Collins: That’s a great idea. ‘Cause I’ve always thought, it’s hard to do the basketball teaching part because it’s a visual thing. That’s why YouTube is wonderful for me for that.

Pat Flynn: For sure, for sure.

Steve Collins: But then the podcasting stuff you’re right. I probably have to go more of the angle of the story.

Pat Flynn: It’s like the situation.

Steve Collins: The situation, yeah. That’s a great idea. I never thought of that. Thank you very much.

Pat Flynn: You’re welcome.

Steve Collins: That’s awesome.

Pat Flynn: I just love to just riff on things like that. What’s missing? What else do we need to talk about?

Steve Collins: What’s your feeling on Facebook ads or trying to drive people that way? Is that a way to go to the hockey stick?

Pat Flynn: It is if you find the right funnel. And when you find the right funnel it’s a glorious thing that happens. You’re essentially giving Facebook a quarter and you’re getting a dollar back. And so you just feed the machine.

Steve Collins: Explain again—math teacher in me, I understand, I’ve been around for sixteen months so once this season’s over and I’m going to sit and do the math about how much each person’s worth, per se. I’m not sure the exact lingo of that.

Pat Flynn: Lifetime value or whatever.

Steve Collins: Lifetime value. I understand that and you’re saying . . . so what are you talking about in terms of funnel? Are you talking email funnel? Are you talking funnel to get in front of the person?

Pat Flynn: I’m talking funnel in terms of after you get in front that person. So you target them in some way, shape or form. And there’s different ways to target. You could actually target people who are on your email list specifically. They know you so you can talk to them differently than a cold person coming in. And that’s called a retargeting. They found you once and you’re going to put yourself in front of them again. What’s also really powerful in the Facebook world is lookalike audiences. Facebook collects a billion data points per person. It’s not a billion, but it’s a lot.

Steve Collins: It’s a lot.

Pat Flynn: They know more about us then sometimes we know about us. What’s really cool is you can actually create what’s called a lookalike audience. You can literally upload your email list to Facebook and then you go, “Hey create a lookalike audience of people just like that.” Then you can target knowing that well, again, I don’t even know how they do it, but there’s just so many different ways that they can be like, “oh, well these people are just like your customers or just like your subscribers, they’re cold but they’re going to be a lot warmer than just a random person.”

Steve Collins: Right. Do you know if there’s a minimum on that list? ‘Cause my list is good but how many are actually warm, warm are probably a couple thousand, tens of thousands.

Pat Flynn: You can upload a list like that and then create a lookalike of your couple thousand and then it might be four or five million people that are like those people. So that just opens up more possibilities for who you can get in front of and such. By funnel I mean okay, they click somewhere and then you take them into this journey into your email list or into a mini course or into a downloadable and then from there you have a follow up sequence that then pushes them into the course. Some funnels are from Facebook to webinar registration to then pitch and then course. Some are a little less aggressive, such as I’m going to funnel people into just a blog post but I know that in that blog post I have my course and or a way a person can subscribe. So there’s a number of ways to do it.

I’m just diving into that world myself too personally, just trying to figure it out. It’s really exciting because like I said, you can get to the point where if you know for example, your product costs $10—and this is just a crude example, you could spend $9 to get ten people into your email list knowing that you’re going to have a 10 percent conversion rate. By that you’d have one person, a $10 purchase for every $9 you spend.

Steve Collins: It’s a plus.

Pat Flynn: Now I’m going to spend $9,000 so I can have . . .

Steve Collins: And I’ve seen you’ve been on more and more. The question I asked about Facebook is because I’ve seen—obviously I follow you so you’ve been popping up on my stuff so you’ve been doing more of that with your YouTube channel and that too. Perfect, thank you.

Pat Flynn: What are the biggest takeaways for you?

Steve Collins: Oh geez, my list is so long here. There’s a couple. I think you’re right about the podcast and focusing in that in. And I think I have to take my adult ADHD and not do twelve things, and try to control it into maybe YouTube and my podcast to narrow the focus. To funnel people toward that will help us drive it up, I think.

Pat Flynn: I like it. Any sort of goals that we can check in and hold you accountable for?

Steve Collins: Oh yeah. My initial goal—and it’s funny ’cause I’m a teacher—I have a mark for every member on my whiteboard in my class so my kids actually follow it. It’s so much fun.

Pat Flynn: That’s awesome.

Steve Collins: It is, isn’t it? It’s like, “Mr. Collins, you got a couple more members.” Yes I did.

Pat Flynn: That’s great.

Steve Collins: ‘Cause I’m a math teacher. We talk about the math behind it. My goal is 500. I’m in the mid 100s right now, like 150, 155. And like I said, it’s been steady growth. So my goal is to help me put my kids through college to be honest with you. I can see that light at the end of the tunnel, I really can, so I’m super excited about it.

Pat Flynn: Is it exactly 500 to get to that point?

Steve Collins: Well 500 is . . . in my prices right now, if I get to 500 that’d be $100,000 but with an increase of price it could be less than that. I would love thousands because I think I could help more coaches. I started it as an experiment but now it’s become this obsession with me, in trying to help as many people as I can.

Pat Flynn: Here’s the final thing I’m going to offer, and that is in all memberships there are going to be a small but very powerful cohort of people who would just likely love to just either get more access or get more things, or spend more time or go somewhere. So perhaps there’s a second level at some point or second offerings, and it doesn’t have to be an ongoing thing, but things you can test that are more expensive but also valuable obviously, that you can offer those members. Because they’re paying members but there’s going to be some people in there who would love to pay more for something.

Steve Collins: Like a live event.

Pat Flynn: Right.

Steve Collins: Like a live event weekend.

Pat Flynn: Or virtual event. You can get coaches all around the world to come in virtually and have them all sign into Zoom and just offer everybody a link for however many dollars just for a one-time thing. Again, that builds the community. It rewards your super fans and gives them something to love. It can help you get to those goals even quicker.

Steve Collins: Awesome. I love that idea. And I’m waiting for your next live event. I’m telling you, I want to come to San Diego, it’s so warm. I’m looking out my window right now—there’s about fifteen inches of snow in Wisconsin.

Pat Flynn: That’s disgusting. Yeah man, definitely an event is happening that I will produce at some point in the future. That’s all I know.

Steve Collins: They’re a lot of work.

Pat Flynn: That’s all I know. Yes. Hey man, thank you so much Steve, I appreciate it. What’s your URL one more time so people can find you?

Steve Collins: It’s

Pat Flynn: Well man, thanks so much for your time.

Steve Collins: Thank you.

Pat Flynn: Man, I just get so fired up by having these kinds of conversations. When a person finishes up and says, “Here’s my plan. I can see the light at the end of the tunnel,” that just lights my fire. That makes me want to do this even more. And I want to help those of you who are listening in. If you have any issues that you might be having with your business, I’d love to potentially coach you. All you have to do is go to and ask right there on that page. There’s an application, you fill out a couple questions and I select a new person every week.

And I’m so thankful Steve came back after being featured in Episode 964 of the old version of AskPat, where it was just a voicemail question from him. But now, to have this conversation, you can see why having conversations is so valuable. So Steve, I know you listen to the show, I appreciate you man. And please get those actions going because I want to bring you back on and then one day we’re going to meet in person. We’re going to shoot some hoops. You’re going to teach me some things and we can wear our AskPat shirts together and take a picture. Hey man, I appreciate you. Thank you Steve. Again, if you want to check it out. I’m really, really looking forward to hearing the success that comes out of this call. Not just from you Steve, but from everybody else listening as well.

If you haven’t yet subscribed to the show, do that because we got some more great content coming your way next week. Another coaching call with another person struggling in their business a bit but hey, that’s why I’m here, to help them and you at the same time. This is perfect. I love this situation we got going with AskPat and I would love for you to join the tribe and be a part of Team Flynn. So make sure you subscribe, and then also leave a review. If you are on iTunes or happen to just have literally a minute, leave a review on iTunes. That would be super helpful to help anybody else who comes across this show understand that. Really, this is unlike anything else. So hey guys, I appreciate you so much, I look forward to serving in next week’s episode. Until then, keep crushing it. Love you guys and I’ll see you in the next one. Bye.

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