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5 Posts That I Wish I Wrote

5 Posts That I Wish I Wrote

By Pat Flynn on

There is so much talent in the blogosphere—it blows my mind.

Below you’ll find 5 posts, all from the blogs of people who have recently left a comment here on SPI.

Yes – I read your content too, and along the lines of what Corbett and I discussed in SPI Podcast Session #23, epic content does not go unnoticed.

In no particular order…

Chris from Bloggeritus spent 9.5 hours writing this post, and it definitely deserves much attention. He goes into great detail, dissecting exactly what makes a blog post great and how to approach writing for your audience on your blog. As he says, “How well you write your content will decide the future, and fortune, of your blog’s growth.”

I couldn’t agree more.

It’s content like this that really inspires people.

Leslie from Learning With Leslie shares (in a podcast episode), how his Interactive Biology Blog has allowed him to leave his day job. It’s such an amazing story, especially since I’ve been following Leslie since he shared his biology blog on

This one is definitely worth checking out. The podcast is 35 minutes in length.

Benny from Get Busy Living, who I’ve gotten to know recently by seeing his comments here on SPI and on my Facebook Page, sums it up nicely by saying, “The worst possible scenario is to not even try at all.”

In my experience with online business and blogging, the best things that have happened have always come out of times when I had the most fear. Some specific examples include: starting my first online business after getting laid off, writing an eBook, and starting my podcast.

  • Even Bloggers Need a Strategic Business Plan

If you want to make money from your blog, having some kind of plan will give yourself the best chance to succeed. Christine from gives us a reality check and she even examines some of the top bloggers in the blogosphere and points out something interesting that many people tend to overlook when it comes to exactly why they are successful.

I’d like to add that although planning is ultra-important, a plan does no good until you implement it.

Brankica from posts about spam, something that I’ve gotten very familiar with lately, as discussed in The Dark Side of Successful Blogging. We both stopped using Akismet and started using the Growmap Anti-Spambot Plugin, which is fantastic at eliminating automated spam comments from bots – however it also highlights who exactly is a human spammer.

This is definitely an interesting post with some dialogue between Brankica and an actual spammer, so check out what she does about it and what you can do too.

Last Reminder

A big thank you to the community here at SPI, not only for your support but for contributing great content to the blogosphere too. You’re making the internet a better place, which is always the best thing to do.

As a final reminder, today is the last day to jump on Traffic School with Corbett Barr before he closes the doors to his course. If you purchase through my affiliate link you will be given special access to a Bonus Webinar with Corbett and me in the near future. He will contact you with the details later. [Full Disclosure: As an affiliate, I receive compensation if you purchase through this link.]

Thanks again and have a safe, happy and healthy weekend!


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