Taking Action and Building the Ultimate Resource – Phase One

Take Action Now!A month ago, I wrote about the idea of taking a static niche site that is primarily informational and turning it into something more useful—a tool that can better help an end user achieve their goals:

The Ultimate Resource.

I have since been taking action on that.

Here’s what I’ve been up to…

Fresh Content

For well over a year, I did not publish any new content on my security guard training niche site.

A ton of work went into researching and writing the content that had been published, which is partly why I believe it was able to maintain its #1 ranking for 99% of the time, but to cut off producing content for that long is definitely ill-advised.

The error was in my goal—my mindset—which was tied to the fact that the site was created out of a challenge.

The challenge was to get to #1 in Google, so when I got there, I stopped producing content.

Just because you’re #1 in Google doesn’t mean your site is complete, or even any good or useful. It just means you’ve done something right that pleases a particular algorithm.


Google’s algorithm isn’t going to email you to say, “Thanks for the help.”

…and that’s something I eventually learned.

Some sites, I’m sure, can have a smaller, limited number of posts and be completely useful, but then again you have to think about “long-tail find-ability” and content potential.

Fresh content can help end users find more answers to questions, keep people up to date on industry changes, help to make a site look like it’s active, improve SEO and increase find-ability.

Consequently, I’ve recently hired a writer to produce 12 blog posts per month that address many questions and concerns that people who are looking to get into security guard training have.

Already, I’ve seen an increase in traffic since the new articles have been going up – from an average of 860 unique visitors per day to now 904 unique visitors per day – and of course, as a result, an increase in Adsense revenue as well.

Data Collection

I’m proud that I’ve been able to provide enough information on the site to help people understand what steps are required to become a security guard, but one area in which the site is completely lacking is where people can get training.

How can a training site be useful if there is no information about exactly where one could receive training?

I’ve been scared to tackle this dilemma because it is a monster of a task.

There is no database of security guard training companies that I can tap into and there are potentially hundreds of companies in each state in the U.S.

How in the world can I recommend a training company if I don’t know who they are and where they are located?

The answer: create a database of my own. 

My part-time VA (who has been with me for 7 months) is doing the research and collecting the data in a spreadsheet for me.

In about a week, she has already obtained information for over 1100 entries, which is awesome!

The company name, address, URL, phone number and specific page for training information is all being collected for my future use.

The question is, how exactly am I going to share this information with the end user?

How will Collin from San Diego, California know where in San Diego he should go for training?

Let’s talk about that…

Zip Entry Action Area

I’m going to attempt to shift the primary monetization model on this site from Google Adsense, to a lead-gen B2B (business-to-business) model.

If done correctly, this could be much more profitable and it will help a lot more people as well, both the end user and the security guard training companies too.

It could easily flop as well, but I’ll never know for sure unless I give it a shot.

Here’s my plan:

Sketch of Potential Homepage for SGTHQ.com

This is a sketch I did in my notebook for a new WordPress theme with various new elements to the homepage of securityguardtraininghq.com.

A new logo for branding purposes, a magazine style layout to showcase fresh posts and most importantly, a simple call to action area at the top that asks for a zip code and a zip code only.

The call to action will have to be strong, of course, but after a user enters their zip code and clicks “GO”, he or she will be taken to a results page that will reveal a couple of things:

  1. Information about how to become a security guard in that particular state. This information is already posted and organized on the site via categories (per state); and
  2. The security guard training companies closest to them in order of distance from zip. This will be configured in conjunction with the database that my VA has (and still is) collecting.

Each company on the results page will have a button or a down arrow (still figuring this out) to open up an area that will reveal text fields for a name, an email address and a phone number. When the user submits that data, I will store it and be able to hand that information over to that particular company (or rather, someone on my team will do that for me) for a fee (ideally).

This solves the problem of companies not wanting to do business with me (or buy space in a directory) because they won’t know if they’ll ever get traffic or leads, and it also solves the problem of sending leads through a special link, a coupon code or targeted phone number and trusting the other company to keep track of it all for me.

This is exactly what companies like 1-800-DENTIST do, a service that I’ve used myself and was extremely happy with. I called them, they set me up with a dentist in my local area, and the dentist gives them a small finders-fee commission.

The one thing to keep in mind is that when I went through that process, I knew that my data was going to be shared with a potential dentist, so I feel it’s important that I make sure those who are looking for a security guard training company know that their data will be shared too.

I’ve spoken to a few security guard training companies myself and I know that some are willing to pay for leads, which is a great sign.

In addition to direct lead gen (middle-manning), there are some affiliate marketing opportunities here as well.

Some states give people the ability to obtain training online, usually in the form of an online membership with X number of videos they have to watch, and then a test they have to pass at the end.

In these states, there are several companies that were created just to train security guards online, and after talking with them, some of them have an existing affiliate program.

On the zip results page for the states that offer online training, I’ll probably “bump” theses companies to the top of the list no matter what location within that state the person is from.

In the end, this solution will make it easy for everyone, and I’ll be able to give people the exact information they need to find a place to start their training.


In this industry, I envision an ultimate resource to have a store that sells various types of security guard gear – from boots to badges and more.

That said, I’m not going to buy supplies wholesale, keep them at my house or in a warehouse and start taking orders. That’s not the kind of lifestyle I want to live.

I did think about creating a store-like interface on the site and linking to those products via an Amazon affiliate link, but just last week I stumbled upon a specialty website that actually sells a ton of security guard gear, and guess what – they have an affiliate program!

They pay slightly better than Amazon, however I’d probably have to run a few tests because Amazon could still earn more since people are used to buying on Amazon already, there’s all of the upsells that I could get a commission for and the advantage of one-click purchases too.

We’ll see, but the point is, I can make the store happen.

Other Stuff

There are some other things I’d like to implement too, but I want to do this in phases.

Phase One is what you see above and Phase Two will include a forum or community aspect to the site, potentially a Kindle book and the licensing of some online courses so that I can host them on the site itself.

As you can see, I’m truly determined to turn this site into something much bigger.

I’ve already been offered 5 figures for the site a total of 4 times now (up to $32,000) but I have declined each time because I know there’s so much more potential here. I might strongly consider a 6-figure deal though, but I know that can only happen if the profits are more than the $1500 to $2000 per month I’ve been seeing with Adsense.

Let’s see if we can make it happen.

So what are you working towards today?

  • http://bona-fide-skincare.com Katrina

    Hi Pat, was just looking at your new posts and this one popped up so thought I would send you one of the first comments, to let you know you rock!
    I’m still in the extreme early baby stages of a little niche site on skin care, and been signed up with your gorgeous Ezine for some time…. I’m using SBI to build, and you are the only other person I follow for advice :)

    This post is quite perfect as I’m thinking of branching my site in the future for people who want to train as a beautician… and was a little overwhelmed even at this early stage thinking of how I could calibrate all the info!

    I think forums are very good as well, always bringing visitors back and bringing in a “community” to the site, and of course everyone can ask and answer questions which increases the site’s value even more 😉

    As I just wanted to say, you’ve helped a lot thank you, and keep up the wonderful work!


    • http://www.withoutbigg.com/ Shaun @ Without Big G

      Hi Pat. Was just wondering, what software are you going to use to set up this lead generation aspect to your site? I was thinking of doing something similar on one of my sites (A directory where people could get free listings, but pay to get displayed at the top and to add images) but the lead generation thing is probably a better way to run it.

      A post on how you can set this up would be great, for example how would you connect the database to the lead generation option. And what would happen if the company which you’ve manually added to the database doesn’t want to pay you for your leads? You take the off the database or they still stay on and get free leads when people choose to be informed about them?

      I’ve more questions about this, but will hold them down for now :)

      Going to do some more research into this…

      • Pat

        I have a developer on board who is going to create the software for me for the specific requirements that I want. As far as the leads, if the company doesn’t want them, then I can easily hand them over to a nearby competitor instead.

  • http://bona-fide-skincare.com Katrina

    just one more thing – is there anyway you could do this internationally (I know with about 100 times the amount of work…..) Am assuming most of your visitors are from the US, but if you had a range from around the world, would it be worth expanding to be able to enter country as well as zip code?


    • http://www.blogasajob.com Benjamin Thompson

      I think Pat did mention he was looking at international expansion. He mentioned the UK which would have been great timing with the Olympic’s fiasco of not enough security – you could have cleaned up! (note to your content creator, plenty of news content from the British media for him to curate).

      I would say though that here in UK and Ireland we probably only have one standard system of security guard training and requirements, not an individual per-state variances like in the US. Perhaps a European country-by-country system would work!

      Kat, a beautician site sounds a good idea on this same model. Good luck.

  • http://www.blogasajob.com Benjamin Thompson

    I am following this with great interest. I am a new comer to your site (i.e. last 4-5 months or so) so missed the original Niche Site Duel but have read through almost the entire site and this one (having found you via your excellent podcast of course!).

    I do find this niche-to-authority site very interesting. I have been studying niches and am launching a few of my own but I personally think I would prefer to develop something to it’s fuller potential. To provide more information, to fully satisfy people coming to my site, rather than leaving them wanting more. Rather than the only goal being getting a site to No. 1 on Google, there has to be more to it than that and we are educators here at the end of the day.

    You have been a huge inspiration to me and have launched half a dozen sites which I hope to build into blogs and authority / interest sites. I am toying with a couple of niche sites but none will be purely targeting Google ranking via SEO etc, but will involve great content and social media i.e. therefore hoping to gain a reputation value across the net, like you have.

    Basically to sum up, I want to be you!
    Thanks again for everything!
    Benjamin, Dublin

    • http://onlineincomelab.com Trent Dyrsmid


      Pat has been an inspiration to many (self included) and, like you, I’m very keen to see what he’s going to do with his security guard site next.

      I also have a site that I’m applying the lessons learned from Pat. It’s called HowToCleanAnything.com. I bought it about a year ago and back then it was only earning about $400/month. Now, it’s doing about $450 a week!

      Pat was one of the very first bloggers I ever came across and was one of the reasons I started blogging myself. Unlike many in this space, he really does care about his readers, as I’m sure you already know!

      Congrats on your own success :)


      • http://www.blogasajob.com Benjamin Thompson

        Trent, my man I am a massive fan of you! Love your podcasts. Your reply and your latest podcast being out as made my evening!

    • Pat

      Cheers Benjamin, and thank you for the kind words, and good luck to you and your websites too.

      Regarding international expansion, I am in negotiation with a Canadian nation-wide security guard company, and will be researching the UK as well.

      • http://TimsMinions.com Andi the Minion

        That is what is so awesome about the internet, being able to set something up for a foreign territory and make it work all from the comfort of your own home.


        • http://www.thuthuatwordpress.com/ PhuongLe

          very amzed that more than 1 year, the content isnot updated freshly

  • http://incomebeginner.com/passiveincome Kalyan | IncomeBeginner

    Its really inspiring how all this you are putting together.

  • http://TimsMinions.com Andi the Minion

    I am liking the ideas and thank you for sharing your ideas and plans with us, I truly believe that creating large reference sites is the best way to go. Obviously other people have the same idea, $32,000 for a site that you had not added any content to for a year is incredibly. Good on you for not selling.

    Today I am working on learning more from the legendary Pat Flynn :-)

  • http://apprendre-a-dessiner.org/ Pit Dessin

    NOW is always the right moment to get things done.
    Thanks for the inspiration Sir.

  • Akbar

    Hey Pat,
    This is awesome insights on how one can replicate and brainstorm their own niche. I remember receiving so much value from one of the ideas you shared which is “create a clickable map” and I have implemented it on my under construction authority website. It adds so much value and also allows me to present the information in a different way and engage my readers. While you are implementing this database feature along with zip codes, would it be possible for you to share the implementation process with us? I know you care for your readers and it will be immensely helpful specially working with WordPress. All the best!


  • http://www.blogpreneurs.com Devesh

    Another fantastic post, Pat. I’ve recently started converting one of my niche sites into an resource site, so this post is very timely for me.

    I really like how you’re taking the security guard website into an completely different direction.

    Keep up the rocking work, bud.

  • http://sincerelyt.hubpages.com/ SincerelyT

    Good job Pat! I’m rooting for you and I know the results from all of this will be great.

  • http://www.e31purses.com Richard Worthington

    good luck on the upcoming changes. As usual I will be following what direction this one heads in. I have often struggled with how often to update content, and I go back and forth on this quite a bit. Good Luck.

  • http://www.onlineincomestartup.com Dr.Spencer Jones

    Wow… Great idea for a massive Security Guard Training web portal. You are really generous sharing all those wonderful ideas with your readers. Wishing you all success with your plan, it’s all about taking action and getting it done. And once you put the idea to action, you will see all the income sources unveil.

    About what I am working on – All my focus is on turning my make money blog in to an authority blog like yours. Offering readers what has worked for me. And also have idea to setup a team that will syndicate my content across the web. But my site is still in it’s starting stage. Learning a lot from your site Pat. Glad that I found your site (One site that truly seems to be sharing everything to the readers)…

    Dr.Spencer Jones

  • Ron

    Hey Pat.

    These recent posts on transforming your website into a tool and resource driven authority site are extremely insightful, and may I add…a breath of fresh air.

    I honestly believe that this is an area of website building that isn’t touched on nearly enough in your niche (Internet marketing advice). Nearly everyone I’ve come across focuses mainly on blogging and traditional content creation as if it’s the only way to create a useful and profitable website.

    A site with lots of useful content AND useful tools/resources will be much more competitive, valuable, and authoritative in my opinion. And they’re not only much harder to build, but finding GOOD advice on building them is a struggle.

    Hats off to you Pat for going this route, since this is the kind of content I’m personally much more interested in, and I’m sure there are others out there who would love to learn more in this space. It’s difficult to build an online resource when the only advice (paid or unpaid) out there is tailored to hardcore bloggers.

    I hope the experiment goes well buddy. You’ve inspired me to begin tinkering with one of my own mainly content-driven websites. It’s in the “romance” niche so I’m thinking of adding a few of those “compatibility quizzes” or maybe something even more useful to my visitors.


    • Pat

      I appreciate the kind words Ron, thank you! Good luck in your romance niche, those compatibility quizzes and things similar to that always seem to do well if executed correctly. Cheers!

    • Joel

      …what Ron said 😉

  • http://www.adrijusg.deviantart.com Adrijus

    What an evolution. B2B lead gen is great. One click will get you much more than AdSense click here. That’s also how guy like MJ DeMarco made limos.com work and sold it for millions..

    Looking forward to more updates!

  • http://www.probloggingsuccess.com/aweber-mailchimp-best-email-autoresponder/ Jane | Problogging Success

    This sounds like a very big plan, but achievable since you have a “plan”. I love the way you are being transparent with your plans. This is really a motivator and I’m sure you will get a lot of feedback from your readers. I so far love your plan. Rock on buddy!

  • http://www.mobileapptycoon.com Thomas @ Mobile App Tycoon

    Awesome game plan! I can definitely see this becoming a huge player in the security guard training niche. Have you been doing anything recently to begin diversifying your traffic? I’m not sure how many other security guard training sites/blogs there are out there, but it might be worth considering having your VA write some guest posting content too.


  • http://www.sanjaykhemlani.com/ sanjay

    That’s an interesting project! Would love to hear when you launch this website, thanks for sharing your ideas Pat!

  • Richard

    Sounds like a great plan, can’t wait to see how it works out :) It may be a good sign that there’s no database of training companies yet since that means less competition to become the ultimate resource. I wonder if there’s some industry authority that could help fill out the list or contact companies… it just sounds like the kind of industry that’s very slow to move online and would welcome the help of someone who can do it for them!

    On another note this reminded me that I’ve been redeveloping a site that’s been getting 500-700 uniques per month while I was ignoring it and I haven’t even put on something simple like adsense! I’ll correct that quickly :)

  • http://www.changevolunteers.org Kenneth

    Great post Pat. I keep learning from you. Your back-linking strategy has already helped me rank my site at #3 in Google in less than 3 months!
    Thanks a lot.

  • http://www.nichesiteadventures.com Johnny Bravo

    Nice plan of attack Pat. SGTHQ has a lot of potential, and the fact that you were able to leave it alone “unfinished” means that once you get through these different phases and “complete” it you can sit back and relax for a bit more.

    Not only that but you’ll increase your earning from this site many times over. I’m excited to see how this turns out.

    To your success Pat,
    ~ Johnny Bravo

  • http://www.extramoneyblog.com Sunil from The Extra Money Blog

    good stuff as always Pat

    the only think I was pondering over as I read the post was the assistance you will need to involve/engage. if the process of sending leads will be a manual one, is it too early to think of how to better scale/automate it ???

    there is a back-end “issue” as well. payments from companies have to be reconciled to the leads generated/sent. maybe a lot simpler than I am thinking ???

    overall a solid project, great ambition – looking forward to its big successes ahead Pat

  • http://free2secure.com/ Steven Davis

    Pat –

    Great post & good luck!

    I think you should rethink your home page. After all, long tail leads tend to hit well into your site while your home page is the second page people visit.

    It is not a magazine, but should be a “site map” or resource guide to your offerings (store and offers, directory, top posts, etc.).

    I’m also tending to look at moving my “call to action” column for detailed posts from the right to left. After all, it is what you are asking the user to do and given reading patterns, you want readers to respond.


  • http://www.planetnaveen.com Naveen Kulkarni

    Great idea Pat,
    It’s really important that different strategies should be tested. And with your knowledge in web and business, I am sure your new idea is destined to click.

  • http://richardstep.com Richard N. Stephenson

    Awesome idea. I love this “hybrid” approach. Forget the either/or and go both on authority niche sites. Love it and am doing it with some of my own. Thanks for being a pillar of going the route of super awesome content for a niche, instead of the (sometimes too often) approach of very thin content. Making the web a better place!

    Something to look into, maybe before going down the route of a custom database script, is the “Another WordPress Classifieds” plugin for WordPress. I’ve used it on some of my niche sites. It’s really cool what it does as a free plugin. I know it says ‘Classifieds,’ but consider how it *can* be used instead of how it is *intended* to be used. It offers the capability to charge a fee for listing ‘ads’ (or advertising if you want to use it that way!) and it would all be user generated content, which is a big plus for a more-passive source of income. You could turn on the option to manually approve the ads and let the VA tackle it from that angle. It might not be exactly what you’re looking for, but then again it might be close enough. :)

    Thanks again for going this route and I can’t wait to see what’s next!

  • http://www.jamesmathison.org James Mathison

    Nice one, Pat!

    I’m about three weeks into this world of niche sites and internet business. These weeks have been so full of stalling and worrying that I need to find my absolute one and only passion before I truly commit.

    But you’re an inspiration to continue anyway.

    This security guard training thing is something you chose because you had an interest in it, and from there you’ve developed it into a real passion. It’s proof that you’re not born with your passions, they’re found and grown.

    Thanks man!

  • http://www.twitter.com/dreamjobguy Alex B.

    Fantastic, Pat!

    I’m super excited for you, and I certainly look forward to seeing all of this come in to play!

    All the best,

  • http://www.topbloggingcoach.com Theodore.N

    Hmmmm Pat, I wonder where you got all these knowledge from, Where do you normally get your Inspiration? Thanks alot for all the useful posts you’ve been sharing in with us here in SPI. More greese to your elbows.

    BTW: I wrote about you in my blog, maybe you should check it out.

  • http://youngadultfinances.com LaTisha

    I love the new direction of the site and the simple call to action that starts the sales funnel. I think this will be a much more comprehensive site and help those who are truly looking to start a new career.

  • http://www.nichewebsites.com.au Ralph | Niche Websites

    Adding a store is probably one of the most “Passive Income” things you can do.
    I’ve added a dropship storefront for one of the websites and this is generating over $500 euro’s a month basically on Autopilot.

    The dropship company does everything from delivery, payments, returns and customer service and after they get their cut we get the 30% commission on everthing that we sell. (affiliate commissions are usually 10 – 25% in this niche so the dropship cuts out the middlemen “affiliate network”)

    Good luck Pat!

  • https://www.adaptu.com Jenna, Adaptu Community Manager

    Oh man, you always inspire this guilt like feeling that I should be working on my blog.

    But instead, I’m getting ready for vacation and prepping my house for a new roommate to move in. Definitely excited to have that extra income coming in.

  • http://www.methodsem.com Jason

    Great post Pat…

    Where are you contracting your writers and Virtual Assistants for SGTHQ.com?

    I’ve been experimenting with creating a completely outsourced income generating blog and have been using oDesk for my employee hiring. So far so good… but if you have any other suggestions I’d love to hear them!


  • http://www.professionalzen.com Drew Tracy

    Thanks for the always fresh thinking Pat! You constantly keep these posts pullin on my heart strings. Its great to see youre always keeping your sites focused on 1.0 Improvement for the betterment of the masses and 2.) Self-Improvement!

  • http://www.ebooktemplates101.com Paul

    Hey Pat, I think you could also tie this in and create an iPhone app for your security guard site as well.

    I love what you are doing with this, awesome job!

  • http://realobmarketing.com Oliver

    Hey, Pat.

    It looks like you have all kinds of things in store for this website. I remember back when you started this website with the duel. It has been so long since then, and you have really transformed it over time. I think the store would be an excellent idea. Personally, I think an ecom setup would be great, but you obviously do not want to deal with all of the inventory storing and what not that comes along with that type of setup.

    Using affiliate links sounds like a great plan. I believe income from affiliate links or your lead gen setup could easily replace, and improve upon the current income that the website is bringing in. Maybe you can bring the income up to the level needed for a six-figure sell off. That would be a great accomplishment.


  • http://www.ContractorRegistry.com Steve (Construction Contractor)

    Awesome post, Pat. It will be interesting to see how the results are different looking at August to June with July being the month of change.

  • http://www.smalltalkofdoom.com Kwin Peterson

    At a social media conference this week, one of the presenters talked about how Google’s algorithm likes fresh content. She reported that adding your Twitter feed or Facebook activity to your site and then adding new content there is seen by Google as new content. Seems like a quick way to get a bit of Google love.

  • http://www.successatschool.info/ Magali

    You’re an inspiration and example to us all on how to take action. It’s hard not to look like a slacker next to you. I’m sure your project will rock!

  • http://www.jobsinayurveda.com Bill@ Jobs in Ayurveda

    This is a very interesting take on something I was already doing on my Ayurveda website. Off and on, I’ve been compiling a master list of alternative health colleges and training schools that I planned on using in a forthcoming book. This post is really interesting because it shows me a way to monetize it that I hadn’t been thinking of (my original idea was to ask people to pay for it).

    I’ll be paying attention to how this goes in the future. Thanks.

  • http://olympicdistancetriathlons.com Brandon Breshears

    I love the ideas that you’ve come up with for monetization and I love that you’re re-purposing and asset that is generating traffirc. It proves the point that the money is in the traffic, not the current monetization method, and it is encouraging because I know that even though I might not be optimized for monetization right now within my own site, as I build traffic, over the long run, that is where the value is for me. I also really like that you’ve pulled a model that you see working really well like the 1 800 dentist guys and you’re putting it into effect with your site, that is brilliant, business models that are successful and provide value should be studied and used, because they can be put into action in different niches.
    I think I am going to do something similar with triathlon coaches at some point.
    Thanks Pat

  • http://wsotesters.com Josh @ WSOtesters

    You’ve certainly taken the dive to make some major changes to the site. I’ll be paying very close attention to see how that turns out. I like the idea of shifting away from Adsense and going to a B2B model. I’ve also heard from many people that this can be much more profitable so I’m really interested in your project. Cant wait!

  • http://howtospeak-japanese.com Yamato

    Hi Pat, awesome post again.
    One question I have regarding displaying the company info from the database: when the visitor enters ZIP, what exactly do you display? Just the ZIP and company name and city?
    I am asking this as I am trying to convert a similar database (different niche) into something more profitable. At the momoent the listings are free and I only earn from a few affiliate programs and an amazon shop.

    Thanks in advance on some feedback.

  • http://www.annieandre.com Annie Andre

    I loved your idea to make an ultimate resource page. I started creating one myself but it’s slow going with alll the other zillion things the DIY Marketer has to do. I defenitley see the benefit of a VA now. There are things that you just don’t need to do yourself and should hand off if you can so you can focus on strategic stuff.

  • http://drivinglessonshq.com/ Steven

    This is a very timely post for me, I was considering doing this for a few sites of my own. Will the zip code section of your site by developed as a WordPress plugin?

  • http://www.purrfectmoments.com Sheila Bergquist

    You showed me how you can add content to a site you wouldn’t think you could add any more to! I have several sites that I feel I’ve said all I can say on, so to speak, but now you have my brain working overtime on new ideas…thanks so much!
    I’m working on my first blog and am excited to see where it goes. wish me luck!

  • http://www.dreambuilderpro.com Mike King

    Thanks Pat;

    Another great article giving me plenty of food for thought. I am looking forward to having the success that you are achieving in the years to come. Thanks for the inspiration.

    It is obvious the work that you have put into this site. It looks like THE AUTHORITY in security guard training as soon as you hit the home page. I love the US map.

    Cheers, Mike.

  • http://edwardantrobus.co.cc Edward Antrobus

    Did you ever implement the clickable map that I suggested? Did I suggest that to you or does somebody else have the same exact resource?

  • http://www.blog-growth.com/ Mauro D’Andrea

    This is very interesting, Pat!
    To see how you are managing Security Guard Training provide us many inspiring information.
    Like the database…I guess it could be used in many other niches after the right customization.

    Also, in this article I love to hear about your ambitions: in this way you motivate us to think bigger.
    I believe you are going to make the ultimate resource for that niche and wish you the best 😉

  • http://www.davidveldt.com David Veldt

    Hey Pat,

    Excellent plans, I know someone who runs a few websites strictly off the B2B lead-gen model and makes a great living (if you’d like to check out the URLs feel free to shoot me an email).

    As far as fresh content goes, I’m sure you’ve considered user generated content. Have you looked into BuddyPress and/or bbPress? With the amount of traffic you get and resources to be shared, users would benefit from forums and a place to set up a profile.

    Also, just a random idea to supplement your zip code locator – KML files are a cool way to display security guard training locations across the United States. You can customize the “pins,” map style and so on. As long as you have the names and locations, they are relatively easy to make. Anyways, best of luck – sounds like you’ve got a solid plan!

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    I agree with everyone’s praises Pat. A thought that comes to my mind is that by creating a database you are also creating a valuable asset that could open doors that you don’t know are there yet. When your VA creates the database, have it in a contact manager and then record notes of all of your calls. Collect email addresses of course (only for your use). Find the key people in each organization. Develop a relationship. Have your VA call and ask some questions, maybe a survey. Find out what their needs are. Their needs = opportunity. You’ll find even more opportunities and you will become more valuable to the industry as a whole. Plus, of course, you will earn TRUST.


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    Very Nice Pat!

    Love the idea of turning the site into a true interactive portal. Adding even better value to a web site is the purpose of making the web a better place!!

    Look forward to seeing the results…

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    Definitely a good plan and you should start it ASAP. Google is signing up millions of small businesses and creating free websites for them. Then Google lists them as the top results and when businesses get leads, they pay Google more to move up on the listings.


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    Hi Pat,
    I had the same exact idea a couple months ago. I kept getting leads from a number of my micro-niche sites all within a larger niche, and said to myself, why am I not:
    1) helping these people connect to the people they are looking to connect to.
    2) creating a little passive income from this connection
    So I developed the whole system, and I am now automatically sending the leads to people in that field with the lead info censored if they are within the visitors geographical area. The link in the email directs them to a purchase page to either get that one lead for a real cheap price (just to prove they are real) or start a relationship with me, and receive all leads immediately for their geographical area.

    The coding is all done, and has been live now for the last week… So far no sales, but the potential lead recipients are viewing pages, pricing etc. May have to start split testing pricing levels.

    Good luck on your en devour with this! Send me an email if you have any interest in more info on my work.

    • http://www.mypassivepaycheck.com Scott Frye

      Update: Just got the first $297 sale for a lead relationship within one city size area. Things are looking good!

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    Another site like this is local catering (dot) com.
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    it has a very nice house and a nice Mercedes if that shows you the kind
    of potential it has. :)


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    Great idea, Pat! You can turn your security guard site into a resource like MJ DeMarco’s.

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    Nice illustration. It is essential that websites should be able to deliver value added services. Not only the details about the training but the locations where one can get and at what price, duration, etc. will matter.

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    A good “ultimate resource” site I can think of is http://www.whfoods.com for healthy eating. What a database he’s put together! Health information on every food specified, cooking instructions, a physical cookbook, recipes you can search by ingredient, health concern, or vitamin/mineral you need, and more. I can’t think of how many people I’ve told about the site, just cause it’s THE resource in my mind for healthy eating.

    Keep up the great work Pat!

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    Your niche site securityguardtraininghq.com was one of my first inspirations for a niche site. I really like to see, that this site is still working after a year without any new content. 69 Comments above me. I didn’t read all. Pat, will you use a premium theme for these new site or will you design your own? Thx!

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    Nice post, this one inspires me to move with my affiliate site. It’s good to know how you also plan out strategies for your projects like this one and sharing us your insights. You never miss to inspire starters like me. thanks!

  • http://CashFlowsToo.com Monty Campbell

    Greetings Mr. Flynn.

    Exceptional post and inspirational story. I appreciate what you have done with the security guard niche training site. To be clear, this post answered a lot of questions I had about the site. More than even the niche site dual did. Really they were more burning question about what you were doing with the site now and how / and what process you took to develop the content for the site.

    Your new massive action to take the “Entry Action Area” and to shift the primary monetization model on this site from Google Adsense, to a lead-gen B2B model is brilliant. I am confident it will work and as you measure and manage it, the success will mushroom into something great.

    But to the point of your questions “So what are you working towards today?”

    I’m painting. I’m literally painting the house of my closest friends wife. My closest whom passed away this year. She has been challenged in a way I can imagine.

    Within this same year, she has bought her first investment property and her first home. She turned her challenge of raising 3 young children alone into the opportunity to trust God and embrace life. It has given me a new take on life. Seizing the moment and the opportunity to just live.

    I’m also painting a picture of my definitive chief aim. I want to reach 1,000,000 impression in a month on my Yahoo Voices content. Its a goal with a purpose and a plan. The 1,000,000 in a month is a part of the plan. The 1,000,000 is and objective for the month. I’m thankful to take up the mantel to accomplish the goal and look forward to its completion. I’m grateful to you and her for inspiring me to take action to embrace life, make a plan and take action.

    Best of luck with your massive new site plan. And I will keep you posted on my progress.

    God Bless

  • http://signi-n.blogspot.com/ Derrick

    You are one example of a great goal getter,running huge projects at the same time and making sure you complete them.

  • Peter Santenello


    Great post. Even though you are many steps ahead of me I feel through this post that I am learning along side of you. I enjoy this format.

    Right now I’m working on a travel related website that breaks down statistics between countries and helps travelers determine destinations to travel to. This is my first stab at something like this so I find your blog very helpful. Thanks so much!


  • http://lifestoogood.net Alan | Life’s Too Good

    Hey Pat,

    very very interesting… and good for you taking the time to review and reposition your SGT site. It’s basically one of your business assets so of course you should take care of it.

    I think your point about the goal to get to #1 in Google not being the end also relates somewhere along the line to the idea of once you get the traffic, what are you going to do with it not wrking on that site for a year, I’m guessing that you were using the traffic less and less effectively as time went on.

    But, perhaps if your goal was to get to #1 in Google what you’ve done is all and exactly what you needed to do – after a certain amount of time and at your convenience, in conjunction with your hoardes of other business interests, just schedule a review and set it up for another period, a year… 6 months… where you can leave it alone before the next review.

    Also, I know you’re a fan of what Chris Guthrie did, but like all good property (I know a little more about the bricks and mortar versions than online, but the principles must be similar) – why sell? With a little work you can increase the earnings and keep it in your portfolio as a valuable business asset which continues to earn you money in the meantime. Most people don’t have jobs which make what you’re making from that one site, not to mention what you could make…

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    Hi Pat,
    Boy, did you take this duel and run with it! You’ve got nearly three times the posts of your nearest dueler and you’re still innovating. Inspiring. I’m using your advice to establish my writing site–I’ve got a long way to go and love developing it. It’s so true what you say about “long-tail find-ability” and exploring “content potential.” I have so many topics to write about I hadn’t even considered. I’m giving myself two years to build a solid mailing list.

    It’s funny though, I had no problem going on the talk-show circuit (before judge shows became the rage) and selling 10,000 copies of my self-published books each time I did a show like Montel or Rolanda. Being non-tech savvy however, I was completely intimidated when it came to translating that success online.

    SPI has been my guide. Not because you were the first tech blog I found, but you were the first one that spoke to me in terms I could understand. Plus, the underlying theme of your writings say “you can do it, Rose!” You are a fantastic teacher.

    In fact, the giveaway ebook I’m working on for my site titled, “21 Outrageously Successful Authors” includes you, Pat, alongside another one of my heros, Dr. Seuss. I read Scrambled Eggs Super! to my grandson last night. Can you believe Dr, Seuss almost burned his first manuscript after 43 heart-wrenching rejections? Like yours, the stories in this book are totally uplifting.

    Take care,

  • http://www.eventchecklist.net Arwin@Event Checklist

    Hi Pat,

    You never let us down to expect to see something inspiring each time you make a post.

    I think it is pretty cool that you share your project strategies and ideas.

    I hope I’ll come to a point that I’ll be the one who’ll be followed because of the strategies and ideas I have with my blog.

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    These are great ideas and I agree that providing a useful resource for people is one way to make sure to get repeat visitors, also the constant addition of fresh content is probably going to be the top thing for those who have a blog or website to do to keep readers engaged.

  • http://MusicEducation.biz Dustin

    Thank you Pat! This gives me more guidance on the site I’m currently building, so that’s fantastic. I still haven’t caught up on your podcast (I think I’m on episode 30 now), but I just love your down-to-earth approach. Thanks for being real!

    The other thing I wanted to point out: as you build “the ultimate resource” in your niche, it also becomes ‘linkbait,’ meaning other people WANT to link to you, and they build backlinks for you. This makes your SEO look far more natural as well, because you’ll get a healthy mix of different kinds of anchor text, which pages are linked, etc., and that’s good for marketing as well as for users.

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    G’day Pat, love your blog and your information. Not sure how I even came across you but you are the first person I started to follow in my quest to set up a few blog sites of my own. You provide the most consistant easy to follow information. I am hoping to embark on my 3rd career in this life and turn my desire to work from home into a passive income online. I have set up my first blog site on my passion of masters athletics as a test site to understand all the elements of building a wordpress site, affiliate marketing and running google ads. Slowly getting my head around things. I do need to build my email list as this is taking some time. Any tips on this would be much appreciated.

    PS: are you using the same VA to build your database that you use to update your site? I listened to your podcast with Chris Ducker.


  • http://iblogJuicing.com Frank

    Hey Pat,

    Thanks for all the great advice. I found your podcast about 7 months ago and have been trying to implement ever since. I wanted to build small Niche sites and I was able to build about a dozen or so. I recently began working on a blog that will launch soon. The blog will be a large Authority type site. I’m taking much more pleasure in working on the blog and I think the promotion of it will be fun as well. Talk to you soon!


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    What a great example of diversifying monetization on a niche site and making it much more useful for the visitor. Look forward to seeing this develop and you getting a 7-figure offer. :-)

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    Before you add the zip code locator, you may want to google “Geotag patent”. They’ve brought suit against over 400 companies who use any type of store locator or where to buy functionality on their site.

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