Tricks to Get More Comments on Your Blog

On Wednesday, I had written my most discussed blog post ever: How to REALLY Profit From Your Blog. In less than 24 hours there were over 100 comments, which is pretty incredible. Thanks to those of you who have contributed to the conversation and even added your own thoughts and personal experiences to the post.

After I hit the 100 comment mark earlier today, I had received no less than a dozen emails from some of you asking me exactly how I get so many people to comment on my posts. Part of the reason is because my community of readers are AWESOME, but also because of certain strategies that I use, which I coincidentally recorded a YouTube video about earlier this week.

Please feel free to watch Tricks to Get More Comments on Your Blog on YouTube (opens a new window):


What Else Can You Do To Get More Comments?

What other strategies or tactics have you used or heard of to get more people readers involved and commenting?

Thanks, and have a great weekend!


  • Daniel

    Hey Pat,

    I am really impressed too on your article that attracted more than 100 comments. I am one of them :-)

    I find if a blog able to write about an event that happened recently with added personal “flavors”, that article will attract a lot of comments.


    P.S Great job done Pat as always

    • Pat

      Thanks Daniel – I’ve actually noticed the same thing, both on my own blog and on other blogs. It seems stuff from personal experience is more intriguing and more people can relate to those kinds of things. By the way, do you have a website? I’d like to check it out. You don’t have a link on your name in your comment, which is why I was asking. Thanks!

  • Sneaker

    I’ve been reading your stuff for a while, really good… I like the idea of building social proof for your posts, I had never really thought about that, and commenting back to each person that comments is frigin’ great. It does make them fell part of the conversation rather than someone simply commenting on a speech. Good stuff…

    • Pat

      Sneaker – I like the way you put it – “Making them feel part of the conversation rather than simply commenting on a speech”. So many blog posts seem to be speeches, and we don’t really respond to speeches, but we do respond to thoughts and experiences! Thanks for your comment!

      • Scott Costello

        Pat and Sneaker, This is so true and a point I never thought about before. I’ll have to keep this in mind for future blog posts and see how it affects commenting. thanks!

  • Robert Love

    Congrats on all those comments. One thing that I’ve used elsewhere (I’ve yet to do it on my blog linked to this reply) is put a note above where the comments section is and mention that if readers comment they can get a link to their website that will slowly help their PageRank etc. I always add to that quality comments are appreciated and as you mentioned answering every comment is such a great way to build a community around your niche.

    Thanks again Pat

    • Pat

      Hey Robert – that’s a good way to remind people to leave comments, and good ones at that which will add to the conversation. I’ve even seen some bloggers add a note to say that criticisms and rants are welcome, so long as they are written in a friendly manner.

      Cheers Robert!

  • Sire

    hey Pat, it’s good to see that there are other bloggers who get involved with their readers. I’ve been promoting this idea for such a long time. I think the fact that others do not promote this system makes it so much better for those who do.

    Thanks for getting on the the importance of replying to comments bandwagon.

    • Pat

      Hey Sire – glad to hear you feel the same way. It’s really what makes a blog a blog, and not just a website, so I don’t understand when people don’t comment back and try to continue the conversation.

      Anyways, just checked out your site. i can’t believe you have so many blogs, and good ones at that. Keep up the good work my friend!

      • Sire

        Yeah, well I used to have more time to post on all of them, but things change and so now I just concentrate on my favorites.

  • Adrian

    I honestly don’t think it’s about encouraging people to comment. I have never comment because of encouragement at the end of a post. If the post was compelling (meaning it evokes emotion in me whether positive or negative, then I will comment). So I think it’s content in the end 😉

    • Pat

      Hey Adrian – point well taken. Obviously, if there’s good content, people will comment. (And thanks for yours!) However, I think the reminder is a wonderful subliminal or subconscious way to get some people to take action. Maybe?

      • Adrian

        Hmmm…maybe if one reads all the posts, sees encouragement constantly that probably could play into it 😉

        But still, if you can cause emotion in people (resonate with one or frustrate him a lil) then you have good content. You know, in real life, if you have everyone loving you or hating you, you are not doing the right thing, but if half of people love you, half of them hate you than you are doing the right thing! :)

  • Patrenia

    Great advice Pat! My blog is about 2.5 months old and I use the advice you give here. I went back and looked at my latest posts and guess what…I do have comments on all of them AND the comment count is growing :-).

    I take it a step further and e-mail each commenter (if it’s their first time) and let them know that I appreciate them for their input and for stopping by the site. I think this has helped as well.

    • Pat

      Hey Patrenia,

      Wow, I love your additional strategy. I would love to do something like that, it’s very Gary Vaynerchuk-esque. I love it. Do you have a plugin or something that does it automatically for you, or do you actually take the time to email each one individually? Either way, that’s awesome. Keep up the good work and keep your blog growing!


      • Patrenia

        Yes, it’s all about “service”. Nope, no plug-in. It’s all done manually. It can be a bit time consuming, but right now I have nothing but time on my hands to help grow my blog.
        Thank you…

        • Scott Costello

          I really like this idea and will start doing it myself. I remember getting an email from a blogger sometime ago thanking me for a post by email. It was a very nice personal touch.

    • Adrian

      Definitely powerful thing! :) I had some blogger reply like that and I was very pleasantly surprised. Good one!!!

  • Einat

    I have a really hard time getting people to comment or engage. I know I have a nice small size of consistent readers but that’s all they are. We are not yet a community. I even made a poll before the holidays and didn’t get ONE vote. I don’t know how to get my reader’s to become more involved, hopefully your youtube video will help :-)

    • Howie


      Is there any possible way that you could maybe find a freelancer (,, etc?) and develop a professional Blog theme, with a cool header like Pat has? I think your content is really good…which gives you a huge head start….I think if you could maybe develop an appealing ‘personality’ around the blog…it would go a long way in providing an ‘atmosphere’ will people will WANT to comment…

      just a thought :)

    • Pat

      Einat – I totally agree with Howie. You may not have to hire someone to make a professional looking theme, but I did notice you’re using blogger, instead of wordpress. I think sometimes it’s hard with Blogger to leave comments, with just the way the process works. With WordPress, it’s so much easier. I definitely recommend trying out wordpress if you can. The YouTube videos should help with reader engagement as well! Cheers!

  • Drezz

    I think people really want to see you succeed, because it inspires them to be successful also. Plus, if you appear genuine, appear that you honestly care, and have no problems helping out a ‘sister’ or ‘brother’ going through the same journey, these people will be more inclined to share the positive vibe.

    It doesn’t hurt that you’re helping people out frequently, with no strings attached. The items you do sell, are additional advanced benefits. We all respect that, since you’ve got a family to take care of – its business!

    Most of all, we trust you and respect your authority on the topic, so we do what we can and pitch in by comments. Praise, advice, insight and how our stories relate!

    I love checking out your blog because its extremely practical and helpful advice. Keep up the good work.

    • Pat

      Thanks Drezz – that was an awesome comment. I appreciate your kind words, and furthermore, am envious of your drawing skills. Just checked out idrawdigital – you’ve got some serious talent. Awesome!

      Cheers Drezz!

      • Drezz

        Anytime Pat. Thanks for checking out idrawdigital – much appreciated.

  • Scott Costello

    My real estate investing blog took about 9 months of consistent posting before I started to see any real participation from the readers. I believe that it takes time to prove to your readers that you are serious and will be there for the long haul. Nobody wants to dedicate themselves to something that is not going to last.

    It’s like a snowball affect with comments, get a few and more will come quickly. They build off each other.

    • Pat

      Hey Scott – indeed it does take time for things to start happening. I hadn’t been seeing any success on this blog until just a few months ago. Keep up the great work Scott, and as always thanks for your comment!

  • Darryl

    Thanks for the tips Pat. We’re really struggling with this on our site and you’ve provided some good ideas. It’s surprising how difficult it can be to get comments when you’re first starting out. That’s something I wasn’t expecting. I’m going to try out some of your recommendations and see if they make a difference.

    • Pat

      Anytime Darryl! It can be difficult to get comments at first, however one trick is to make it as easy (and thoughtless) as possible for your readers to do so. I checked out your site, and you require a login in order to leave a comment. That right there will decrease the amount of comments you get by 99%. Just my 2 cents. Cheers!

      • Darryl

        Thanks for the feedback. We’ve been debating the login since we started. We saw it as a way to help prevent abusive posts. It’s definitely something we’re rethinking.

        • Pat

          With Spam, you can control that using the Askimet Plugin. With abusive posts that do get through, you can either moderate the comments by approving them yourself before they get published, or let them publish, and simply delete the ones that shouldn’t be there. :)

  • Michael-John Wolfe

    Let’s see if we can break Pat’s comment record on this blog posting! I am number 11! Keep it going!

    • Pat

      Heh, thanks for the boost! Although, the comment count isn’t my top priority. I think with good conversation going on beneath a blog post, the numbers will always shoot up. Thanks man!

  • Michele

    I’ve been following your blog for a while and noticed how the comments are growing. The tips are much appreciated and yet one more thing I will incorporate into blogging.

    • Pat

      Thanks Michele, I’m glad I can help you out in your blogging journey. Please let me know if there’s anything else I can do! Cheers!

  • [email protected]

    I was noticing that you’re getting a lot of comments and I remember even mentioning it to you on Twitter.

    I can see now how it’s beneficial to interact more with the readers through the comments by extending the conversation and creating a welcoming feeling among new(er) readers.

    • Pat

      Hey Nick – yea, I remember that tweet, and it’s partly what prompted me to write this post (besides all the emails I got).

      Probably the main reason why I started replying to every comment was because no one else who gets a rather large number of comments (10-20+) was doing so. I knew that this would help me stand out from the rest, even from some of the top bloggers out there!

      Thanks, as always, Nick!

  • Howie

    Sometimes it boggles my mind why some people would begin a blog, and not respond back to reader’s comments. I’ve seen this happen so many times, Pat… failing to respond, they neglect the very thing that makes blogs, and social media in general, so great….

    Granted, I know that blogs can become so big, with so much interaction, that it can be really quite difficult to stay on top of every new comment….even with as much as your blog has grown, Pat…I think you’ve managed it really quite well….good job man….

    • Pat

      Dude – I couldn’t of said it any better myself. A blog is about being social and interacting. You might as well just have a regular ol’ website if you’re not going to comment back.

      How awesome would it be if the writers for some of the newspapers and online magazines we read replied to our comments. To get even more information (and opinions) from them would be awesome.

      Thanks Howie!

      • Scott Costello

        I wish all newspaper or online articles had comment sections. So many times I’ve wanted to contribute or ask a question only to find no spot to do so.

        • Pat

          And even the ones that do have a comments section – the author NEVER responds. Maybe the newspapers won’t let them…who knows.

  • Jackie

    Responding to comments is great, because it shows that you listen and care. People like to be heard. I think that concept can be extended by creating posts related to previous comments as well. (And I know you’ve done quite a bit of that.) Other possibilities might be asking questions related to the post on places like Twitter or facebook.

    • Pat

      Great ideas Jackie. By actually spending the time to write blog posts about side conversations happening on comments, forums and social media platforms, the people involved will definitely take notice and want to participate even more. Cheers!

  • Howie

    …not sure if I ever showed you this, Pat….but, I created a Facebook group for my blog I hope to launch (one day…lol)….unfortunately, it took a bit of a back seat to the eBook project for now…..

    I did pick up the “” domain, so hopefully I can turn it into something good one day :)

    • Pat

      Nice fan page! Once you have time after your launch, you can setup your landing page, and change the url to a vanity url, like or whatever you want it to be. Good stuff!

  • Howie

    (Completely unrelated…lol)

    …have you been following this stuff on eHow, Pat?….I’ve been a casual observer since “Rich” the “Community Manager” announced that, after 6 months of earning from users for their cloned articles used to launch the eHow UK site, that they won’t be sharing any of that revenue with users….

    quite honestly though, they had intentionally set up their TOS so that they are allowed to completely reproduce writer’s content, and publish it without limitation, anywhere they like…anywhere….even in the launch of entirely ‘different’ websites….

    it starts with eHow UK, but, they could “legally” launch “eHow Brazil”, “eHow Russia”, and “eHow Germany”, and, according to their TOS, they could use all their eHow US writer’s original articles….and monetize them, without compensating, while competing directly with original articles in search engines…

    VERY shady if you ask me….sigh….

    This thing is about to erupt. Just wait for the first lawsuit to be filed.

  • [email protected]

    Pat, what are you thoughts about getting so many comments but the lack of RT’s.

    Which one do you find more valuable in the long term growth and direction of your site?

    Have you tested putting the RT button at the bottom and incorporating it’s use in your call to comment action?

    • Pat

      Hey Nick – great question. I think they are both important, as they both serve different purposes. Comments are more of a relationship builder for new and existing readers, and it does have some SEO advantages as well (although very minimal). RTs are good for driving immediate traffic from semi-targeted readers.

      It’s hard to test the retweet button location because each post will have a different reaction from the readers. That’s why I have it both at the top and the bottom.

      As far as my “concern” with the lack of retweets, it’s not really even present. I’d much rather worry about my existing readers than getting new ones, because my existing readers will help get new ones in the long run.

      Just my initial thoughts, but great questions. What do you think?

      • [email protected]

        I certainly think both are important. I even recently had a commentator start showing up on my keywords in my google analytics which I thought was funny, I posted about it and got some funny reactions.

        I notice on a lot of bigger sites, like the Chris Brogan’s of the blog-o-sphere, they have at times hundreds of RT’s and comments. It’ mind boggling to think thats possible.

  • Maren Kate

    Great video Pat, I am totally taking away your advice on commenting on every comment one gets on their blog. I haven’t really done that to this point but I will start doing it actively as it obviously works well on here.


    • Pat

      Thanks Maren – I’m planning on doing a lot more in the future. It’s good practice for the upcoming podcast I’m doing, which I’d love to have you on for an interview one day to talk about tweeterpreneur and everything else you’re up to. Let me know! Thanks!

      • [email protected]

        Pat, Maren and I have just recently connected because of your site/comments and thought you’d like to know that. I look forward to speaking with Maren more about her Tweeterpreneur as well as hopefully have her on a few guest postings on my site. I think she has a lot of great skills at her disposal.

        So far, participating on your site has had a great impact :) Just thought I’d share.

        • Pat

          Awesome Nick! Maren is a totally awesome up and coming entrepreneur, so I’m sure you two would have a lot to talk about. I’m glad people are connecting here within my blog posts – that’s awesome! Thanks for sharing Nick!

  • http://www.MattAdamo.Net Matt Adamo

    Hey Pat, This is my first visit to your blog and i have to say that i am blown away.

    And i just watched your youtube video. Great content all around.

    Thanks so much -Matt Adamo

    • Pat

      Hey thanks for stopping by, Matt – and thanks for the awesome comment! Hope to hear from you again soon. Btw – I’m digging your Peter Griffin Guide to Going Viral post. Good stuff! Cheers man!

  • Menandro Tomas

    The quality you are giving to the net is really great. And your e-book, it really shows that you care. God bless!

    • Pat

      Hey Menandro! Thanks for the comment, as always! I’m glad you could tell I spent extra time on the eBook to make sure it’s top quality for all of you. I appreciate it!

  • Bonnie Landau

    Great information, Pat. I had never thought that replying to comments would be a benefit in the overall count, which of course encourages more comments. I really like the video format you presented this in. A great change from reading on the computer. Thanks for the info!

    • Pat

      Thanks Bonnie! I like mixing the kinds of posts I write a bit, but I should also think about the actual media that it’s presented in more. I’ll more than likely throw in some video posts like this in the near future. Thanks, and cheers!

  • Maren Kate

    OKAY… UPDATE… Pat this blog post was probably one of your most helpful for serious bloggers to date. I applied your principles to the last blog post I made less than 24 hours ago and as of this point have 21 comments on it… Thank you soo much! Totally helped me out :) Also with tweeterpreneur I have actually grown it into something that mixes both passive income with active income via an off & online company named after my LLC, Oracle Launch. I’ve been getting clients offline & charging them to build them professional websites… ALL done by my VAs and then after we get the sites up and running (which I can charge a pretty penny for… over $3k usually because they are so detailed) I pitch them on a social media marketing campaign for their company which is between $497-$1500 a month and also almost completely run by my now 4 virtual assistants. So its like the best of both worlds, I have a steady off line business that is growing and I have used my knowledge from people like you and Sterling & Jay to grow my online presence. Its funny how much corporate people will pay just to ‘not have to deal’ with anything online, even when they know throwing up a WordPress site costs less than $100… they would rather pay $1500 to not have to bother.

    But point being – THANKS A BUNCH for this post :) just what I (and obviously others needed)

    • Pat

      Hey Maren – awesome! I’m glad it’s working out for you. There’s no reason why these tips shouldn’t work.

      Also, congrats on your recent successes with your businesses – you’ve got some great things going, and I know you can only get bigger from here, so keep it up!

      Hope to hear from you again soon! Cheers!

  • seb

    Awesome, I’ve just found this series and am liking it. I think the key, as always, is content. If the content is thought provoking, then people will comment!

    • Pat

      Hey Seb! Thanks for the comment. You’re absolutely right – content is everything, although you can utilize these strategies to get even more bang out of your content by continuing the conversation even further.

      By the way – cool series you have going on on your semi-blog site. Good luck with the startup!

  • Girl Startup

    Nice post. But what do you do when you have no comments on your blog ? Ha ha!

    • Pat

      Haha! Well, if you don’t have any comments, then do what my first tip on the video says – simply encourage comments or ask questions that will get people to comment. Then, you can take it from there. Cheers, and best of luck to you!

  • Ms. Freeman

    Super video! I have found that replying to all the comments left on my blog has helped to increase the number, as well as create a great group of readers. I find that if I don’t reply for a coupe of days my comments drop off, not a good thing for a newbie blog.

    • Pat

      Hey Ms. Freeman! Definitely – keeping up with your blog comments is a super important thing for a newbie blog. But, i didn’t even realize your blog was a “newbie” blog – it’s doing great! Keep up the good work!

      • Ms. Freeman

        I changed my domain over to a blog in late August2009. It was a static site, but that was boring. I like the interaction with my readers and building a community :)

  • Howie

    Thanks for all your help with that sales button, Pat….I decided to gut the 4 different price points, and just revert to one….

    Julie kept saying: “You should really listen to Pat….”….lol….

    I know testing will be invaluable….but it definitely appears to make things ALOT less complicated when someone gets to the sales page…..

    • Pat

      Did it look ok? Let me know if you need any changes on the design, spacing, etc.

      Glad to see you’re going for something less complicated. I know it’s the better move.

      • Howie

        oh…it looks great, Pat….

        in an attempt to best cater the product to the market, I was definitely over-thinking the price points….I just see everyone from established lawyers to work-at-home moms that write for these type of sites, so I wasn’t 100% sure what would be a “reasonable” price….multiple price points made the most sense…

        but….it’s downright confusing….lol….

        thanks for your help with that, Pat….hm….what program do you use to do that? I don’t want to have to keep banging on your door if I decide to test a different price point…..some have said just launch the 6 books at a $97 price point, but I thought I’d just work my way up…..I’d rather raise the price, than lower it, and have people who purchased at the higher price ask for the difference back when the price is lowered, or something like that….lol

        • Pat

          I use Adobe Photoshop – and no problem, just let me know if you need any other help or advice. Cheers!

  • Howie

    Oh, and I’m just getting around to exploring/integrating aWeber….that is one awesome tool….

    I love how you can ‘schedule’ messages to be sent out….and, it looks like you can even make a customized newsletter template….

    Do you schedule alot of messages in advance, Pat? and…do you think you’ll start using one of their customized newsletter templates, as well?

    • Pat

      Yeah man, aweber is awesome. In my newsletter, I have about 10 pre-written responses that go 10 weeks out, but I add a new one every three days.

      As far as customized newsletter template, I won’t be going that route. I don’t want it to seem like I’m just a company sending out these mass emails with nice templates. I’m just a guy trying to help others, so a plain white email does the job best for that.

  • shysoho

    Great video. I admit that you’re really committed to reply almost all the comments. Besides that, people can feel your humbleness and sincerity to share everything you know. That’s another added value for you.

    • Pat

      Thanks for those kind words – I appreciate it!

  • Melvin

    Hey Pat, thanks for sharing the video. Me personally I dont respond to every comments and I thought its retarded at first BUT now Im trying to be more interactive with my community because without them my blog is nothing.

    I’ve read the other post as well and I think its safe to assume this blog is going to be part of my rss reader.. 😀

    • Pat

      Melvin – I was the same way. I thought people really wasted their time when responding to each and every comment, but from personal experience I can tell you that it’s totally worth it, and it’s definitely something one should consider to enhance the community of their blog.

      I’m glad to be a part of your RSS reader! Thanks!

  • David

    Hey Pat,

    I noticed that you mentioned “Social Proof” in your youtube video. You haven’t been listening to any DYD with David D’Angelo have you 😛

    • Pat

      Haha – nope! I’m a happily married man, so no need to double my dating :) Cheers David!

  • Michael Crosby

    Hi Pat, just came across your blog. I’m now subscribed to you. Looking forward to some good reading.

    I’m not sure if my comments ever mean anything. Sometimes I go back to blogs to see if my comments have created some kind of buzz, but usually it just seems like an exercise of being able to express my ideas (into nothingness). Kind of like how I feel my blog is now–though I think it’s good, I rarely ever get a comment.

    And another question: I saw your You Tube video and as you’re explaining about comments, you’re actually able to video your blog as you speak and write. I’d like to know how to do that.

    It does seem that it would be cool to actually develop some online friends this way.

    Thanks again Pat, Michael

    PS. I now see the “Notify me of followup comments via e-mail”. Does that mean followup comments just to my comment, or any and all comments after my comment?

    • Pat

      Hey Michael,

      Thank for your comment! Checked out your blog – chocked full of great information! I think one of the main reasons why people don’t comment is because the Blogger platform doesn’t do a good job of easily getting people to comment. You have to select from that menu and it may confuse a lot of people. WordPress, like the platform I use, makes it really easy to comment. Just my two cents about that :)

      Anyways, the program I use to record a video of my screen is Camtasia. Camtasia for Mac, to be more specific, although there is a PC version (camtasia studio). If you have a MAC, there’s a cheaper version called Screenflow, or you may also want to check out “Jing”. Just search for those on google to learn more.

      Lastly, I believe the followup comments are for all comments made to this post after yours.

      Thanks again for your comment, and I hope to hear from you again soon!

      • Michael Crosby

        Pat, that’s very good information. Again, thank you so much.

  • Jenn Calling Home

    Okay, so I always reply back to comments but I go back to the person’s blog to bring them more traffic. My thinking is: if I leave a reply on my blog, how will they ever see it? I don’t believe my theme has this “notify me” option (as below). Is there a widget I need to add?

    • Pat

      Hi Jenn, that’s not a bad idea – because it shows you’ve actually taken the time to visit their blog as well, which is always appreciated. There is a plugin called “subscribe to comments” that people can click to see all of the replies and new comments, but I also think that if I directly reply, people get an email notification. I believe that’s built in to WordPress’ threaded comments feature, but I’m not 100% sure. If you can an email in response to this, than yes – that’s the case!
      Thanks for the comment!

      • Jenn Calling Home

        Hi Pat,

        Thanks for the info. I will look up the plugin. And no, I don’t automatically receive an email when you reply back. Maybe that’s an additional plugin we need to find. In the meantime, I’ll just sign up for the “Notify Me” option. All the best!

        • Pat

          Hey Jenn, thanks for letting me know about that. Actually, I found a plugin called reply me at Robs Web Tips that looks promising. It seems to notify the original commenter when one of their comments is replied to. It might be worth checking out!

  • Brian Inman

    I always reply to comments on my blog. I always make time for it no matter what. I leave so many comments on blogs that just sit there, and rot. It is sad sometimes to see only a few comments on a blog everyday, but the blogger never responds to anyone.

    One other trick I do is follow everyone’s link from their comments, and try to leave a comment on their blog, retweet, or something where they feel like they are important. Everyone loves getting recognition, and it works great at getting repeat commenters.

    • Pat

      Hey Brian! Thanks for the comment. It’s good to hear that other bloggers are really gung ho about making sure to reply. I agree, I don’t like to leave a comment if it just seems like it’s going to “rot” there. That’s a great way to put it.

      And thanks for your advice about clicking through and leaving a comment on the commenter’s website. I can understand how that can make a huge impact. Cheers Brian!

      • Brian Inman

        I took your advice about asking for comments at the end of my posts, and added a follow me on twitter, and subscribe to my rss feed to become more involved on the blog community.

        I am curious to see what kind of results I get.

        • Pat

          Hey Brian,

          Sweet – good luck with that! Let me know if you need any help or have any questions!

  • Nimit Kashyap

    some cool tips, lets see how much effective they will be for me.

  • Indrek

    Thank you Pat for your excellent tips.

    I have to admit I’ve been struggling with increasing comments for a while now.

    Like you said I’ve also added a small line in the bottom of my posts about asking my readers for their opinion and trying to welcome commenting a bit more. Although I haven’t done this on every post, so that’s probably one thing I have to work on to make it a habbit.

    I totally agree with you on replying to comments. When a reader takes the time to leave a comment the least you could do is thank them. This generates a discussion and makes the commenters feel more welcome.

    Thanks again and keep up the good work! Looking forward to your next articles.

  • fox

    Ciao Pet!

    What an obiously simple but great idea, to encourage people to comment.
    I am gonna try this, thanks a lot and cheers!

    • Pat

      Thanks Fox! All the best to you!

  • Serita Diana

    This is a great post that I am going to share for sure. I always do my best to respond to comments on my blog. I do have to admit that I gave up on guest posts because so many people don’t respond to your comments. Now I’ll go back to commenting again. You get the distinction of being the first this time around!

  • Dan Northern

    I have really noticed that asking a question at the end of a post really does get good reader response.

  • Jason

    I think video was really good and it is cool to see really simple things having such a significant effect.

  • Lauren Hunter

    Is there any benefit to an icon with comments over text saying “53 comments” – do you think a comment bubble like you have gets people’s attention more? Just askin’ . . .

    Thanks, Pat!

  • Ryan

    Pat, how to add your own comment?

  • Ming Jong Tey

    Hey Pat,

    Thanks for the great tips. I would like to add 1 more, which is to comment on other blogs with insightful comment. Some of them (unfortunately not all) will follow up and comment back (good karma). This is another way to get more comments!

  • Joel Atteberry

    I am new to blogging. Trying to learn all i can about blogging.
    I enjoy all of the tips i can get on blogging.
    Thanks for your blog on getting comments.

  • Angel

    Hi Pat, I’ve had my blog since July 11 and I hardly ever get any comments.

    I find this can be so dis-heartening. I get some visitors (best day = a little over 100 and worse day = 5). People just don’t seem to want to comment and I love getting comments.

    Since reading this post and the comments, I’ve just added ‘subscribe to comments’ widget. I will also try the other things you suggested. Cross your fingers for me :)



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  • Technopsis

    Hmm, ofcourse I tried to get my readers to comment, but up till now the ammount of comments I recieved has been low. Im certainly gonna try this tactic a bit more! Thanks!

  • Sue James

    Excellent article very informative thank you so much.

  • http://notyet Margaret

    I am thrilled to have founded this website. What an awesome amount of advice, I can’t wait to try some of your tips and techniques. I now have reading lots of reading material to study. Thanks so much, great site. Joined you on twitter. I’ll keep reading on. Have a great day, Margaret

  • Damien

    Pat I think part of why you get so many comments as well is that you engage with your readers. You see the same effect on Twitter – the more engaging celebs that actually use their Twitter feed to connect with people get hundreds of thousands of follows. It’s about making someone who isn’t famous or in your case may not have the same level of exposure feel like they are special. You’re “bringing them up on stage” so to speak.

  • Kammie @ Sensual Appeal

    Great tips. I already ask people to comment and I ask them specific questions but for some reason, I still don’t get nearly as many comments as some other bloggers. I also respond to comments often. It’s interesting..

    • Patrick McNease

      @KammieSensualAppeal:disqus, I experience the same thing. It all depends on the type of post that I provide. If it is a resource based post then I will receive a lot of comments. If it is a personal post then I might receive 1 or 2.

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  • Scott Lewis

    As always Pat….you gave actionable and FREE ways to prompt users to post to our sites. I agree with you wholeheartedly about there is a need to comment to other users comments. It does make you feel like you are part of the writers life and that is so key! You do an excellent job at that. Thanks again!


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  • Gaurav k

    First two are generic , need to check how to do the third one on blogger,, third one is interesting

    Gaurav Khurana
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  • Emmanuel Daniels

    Pat, you are just too much

  • بازی
  • Angela McCall

    Hi Pat,

    I believe this is my very first comment on your blog. Lately, I have been following you. Just because I hear so much about you and wondering who this person is. Now I know. You have tons of experience in your sleeve and tons of wisdom & knowledge to pass onto people.

    In your video, I have been doing what you just said there. So I must be doing it right. I know it’s important to comment back when people leave comments on your blog. That’s how I got around. I never ignore a single comment. Now I can see if the person has 100 comments a day and they are huge and no time to answer them, I can understand that. But for someone who didn’t have much traffic and only have 3 comments and they don’t even care to answer back is…something to raise your brow and wonder hmmmm, “…are they really that busy that they can even answer their own comments?”

    Anyway, I’m onto reading more of your other post. Have a great Friday!