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AP 0838: How Do I Create a Podcast Intro By Myself?

AP 0838: How Do I Create a Podcast Intro By Myself?

By Pat Flynn on

AskPat 838 Episode Transcript

Pat Flynn: Hey, what’s up everybody? Pat Flynn here and welcome to Episode 838 of AskPat. Thank you so much for joining me today. As always I’m here to help you by answering your online business questions, five days a week.

We have a great question today from Nara, but before we get to her question I do want to thank today’s sponsor, which is Design Crowd. Hey, if you’re stuck on how to develop your logo, or business cards, or anything design related, you can checkout Design Crowd. It’s a website that has over a half million designers world wide to help you crowdsource custom graphics.

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Nara: Hi Pat, how do I create a podcast audio intro by myself? Also, I saw your podcast mini course, but there was really nothing speaking about the structure of your podcast. I notice that all podcasts in the beginning have a very specific type of intro that contains maybe specific information, or what not. You are like the best podcaster of all time, and if there’s one person on planet Earth that should do a course on interviewing skills, how to formulate questions, how to create the proper into, like the actual content of a podcast, that person should be you. If one day you consider creating a podcast course, I will totally buy it. You should, 1,000% do it. You are the man, you are the man.

Anyway, my question, sorry going back to my question, is how do I create a beautiful podcast intro, and what are the main components, and how can I do it by myself, or do I actually have to outsource it? Thank you. Please do create that podcasting course proper, and include stuff on interviewing style, and planning podcasts, actually doing it, getting sponsorships, the whole works. I think you’re the man.

Pat Flynn: Hey Nara, thank you so much for the question. I appreciate it so much, and also just the thoughts about myself creating a podcasting course, interestingly enough, I already have. It’s actually something that I haven’t mentioned because I’ve only beta tested it. I created it like I created a lot of my other things. I tested it, I experimented. I wanted to see if this is actually something people wanted. When I was on stage at some point earlier in the year, I pre sold this, and I had 160 plus students sign up for it. I built it, and it is available later this year. I’m currently working with the beta students to work them through their podcast. I talk about all the things that you mentioned, so the course already exists, it’s just going to be open later in the year. You can find that at Again, that’s

It’s really cool to have a lot of requests. This is why I decided to create it in the first place, even way back when. I’ve been having a lot of people ask me for a podcasting course, and courses are something that I’m into creating right now. I’ve just realized the power of creating courses to serve an audience. Even though there are amazing courses out there, and programs that I recommend, and I know other people can help as well, I still have had a ton of people ask me for a podcasting course, which is why I created one. Again, you can find that at

I’m not here to sell that right now, it’s not even for sell, I just wanted to mention it and let you know that it is coming. In terms of a podcasting intro, the first thing I would do is realize that your podcast is your podcast. You could do whatever you want with it. You could be as creative as you’d like, which is why my intros, I have my voiceover guy because I choose to use a voiceover guy. You don’t have to, but I do. I have him read off a fun little random fact about me every single episode for Smart Passive Income. That works really well for building a relationship, just being quirky. It’s kind of who I am, and my personality. I just love sharing little random facts about me like that. It’s something that people remember, so that works out really well for me.

What I would do Nara, and for everybody out there who wants to create a podcast, and this is what I recommend in the course, is to first listen to a bunch of podcast intros and determine what your style might be. Not obviously copying somebody else’s, but checking out the different styles. Everybody does it in a different way, and you can adopt, and get inspiration from all the other podcast intros that are out there. You could also, through that research, find what you don’t like and make sure you don’t incorporate that into yours as well. Which ones sound great, which ones don’t, and you can incorporate those things into yours as well.

Now technically speaking, how do you put it together? Well you use an editing program such as Garage Band, or Audacity, or maybe you use something like Adobe Audition. Whatever it is. You can take the different pieces of what would be included in an intro, and put them in there so it sounds great. That would be, for example, the music if you have music. Make sure you use royalty free music. Having voiceovers in there if you want a voiceover. It can be just simply your own voice too if you’d like that to be the case. Then also, the actual introduction for an episode. Something that shares with people what it is they’re about to listen to, you may also want to include the episode number, just for records. So people have an idea of which one they are listening to, and they can make sure they’re listening to the one they chose to listen to. It’s also something that’s handy for me personally, to be able to remember episodes in the future. For example, episode 78 with Clay Collins from LeadPages, or episode 51 from Tim Ferriss, things like that.

More than anything, in your intro you want to make sure that people know they’re in the right spot, and you share your personality. You want yourself to be there. It doesn’t matter what kind of show you have. Having your personality come out, and being confident, and being excited gets the listeners excited, right? That’s really, really important because people will stop listening to your show if they feel like they’re not listening to anything worth while. Or they’re just not getting any energy from you. It’s really important to do that.

A couple things you can do, is actually stand up while you record your episodes. I do that myself too, and it really adds to the energy levels, even on a subconscious level. People listening on the other end, they just feel like you’re there engaged with them in conversation, and are actively listening to you at that point. That’s really cool.

Then finally, just making it short and sweet. You can include some personal stuff like I do, you can also make it known that certain things are happening in your life at that point. I wouldn’t add any fluff. There’s a difference between fluff, and sort of just things that are happening in your life, right? Fluff might be something like talking for 10 minutes about what you had for breakfast. You definitely don’t want to do that. Honestly, that is something that I’ve heard on a podcast before. Somebody talking for like five to 10 minutes about what they had for breakfast that morning, and they just went off on this tangent, and I obviously stopped listening to that show.

Again, go out there, research, listen to other intros and determine what you like, and how you want to adopt to your style. Pick royalty free music if you want to. You don’t have to, there’s a lot of great podcasts that just go right into what it is that people are going to listen, and hear on that episode, or an introduction to who the guest might be before getting into that interview. All those kinds of things. It’s hard for me to record an answer for this episode because I don’t want to say, “Okay, this is how an intro should be. Should be 10 seconds of this, 15 seconds of that, 20 seconds of this, and then you get into your interview.”

No, that’s not how it should be. It should be your own show in the way that you want to create it. But more than anything, make sure that you let people know that they’re in the right spot. Then finally, you let people in on your personality and get them excited along with you. Hopefully you’re excited to record your episodes, in which case the listeners going to be excited too.

Nara, thank you so much for the question, I appreciate it. I want to send you an AskPat T-shirt for having your question featured here on the show. For those of you listening, if you have a question that you’d like potentially featured here on the show as well, just head on over to and you can ask right there on that page. I also mentioned, you can check that out if you want to sign up for the wait list. Then finally, here’s a quote to finish off the day by Anais Nin. “Life shrinks or expands in proportion to one’s courage.” Love it. Take care guys, and I’ll see you in the next episode of AskPat. Bye.

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