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AP 0946: How Can I Generate Leads for My Business?

AP 0946: How Can I Generate Leads for My Business?

By Pat Flynn on

AskPat 946 Episode Transcript

Pat Flynn: Hey what’s up everybody, Pat Flynn here, and welcome to Episode 946 of AskPat. Thank you so much for joining me today. As always, I’m here to help you by answering your online business questions, five days a week.

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All right, thanks so much, and here’s today’s question, from Nicholas. Oh, by the way, the audio quality of Nicholas’ question gets a little staticky every once in a while, so just be aware of that, but the question is really great, so I wanted to make sure it got posted here. And so, that’s the warning, and here’s Nicholas with his question.

Nicholas: Hey Pat, my name is Nicholas, currently residing in the state of Florida. I’m a licensed independent agent across the state for health and life insurance. My question comes to you about lead-generating and lead sources. I found recently that it’s a very costly online business to have to purchase all of these leads. I wanted to know if there’s any other ways that I can generate leads for myself, whether it’d be through Facebook, an email list, my own website, or any other lead-generation sources that you might believe to be effective in my line of work. I really appreciate you providing every one of your listeners with this free daily podcast to listen, and I love hearing the responses that you come up with for all these other people, and I find that some of the stuff I’ve inputted into my own business, so I look forward to hearing your input on my question. Thank you very much, and keep doing what you’re doing.

Pat Flynn: Hey, thank you Nicholas, I appreciate your question, and no worries about the audio quality, you know, sometimes we just can’t get it good, but your question was great. So, how are you able to generate free leads? You know, with Facebook, especially in certain industries, it can be very expensive when you’re paying for leads, so what can you do to generate free leads? Well, there are thousands of different ways to do it, and my biggest recommendation to you would be to try a few things, and see which one you like, and see which one seems to work best, and then put full force into that one.

I think where a lot mess up is, they try a bunch of things and then some of them sort of work, so they try to put full force into all of them, and of course we can’t do that, because our force is divided between all those different things, our energy is kind of dispersed, and because of that nothing gets that really, really needed attention to get it to the point at which it’s gonna really make us some really good returns. And so, like Clay Collins talks about in Episode 263 of The Smart Passive Income Podcast, you know, pick that one marketing channel, that one resource that you’re gonna use for generating, and in this case, your free leads.

So it could be a number of things. For example, perhaps it’s simply guest posting. Maybe you just go on a guest posting run, and find all the blogs, and all the websites related to the industry that you’re in, and you’re just gonna knock out of the park all these amazing, high quality, highly valuable posts for those websites, which in return will help you get some more leads back to your website. Perhaps you even offer a lead magnet to give away, so that you have some incentive for people to sign up to your email list. Because an email list is definitely gonna be very important, that’s what I would consider a lead; a lead is somebody who is on your email list.

And you had mentioned email as one way to get leads, well, I’m curious to know what your definition of a lead is, because perhaps you take those emails and then you turn them into, for example, phone calls, so maybe it’s sort of a step by step process. But getting emails is, yes, that’s another way to generate leads, if indeed there is something beyond getting their email that would qualify as a lead for you and your particular business. Maybe it’s a consultation call, or maybe it’s a consultation email, or a visit, or whatever it is. So email’s another way to go about it.

Social media works as well, but in some industries it can be very tough, and it’s great for some people, like for example, I’m thinking of Jen and Jadah from Simple Green Smoothies. I mean, they had built a huge client base, and a number of followers and fans, that helped them sell their book, and helped them get people into courses, and all those kinds of things. They used Instagram primarily, and that was their full focus, and they decided to run challenges to do that. That’s another thing, so whether you use Instagram, or social media, or not, running challenges is a great way, and Jadah Sellner is a great person, who is formally at Simple Green Smoothies; she talks about and teaches how to run these challenges to generate a lot of buzz, to get people moving—that’s a great way to generate leads too.

I would also recommend guest podcasting. Guest podcasting is the new guest blogging, and that’s simply where you, obviously, go on as a guest on another person’s show. Now of course you can’t just straight up ask somebody, most likely they’re gonna say no. You’re gonna have to offer some value, show them exactly what your expertise is, how it can actually add value to their audience and their listening pleasure, so keep that in mind as well.

Let’s keep going here. You might also be able to benefit from groups, such as groups on LinkedIn, or groups on Facebook, adding a lot of value there, offering advice and answering a lot of people’s questions. Forums and groups are a completely underutilized forum . . . I don’t wanna use forum to describe a forum, but a place where you can really gain a lot of attention, and attention is the first part of it, right? And you can’t get attention . . . Well, I guess you could get bad attention, but you wanna get good attention. I was gonna say you can get bad attention by just going in there and spamming, and you don’t wanna do that. You don’t want that kind of attention, because then that brings attention to why you’re there, and then they’re just gonna boot you out.

What you wanna do is gain attention by providing value, and when I started my business back in 2007 and 2008, I remember getting very involved in a forum, there were no Facebook groups at the time, but in a forum where, specifically, it was about this exam that I was helping teach people how to pass. And instead of going in there and saying, “Hey guys, I have this great website and a book that’s gonna help you,” I just answered everybody’s questions, and I just, within a short time period, became the go-to expert, because I was always in there. I blocked out time every single day, and to me that was my primary marketing channel back then. And as a side benefit, because people found me, and people saw me, people started to link to me, and so I started to get linked to on other websites and other forums, and then Google started to notice that I was this authority in this space. So that’s another way to go about it too.

So, that’s a great way to do it. If you have the ability to offer a commission for somebody coming on board, you might be able to offer a JV deal, or an affiliate deal, or a partnership program, to allow other people who have already built trust with a particular audience to send their people over to you. So utilizing those relationships that you’ve built too, could be a great way to go about it, Nicholas.

So, just a few ideas for you, and hopefully you can potentially run with one of them, and just knock it out of the park. So, thank you Nicholas, I appreciate you, I think a lot of people are gonna get a lot of benefit out of this particular episode, and as a thank you I wanna send you an AskPat t-shirt for having your question featured here on the show. And for those of you listening, if you have a question that you’d potentially like featured here on the show as well, all you have to do is head on over to and you can ask right there on that page.

Thanks so much, I appreciate you all, and to finish off here’s a quote by one of my favorite people, J. K. Rowling: “It does not do to dwell on dreams and forget to live.” Powerful. Thanks so much, and I’ll see you in the next episode of AskPat. Bye.

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