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AP 0778: How Can I Be More Successful With My Online Business? From Editorial Calendars to iTunes Categories

AP 0778: How Can I Be More Successful With My Online Business? From Editorial Calendars to iTunes Categories

By Pat Flynn on

AskPat 778 Episode Transcript

Pat Flynn: Hey, what’s up, everybody? Pat Flynn here. Welcome to Episode 778 of AskPat. Thank you so much for joining me today. As always I’m here to help you by answering your online business questions, five days a week. We have a great question, actually a few questions from Steve today.

Before we get to Steve’s question, I do want to thank today’s sponsor which is, an awesome company serving millions of small businesses including my own with helping us with managing our business finances, keeping track of our income, our expenses and our invoicing. I’ve been doing a lot of invoicing lately. I love the tool because what FreshBooks allows you to do is create an invoice that you can use to bill somebody in less than 30 seconds. It’s very professional. You send it over, and they help you keep track of whether or not you get paid and further than that, they help you understand who has seen that invoice or not. You can actually follow up with people who have opened it and actually follow up properly with people who have not opened it. If you want to check this out for 30 days for free, I highly recommend it. Head on over to and make sure you enter “AskPat” in the How Did You Hear About Us section. Now here is today’s question from Steve.

Steve: Hi, Pat. This is Steve from Balsam Lake, New York. There’s a number of questions here, so I will get right to them. I love all your podcasts including the FoodTruckr podcast, although I haven’t seen that one in iTunes lately. From your early income reports, most of your income came from the LEED exam. If you stayed in the field of architecture, do you think you would have been as successful as you are today? It seems like most of the people making money online are either online marketing or a broad category such as diet and fitness. In SPI number 215 and SPI TV number 46 you mentioned an editorial calendar. I’ve developed such a calendar for a new website that I’m developing. Should I post the calendar on the website to generate traction for the topics, or will Google penalize it as empty content? As opposed to posting it, I will add the links to this post.

Does the category of iTunes matter much? What happens when there isn’t a suitable category in iTunes? For example, there isn’t any category that addresses physical sciences and engineering like HVAC and building. Should I pick a category that’s similar, or should I just not do podcasts? I’m transferring my domain from one hosting to another. How do you do that without losing email? It seems like there would be some time delay in there. What is the best way to monitor and fix third party links on a web page? For example, on your, the link to the LEED classes gives an expired link. On a side note, I have a 4K Windows machine using Microsoft Edge, and your logo is over your “Hi, I’m Pat” sign. It’s covering that a little bit.

Pat Flynn: Hey, Steve. Thanks so much. I’m going to go one by one down the line here to answer your questions as best as I can. Let’s get started. First of all, if I’d stayed in architecture, would I have been as successful as I am today? With architecture, it’s interesting. I’m so thankful that I have gotten laid off because I promise you if I hadn’t gotten laid off I wouldn’t have been open to the possibility of trying online business. I wouldn’t have taken the bold actions needed to make it successful. When I got let go after the mild state of depression that I had for a couple weeks, I definitely had the light under my butt to get things going.

I took action. I took courses. I figured it out. I asked a lot of questions, so no, I wouldn’t be as successful. The crazy thing about that is I think back. If I’m thinking about the timeline of my life if I would have not been let go, I probably would still be happy. In general, I’m a very happy person. I look for the best in any situation that I’m in, but I probably wouldn’t be as happy as I am today because now that I’m doing online business, and I’m my own boss and CEO, I get to spend time with my family more so than I would have if I was an architect. I do miss aspects of architecture, but I’m so thankful that I now have this flexible schedule where I am in control of my own destiny.

Now, should you post your editorial calendar so other people can see it? You can do that, if you like. You’re not going to get penalized for doing that. It’s not going to necessarily help you with SEO and things like that, but it’s not going to hurt you. If anything, it’s going to be cool because your audience will be able to see what’s coming next. However, I will say that things change. It might be something to test out. If you have an email list, or even if you wanted to share in a blog post for one month what’s coming to see what the response is like, it may or may not help you. I don’t know, but you’re not going to get penalized for that in terms of having it be empty content.

I keep my calendar private because there’s a lot of things that go along with it. My team and I, we have access to spreadsheets and a tool called CoSchedule that helps us manage all that. You can all listen to episode 215 and 246 of the Smart Passive Income Podcast which are up on iTunes like Steve mentioned. Those are really helpful related to your editorial calendar. How much does the category in iTunes matter? It matters significantly because people are going into those categories looking for the episodes that are relevant to them. It matters. Here’s an extreme case. If you were, like you said, doing HVAC and contract work stuff and talking about that on a podcast, if it was in the arts and entertainment category, it would not do very well because that’s not an arts and entertainment category.

What I would do for something like that based on the topic that you mentioned is I would put it into the careers category. That’s the default, I don’t want to say this because it sounds negative, but the “leftover” category in terms of careers for one that doesn’t fit necessary into any of the other ones, investing and marketing and that sort of stuff. Careers is generally a great category to go into. I think that’s what John is in, John Lee Dumas from Entrepreneur on Fire. I think he’s in Careers as well, I’m not sure. What’s cool is you can always switch it around and change it over time. You don’t have to worry about that. I would pick careers or something along those lines where people may stumble upon your show and think to themselves this is cool that it’s here, I might check it out versus what is this doing here? That’s weird.

How do you transfer one domain to another without losing email? Whenever you’re doing a domain transfer I would always get some experts involved. Whether it’s people on your team, if you have time or the customer service from the hosting companies that you’re using, that is a process that involves a little bit of technical knowledge. That’s even beyond my capability at this point. In terms of keeping your email, if the domain name stays the same, then your email is going to stay the same. Now there are forwarding aspects. That’s one quick and easy solution for that stuff. You have an old email address, you can set it up so that it continues and forwards to your new one. You could set up rules for that, so it happens automatically. Redirects could also help as well, but I would contact the customer service from those different companies that you’re working with from one to another to make it work.

Then finally, fixing third party links on a web page. There’s a tool called It’s a tool you can use. If you have WordPress you can use a WordPress plugin called Broken Link to check things. There are other ones, Dead Link Checker. What I would also do is go into your webmaster tools, or actually it changed its name. This is Google Console. That will give you some really quick data on what links are and are not working. They’ll give you crawl errors, and link errors and things. That will allow you to pull on that information. Thank you for the BudURL thing there that you mentioned. BudURL was a link shortening company that is not supporting their tool like they used to. Links crash and break every once in a while. I guess I didn’t check that one. Thank you for that and also for the tip related to the logo in your Edge device.

Steve, there you go. There’s answers to all your questions. Thank you so much. Unfortunately, I can’t send you an AskPat t-shirt for all of your questions, but I can send you one for having yourself and your batch of questions featured here on the show. We’ll send that over to you. Very soon you’ll hear from my assistant Jessica in the next month or so. We’ll collect your information, so we can send it to you free of charge because that’s what we do here. You get your question featured, we send you a shirt. Thank you so much. For those of you who have questions and would possibly like a shirt too, head on over to You can ask right there on that page.

Thanks again also to Fresh Books for being amazing and for supporting the AskPat podcast and all that goes into. If you want to check out FreshBooks for free for 30 days, head on over to Pat and make sure you enter “AskPat” in the How Did You Hear About Us section.

Thanks so much. I appreciate you, and here’s a quote to finish off the day by Bertrand Russell. He said, “Anything you’re good at contributes to happiness.” Cheers, take care. I’ll see you in the next episode of AskPat. Bye

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