What I’m Reading and Who I’m in Love With Right Now

what-im-readingEvery once and a while I like to feature posts from other bloggers that I’ve been reading lately.

There is SO MUCH awesome content out there, it’s unbelievable – so instead of reading something from me today, please choose one or two of the articles below from people who I’m pretty much in love with right now because of what they’re writing.

The Secret Danger of Public Logs and Public Accountability

This guest post by Danny Iny on ThinkTraffic.net is listed here first because honestly I wish it was published on SPI. It talks about how we have to be careful when reading people like myself and Corbett Barr who publish logs, income and traffic reports and very public case studies online. Danny explains that this information should be seen as more of a compass – not a roadmap – and I completely agree. Definitely a good and thought-provoking read, and I’d love to hear your thought about it.

Adsense Account Organization – How to Keep Your Adsense Account Structured

Justin and Joe from AdsenseFlippers.com, a site that I’ve recently gotten very familiar with, are totally killing it with micro-niche sites. They seem to have mastered building and selling their sites for some GREAT profit, and after some quick conversations with Justin I can tell these guys are legit and seriously just really kind and down to earth people who share a lot of the same thoughts that I do about online marketing and integrity. They have so much great content on their site, it was hard to pick and choose an article to share, but this one really hit home for me because I always talk about testing, testing, testing – and this article shows exactly how one should organize an Adsense account to easily understand what’s happening with their campaigns and what could be done to improve and increase earnings. I took notes on this one.

The Secret to Happiness…and Why It Has Nothing To Do With Money

Todd from FinancialMentor.com is a really good friend of mine. He became financially independent at the age of 35 through investing and has recently been educating me about investing, how it works and making wise financial decisions in my personal life. We actually got to meet for the first time at the Financial Blogger’s Conference earlier this month, which was really special to me. Todd doesn’t blog about making money online, blogging or niche sites or anything like that – but he does have some very relevant articles on his site, like this one linked to above, that are good for anybody to read. My favorite quote from this article is, “The decision to be happy is actually the decision to stop being unhappy.”

Year to Date Income Report – September 2011 (Niche Pursuits)

For all of those who say niche sites aren’t profitable, think again. Spencer from NichePursuits.com, who is quite possibly one of the nicest and smartest guys on the web, shares his income from his multiple niche site empire. He built 22 in August alone and one of them is already banking $30 a day (he’s already at 6 figures for the year). Very inspiring and it’s making me think hard about possibly going even further with niche sites here on SPI. I’ve had great success with the 8 niche sites that I’ve built so far, but after reading Spencer’s stuff I think I could possibly do a whole lot more. I’m working on some things right now, but we’ll see what happens in 2012 :) Definitely check out Spencer’s work at NichePursuits.com if you have a chance.

It’s a busy day here in the Flynn household and my wife and I have a mud-run tommorow, so that should be fun. I hope you have a fantastic weekend and all the best to you!


  • http://www.FitMarriage.com Dustin | Fit Marriage

    Mud Run! I can’t wait to see the photos from that one.

    Thanks for the great reads and have a fantastic weekend with your family, Pat.

  • http://simplylearnbusiness.com Nick

    Was wondering if you were going to post today! I haven’t heard of any of the websites, excluding ThinkTraffic.net (But that’s only a guest post). I am just getting into adsense as I just added it to my blog and Youtube channel. And you gotta love income reports! Thanks for the great content Pat! I just have one question. What is a mud-run? Haha.

  • http://beansandgrits.com Cesar

    Thanks for the links, Pat. Good luck on the mud run. Have a great weekend.

  • http://www.tomacedonia.com Kenneth Ashley

    See here is the thing (and pat i read your and corbetts blog everyweek) I am a big fan but and i am sure people can do doubt learn much from the your two great minds. However, did you or corbett have people telling you what to do? No. You were yourselves and you jumped off a cliff. I think that people might look up to many probloggers and copy their style. Don’t do that guys. Be you, jump off a cliff and you might fail 745 times but all it takes is that one time to win.

    Kenneth Ashley

    • http://womenswaytowealth.com Cassie | womenswaytowealth

      Quite true Kenneth. Stick to your true self and your own style to make it work. I hope it doesn’t take 745 fails to win though, but I like your comment and point a lot!

    • http://zanypost.com Sam Clarke

      I love this comment and couldn’t agree more! The most successful people find their own way. But it would be wise to learn from the mistakes of others. But just because something did not work for someone else does not mean it will not work for you as well. The same goes for what works. The only way to find out is to get your hands dirty.

  • http://www.PayingMyRent.com Daniel

    Great links Pat.

    Love those Mud Runs! Which one are you doing? I’ve done several myself and there’s not much like it if you enjoy that stuff.

    Thanks again for the links and info!

  • http://www.tomacedonia.com Kenneth Ashley

    Excuse me for the typos. My brain was thinking quicker then my fingers could move.

  • http://www.3StepColdSoreRemedy.com Dave DuBose


    Great resources! Thanks for sharing.

  • http://www.FirepoleMarketing.com Danny @ Firepole Marketing

    Hey Pat, I’m really glad you liked my post on ThinkTraffic – thanks for linking to it! :)

  • Donny

    Looks like you killed NichePursuits.com with traffic. 😉

    • http://learnnichemarketing.com Dave Tong

      LOL, I was about to say the same thing 😀

  • http://kentrecommends.com Kent F

    Thanks Pat. Justin is the real deal at Niche Pursuits. What I love about his blog is that he details things that work for him and others that don’t – very refreshing and encouraging.

  • http://ultimatesmartmoney.blogspot.com/ UltimateSmartMoney

    I enjoyed reading about the adsense. Thanks for sharing these nice blogs.

  • http://financialmentor.com Todd Tresidder

    Thanks Pat! I was totally surprised to see my name in your post. Much appreciated!

  • http://www.commissionclassroom.com Jeff Carson

    Geez, I just decided I would tackle making 10 websites…but 31?! Okay, back to work.

    Great blog…I just discovered it.

  • http://adsenseflippers.com Justin

    Wow, thanks for the mention, Pat…was wondering about the surge in traffic, lol.

    Love Caleb’s guest post and thought it totally applicable. Just because the path and model you’re using is working doesn’t mean it’s going to work for someone else, necessarily. For every SPI there are a ton of blogs that don’t have near the same income or traffic…results definitely may vary. Using the information you read for inspiration so that you can create your OWN path does seem the best way to be.

    Glad you mentioned Spencer’s blog, too…we read his stuff religiously and are big fans!

  • http://womenswaytowealth.com Cassie | womenswaytowealth

    Thanks for the great reading recommendations Pat. Think Traffic is one of my favs at the moment too.

    Good luck with the mud run (whatever that is!).

  • http://propodder.com Jay Walsh

    Excellent article by Todd. Reminds me of what my mom taught me a long time ago and it’s been the best and fastest way to bust out of feeling angry, depressed or sad.

    Just smile. Smile and hold it there. Yeah, I know it sounds silly and Mary Poppins but I’ll be damned if it doesn’t work.

    It’s actually very tough to do especially when your nerves are frayed, work is piling up, and the phone won’t stop ringing… but try it. Suddenly you’re looking around and laughing to yourself… the work is piling up because your busy. The phone won’t stop ringing because it’s new work coming to you, or friends and family that’s drawn to you.

    Suddenly, the nerves aren’t so frayed anymore.

  • http://www.echeapflightstolagos.blogspot.com/ Khurram

    Spencer Haws is awesome!
    I love reading nichepursuits.com

  • http://www.toasteggme.com kumo

    Thanks. It is kind of difficult to find good reading nowadays. Thanks for the recommendation.

  • http://www.extramoneyblog.com Sunil from The Extra Money Blog

    I thought I was doing well until Spencer came along lol. Thanks for sharing Pat. Very inspiring to see what others are doing online. Hoping to learn a thing or two from these resources

  • Jeremiah


    I was surprised when I went through some of the stuff you put up on this post. Honestly, I wasn’t really impressed with the quality of content some of those guys were offering.

    I usually love checking out your recommendations because you almost always lead us to great stuff; however, it seemed like the stuff you put up here wasn’t quite up to par.

    Maybe it’s just because I don’t really believe in micro niche sites very much, but I just thought I’d let you know.

    Is anyone else out there having a difficult time finding authority sites or blogs out there that stand up to the quality of Pat’s site? I just can’t seem to find anyone else that I want to follow…

    Sorry for the negative post, just wanted to speak my mind.

    • Pat

      Hey Jeremiah, thanks for the honest feedback, and please – no need to apologize. I appreciate all you had to say.

      It’s hard because not everyone’s articles line up with what everyone is interested, and I’m sorry that you felt these articles were not up to par for you. I’m just sharing some of the quality articles that have been interesting to me that I know a lot of my audience would enjoy, but again I understand that sometimes things just don’t line up for everyone.

      Lastly, I appreciate the kind words about the quality of SPI and my content. That means a lot, and I’ll continue to do my best to provide the best information that I can.

      Cheers, and all the best to you!

      • Jeremiah


        I tweeted you about this as well but I know it’s hard to keep up with all of your followers over there so I thought I’d mention it here as well.

        The comment I left actually sent me on a mission to find another great blog to follow (it could have been me just avoiding homework as well…) because I feel like there aren’t a lot of GREAT brands out there.

        You and Gary Vaynerchuk are the only two that I follow daily.

        Anyway, the point is that your post, and my reply sent me on this “mission” to find another great blogger. Somehow I stumbled across Derek Sivers who absolutely BLEW ME AWAY!

        If you, or any of your readers who came across this comment, haven’t seen his stuff, you must check it out. He has a great video series called Uncommon Sense. I recommend starting there.

        And to end this very long comment, thanks for inadvertently leading me to another great brand.

        • http://adsenseflippers.com Justin

          Hey Jeremiah,

          Definitely understand your aversion to niche sites…our blog is definitely not for everyone, but thanks for checking it out all the same!

          I’ll just echo that I LOVE Derek Sivers! We mention him on our Resources page, in our emails, etc. He’s done some pretty amazing things and his writing style and thought process is just fantastic. For anyone that’s not familiar, I’d definitely recommend checking out:


          His simple, engaging approach to business is infectious and effective…he built CD Baby into an amazing company. I’d definitely check out his speeches at TED when you get a chance too…just awesome…

        • Leon Aldrich

          While Derek Siver’s blog site is beyond ugly, his content is the mother-lode for insights. I was looking for the video he did regarding culture and street addresses. Now if we could have someone help organize his categories & tags.

          I’ve found both David Risley, Robb Sutton and Jeremy Shoemaker to be above the fold. I know I said both, but I cheat like that. Just ask Pat. There are some that don’t care for Jeremy (maybe its his tendency towards semi clad woman on his site). All I care about, is they teach well and stay transparent.

  • http://www.conqueredriches.com Jamie Hudson

    Love the post Pat. Really interested about your niche site biz and the niche pursuits guy. I’ve been building niche Adsense sites for 5 months.

    Last month all of my sites got kicked from the top 10 to 500+. Most sites sandboxed and around 10 that are still ok. The 10 being the sites that have a lot of content and better link profiles.

    Anyway, great post.

  • http://www.realnioxinreviews.com Chris Deoudes

    Thanks for another great post Pat! and great feedback from the SPI community as well… It’s awesome because there are a lot of immediate-expert level minds that visit here on the regular

  • Rivka Kawano

    Thanks for sharing these. Actually, the niche sites site was really helpful, because I am working on diversifying into niche sites as well. So much to do and so little time, lol.

  • http://www.UnderstandITNow.com Tom

    I wondered what sites you visited. Thanks for turning me onto these sites Pat!

    Can you recommend books to read? That would make a good post too.


    • http://simplylearnbusiness.com Nick

      I’m not Pat obviously. But a couple books I would recommend are 30-Minute Social Media Marketing by Susan Gunelius and The Six-Figure Second Income by David Lindahl and Jonathan Rozek. I found both books to be extremely helpful.

  • http://www.mazzastick.com Justin | Mazzastick

    Hey Pat,
    Great idea on featuring great posts from other bloggers.

  • http://adsenseflippers.com Joe Magnotti | AdSenseFlippers.com


    It’s honor to be mentioned here with such great articles. The AdSense Account organization was one of my first attempts to get down to the nut and bolts of making money online. I was worried the style came off as dry, but i guess it’s tough to make the subject matter more appealing. Anyway, thanks again, I’m gald you liked it!

    • http://simplylearnbusiness.com Nick

      Great website Joe! I really like it. I found you through Pat and plan to spend some time going through your content. Congratulations on being on an Smart Passive Income post. That’s a honor for sure!

      • http://adsenseflippers.com Joe Magnotti | AdSenseFlippers.com

        Thanks Nick! Justin and I pride ourselves on providing honest info even when it hurts or it feels like we are revealing too much. This is new territory as we we always the types to stay under the radar, but opening things up has provided more opportunity than we ever imagined.

        • http://simplylearnbusiness.com Nick

          Yes, transparency is everything. Especially in this industry. I am currently in the midst of a series about my internship with Rogers & Gray Insurance, a local insurance agency. I am with their business development, what they call their marketing department, for mostly Social Media Marketing.

  • http://maketheinternet.com/ Ramy Khuffash

    Great articles, all of them but specially the article on thinktraffic. I need to read up more of this NichePursuits.com website!

  • http://www.FamilyEyeCareTips.com Michael

    Thanks for great resources, Pat! I didn’t hear about NichePursuits before and I really like it (not so much as SPI off course ;)). Spencer is awesome blogger and niche site guru, but… he’s creating over 20 niche sites every month (it’s 1 site every 1-2 days). I don’t think that’s enough time to create quality niche site even using VA. And he’s truly telling that 70% of his sites bring him less than $30/month. I’m newbie at niche site industry, but I’m pretty good in SEO. On my opinion it’s better to give them more attention; better to create less but more quality niche sites. Let’s say 1 site per week. What do you think about that?

  • http://www.killfruitflies.org Casey @ killfruitflies.org

    Great post Pat! I have been following Spencer and the Adsense Flipper guys for about a month now. Really great content and interesting to read and take in the knowledge. Thanks!

  • http://www.stellarmine.com Dilanka Wettewa

    I am always baffled at the fact that these guys are pulling in significant amounts of dough doing what most people can’t even conceive of. Bravo. Thanks for sharing some top-A-class stuff Pat.

    P.S: Enjoy the Mud run — I heard it does wonders for your skin

  • http://improvememory-reviewpros.com Tom

    I like the concept of flipping. I used to flip houses. I’ve flipped domains. I like this idea of flipping websites. I’m a little ADD and get tired of tending the same sites for years, continually fretting over their rankings. Why not grab the money and run?

  • http://www.poissoncombattant.org Franck

    Thanks Pat for sharing these article, in particular I really appreciated Todd’s article about happiness. Just great. I had some of it already, but my favorite is the fact that financial freedom is indeed good, but has nothing to do with happiness and only removes all excuses that we can use to justify unhappiness.

  • Leon Aldrich

    I probably overlooked it, but this would make a great monthly or quarterly post (What You Are Reading Now). New blog discoveries always offer me keen insights. That is how I initially found SPI, through a 3rd person recommendation.

    You should also do a post of, “The Fans I Love the Most Even Though They Don’t Do Much But Pester Me.”

    • Pat

      You wouldn’t be on that list Leon because you don’t pester me :)

  • http://www.learnbloggingsecrets.com Glenn

    Hi Pat,

    Thank for the heads up, always interesting to find out what resources other people are using :)

    I particularly enjoyed reading the information from the NichePursuits website, like yourself they are very transparent.

    Best regards,

  • http://www.infoaboutcabinets.com Michael

    Hey Pat – I definitely have to agree that both AdsenseFlipper and NichePursuit sites are pretty awesome. I actually just recently purchased Spencers keyword tool to build niche sites. So far it has actually been working really well. It’s helped me develop my websites in at least 10 times the speed now because now I don’t have to waste hours on end finding the right niche now.

    Thanks for sharing your list of awesome sites you read!

  • http://www.jamienorthrup.com Jamie Northrup

    Thanks for sharing, gonna check out both NichePursuits.com and AdsenseFlippers.com now, already checked out the other 2 you mentioned (ThinkTraffic, FinancialMentor). I have 6 microsites planned on paper that I will be creating in the coming weeks, so I can use all the help I can.