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8 Hot Posts from around the Web

8 Hot Posts from around the Web

By Pat Flynn on

Every once and a while, I come across some amazing blog posts and articles around the web, and when I do, I bookmark them to make sure I have a chance to share them with you in posts like this.

Here are 8 awesome posts that I couldn’t wait to share with you today.

How Authors Really Make Money: The Rebirth of Seth Godin and the Death of Traditional PublishingTim Ferris, author of The 4-Hour Work Week, always has some great content on his blog, but this post was amazing because it shed some light on the publishing process which I am very very interested in. Maybe I shouldn’t write that print book that I always wanted to. Oh, and what a sweet headline.

Blogger Gems – Part 2 Released! – This isn’t really a hot post, but more like a hot announcement along with a hot free gift. Srinivas Rao and Sid Savara over at BlogcastFM have interviewed a ton of successful bloggers and have complied the gems from each interview into an eBook. If you’re wondering about how to potentially monetize audio, doing what they did is a fantastic idea – but these guys are actually giving it away for free. Sweet.

23 Entrepreneurs Reveal How They Have Built Their Communities – Rob from has compiled a compendium (yes, a compendium!) of killer responses from 23 of the top online entrepreneurs, all answering the question: “What initial step did you take to form your own, unique community of supporters and followers?”

Dominating Viral Marketing with Founder, Glen AllsopA lot of you have told me that my Podcast session with Glen from (session #3), was one of the best sessions ever. Since I know a lot of you can’t get enough of Glen (like myself), here is another fantastic podcast interview with Glen by Chris Ducker from

5 Extraordinary Blog Post Types that Will Grow Your Audience Faster – The title says it all. Corbett Barr from, who is seriously one of my favorite people right now, never ceases to amaze me with his excellent content. I really hope to get him in an interview for the podcast soon, because I know we’re all looking for ways to increase traffic on a small budget.

[EXPOSED] 6 Figure Blogger Screws Up, Tells All – David Risely from has been on my radar lately, and this post will show you why. He’s honest, knows his stuff and is willing to share his mistakes so that you and I can avoid them. Good stuff.

Unbelievable Stories of Niche Market Success – With all of the niche site talk going on here on SPI, I thought this post by Murray from would be appropriate to share. There are truly millions of niches to choose from, so don’t think there’s no room for you anywhere.

Search Engine Optimization FAQ (Warrior Forum)This is required reading. I’ve linked to the Warrior Forum before and I just had to do it again because this probably the most comprehensive, free guide (no opt-in necessary) about SEO available on the web. I mean, just check out the table of contents on the first post of the thread. Thanks for the link Toby!

Have a great weekend everyone! My September Monthly Income Report will be posted on Monday, so look out for that.


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