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ASK PAT Is Coming Soon! Here’s What It’s All About!

ASK PAT Is Coming Soon! Here’s What It’s All About!

By Pat Flynn on

I’m sitting here in my hotel room at the Rio Hotel in Las Vegas, ready to start off the year on the right foot at New Media Expo this weekend! I have a presentation to give on Saturday that could be the largest crowd that I’ve ever spoken to, and I couldn’t be more excited!

But that’s not all there is to be excited about…

With a new year comes new goals, new projects and incredible opportunities, and my first big project for 2014 is the launch of a brand new podcast called Ask Pat, coming to you later this month.


A new podcast?! What?!

That’s right!

The Smart Passive Income Podcast just passed 6.5 million downloads, and it’s definitely not going to stop. At the end of several sessions I include an answer to a voicemail question from the audience, which I loved to do, but I felt that it would change the feel of the podcast episodes they were included in.

The topics were often about something completely different than the main topic of the show.

I was really trying to pack too much into one episode, and eventually I stopped including the questions at the end of the show.

Recently, after having a deep conversation with John Lee Dumas from Entrepreneur on Fire here in San Diego about how he does his daily show, I got inspired—and that’s when the idea for Ask Pat was born! It was also inspired from the community in Breakthrough Blogging as well!

Ask Pat will be a daily podcast that will run 5–8 minutes in length. It will feature a voicemail question from the audience, just like I used to include on the SPI Podcast.

These bite-sized episodes will be a great addition to the SPI brand because:

  • It’ll be awesome to hear from more members of the SPI community!
  • Over time, I’ll have a library of questions and answers I can forward people to from emails and social media inquiries. Essentially, it’ll become a giant FAQ.
  • It’ll be a great way to consume even more SPI audio content in-between regular episodes of the SPI Podcast.
  • And of course, more exposure for the brand on iTunes and other podcasting platforms too!

Really, it’s a no-brainer. The only concern is, of course, will I be able to pull it off? Can I keep it up?!

Methods of Madness

In SPI Podcast Session #77 with John Lee Dumas, he talked a good amount about how he’s able to pull off his daily show. I was curious because it takes a lot to produce one episode of the SPI Podcast—how in the world could John produce a daily show?

With a combination of batch recording episodes and hiring the right team, he’s able to pull it off very nicely, and he’s being handsomely rewarded for his efforts too.

With a 5-8 minute show and an audio engineer in place, it shouldn’t be very difficult to produce an entire month’s worth of episodes in just a couple of days. It’ll take some time for the systems to get going and the procedure list to be fine-tuned, but it’ll happen, and hopefully a great, entertaining, and fun bite-sized show will come out of it.

We’ll see what happens! What do you think?

Inspiration from ShoeMoney

When I started getting into online business, I used to read a blog over at I remember leaving a comment one day on a post and getting an email the next day from an assistant asking me for my shipping address and shirt size!

I’m not sure if they do this anymore, but back then, a random commenter was selected to win a t-shirt every single day. I remember getting the shirt in the mail and proudly wearing it, and I actually still own that t-shirt today.

That’s why I thought it would be cool if I gave away a free Ask Pat / SPI t-shirt to those whose questions are featured on the Ask Pat podcast!

T-shirts are getting designed as we speak, and if you ask a question and you get featured on the show, you’ll be sure to hear from me to get your shipping address and t-shirt size.


Have a Question?!

Ask Pat will be housed on a special page here on SPI, which you can easily get to by going to  it’ll redirect to the proper page for you.

To ask a question, all you have to do is go to and leave your question in the Speakpipe widget located on that page. All you need is a microphone, and you can even leave a voicemail question for me on your mobile device. [Full Disclosure: As an affiliate, I receive compensation if you purchase through this link.]

There are a few guidelines to follow when asking a question, and more information about this is located on

Get your questions in now, because Ask Pat will be launching very soon! I hope to see you in an AskPat t-shirt someday too 🙂 If you’re interested in starting your own podcast, check out my free podcasting tutorial.

Here’s to an amazing new year and to really taking those opportunities that become available to us and making stuff happen.


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