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Building a business from the ground up takes a lot of hard work. With these free The Smart Way guides, you’ll have a leg up—on your competition and your future efforts.

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Ebooks the Smart Way

Writing an ebook sort of saved my life. I’m not saying it will for you, but it can be a massive benefit for your business. If you have ideas to share, this ebook will show you how to write, market, publish, and automate those ideas into a killer ebook.


Email the Smart Way hardcover

Email the Smart Way

With this guide, you'll never run out of great emails to send to your subscribers (well, you may eventually, but not for a really long time!). Includes ten step-by-step email templates and archetypes you can use today!


Affiliate Marketing the Smart Way hardcover

Affiliate Marketing the Smart Way

Affiliate marketing has been a huge part of my success as an online entrepreneur. If you like creating and fostering long-term, mutually beneficial relationships with awesome people making awesome things, you need to check out this guide.


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One of the best things about doing business online is the community I get to engage with, be inspired by, and empower, through my own wins and failures, to go out and conquer their own business objectives.

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The Smart Passive Income Community is just that—a group of engaged, empathetic, passionate, goal-driven, and truly inspiring entrepreneurs who fully support one another’s goals to achieve smart passive income. Come join us!

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