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AP 1076: How and Where Do I Focus My Time Across Multiple Interests?

AP 1076: How and Where Do I Focus My Time Across Multiple Interests?

By Pat Flynn on

Bryony and her family spent the last two years traveling across Australia and blogging about it on her website, It’s got a modest following and she’s gotten some sponsored opportunities reviewing products and experiences, but she’s looking for more opportunities to monetize it so she can stay at home with her children. She’s tried a few different things to make that happen, from Mediavine to creating a course to YouTube, but isn’t sure how to really get things off the ground. On top of that, she’s started to focus on her family’s vegan lifestyle. The question is, where to focus?

The biggest thing we touch on in this episode is the difference between going into each day with the general goal of growing your business versus specific goals that you can actually make progress toward. As entrepreneurs, it’s easy to pick up project after project hoping that something will stick, dropping things as soon as we run out of focus or energy or brain space. What’s harder to do is stay with something and get it to a certain point while still allowing room for that next great idea.

At Google, they encourage their employees to dedicate twenty percent of their time to side projects. This “twenty percent time” not only means that the eighty percent of their time they spend on their primary responsibilities is more focused, but also that they still get the benefits of new and creative ideas. Gmail, Google News, and even AdSense all came about from the 80/20 rule.

The bottom line here is to make sure you’re not punishing yourself for not being able to spend every hour of every day entirely focused on one thing. Instead, budget your time, give yourself clear goals to stay on track, and allow yourself the space to pursue new ideas while still keeping your focus where it matters.

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Pat: What’s up, everybody? Pat Flynn here, and welcome to Episode 1076 of Ask Pat 2.0. You’re about to listen in on a coaching call between myself and an entrepreneur just like you. And today, we’re talking with Bryony, who is in Australia. She’s traveled all around with her family and was even blogging during that process. And she has a travel blog and a travel website that’s been doing decent. She’s getting about three to four thousand visitors a month. But now that she’s found a place to stay for a while, she has some other focuses that she wants to put time into. So the question is, well does she go with what she’s already started, but she also has this other passion. How do we balance the two? Do we do both? What do we do first? We’re going to talk all about that today, and I know this is something that’s applicable for many people. There’s only so much time in the day, and we have multiple focuses. What’s the right answer? We unpack that today with Bryony, and it’s going to be a great one. So make sure you sit back, listen in.

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All right. Let’s get into the conversation today with Bryony. Here we go. Hey, Bryony. Welcome to Ask Pat 2.0. Thank you so much for being here today.

Bryony: Hey. Thanks for having me. Really excited to be here.

Pat: Yeah. I’m excited you’re here too. And if you could tell us a little bit about yourself and what you do, that’d be a great way to start.

Bryony: So my name’s Bryony, and I’m in Australia and I’m a blogger. And I started blogging about three years ago. Originally, I started a mom blog, and it was when my little boy was just born. I was on maternity leave and I kind of needed a little bit of a creative outlet. My brain was going a bit to mush, and I felt like I needed to do something. And I was really inspired by other bloggers out there so I thought, yeah, this is something I could do. Really enjoyed it, and then me and my husband decided to pack everything up and start traveling with our kids while they were still young. We just spent the last two years traveling Australia full-time. So at that point, we decided to change the mom blog into a travel blog, and then the original goal was to journal our travels and also we hoped that it could make them last a little bit longer. There’s quite a big scene of traveling families in Australia at the moment, and they’re getting sponsored and different opportunities coming up and stuff like that. So we thought it could be a good opportunity for us. So yeah, so the blog’s been running for two years as a travel blog, and I’ve managed to monetize it a little bit. We definitely achieved our goal of getting experiences. We’ve done heaps of product reviews and experience reviews. It’s opened up loads of doors that we wouldn’t have had the opportunity for normally but I’ve never really kind of crossed the line with earning an income from it, and I think it’s been long enough now that it kind of should have made us a little bit.

Pat: Yeah.

Bryony: We actually stopped traveling this week. We’ve just reached the end of our travels. We’ve just moved into a house two days ago, and I feel like now’s the time I could really kind of sink my teeth into a bit more of the admin side of things. When you’re with your kids, you kind of want to be . . . I really struggled with being present with them and not doing too much on the blog while we were traveling, trying to find that balance.

Pat: Mm-hmm.

Bryony: So I kind of started a few projects, get into them, get a big success, but then not be able to go online for maybe three weeks if we were in a remote area and I kind of lose that momentum. Yeah, so I struggled on that line. Another thing that I’ve come up against this year is I just started a new blog about two months ago. I started a blog about being vegan in Australia, raising vegan children, and I’m really passionate about it. And I can fell all the excitement of the new blog and the new website and I’m self-publishing a children’s book.

Pat: Wow.

Bryony: So I’ve got all this stuff going on, and I just feel like I might lose all the things I’ve done for the travel blog and I really don’t want that to happen. I really want Coasting Australia to . . . I feel like it’s on the edge. I feel like I need to kind of let it fly, to steal your catchphrase.

Pat: Yeah.

Bryony: And just give it a push before . . . I just don’t want to lose it. I don’t which direction to go with it now. I’ve got some good traffic, I think. I get about four thousand visitors a month, so it’s not huge, but it’s not too bad. I’ve got about seven hundred people on an email list that I don’t really take advantage of. I’ve got a Facebook group, and my Instagram and Facebook have got a good following. It’s just all floating around. I don’t know whether to follow my affiliate marketing route or if I should aim for more traffic to get Mediavine and get some advertising revenue. I followed your podcasts with creating a course, and I’ve actually created a course, which has had a bit of success.

Pat: Nice. That’s good.

Bryony: Yeah. It’s been awesome and so much fun, and that’s to help with traveling families because there is such a big community out there, to help them start blogs, and that was so much fun, and I loved that, it was so rewarding. But of course it’s not passive, and the course is there but it’s really quite support based.

Pat: I see.

Bryony: Getting people into the course as well I found. If I really put time into that, I can get people there. But they won’t just get in their organically. So yeah, I’m stuck. I don’t know what to do.

Pat: Well, I’m here to help you. But first of all, I’m just really curious. Where did you end up landing in Australia in terms of home base?

Bryony: Yeah. We chose Tasmania. Absolutely fell in love with Tasmania.

Pat: Oh wow. Amazing.

Bryony: Have you been?

Pat: I haven’t been to Tasmania. But I’ve been to Australia the last five years in a row, mostly Brisbane. And I love Brisbane, and I have family there.

Bryony: I saw you. I saw you in Brisbane at the Pro Blogger.

Pat: Yeah. Yeah. So Tasmania. Now I have another reason to go to say hi to you.

Bryony: Do it. It’s amazing. I love it.

Pat: I think it’s really smart to know now that you are sort of camped in Tasmania that you’re going to have a lot more time now to kind of get focused, especially, imagine some of those places, like you said, just didn’t have internet access, and it kind of interrupts the flow of the website and the work that you’re trying to do. And I think what needs to be really clear before you figure out what to work on is sort of what your goals are because then you can work backwards from there. And it may or may not include the travel website. Trust me, I know what it’s like to have worked on something and dedicated time into something, but feeling like that because you put that time and you have to keep going, that’s not necessarily true. If your passion lies in the vegan stuff, then your energy deserves to be there.

Bryony: Okay.

Pat: There are ways to kind of keep things going with other things that you’ve already done. For example, you could have other people start adding content onto it. Other people who are traveling, and you can start to have them create content for you so that that way the website continues to grow and it continues to sort of stay alive. It’s not necessarily just about your family anymore because you’ve sort of finished that story, and now you’re letting, you’re featuring other families there, which could be a good way to kind of connect with that community still and to even serve them through blogging. Some people, I would imagine, would love to . . . Like you said, you’re helping them blogging. But they’re just starting from scratch, but you’ve already built a platform. So maybe they start guest posting on your site in exchange for putting a link back to their blog so that there’s some cool things you can do with what you’ve built.

Bryony: Mm-hmm.

Pat: Not that like you’re going to throw it away, but you’re just transitioning into wherever your energy would want to go. How do those ideas for the travel website sort of feel for you?

Bryony: Yeah. Good. Like, I kind of dabbled with that. I had a few guests posts while we were traveling, and it went well. I enjoyed that. But I kind of would love that website to monetize because even if I go down the route of my other blog, I don’t want to make money off that one.

Pat: Right.

Bryony: I just want to use that to educate and just to share, just to have another voice into that space because it’s really underserved at the moment. There’s not enough noise in that kind of area. So I don’t want to go back to work either. I’d love to do this as my job, and I just think for the potential, like Coasting Australia will have the most potential to keep me at home with the boys for a bit longer.

Pat: Yeah, yeah. Cool. Okay. Well, let’s focus on that then. How else can we monetize it? So tell me a little bit about how it’s monetized right now. You said that there’s a lot of product reviews and experience reviews, but is that just in exchange for the product and experience?

Bryony: Yeah.

Pat: Okay.

Bryony: Yeah.

Pat: So there’s no money for anything.

Bryony: There’s been a couple of sponsored posts, but not a great deal. I always felt a bit icky about sponsored posts.

Pat: How come?

Bryony: They were just . . . The offers that I got, I just didn’t feel. . . Like one was for travel insurance. You don’t really need travel insurance when you travel domestically in Australia. So it just felt wrong. So I couldn’t do that. It just hasn’t been a right fit, I don’t know . . .

Pat: Have you reached out to these other companies that you’ve done product reviews or experience reviews for to ask them to see if they’d like to do sponsored posts to continue to be featured on the website?

Bryony: I haven’t. No. I just kind of let dust off there and haven’t been very organized with it, to be honest.

Pat: That could be a great place to start. So what we can start doing is sort of listing a number of different opportunities, and then from here, after the call, you could potentially pick and choose the ones that seem most comfortable to you. And then you could just see what works and what doesn’t, that way we can start to get some money flowing here. Does that sound like a good plan?

Bryony: Yeah. That’d be amazing.

Pat: So that’s what I think would be step number one. So, going back to companies you’ve already built a relationship with, and saying, “Hey, you know what, I’m in Tasmania now, and I’m going to be focusing a lot more on growing this brand. We’ve worked together before. I want to make sure that I can help you too. Perhaps we can do like a sponsored post in the next coming months. Let’s talk about that.” And then you can just kind of gauge to see whether they’re interested. Also, when you start reaching out, pay attention to the questions they ask you about that and the objections they have. Write all those things down because then the next time you reach out to somebody, you can already have those things in mind. You can have an answer in mind, and kind of get in front of them before they start questioning. That’s how I would go with that.

Definitely some advertising, for example. You have a good amount of traffic on your website, and it’s only going to continue to grow now. Now that you’re going to be focusing more effort there, and perhaps even continuing the guest posts and stuff and adding more content in there. I think it’s going to help you, and putting some advertising on the website. There’s AdSense and there’s other types of AdSense type. . . Gosh, I can’t remember the . . . I mean, you might even know it. Did you mention it earlier? It was like . . .

Bryony: Mediavine is the one—

Pat: Mediavine, yeah.

Bryony: Yeah. But you’ve got to get thirty thousand visits.

Pat: Visitors a month.

Bryony: Yeah.

Pat: Okay.

Bryony: So it’s quite a way off.

Pat: Yeah. I mean, there’s some other ones out there. I’m going to dig and ask a few people if I can find out what those ad revenues are, and I’ll get back to you afterwards.

Bryony: Thank you.

Pat: But that’s another option. And then of course making sure your website is optimized for those things. For example, having them on the right pages, the most popular pages in certain parts of your website where it’s going to get clicked and all those sorts of things. And then the biggest opportunity, in my opinion, would be affiliate marketing. Affiliate marketing is always an underutilized monetization tactic. With the products that you’ve promoted already, that’s a great place to start to see if you can find some stuff. Of course, in the travel industry, I know that there’s new things coming out all the time. And this is where I think there’s a lot of good things that can happen where you can even get on video now and start to review some of these travel products. We could work with these companies to have them send you products, but then also have affiliate marketing through—whether it’s Amazon or you have a direct relationship with them.

And you can also pull some organic traffic from these things too, especially if it’s sort of like the newer things because when you put those things on YouTube. It’s like all these tech reviewers who are reviewing the latest iPhones, right? They get millions of people who are just interested in that new iPhone because they just want to see what it’s like, and you can become sort of that authority in that space. And what happens is that’s going to help grow your site organically. It’s going to help bring more people on so that your sponsored posts get more traffic and you can start charging more. People are going to start to click on those affiliate links, and you’re going to start to make some money there. And then finally—I’ll let you share some ideas that maybe you have that I haven’t covered—I definitely think a course is a great thing, and you’ve already built that. The idea would be to how can we start making this a little bit more DIY or automated versus having it be something where you’re always having to be in there. Because that’s the beauty of a course, for a creator, is you can kind of create the content once and then structure it in a way where it’s kind of you get people in there, and then it’s working on its own. I think we could work on getting to that point too.

Bryony: Okay. Sounds good.

Pat: How are you feeling about those options?

Bryony: Yeah. Good. Good. I think I need to just commit to something. I have a YouTube channel that I’ve done videos on, and I just feel like everything I do, I just scratch the surface, and I never really get really deeply into it to follow it through.

Pat: How can you go deeper?

Bryony: This is the thing. I just need to pick one thing and just say, “This is it. This is what I’m just going to put myself behind.” And I just don’t know what that should be. The only thing I like the sound of is the affiliate marketing, but then again I do kind of really promote minimalism and—not anti-consumerism but like experience over things. So I don’t feel right kind of pushing products and such.

Pat: Well, I mean, what if you just pushed the one product that everybody should get instead of kind of a barrage of this is . . . We see this on the content consumer side is just like, “Wow. Okay. I get it. Stop telling me everything I should buy. I’m overwhelmed now. I don’t have enough money.” Versus, “Hey, you know what. There’s a lot of options out there. You could buy a lot of things, but here’s the one thing that you need.” And you become that sort of spokesperson for the minimalist version of travel where, “If you’re going to get anything, this it. You don’t need these, this, this, or this. But just get this. Here’s why.” And you become that voice, and if minimalism while traveling is a part of your thing, I mean, make that a part of your thing. I think that could be a very interesting take and especially for the budgeted sort of conscious traveler. I mean, you’re providing a lot of value there for sure.

Bryony: Yeah. I suppose, as well, it doesn’t have to be products, does it? It could be anything.

Pat: It could be places.

Bryony: Kind of Audible, download an Audible or—

Pat: Oh yeah. That too. That ties into travel, right? Because you want to be able to consume content while you’re on the go.

Bryony: Consume content. Yeah.

Pat: I think experiences go a long way as well. Vehicles, the things that they need to travel. It might be worthwhile just making a list of all the things that one might need for a certain travel experience, and just go, “Here’s the checklist. Here it is.” It’s valuable because they want to make sure they need. They’ve never traveled as much as you had, but then they go, “Okay. Where can I get this thing on the checklist? Where can I get this thing? I’m curious about what this is.” And you have all the answers. You have the videos and all that stuff. You said it before I did, and that is you need to have that one focus. What that means is let’s focus on the travel website for X number of months and have a goal there.

Bryony: Okay.

Pat: Have a goal there to reach a certain dollar amount that you’d be happy with and consider that this is working for me. And then you have these other projects too, and trust me, I have a ton of other projects going on, too. So I’m not going to tell you to not do those. I would say in your schedule, it might be worth putting in for days of the week, on these days I work on the travel website or during these hours I work on the travel website. And then allow yourself, give yourself the time to work on these other side projects too because that’s where energy is flowing as well. And when you have that in your schedule, then it’s actually allocated properly versus what a lot of entrepreneurs do is they go, “Oh, I have these different projects. I’m just going to work on this now. I’m getting tired of that one, I’m going to work on this.” Then my energy’s like not going anywhere where it’s going to serve me. So that’s how I would tackle sort of multiple projects, putting them in the schedule. I mean, Google does this. Google, when their employees are working there, they spend, I think ninety percent of the time doing what they need to, and then they allow their employees ten percent to have exploration time. They bill them for that, and that has come up with a lot of amazing products in the Google world. Like Google Mail was, I think, a project that was done in a ten-percent time for an employee. So giving yourself that time on the side is going to allow you to be okay with taking time away from your primary focus.

Bryony: Great. I’ll do it. I need to do that, I think. I do tend to get distracted by all the shiny things with each one.

Pat: There’s a lot of shiny things out there.

Bryony: So many. So many.

Pat: I want to know about this children’s book, too. Where did this come from and where does it fit in?

Bryony: Okay. So this is with the vegan blog.

Pat: Oh, cool.

Bryony: Yes. So my boys are three and five, and—

Pat: Good ages.

Bryony: And we’re raising them vegan, and there’s just a handful of books that we found because a lot of books for kids have got farms in them. And it’s all just really in the dialogue, it’s natural to eat animals and this is what they’re on our planet for.

Pat: Yeah.

Bryony: I’m not comfortable with that. I want to teach them a different way. So there’s a handful of books out there, but they’re kind of just . . . You know what are little boys are like. I’m don’t want to get kind of gender specific here, but my boys, they like slime and monsters and farts and all that kind of stuff. And there’s none of that in the books I’ve found. So it came from that really. We just started being silly about things like, “Why would you eat cheese? It’s moldy and it’s stinky. Eggs come from a chicken’s bum. Why would you do that?” And then it came from there—

Pat: That’s kind of funny.

Bryony: Actually, my five year old helped me. Yeah, we wrote this book saying why would you eat these animals? You wouldn’t eat your pet dog. Pigs are our friends. Fish live in the ocean. It’s that kind of . . . We surf with sharks, we don’t want them on our plate. It’s not where they belong.

Pat: Yeah.

Bryony: It’s kind of a humorous light-sided book.

Pat: That’s cool. I mean, I like that. I think that having your kids involved with that is pretty neat. That’s work bringing you together, not taking you away. So that’s a fun kind of joint project that can turn into something. I mean, you had mentioned that you don’t really want to monetize, but what I would imagine is that maybe after the travel stuff is going a little bit, and then you start sort of shifting your energy back to this stuff and really going full force with it . . . I would imagine that because you actually are doing it because you care about it so much, you’re actually likely to make more money on this site, especially with where things are and how people are looking for information.

Bryony: Yup.

Pat: And that’s totally okay. I mean, that happened to me with Smart Passive Income. I built it just because I wanted to help people. I was already making money with my architecture website, and then all of a sudden it just took off because nobody was talking about it and being real about it until I came around. And you’re kind of doing the same thing.

Bryony: I hope so. I’d like it to be like that. But any money I make off that, I’d like to put back into animal welfare.

Pat: Oh yeah. There’s some organizations that you could serve with that.

Bryony: There’s so many. There’s so many. So yeah, that’s the idea. So I will try and monetize it one day. And hopefully sooner rather than later. Then there’s animal sanctuaries around us, and I thought that would be a good lesson as well for the boys to say, this is what we’re doing. This is why we’re doing it. It’s really hard to explain to them when they’re so young because you don’t obviously want to go into too much detail because it’s quite disturbing.

Pat: Right.

Bryony: Yeah. I think it’s just normalizing it really. Just normalizing the choices, the few choices that we make.

Pat: Yeah.

Bryony: I could talk for hours just on this.

Pat: You’re kind of sharing that there are choices, and I think when we’re kids, we just kind of do what our parents do. And we don’t really know what’s going on.

Bryony: Exactly.

Pat: So you’re an educator in that way.

Bryony: Yeah.

Pat: Much like you’re an educator on the travel site. I would definitely recommend that you monetize that, you focus, you have a clear goal, a clear amount of time that you’re giving yourself for that before you can then really drive into this one because this one—I can feel it in your voice—this is what you’re excited about.

Bryony: So excited.

Pat: You have opportunities on that other one too, and just go for it. So before we finish up, tell me what the next few months look like for you.

Bryony: Oh well, a bit crazy. New town, new city, new house. It’s just another adventure, that’s how I’m looking at it.

Pat: Congratulations on the travels and finding a home.

Bryony: Thank you. So much fun.

Pat: I hope this is exciting for you to see the time ahead of you to be able to work on these things.

Bryony: Yeah. And I did have actually a quick question for you.

Pat: Sure.

Bryony: Because we’ve really been enjoying All of Your Beeswax.

Pat: Well, thank you.

Bryony: Yeah, and I love the way that you and Keoni interact on there and how he’s so involved in it. It’s something that I kind of struggle with and putting the boys in front of . . . Because I do the YouTube, putting them in front of the camera for the photos. When I started out, I’d only take photos from behind. I’m really paranoid. But now my five year old wants to be involved. He asks to be in the videos. I don’t know if I’m still a hundred percent comfortable with it and I just wondered did you have these kind of . . . Did you question yourself or did it just come naturally or—

Pat: Of course. We definitely did. I mean, my wife and I talked a lot about it, and most importantly, we just wanted to make sure it was something that my son wanted to do. Just like at the end of every episode, I go, “Hey, bud. Do you want to continue to do this?”

Bryony: I love that. I love that. That’s beautiful.

Pat: If he says yes, then we keep going. And so season two’s going to be coming out a little bit later. But that’s why I also love the podcast because you don’t see him on video. You kind of just hear him. But he has his own YouTube channel now, too. So he’s a little bit older now. He’s nine, and it’s really up to you. I mean, you want to protect them, right? But I think—

Bryony: Of course.

Pat: YouTube is also provided a great learning experience for him because he’s learning about community. He’s learning about production and staying on schedule, which he doesn’t always do. He’s also learning that there are some nasty people out there, and—

Bryony: I was going to ask you that. Yeah, the trolls.

Pat: The trolls, yeah. I mean, we prepared him for it. We told him why they exist and we tell him that a lot of people say nasty things. And usually it’s because something upsetting has happened in their life. It’s them. It’s not you.

Bryony: Okay.

Pat: And that’s proven to be some good advice that’s already helped him. But most important thing is just to kind of ease them into it and if they enjoy it, just make sure they’re being safe. I mean, you don’t ever want to tell the audience where you’re going to be at a certain time with your kids or where your kids go to school. Those common-sense sort of things. But at the start, especially at a young age, you can disable comments on certain videos. It’s up to you. You have to do what’s comfortable for you. You have to protect them, but at the same time, you want to allow them to experience what’s happening in the world today and learn from it and get excited about it. So if he’s expressing interest, I mean, maybe he doesn’t have to be in every video. He can be in just a segment of one video, and you can perhaps find a lot of other sort of family-type vlogs and videos and just kind of see how they do it. You can gauge, “I don’t like the way they did that,” or, “Oh, I like how they included their kids.”

Bryony: That’s a good idea.

Pat: There’s a guy, his name is Dusty from Smarter Every Day. Every once in a while he includes his kids in his videos, and he does it in a very graceful way. They’re not in every video, but he teaches science. And sometimes he just needs some help, and then they happen to be the helpers in those videos.

Bryony: I love it.

Pat: It’s pretty cute. So anyway—

Bryony: Okay.

Pat: Just some thoughts for you. But that’s exciting though.

Bryony: Thank you. Yeah. Yeah. No, you’ve inspired us, definitely. It’s great.

Pat: Well, thank you.

Bryony: To see Keoni in there.

Pat: Thank you for that. Well, I’m excited to see how things go. If you don’t mind, maybe we will chat again in the future to kind of see what happens. If you don’t mind, share with everybody where they should go to learn more about what you got going on.

Bryony: Yeah. So the travel website is, and it’s all about family travel in Australia. So if anyone is visiting, then please message me if you need any help or advice on what to do and what to see. I’ve got Instagram and Facebook with the same name, Coasting Australia, and then if anyone’s interested in learning more about being vegan or raising vegan, the vegan website is called

Pat:, and what was the vegan one?

Bryony: Vegan Possum—

Pat: Vegan Possum.

Bryony: Like the animal. Yeah.

Pat: Awesome. Awesome, possum. Cool. Thank you so much. I appreciate you, Bryony.

Bryony: Thank you.

Pat: We will talk soon.

Bryony: Thank you so much.

Pat: All right. I hope you enjoyed that episode with Bryony. Just some amazing, amazing realizations there, and we even chatted afterwards. And she was just like, “Wow. Thank you for giving me so much clarity.” I think, really, what it comes down to is the fact that we just need to make decisions, all of us, with where we want to spend our time, and giving ourselves deadlines to reach certain goals so that everything is clear. We just don’t want to work and stay busy. We want to work with a clear definition of what our goals are so that we know whether or not we’re successful and we can start making decisions and start taking action now, and that’s what it’s all about. So Bryony, thank you so much for coming on today.

Pat: If those of you who are listening want to get coached just like Bryony did today, I do this for free because Bryony and many others who have been featured on the show here, they’re so gracious to allow this conversation to be published live. And again, I cannot wait to connect with everybody else again in several months so that we can see how things go. And if you want to get coached just like Bryony and everybody else here, all you have to do is go to, find the application button on that page, and fill out that app. I might reach back out to you. So that’s how it goes.

And then finally, for those of you who may have forgotten, my new book coming out next month. If you pre order it before the book is launched on August 13th, you can actually pre order it right now, and I’m going to give you the audiobook for free. So after it’s published, you’re going to get an email with me with that, plus some other bonuses. You can pre order it right now if you go to One more time,, and you can get the audiobook for free. Again, I appreciate you so much. Everybody, for all the support. Team Flynn, this one’s for you. Thank you, and until the next episode, just keep crushing it, guys. Again, Thank you so much for the support for my book Superfans coming out next month, and we’ll see you in the next one. Cheers. Team Flynn for the win.

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