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Announcing A Great Affiliate Marketing Opportunity

Announcing A Great Affiliate Marketing Opportunity

Today I'm announcing a great affiliate marketing opportunity! Join the brand new Smart Podcast Player affiliate program and start earning affiliate income!

Pat Flynn
Announcing A Great Affiliate Marketing Opportunity

One of the things I love the most about what I do is the way it lets me connect with people. Being there for my audience, sharing what I’ve learned and hearing from them about their desires, struggles, and questions.

As I wrote in the second edition of my book Let Go, I’ve always thrived on my connection to my audience.

That connection helps me understand what people need. It shows me how I can help them get where they want to go. It’s what makes me know that what I’m doing is worth it.

I put myself out there for my audience . . . so trust me when I say that I get a lot of questions—on my website, on Twitter, in person at events . . .

. . . and I do my best to answer as many of them as I can.

There’s a long list of questions I get pretty often. How do I get started with my business idea? What niche should I choose? How do I find guests for my podcast?

But—speaking of podcasts—there’s one question that’s stood out for a while now among the podcasters in my audience:

Pat, when are you and your team going to offer an affiliate program for the Smart Podcast Player?

In case you’re not familiar, the Smart Podcast Player is the custom-designed web player my team and I created for podcasting power users and their audiences. It’s the very first software product we’ve ever created, one that’s going strong after a half-decade, and used by online business titans and podcasting stars like John Lee Dumas, Amy Porterfield, and Chris Ducker.

In the past, my answer to that question would have been something along the lines of Well, I’m considering offering one at some point, but I don’t have any firm plans, yada yada . . .

You see, an affiliate program for SPP is something we’ve wanted to do for a while. That desire stemmed directly from my mission to help people become more successful by doing things the smart, ethical way—as podcasters, as affiliate marketers, and as online entrepreneurs in general.

Although podcasting and affiliate marketing don’t represent everything I do to help my audience, they’re definitely a huge part. It’s probably safe to say they’re cornerstones of how I serve my audience and try to help them achieve excellence, ethically, in their own niches.

Through courses, I’ve taught people about how to get started and excel at podcasting (Power-Up Podcasting) and affiliate marketing (1•2•3 Affiliate Marketing). And through products like SPP, my team and I have helped people deliver an incredible listening experience for their own audiences.

And so an affiliate program for SPP would be a natural next step to help folks accelerate their podcasting and their affiliate marketing.

(I’ll be totally honest with you too—for all my talk about affiliate marketing and how much impact it can have when you do it right—it’s about time I offered an affiliate program of my own!)

Before we launched anything, though, we wanted to make sure we’d get it right, by creating a program structured to help everyone succeed—you, your audience, and yes, the SPP team and myself.

And after running a small beta program with a select group of affiliates, I think we’ve worked out all the kinks.

That’s why I’m extremely excited to finally answer the question I shared earlier—when are you and the Smart Podcast Player team going to start offering an affiliate program?—with a resounding NOW.

Accelerate Your Podcasting and Affiliate Marketing

The brand-new SPP affiliate program is officially open for business, to help you take your podcasting and your affiliate marketing to the next level.

Who exactly is the program for? It’s for podcasters who want to learn more about affiliate marketing (or even try it out for the first time) by recommending a product their podcasting audiences will benefit from.

So, if you have a podcast, or your business operates in a podcasting-related niche, this could be an amazing opportunity for you to help your audience, hone your affiliate marketing skills, and make some passive income.

The premise is simple: you promote SPP to your audience, and receive a commission for every new subscriber who signs up after hearing about the player through you and clicking on your affiliate link.

Why should you be an affiliate for SPP? Here are three big reasons:

  1. The SPP affiliate program brings together two extremely powerful methods to build your authority, create passive income, and build a lasting online business: podcasting and affiliate marketing
  2. The Smart Podcast Player is a powerful, proven, feature-rich podcast player that’s trusted by some of the biggest names in podcasting, entrepreneurship, and online business.
  3. I give you a ton of resources and guidance to make it easy to market the player and build an affiliate income from it.

Oh, and one more bonus reason: there’s no cost to you to be part of the program. No sign-up costs, and no ongoing fees or monthly payments.

If you’ve been looking to dip your toes into affiliate marketing, this could be an awesome fit.

I’m so excited to share this opportunity with you and help you build a new income stream of your own!

Learn more and sign up for the SPP affiliate program.

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