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10 Killer Reads From Around the Web

10 Killer Reads From Around the Web

By Pat Flynn on

I don’t do these kinds of posts as often as I probably should, because there is a lot of killer posts out there that people cannot afford to miss reading. Here are a few notable posts (in no particular order) that I’ve recently read that have struck a chord with me and may do the same to you too. Enjoy!

  1. 17 Traffic Building Tips From Some of The World’s Most Popular Bloggers: The title explains it all, and I’m honored to be included in this list with my own tip. Thanks Corbett!
  2. Find a Hole and Fill It: David Turnbull talks about a Buddhist Newsletter and the principles in it which we can apply to business and in life.
  3. WordPress SEO: The Only Guide You’ll Need: Glen from offers us an extensive guide to optimizing your WordPress blog for search engines. A must read for beginners and anyone looking to improve the SEO of their blog.
  4. Why Unreasonable, Unrealistic People Win Big: Maren Kate sums it up with this awesome quote, “The reasonable man adapts himself to the world; the unreasonable one persists in trying to adapt the world to himself. Therefore all progress depends on the unreasonable man.” – George Bernard Shaw.
  5. 5 Keys For Running a Successful Part Time Internet Business: This is a fantastic guest post from Mark Mason on Internet Business Mastery, that is a must read for those of you with day jobs who are trying to make it online too.
  6. Horizontal or Vertical Business Models: Which Is Right For You?: The Master, and one of my idols, Yaro Stark, breaks down the differences between horizontal and vertical business models, and tells us exactly why he prefers to go vertical.
  7. Anxiety Is Nothing: This 31 word post (including the title) comes with a powerful message. Man, Seth Godin is awesome!
  8. Optimize a Single Post On Your Blog for SEO: Darren from Problogger shares with us what he tries to do once a month. What do you do with the posts in your archive?
  9. 22 Ways to Find Advertising For Your Website: I like to create products, but advertising can be just as profitable. Here’s a great post from Daily Blog Tips that you can use to find advertising for your website.
  10. Switch: Ok, this isn’t a blog post, but it’s a book that I recently picked up, and it’s seriously one of the best reads ever. I highly recommend!

Thanks everyone for your support, and have a wonderful weekend! If you’ve recently read something awesome (from a blog other than your own!) that you think would be useful to the SPI readers, please feel free to leave a link below in the comments.


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