The Only 100 Words You Should Read Today

Finding success is all about taking action.

You can read all you want, but nothing will happen until you execute.

That is why today, I’m cutting this post short. Instead of reading my content, I want you to do something instead – right now. Do something for your blog, business or life that will get you moving forward and help you reach your goals.

All I ask is that you leave a comment of what you’re about to do (sort of like a pledge), and let’s see how much we can all get done today.

Sound good?

I’ll start:

  • Pat

    I am going to hire a web developer to create the site that will be the home for my new WordPress Plugin.

    • Sam Smith

      I’m going to ask Pat if he found a developer yet and ask him to email me about the project if his answer is “Not yet”.

      • Stephen Hart

        I found this really awesome web developer that did my website for me from odesk, if you need someone great, let me know. really cheap for his quality of work too lol.

        • Timothy Haney


          Great website! I would be interested in this designer.


          Great job on your site Stephen. Would you mind sharing the name of the person you used on Odesk.

        • Peter Lin

          Definitely a clean and professional looking site. Would love to get the developer’s info.

        • Angela

          Stephen – please pass along the info on your odesk web designer. Great site.

        • Don

          Hey Stephen,

          I’d like to contact your Web developer.


        • Shadowland


        • Shadowland


    • Adam Grant

      Hey Pat,

      I can not agree more. Momentum in only gained from taking action.
      Really enjoy your podcasts, I listened to them all in one day.
      I have already developed my first android app two weeks later.
      When are we getting a new podcast?

      All the best and please keep doing what your doing,

      Adam Grant

    • Codrut Turcanu

      awesome, so what plugins do you plan to develop/issue? :)

  • Loukas

    I will ask a senior professional in my field for advice on deal closing, as I am approaching a very important deal these days and offer him cooperation on it if I close the deal. As a matter of fact I’m leaving my office NOW

    • Pat

      Awesome Loukas, that’s exactly what I’m talking about. Good luck!

  • Oren Salomon

    I will stop gathering ideas and finally publish a second blog post. I’ll give myself a tight limit to actually ensure this happens: 200 words or less.

    • Pat

      Nice Oren. Do it, and feel free to leave a link here once you’re finished if you want.

  • david

    write to pat

    • Pat

      Got your message David. Thanks! Responding right now.

  • Tim@Internet Income Rant

    I’ll write another blog post on my blog now. I’ll also comment on blogs in my niche now.

    • Pat

      Good one Tim – it’s always good to comment on other blogs. Useful comments are always best. Cheers!

  • Aqif Azizan

    Short but full of meaning post. I’m going to spend some money, to advertise my blog, in order to monetize it for long term profit.

    You are building WordPress Plugin Pat? That is seriously cool! Is it paid or free plugin? If paid, mind if I try? He he. Kidding. :)

    • Pat

      I am, Aqif – thanks! I’ll give everyone more details very soon. :)

  • Wizcoder

    Get my programmer to submit project timeline.
    Get my keyword research done.

    • Pat

      Nice one. Keep it up!

  • Richa

    Already done:
    Contacted an HR Head of a big firm to coach me on salary negotiation skills for my next job. :) We start tomorrow.

  • Daniel Roach

    Well, now that we’ve all been called out I guess I’ll get back to writing content. Darn you and your bluff calling, Pat 😉

  • Blake Erickson

    I’m going to FINISH putting together a website I’ve been putting off. I’m redesigning one of my dads websites so I’m going to surprise him and just get it finished within the next 24 hours. Once it is done I’m going to finish my next project. I figured I should finish one thing at a time instead of trying to juggle 30.

  • Chris Alta


    Today (as in the morning) I’m going to build a ton of backlinks to this niche hub I got going on, I already social bookmarked it to 13 sites and already have it ranked on page 2 of Google so the results are showing fast. Maybe I’ll make my first buck online? Anyways dope little post, you always keep it real. Here’s a beer. *AHHHH*

    haha the question is what are you going to do tomorrow?


    -Chris Alta

    • Timothy Haney


      Concerning your backlinks, Do you have any second tier links tied to your anchor links?

      • Chris Alta

        second tier links..if I’m understanding you correctly you mean it along these lines..

        like if your niche was donuts..and you wanted to rank for chocolate filled would definitely anchor text chocolate filled donuts..along with that another relevant keyword could be chocolate sprinkled you’re wondering if I anchor text like this..

        chocolate filled donuts, chocolate sprinkled donuts, (and so on..)

        from my experience Tim when you use multiple keywords you’re spreading your SEO power out and aren’t making it as JUICY for the spiders. I tested it out with two different niche hubs and when I spread the keywords out and anchor texted them all it didn’t help..when I focused on one long tail keyword it helped me out tremendously.

        I’m still a beginner but I’ve been backlinking (by hand..such a pain) for about 2 months now spreading out my thing to this niche and that niche..and the single anchor text has been working the best for me.

        I’m not sure if you’re a beginner and you don’t want to spend a ton of money then you can definitely rank and potentially rank in google by doing the following.

        Go to google and insert your keyword..then match case it by putting quotes around your keyword..””..if the results show under 50,000 you can rank for that niche SUPER EASY..

        check your google keyword tool to see the competition and search volume..however if your match case is under 50,000 and the competition is high medium or low medium don’t worry about it. That means that’s a profitable market and that you can make some money. And get excited about the match case being under 50,000 since you can break into it easily!

        Next use the Online Utility tool to check your top 5 competitors backlinks..and go build some backlinks there.

        Most importantly (I should have put this at step one) go to google and search for the MSN INTENT TOOL. Put your keyword or long tail phrase in the search box, click the query button and then hit search. You’re going to want the results to show up over 70%. If it’s under 70% I wouldn’t suggest continuing with that particular keyword or niche.

        Hope this helped yo!



        • Eppie

          I’m pretty sure by “second tier links” he means links to your links. So you publish an article at ezinearticles, then spin the article, and point those links to the ezine article instead of your own site. The idea is that ezine’s domain authority and trust should allow them to take a greater influx of links that would otherwise look unnatural to your newer, smaller site. So you can be more aggressive building links to their site, giving you one really strong backlink instead of a lot of lesser links.

      • Chris Alta

        oh and P.S.

        I meant to say if you don’t have money then definitely check out the tips I said before in the longer response. You can also use article marketing on web 2.0 sites such as Squidoo, HubPages, InfoBarrel, etc. Then build backlinks to your article and maybe redirect them to a clickbank product or maybe even a squeeze page or maybe even to your blog with related content.

        if you do have the money and don’t want to use all of those tools..go to Pat’s resources page and click on Market Samurai. It’s basically the Google Keyword Tool, MSN Intent Tool, Google Match Casing all in one. It will literally show you what keywords your competitors aren’t focusing on and will show you if you can CRUSH IT. My friend has the tool so that’s how I know about it. All the best Tim!


        I’m always in the kitchen.
        -Chris Alta

        • Chris Alta

          Eppie! Yeah I realized that afterwards haha

          I’ve yet to build a niche site, I’ll write for HubPages article over EzineArticles because it’s more customizable, you can still check your stats, you don’t have to wait to be approved, and videos do well for your SEO especially if it has the same keyword in it. So for me it’s HubPages.

          Now as far as the backlinking goes I go ahead and build a ton of backlinks to the HubPages article, again like you said because a website of that caliber can handle all of those backlinks and it doesn’t look unnatural. I believe google looks at unnatural as having 100+ backlinks built per day. So obviously you’ll want to space it out.

          Then withing the Hub I’ll link back to my website. So yeah you’ve got the formula absolutely right. I actually know a guy who builds backlinks for my buddy who’s marketing the Cathy Mitchell Redi Set Go ASSEENONTV product..and he went from page 5 to page 1 in about a week. So outsourcing I believe is the best way to leverage your time and to be more productive.

          I mean if you have the finances then do it, if not then build backlinks and pay your dues until you make it. Be good at what you do and let others be good at what they do, that’s what Odesk, 99designs, and fiverr are for ya know?

          Anyways thanks for the reply yo, I stand corrected! haha

          cheers yo

          I’m always in the kitchen
          -Chris Alta

  • Parleo

    I will be writing some Adwords copy in Spanish to generate leads for a friend’s garden design business. Landing page is already done and looking good.

    • Chris Alta

      that’s dope man. I’ve never thought of using adwords to get people to your landing page..might have to check that out.

  • Beth Stowers

    First, I am going to go to bed, hehe. :)

    When I wake up, I will write website content and decide which website design I want for that site. I also have a marketing funnel class to take.

    Great post Pat!

  • MD

    I will focus more on my writing and get away from the plethora of distractions that come my way.

  • Elizabeth Doherty Thomas

    Get a blog off Every day I’m more of an idiot for not owning my own blog content! Feels REALLY good to decide I must do it and I will do it in the AM…did keyword research tonight for a URL and will confirm with a few trusted friends then ACT!

  • Shawn |

    I”m going to move forward with building my next passive income muse. It’s essential to supporting the life I want to live, and it can’t be put off.

    • Chris Green

      What do you mean specifically when you say ‘move forward’. I think it’s really useful to be specific in your actions.

  • Caravan

    Yesterday, after 8 1/2 years as a web designer/SEO I handed in my notice at work. Today I start working that notice and begin planning for my future, my business ideas and passive income streams.

  • Onibalusi Bamidele


    I’m going to start writing my ebook today.

  • Bobby

    Just wrote and published a blog post like 20 minutes ago, so the next thing on my “Next Actions” list says to upgrade and add graphics/ diagrams to my opt-in incentive.

    • Bobby

      I just finished my task of upgrading my opt-in incentive document. Now sending out a broadcast email to my current subscribers to get their upgraded version. Thanks for the nudge!

  • Hector Cuevas

    Holy crap Pat.. this is so weird.. I’m literally sitting here brainstorming the next 3 episodes for the podcast and I was stuck on the third one and then I thought.. “I’m just gonna call that one TAKE ACTION FRIDAY and make it like 5 minutes long” – then I come here and BAM.. Pat beat you to it.

    But there’s so much truth to this is not even funny. You can’t intake information and be productive at the same time, but it’s so easy to fall into the trap of thinking that reading blogs and learning stuff is being productive..

    As for me..

    I got a launch to get ready for and call with a client later so I kinda HAVE to take action – I found that putting yourself in situations where you have no other choice is the best way to consistently take action.

    Wow, did I just write more than 100 words?

    Let me check.. – Yep, 146.. oh well, great stuff Pat


  • Chris Green

    I’m going to be calling the people that came to my seminar yesterday to see if they want to take up the 24 hour offer I pitched at the end of the seminar to be some of the first people onto my first membership site.

  • Brigit | Biddy Tarot

    In the next 24 hours, I will write the next 3 Tarot card meanings for my new eBook.

    By the way, couldn’t agree with you more… you can do all the reading you want, but what it comes down to is what you DO. It’s hard not to get distracted with all the great content out there, but it’s so important to focus on the highest value priorities. So, now it’s time to knock over this eBook (and 3 others) before Baby 2 comes along!!

  • Azzam Sheikh

    I will be researching and writing up a detailed report t convince all partners on why we should go the freemium option for our new service to achieve massive long term growth.

  • Akil


    Just like Tony Ribbons action steps which are
    1. Know you outcome
    2. Take action immediately
    3. Notice what results you are getting
    4. If your not getting the results you expect try another something else or find another way – remember what you have learned in the process is what don’t work and what does work.

    I also pledge to work smart networking with entrepreneurs to help me achieve my goals and learn from them along the way. Today I will create four videos and 4 new post for my site.
    Thanks pat

    Anyone taking action should follow the above guidelines and I pledge to create atleast 20 successful online niche site generating enough atleast 4000 GBP before 12/31/12 and use that income to invest in property and other passive income sources. A famous online entrepreneur always says “Work hard now to reap the benefits later on” – Pat Fynn

  • Bojan

    I am going to fix my opt in form for my blog… Thanks to MailChimp

  • Janie

    You have no idea how much I needed to hear that today, I’d kinda written the day off and was allowing myself to wallow. No more! I am going to put the kettle on, clear my desk and then shall go write 1 more chapter for my ebook.
    Thank you xx

  • Alex

    finish my veyton callback-plugin and make an appointment with the dentist(finally)

  • wasim ismail

    Nice one, I will go out with my family today than :) thanks for the leave. 😛

  • Gabriel

    Today, I will start working on a second product for sale on my website. I had success with my first one – AJAX Form Builder – and decided to launch more similar items to help webmasters and site owners.

  • Jason Young

    Cool Idea Pat, I’ll put down two things.

    I going to start building more backlinks for my niche site and brain storm five more blog post ideas.


  • Lonnie @ My Income Lab

    I am going to purchase The Best Spinner and implement my new backlinking strategy for my amazon niche site. For Friday, I am going to have a new post on my blog, My Income Lab, detailing my epic fail from the post that is up there now and what I learned from it!

  • Ken

    Hi Pat

    Yep, you’re absolutely right, so I finally decided to connect my Twitter account to my blog and Facebook account – it was much easier than I expected.
    Next job is to do a Newsletter to my list to promote my “March Madness” sale that I’m planning for next month.

    Thanks again Pat
    Love the Podcasts btw.

  • Manikandan

    I am going to join with my friend to start a Niche site based on Pat Flynn Tips. Also gonna update a POST in my movie blog. Cheers :)

  • Dexter

    I’ll select one of the niches I’ve been researching and buy a domain and hosting.

  • Chris C. Ducker

    I’m just about to finish up and post an article on how to find your niche in 20mins or less.

    I’ve been working on it for a lot longer than 20mins!!!

    Nice touch today, Pat.


    • Chris Alta

      whoa in 20 minutes or less eh? I’m trying to see what you got cooking!


      I’m always in the kitchen
      -Chris Alta

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  • Anne Baley

    Great post, and perfect timing! I’m going to research keywords on a micro niche idea I have, then do some backlinking for my blog and come up with ten new blog post ideas.

  • Samuel

    Will be publishing a post soon and marketing my blog! Also I will be in search for a CTO and a CMO. Thanks pat!

  • Marcell

    i will do some keyword research in my niches, register new domains.

  • Eric | My 4-Hour Workweek

    I’m going to take a shower and head off to work… 😛

    …and hopefully build some backlinks when I get home tonight.

  • Vic Dorfman

    I will be going to bed…

    after creating the anchor layer for my niche site :-)

  • Ben – AZWanderings

    I am having a new logo created for my site. Thanks for all the help and work you do Pat.


  • Roy @ Ryobi Pressure Washer

    I am going to get the Best Spinner software, start spinning some of my content, then submit it to some article directories.


    • Roy @ Ryobi Pressure Washer

      Well I did that, but I have a quick question:

      Yesterday I sent a bunch of articles to

      article dashboard
      article alley
      free library

      they haven’t been approved yet, was just wondering how long these sites generally take to approve articles and make them live?



  • Laura-Jane

    Love it Pat!

  • Brad

    I am going to bust my butt at my day job to get caught up, then clear my Friday meeting schedule so I can take a vacation day and attack the growing list of ideas for my blog. The list is ready, prioritized and calling out to me. LOUDLY!

    • Eppie

      @Brad — love your blog! If you want a great backlinking opportunity, I used to run (sold it about a year ago). The guy who runs it now accepts guest posts and I think your writing would be a great fit. If you want me to put a good word in for you, just send me a note from my website’s contact form and I’ll try to hook you up.

  • Sabrina

    Self teaching CS5 (baptism by fire) over the next 28 days with Adobe free trial download.

    • Zabrina

      Hey, that’s cool! Not often I see variations of that name (though Zabrina is still weird, lol). :) Good luck with the learning!

  • Tat

    I’m going to spend at least 2 hours a night on working on my poster illustrations so I can have something other than zombies to post on my blog.

  • Matt

    1. I’m going to work on the new content for our my company’s new website.
    2. I’m going to send my design ideas for a new post-training product that’s going to help people make behaviorial change.
    3. Create 1 month worth of twitter posts to be scheduled.
    4. Modify and make live our facebook page.

    5… figure out how to put a picture next to my name in the comments. (anyone want to help with that?)

    • Naveen Kulkarni

      Nice to go through your task list ! For displaying picture in comments you just need to signup for gravatar dot com ! Link your picture with email id and you will be all set :-)

      • Matt

        Thanks for the tip! I just read your comment below. Good luck getting your blog posts on your computer! Just take action and then it becomes much easier to finish.

        • Naveen Kulkarni

          Yep ! Thank you :-)

  • Naveen Kulkarni

    That was really inspiring Pat. Yes , I have not written any new article on my blog since a week though I almost have sribbled on my notepad with enough content for 4-5 posts ! Its just that I need to sit and digitalize it ! Thanks for this post ! I am curious to know about your plugin project :-)

  • Naveen Kulkarni

    Spinner software ? You can try spinner software recommended by Pat on this blog ! I am sure it would be worth !

    • Naveen Kulkarni

      My above reply ( regarding the article spinner ) was supposed to be appear below Roy’s comment ! Sorry this happens sometimes since I reply fro my phone :-(

  • Travis

    Finalize the outline for my ebook, which took on new direction as I researched and gathered more materials!

  • David

    I’m off to go listen to a seminar about angel investing + hopefully I’ll get to do some networking.. wish me luck!

  • Katter

    For 1 thing, the dayjob is almost over, got about $2k in sales today, selling advertising at a callcenter.

    The next I will do is make 2 blog posts for my blog and comment on 50 blogs in my niche to build backlinks :) Then its off to dinner with the lady! =)

  • Jamie

    Hey Pat,

    I have sourced an investor and started an iPhone application building company

  • Sarah Russell

    Write 2,000 words of content for my current case study and submit to backlinking program.

    Follow up with business partner and start laying the groundwork for the next case study (seeing as how I’m supposed to do the launch announcement next week – yikes!).

    Comment on blogs I follow and respond to posts on my own site.

  • Cara

    Write out the rest of what’s going up in my membership site on the 20th! Still working ‘in my business’ as well as on my business, but that’s how it goes when we start, right? :)

  • Matthew Needham

    Great inspired idea. I’ve just updated the title for my sign up page. I’ve also sent you a tweet about an email I sent you!

  • http://www.REIFreedom.Com Ilir

    Today I’m really focusing on finding a web guy on elance or WF to design my wordpress blog… Who did SPI? I’ve polled a pretty large group of friends, and YOUR site almost always wins when I put it up against other sites I really like.

  • Hannah

    Working on my PR and registering for an exam for teaching certification.

  • DB Baker

    Today I am going to start giving away a WordPress plugin I have for harvesting the urls of the pingbacks your are getting to wordpress blot and I hope to also pick an iphone designer and developer for my first iPhone APP. In the middle of the proposals review process… Any suggestions and tips Pat?

  • Kat Fulton

    I’m going to make some MASSIVE progress on my eBook that I will be giving away for free for signing up for the newsletter. MASSIVE baby!

    Thanks for being so freaking compelling on twitter, and making me read your post. 😉

  • Paula Neal Mooney

    I will redesign my header on my new website and learn how to publish Kindle singles.

  • the best

    I feel like a slacker…Hahahahahaha. BUT motivated! I’m gonna add 10 new posts to the website right now!

  • Peterson

    Make an offer on an aged domain for my website.

  • Mathea

    Today I am going to write the blog posts for the month and finish entering Quickbooks info for taxes!

  • Sarah

    I will brainstorm a month’s worth of posts for a potential blog idea I’ve been mulling over to write the two first posts.

  • Christina

    Wow what timing! I was just realizing how much time I’ve been wasting procrastinating. I came up with my online business idea months ago but got stuck on the name. I found a really good one that was taken and now nothing else is good enough and I have a block! The dumb thing is I can start building the content so I’m ready when I do come up with that perfect name and I haven’t been doing that either!

    So today I am going to make a list of key words for the name and decide on the first week’s content.

    I do have a question on naming your business. Mine is for parents and their kids. Should I go for a fun quirky name or something that describes what the subscription product is?

  • Britt

    I am going to write an article to add a backlink to my blog. Thanks for the motivation!

  • Matt Timlin

    I am going to have dinner with my girlfriend and finally watch the movie she’s been wanting to see for a while.

    Tomorrow I will work on my backlinking strategy for my blog and write an article to publish on sunday.

  • Anthony

    I have created a new community page on facebook and plan on letting the neighborhood write about community events and how we can better our neighborhood. It all started with Pats blogging and identification. Thanks so much Pat truly motivation!

  • Lisa

    I’m going to finish my last article so I can launch a new PLR pack! 😉

  • Rusty

    I’m going to plan out and send out several requests for new articles that I need written.

    I’ve never outsourced SEO article writing but I’m going to give it a try.

    • Eppie

      Rusty — check out Their 4-star writers do a great job and they are pretty cheap. I’ve found them to be faster and more reliable than writers I hire individually.

      • Rusty

        I’ll check them out. Thanks!

  • Eric

    I’ll be going to a networking/training event after work tonight that’s directly related to my current consulting gig. After that I plan to get the layout for my windows phone app finalized – the network programming is done, but it’s quite ugly now 😉

  • Becky Striepe

    I’m going to tackle that stack of aprons that need finishing and piece together fabric for a new batch of lunch boxes. Right. Now.

  • Fred Holmes

    What I did today was watch the video I got from your resources page; the SEO Webinar. Best hour and 14 minutes I have ever spent.
    I’ve been under utilizing MarketSamurai with a vengeance. Learned so much I’m amazed.

  • Travis

    I just created a blog at and posted an article to create another backlink in my anchor layer. :)

  • Joe thompson

    Somethings I’ve been putting off but will committ to getting done today is emailing a business mentor, finishing my real estate site design and calling back a web design client. Awesome post Pat.

  • Andy M

    Wow. This post came at a perfect time. I was about to sit down go through the good ole RSS reader. Read yours first and archiving the rest. Today I will finish my taxes to get them out of the way!

  • Dave

    Thanks for the post, Pat. Today, I am using Market Samurai to do some keyword research for a series of niche sites I am building.

  • alan hay

    I’m going to put my blog live…and then get plans down for monetizing a certain cms

  • Yolanda @ Paid in

    Great and concise post Pat! I’d had to say that today I’m holding myself accountable to completing my backlink packets that I sell via my private list. I’ve been putting it off for too long. :)

  • Eppie

    I’m going to publish 5 articles to a bunch of article directories (using automation of course) to boost the rankings of my niche sites.

    I’m going to follow up with all of the “big name” guys I proactively sent review copies of a product I plan to launch next week. *Ahem* – Pat, did you get my email? :)

    I’m going to call up that new blogger who bought an ad on my site to get my attention and find out what he’s all about.

    I’m going to pick up a little treat for my wife and kids on the way home — no success in life can make up for failure at home. Happy wife = happy life.

  • lacey – a sweet pea chef

    I’m cold-calling companies to see if they would like to purchase ad space on my site today, among other things. Great mantra!

  • Joe

    I am going to start my first e-book. Thank you Pat for the nudge along!

  • Troy

    I am going to add more information to our ‘About Me’ page and create more links on the page to be better able to share the love!

  • Justin Popovic

    I am home with my boys and they are both sick today yet I’m still checking stats, answering customer emails, chatting with partners.

    I am going to leave all of that until later and focus on my kids who need me. Having said that, time to stop reading blogs too :)

    Thanks Pat

  • Steve Roy

    I’m going to write 1 exceptional post for my blog. Hopefully one that generates 97 comments (although I will be using more than 100 words).

  • Rahul B.

    I’m going to rewrite the static content for my website so that it reflects the changes in my business mission and services.

  • DeAnna

    I’m going to meet with a long-term client and explain to them why my rates are increasing. They’ve had my intro rate for a year now, and it’s time I get brave enough to explain to them why they can’t keep paying me half what all my other clients pay.

    • DeAnna

      I did it! My rate with my best client increases by 67% effective today!!!

  • Joyce Oladipo

    Confirm a date for my next seminar.

  • Mary Shaw

    I just wrote the music to a new three minute song. I’m on my way to writing and producing a 100+ song catalog that I can pitch to Film, TV and online media professionals. Thanks Pat!

  • Ann Marie

    Set up a twitter account for my new social media blog

  • Angela DiGiovanni | Living Out Loud

    I am going to go edit my article that just got approved for SYNDICATION on Wahoo!

    Thanks for your many great posts!

  • Michael O’neal

    I’m going to approach a gym owner about my Isagenix business.

  • Angela DiGiovanni | Living Out Loud

    I am going to go edit my blog post that just got approved for SYNDICATION on Wahoo!

    Thanks for your many great posts!

  • Lori Woodward

    I’m going to get off this netbook and get started on my next free art tutorial – on “confluent color” 😀

  • Liz

    I’m going to make sure that the blog posts I’ve posted in the last two months are all actionable. Thanks for the kick in the butt.

  • Scott Newton Smith

    “You don’t win on emotion. You win on execution.” – Tony Dungy

  • Lisa Marie Mary

    Affiliate post on my main blog, guest post on another mom blog, and get the My Very Own Mail Valentines pkgs. ready to go to the post office.

    Thanks, Pat! You rock, dude!

  • Billy

    I will do some link building and write a blog post before the day is over. I will also put a job posting on Elance to get my app moving. Thanks Pat!

  • Bolaji O |

    Finish retooling my autoresponder and free eBook download marketing funnels.

    Then, check on status of Pat interview with my editor.

    And finally – check on status of superhero character designs with my artist.

    This post was very Godin-esque, Pat. Except, you allowed comments.
    (And by the way, your email subject line stopped me in my tracks.)

  • Desiree

    I will dig my Wii out of the box and set it up today so I can begin doing my Wii Fit workouts everyday… thanks Pat!! :)

  • Zabrina

    I’m going to go through the goal setting worksheet I was sent not long ago and actually sit down and WRITE THEM OUT. I did so well back when I had goals set, and then I crashed and burned when I ran out of goals.

    Time to get back in the saddle.

  • Charity Queret

    I’m going to write my next post for my blog, which is way overdue. Then I’m going to start contacting my network to spread the word that I have started blogging.

    Thanks Pat!

  • Rohi

    I am going to review an ebook called “47 Hearts” by Dr. Mani

  • Desiree

    I will take my Wii out of the box and set it up so I can do my Wii Fit workouts everyday…

  • Hector Avellaneda


    today, I’m investing in my virtual real estate, as of this morning I have accepted my very first eLance proposal for wordpress theme development on Internet Entrepreneur Connection. I’m really excited about working with my team at eLance to make this happen and implement the changes for the next few weeks! Thanks for all your help! I new exactly what to look for and ask because of the content you provide here!

    • Bryan Thompson

      Hey, Hector! Out of all this traffic, I know you! :) Good to see you. Great commitment to action! Virtual Real Estate. I love it!

      • Hector Avellaneda

        haha.. Likewise! Great to see you here too Bryan! I’m reality excited about the coming changes.

  • Steve Ollis

    Today I will finish my “About” page, and publish the second post on my blog.

    Just DO it!

  • Justin Whitaker

    I am going to launch my podcast, finally, and post the 8 or so blog posts I have in draft.

  • Matt Talbert

    I am going to call a local arts for youth center to see if they want to send performers to a banquet for the homeless we are putting together.

  • Roy Simmons

    I am going to paint a watercolor!

  • Kelly

    I’ve already got a blog post done today, and am working on a squidoo lens for backlinking. After that, how about some freelance articles that need to get written.

  • Lauri Kutinlahti

    I will close my laptop for today and go next to my girlfriend on a sofa and give her a nice big hug. Clock is about 9pm here in Finland and my workday has been way too long.

  • Ben

    I will write 2 articles for my niche site, and create 4 backlinks.

  • Bonnie Cehovet

    I am going to continue to send our queries on a daily basis so that I canline up at least a one month back list of content for a music column that I edit.

  • Marcos Rivera

    I am going to post the remaining 12 spun articles that i have pointing to my anchor site. I am stuck on page 2 #2 for my keywords…

  • Marcos Rivera

    I am going to post the remaining 12 spun articles that i have pointing to my anchor site. I am stuck on page 2 #2 for my keywords…

  • Val R

    Pat, thank you for publishing this! I’m a relatively new subscriber to your newletter, and today’s post is a jewel and inspiration.

    I have a website and have been planning on attaching a blog to it. So, today I’m going to get really serious and write that first entry.

    Thanks again,

  • Pawel Bialecki

    OK… I don’t like writing about what “I” am doing, because this is not interesting for other people (everyone thinks about himself), but I can do exception 😉

    I’m going to finish my new Android application – Steyr AUG.


    • Brenda

      I am going to organize my work area and info….then I will plan the actions I need to take to complete my current web project.

  • Matthew

    I will write a chapter of my ebook!!!!!

  • Kelly

    I am going to make a to-do list so that I can stop running in circles like a chicken with my head cut off.

  • Linda Lallemand

    I am going to complete the cash flow statement of my business plan. Pat, thank you for being such an inspiration.

  • Matthew

    I will write a chapter of my ebook today!!!!!

  • keith

    I am going to finish writing my e-book on teaching other to cook with local foods and homegrown foods..after the crash..


  • Adam

    I am going to start my keyword research on the drop ship webstore i have been putting off working on.

  • Tim

    I will reach out to a fellow blogger in my niche and express appreciation for their content. Then outline my posts for the coming month.

  • Florian

    Chackaaa!! I will get a schnapps, or two, or three because my daddy has burthday! :-)

  • Samira

    I am going to remind myself that I am working TOWARDS something, not ON something. And give another trial run to yet another potential assistant.

  • Dan

    I am adding blog and forum comments, writing page articles for 2 of my sites, adding those sites to drip fed backlinking sites, setting up internal linking to give my sites some homepage linking mojo and when that is done I am doing some keyword research to look at launching a few more niche sites.

  • Thomas R

    I will write my first Blog post tonight and have it on-line by Friday. I will post the link here when it up. It will be on hospitality. Thank you for you inspiration daily.

  • Teddy

    I’m publishing 5 articles to article directories related to our website topic, “Learn How to Become a Freelance Writer.”

  • Michael

    I am going to buy a few domain names, and find an android app developer to work with! Thanks Pat!

  • Eli

    Hello Pat I just completed my book outline, and feel excited

  • Susan, Mrs. Homeschool

    I am going to syndicate a video I made last night for a new product launching on Tuesday on couponing.

  • Jean

    I’m going to stop dithering about whether to drop the virtual assistant services from my VA & web design business to focus entirely on web design, and just do it already. I’m going to make the relevant changes to the web site today and stop accepting new VA clients from here on out.

  • Aaron Myers

    Because I live in Turkey, I am going to go to bed. When I wake up, I am going to finalize how I will launch my upcoming ebook on language learning.

  • Aaron Myers

    Because I live in Turkey, I am going to go to bed. When I wake up, I am going to finalize how I will launch my upcoming ebook on language learning.

  • Annie Bergeron

    Bonjour Pat!
    I’m french geek-girl from Sherbrooke, Québec, Canada :-)
    I’m a new fan!
    Today I’ll stop reading, taking notes, reading, taking notes, etc…
    I’m going to write content for my new blog right now.
    And I’ll try to found backlinks for websites in french

    Bravo et merci… your blog is very Inspiring

  • Danelle

    This is a great idea. Great to see so many people getting to work. I am writing tons of content today. I have articles to finish for InfoBarrel, Postrunner posts to write, and some posts for my own blogs/sites as well. So, off I go!


  • Susan

    I’m writing content for my new website — a project long overdue.

  • Thomas Strock

    This is amazing! I seriously said almost these exact same words to myself last night at around midnight when I was reading all your old posts from 2008! I finally convinced myself to stop reading your website (it’s quite addicting) and write an article for InfoBarrel instead 😉

  • Mario Martinez

    I’ll finish the post I’ve been postponing.

  • Daniel

    I am going to be working full time while working full time on my internet business. Its going to be a tough road but I woke up and realized that this is how I will become successful. Sitting around and waiting for my online business to grow, just didn’t feel right. Im on food stamps right now and I know everything spectacular in life just doesn’t come easy.

  • Andy

    Uploaded new post. I will finish my Local Market Expert template, and post a job for the first time on I am a rookie, just released my first site, posted 11 articles, but now I need help with marketing and back links, and article syndication. Whew! A lot to learn but I enjoy learning everything I can about web marketing! Thanks for all you do Pat!

  • Paul

    I am going to finish the design of my new website.

  • Annie Bergeron

    my god,
    my blog is so new that I wrote the wrong website URL
    now it’s the good one…

  • RobM

    Long time reader, first time poster. A short article but one that made me move. i recently set up a website. I have just made a to-do list. Now i need to get on and take action! arrgh!!!!

  • Jesse

    I now left my first reply to a blog post :) Yesterday I posted a long article with photos on family and my life so I think that is a good start. Tonight I will work on more taxes. Yay! Thanks for making us work Pat!

  • Jesse

    I tried to leave my first reply to a blog post :) Yesterday I posted a long article with photos on family and my life so I think that is a good start. Tonight I will work on more taxes. Yay! Thanks for making us work Pat!

  • Melvin McPherson

    I’m a newby, so i’m going to finish my list of thing to write about. I just came up with my blog title. Also, I’m still learning and any info will be greatful. Thanks.

  • warren

    Working on new sites.

  • Tim Hathcock

    I will finish compiling a database for a niche project I am working on.

  • Donna Perugini

    I am going to make the recipe and take photos for Valentine Conversaton Hearts I found and post it on my blog. With this recipe I can write anything I want on the ‘Conversaton Hearts’…my children’s books URL for purchases.

    I can use the recipe to make the character’ faces from my children’s books and print the URL of my bookstore with edible food pens. I’ll then include them with a postcard that has my URL’s and social networking sites for marketing purposes through an organization called Mommy Bags.

    Mommy Bags distributes bags filled with peoples advertising for free to radio station events, church events, women’s seminars and MOPs (Mothers of Preschoolers) groups all over the USA. As an author selling my children’s books or anyone else selling, you pay to be involved in Mommy Bag Marketing.

  • Melvin McPherson

    I’m a newby so what i’m going todo is to finish the subtitles tha i’m going to blog about. I just came up with my blog title and i’m still learning any suggestins will be greatfull. Thanks.

  • Q

    Facebook page: need to get past this hurdle of understanding how to get the opt in forms and codes inside. not to mention the graphics. I propose it will be an all dayer.

  • Q

    Facebook page: need to get past this hurdle of understanding how to get the opt in forms and codes inside. not to mention the graphics. I propose it will be an all dayer.

  • Ricardo Butler

    Today I actually sat down and figured out my Mind Map for my upcoming book.

  • Ian

    I have enrolled in a Blog writing class which coincidentally begins today.

  • Ian

    I enrolled and coincidently begin my Blog writers class today.

  • Timothy

    I will email a website coach about how to research the profitability of the spanish language products niche. If I find the niche profitable, I am going to use native spanish speakers to create a listening-based language learning product (to learn spanish).

  • Rick Billies

    I’m going to continue publishing my series on potential Presidential candidates.

  • Gerard Iribe

    I ordered my new desk last night, it will be here tomorrow, I will now de-clutter and make room for it. I’m building my new office / studio piece by piece. This will be piece #1.

  • Swift

    Hey Everyone,

    Pat, I just want to say that I think this a very good psychological kick you are giving everyone, and I’d like to be part of it so today I am going to leave a pledge too:

    I Swift Fivell, pledge to leave my site link on this great blog of Pat’s to get a little more exposure. Hope you don’t mind Pat? Thanks.

    30 Amazing Events To Go To This Year:

    Thanks everyone!

  • Koz

    Tonight I write the first post for my new niche site.

  • CharLena

    Before I signed onto the Internet today I wrote 3 1/2 chapters to my eBook, already. Now off to talk business with a lawyer, then it is back to finish the eBook. WooHoo! Thank you, Pat for those encouraging actionable words. Love your eBook on Killer eBooks. A friend told me about it. It has helped tremendously.

  • Mike Reeves-McMillan | Living Skillfully

    I’m going to work on my Viral Plugin plugin – intended as an easy way to get your WP plugin promoted by affiliates (and users).

  • Rosemary

    OOOps…Busted! You’ve caught me procrastinating again, instead of writing my next post. Ok…Ok…I’m going to do it right now! Thanks for these important 100 words Pat!

  • Guy Bellefonte

    I’m going to limit my amount of internet porn to 10 minutes ONLY after I have finished a new post. Yah me!

  • chris

    I updatet my Blog with Web OS tablet news!

  • Timo Kiander

    Great actionable post!

    Here is what I did today related to my blog:
    – Had a coaching session about strategy of my blog
    – Almost completed my next upcoming post
    – Created/Uploaded a YouTube video for my blog
    – Commented on other blogs and on a forum
    – Worked on my free report

    And oh … did listen to your awesome podcast at while at work earlier today :)

  • Tracy Pope

    Hi Pat, I am a true newbie! Today I am going to get WordPress working on my hosting site so that I can actually start to build and design my blog. I signed up with accuwebhosting and I have a domain name registered. So now I have to get going with WordPress to get some tangible stuff done. I did download WordPress and once I get off from my “Trade time for money job”, I am going home to get this thing working. I really like your blog and thanks for the inspiration and kick in the pants. From the time that I landed on you blog I have been moved to once and for all start to do the things that will soon allow me to change my work lifestyle.

  • RobM

    Long time reader, first time poster. A short article but one that made me move. i recently set up a website and havn’t acted on it yet. I have just made a to-do list. Now i need to get on and take action! arrgh!!!! Thanks Pat for your great site !

  • Ryan

    I am going to learn how to use Dropbox right now!

  • Mark C.

    I just created the necessary cloud storage components to which I will backup my web site development instances.

  • Will @ Every Day Seo

    I am going to attempt to write a pillar blog post.

  • Ryan D.

    I am going to find new Bible verses to update my iPhone app, the Holy Roller.

  • Richard Billies

    My goal is to post new material daily.

  • Gamelicker

    I am going to shoot some game videos using Camtasia Studios and upload them to youtube and other video sharing services to promote my game site.

  • Gav

    I am going to finally get my first product marketing page looking good and get my amazon associate links up on it. First steps to £60 k in a year target .

  • Mike Wanner

    I will stop fooling around with social media and do what I need to to build a solid email and mailing list for our stationery online business. And stop being so cheap and go to a semi-dedicated server so I can attack getting backlinks on a mass scale without the headaches of my hosting provider shutting me down every week.

  • Nenette

    I’m adding a ‘Work with Me’ tab to my blog, and I’ll be starting a new post. Yay me!

  • Amy Gould

    I’m going to publish an article on the mental aspects of weight loss that I’ve been working on and haven’t finished yet. Then I’m going to schedule some weight loss tips to go out to my twitter following this week. Plus, I’m going to go do my Insanity workout that I’ve been putting off since this morning. Week 6 of Insanity!!!!

  • Jesper

    I am going to divide my work over the week so I can concentrate on one or two things everyday and actually getting things done, instead of thinking about doing 10 things everyday and getting no work done.

  • Pat

    Just posted my second podcast in two days…. starting to rev the engines!

  • Mitch Tarala

    Well Pat.. I WAS working on setting up Article Marketing Robot and typing about a thousand captcha’s into the system before your 100 words of inspiration distracted me!!

    Welp, back to work!


  • Elias

    Short and sweet Pat! Very nice post. I am going to read good stuff like yours and make comments and some backlinking for my young blog.

    Happy midweek!

  • Lisa Jackson

    I’m going to make a map to add to my web portfolio. …and maybe even write a blog post.

  • Nick

    I am going to finish the song I am working on!

  • Diginamics

    It’s not right away, but still…. When I get back from my skiing vacation in the Alps, I want to start searching for possible affiliates for my website. Untill now I only get about 1 or 2 organic visitors at that specific website. Overall I receive an average of 15 visitors a day. Not nearly enough to generate a passive income stream.

    Seeking affiliates may be the way to make my website profitable. Besides, I still strive to generate more traffic to my website by building some backlinks, writing posts and more stuff.


  • Kala/Embark-LovetheLIfeYouLive

    I’m going to stop randomly following every web impulse-read this, watch that and either research writing ebooks/creating landing page or start writing ebook! Depending on which seems most fun at this point

  • Maria

    I’m going to stop worrying about the aesthetics of my blog right now and focus on getting more content in and narrowing my focus.


  • Kyles

    I am going to get off this computer and get some some other jobs done around the house (that I should have done first before turning on the computer this morning.)
    I will stop getting distracted……..(ike I’m doing right now) and get everything done.

  • Susan Rose

    I have been listening to your podcast ~ and been posting 3 times a week like you said to do. Today I will research how to do backlinks. TY

    • Susan

      Susan here again. I wrote my article regarding backlinks 10 tips for backlins on My site is 4 months old and receive over 300 comments daily.

  • Tracey

    I’ve stopped putting things off until I find the perfect “everything”. I’ve started a temporary blog to gather my ideas, categories etc, find my focus and start working on articles. Thanks Pat, this was the kick I needed today 😉

  • Randy Luebke

    I am a financial advisor and I am so frustrated that people will spend more time planning their next vacation then they will planning for their financial future. Moreover, even when I do get them to plan the REAL effort is getting them to take action on those plans. To get the point across I use a story called “Five Frogs Sitting On a Log”. It goes something like this….

    If there were 5 frogs sitting on a log and 3 of them decided to jump into the water, how many would be left? Of course most people answer with “2”. The correct answer is 5! Why? Because making the decision to jump and taking action on that decision are very different. The irony is that taking “no action” is still an action, it’s just that taking no action generally will not move us forward in life. Thanks for sharing your 100 words. I hope you received an equal amount of benefit from mine!

  • James M

    This afternoon, I’m aiming to finish at least one, if not two blog posts to be published this week.
    Tonight after my daughter is asleep, I aim to register a new domain and begin designing a website for a consulting business. Been putting it off far too long.

  • Elliott (Set Yourself Freelance)

    I’m going to upload a new Youtube video for SetYourselfFreelance!

  • Robert Longley

    I’m organizing content for my next book project into a series of blog posts.

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  • Steve

    I cut-and-pasted your 100-word message, made it into a bigger font, and taped it above my desk so I can see it EVERY DAY!!!

    Great post, Pat. Sometimes the best and most useful posts, are ironically the shortest ones.

  • Xavi Mistry

    I’ve started to implement an SEO/backlinking strategy (which is based on your own backlinking effort, Pat) that I’ve been putting off for some time now for one of my sites. Between the time I’ve read your post and now, I’ve already created and spun an original article of mine. Now on to the next item on my TO DO list. Thanks for the push, Pat!

  • Garry

    Write 1 x 350-400 word blog post

  • Darwin

    WOW!! An Eye-opener! thanks for sharing.
    Today, I’m taking action. I’ve been writing an ebook and hopefully get it done by the end of the month or before. Your free ebook guide is powerful, thanks!

  • Nick

    I want to write a few blog posts over the next few days. I haven’t had time with homework and everything, being a high school student and all.

  • bruce

    This week I started another blog. It’s my second, so I have a little more experience, though still heaps to learn. Being a new blog, there is not much material there right now to attract the search engines, so more content is required if I want those babies to visit. So that is what I’m going to do- write some more content. Thanks Pat for nudging us all along today! Go well.

  • xander

    I’m going to finish this damn ebook I’ve been stalling on…I have a love/hate relationship with writing. I graduated with a BA in English but I spend too much time procrastinating online…I hate it but I am a frequent break taker. No one in my family understands the goal I have of trying to make money online. I can get a job for minimum wage at 50 hours/week and they’d be more happy then me starting a blog that brings in any income. It’s hard with no support and people that aren’t willing to try and understand my goals…but I’ve got to start squeezing out more in a day. More reading, more writing and more focusing. I have the hardest time focusing. Damn you Internet!

  • Jeff Chavalia

    I have been following you since late summer and all I have to say is THANKS! I never thought I could set up or maintain a blog untill you spelled it out. Not like the other guys that just give you a tease and then want you to pull out your wallet. I have used some of your links to get going like bluehost and so on, but I would like to do more for you. If you are ever in the Toledo area and you like to fish. Get ahold of me and the Lake Erie walleye trip is on me. Thanks again for being a inspiration.

  • Joe

    Complete a 35 day autoresponder series teaching people how to make money on the internet with my eBook. I’ve been on it for awhile because I want it perfect but I understand now that perfection some how leads to procrastination!

  • Pab

    I will create a FaceBook FanPage for you today or any day Pat free of charge with tool from here – . I’m giving back out of my small fortune.

    • Pab


  • John Padmore

    I’m starting a weekly newsletter-like blog entry for the local poker community TONIGHT.

  • Josh Kohlbach

    Nicely timed post Pat!

    I’m going to launch my new site… today!

  • Janet

    I’m going to get the photos of my wares up on my Etsy shop. i opened the shop awhile ago but I can’t seem to get the photos of my items up so I can start selling. I have an old camera and it won’t upload photos on my laptop, only on my “big” computer so I keep putting off trying to figure it out but today I WILL SUCCEED! Thanks for the push!

  • Katherine

    Your so right, Pat. I just finished submitting booksmarks for some old eHow and hub articles using the free tool at IMAutomator and now I’m off to finish up an article for ezine.

  • Dave Woodson – Local Marketing

    today was nothing but action, got a speaking gig, tooled some sites, and made some magic happen

  • LaShanda Glover

    I will plan my blogging schedule for this month. Last month I blogged everyday to promote 31 days of healthy habits and I don’t want to lose steam this month!

  • Bobby V

    Just became unemployed so when not looking for a job I am working on the blog and planning to put some PDF How-to’s topics for download. Need to learn how all that works first. Thanks Pat for your efforts and inspiration. Nothing would more amazing then to be able self employed. I’m tired of being at the mercy of someone else’s bad decisions.

  • Mike D.

    I’m going to finish setting up my niche site and get some content up there.

  • Leticia

    I am going to work through my Myers-Briggs Career profile and try to figure out which of my dreams to pursue first.

  • Hugo

    I already wrote a page for my Buddhism website and now will write one on my massage therapy one.

  • http://Cakesunday' Charlene

    I’m going to make my website project to do list and set aside time each day to work on. I will do at least 15 minutes each day.

  • Wade McMaster

    I think a lack of action is where most people fail!

  • Steven

    I am posting on my blog at least once a day and working on my first product. Follow me on twitter @theleadershipdr

  • PJD

    I’m going to… procrastinate this until tomorrow! Oh dang. It’s after midnight, so it *is* tomorrow.

    Ok then, I’ll write some of the questions for our speaker interview FAQ, which I’ve been putting off for way too long.

  • Errol

    I have done Chris Guthries course (Thank for that Pat) and will make 10 micr sites thi year and 2 authority sites. 1 down 9 to go.

  • Peter Hutyr

    I will put down on paper and strategize on how I will move forward and make my new blog effective with worthy content. Thanks Pat.

  • Mateusz Lomber

    I’ll start doing the design for a site that i was thinking for quite a while and learn a little japanese. 😉

  • Sonya

    I am going working on my e-book daily and going to give myself some deadlines to get it finished.

  • Loganville computer repair

    I am going to write content for my computer repair website that I have been putting off. Thanks for the motivation Pat.

  • Laura Kaeding

    I will start the short story that my dreams inspired last night, and e-mail off my last project to the freelancee in hopes of getting my first paycheque! :) Thanks Pat!

  • Joel G. Robertson

    Hi Pat, great post as usual! :)

    I’m going to brainstorm 20 ideas that would add value to my site for my audience.

  • Steve Ollis

    I’m going to finish my “About” page, and publish my second post on my blog.

  • Peter Sistrom

    I am going to pull the trigger and use elance to find the right providers for my product

  • Charles Green

    Great post! It’s uncommon to hear someone ask visitors to stop reading their content and start do things that will help them improve. Usually, it’s the exact opposite and while I can’t speak for everyone It is the reason I generally ignore the other guy.

    As for me, I’m pushing hard to finish developing my website in the next 24 hours and get it into UAT on my new server.

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  • Steffen Gregersen

    I’m going to start a new website and set it up. I have already bought the domain, so now I’ve set the goal to get it running by the end of the day :-)

    Let’s get rolling…

  • Sean Breslin

    Hello Pat I’m going to do some work promoting my how to webinar info site by adding music to a video that has been sitting on my hard-drive and then learn how to produce high quality spoken sound!

  • Keith

    Heading over to Fiverr to get a couple logos/headers made for some niche sites. I was going through my Google Reader when I came across this article…. off to get to work.

  • James Fowlkes

    I am going to complete the Re-balancing worksheet that will be included with my Personal Finance and Investing info-product which I plan to launch this spring. It’s my first product I’ve ever offered for sale and I’m excited about it.

  • Lean Muscle Matt

    Great idea for a post Pat. Hold our feet to the fire! :)

    I had a huge database issue 3 days ago, and a corrupt backup file, which required me to rebuild my site. Ouch! Since anything worth doing is worth doing right, I’ve decided to follow Pat’s lead and change my busy three column format to a two column format. I like it more already!

    Since that was SO easy I’m also starting an ebook based on my progress so far. Using “ebooks the Smart Way” as my guide (thank you Pat Flynn), I’m going to plan out my content using a mind map.

    Crush it!


  • Zach

    I am going to make an appointment phone call today for my business that I have needed to make for quite awhile.

  • Michelle

    I will mind map another article to take another step closer to my own blog. I will also read another article regarding blogging startups. Thanks for a kick in the pants!

  • Leslie L. Kossoff

    I created and posted my first videoblog for my new entrepreneurial and executive development resource site, Obtuse Angles.

    Thanks, Pat – and everyone else. It’s great to know we’re all making progress together!

  • Andrej Godina

    I am going through the GTD process. Putting all outstanding things into my inbox. Feels great to get them out of my head!

  • Brenda

    I am going to organize my work area and then write out a plan to finish my current project.

  • Alex

    My self-help site needs help! LOL… I would like some feedback on the way the site looks. I’m using a VA but not liking the quality of things such as grammar in her writing and lack of knowledge in website design. Maybe I’m over analyzing things.

    This is my first time doing this type of thing, a niche site, that is. Help! I want to get a nice logo for the header and a theme that compliments the site better.

  • Brian Bellamy

    I am going to focus and finish my 9-5 work so that I can enjoy developing my smart passive income internet business.

  • Louie

    I have subscribed to a webinar directly related to my new site. I will take the opportunity to educate myself, network and build new content to share on my site.

  • Micah

    I didn’t read this until today because I was busy “doing stuff” yesterday. I built a new site for ebook affiliate and create two videos for youtube. I also schedule an interview and volunteered for bsa and played football with my son and had a phone call with a client and worked a full day at my day job.

    Today is more of the same. scheduled another interview (these are weight loss related interviews). Exercise. Client work etc. I seriously average about 4 hours of sleep per night.

  • Beelissa

    Wow, look at all the comments!

    I was thinking about this in the car the same day I read your post. I find I can think on more general terms in the car or at other times when I don’t have it all in front of me where I can get bogged down in the details.

    I’m working on setting up a website with lots of how-to articles and information and a blog. I think I’ve made it into such a big project that I’ll never get it up and running. I’ve been working on the design and structure for a while now. So, I decided I’m going to streamline things a bit. I’m going to scale back what is needed for the site to go live, so I can to ahead and put it up and get the blog going. Then as I add articles to the non-blog part, I can put posts on the blog pointing to them. So today I’m working on making the streamlined home page and the other main pages I need to get it online.

    Thanks Pat!

  • B2mfnk

    Build out a self-sustaining business model aka Passive Income

  • Joe

    Sit here and try and figure out how Pat has 17k feedburner and an amazing 287 comments on this post! No really I am going to work on back-linking… but I seriously think this blog and Pat’s success is amazing and inspirational!

  • Dave Grimes II

    Awesome post idea. Very cool that you’ve dedicated an entire post to helping initiate action amongst your readers.

    As for the actions I’m taking right now, today –
    -Commenting on blogs (I’m doing that this very second in fact.)
    -Wrapping up the final touches on a new product. (Won’t say too much here, but I’m hoping it’ll be a big deal.)
    -Writing some guest posts for other blogs.

  • Gary

    Hi Pat,
    first of all I wanted to thank you for inspiring me to get started on my Home Products Blog.
    It was so far the most important step forward.
    I will work in the next two weeks on 10 awesome 1000 word Posts.

    Thanks again and keep up the great work!

  • Seth


    Great piece of advice. I’ve been putting off being pro-active about getting into this field for a while and today I finally bit the bullet and bought Market Samurai (through your affiliate link) and watched 1/2 of your webinar (been sick) so there is a start. Now tomorrow I have to do more.


  • Brendon

    I am putting the mouse down for the evening. I am will be taking my wife to see Cirque De Soleil–Dralion tonight in frigid Columbus, Ohio. Can’t wait.

  • http://Tbd Terry

    I pledged to get focused and create time-driven tasks. I purchased 2do app from the Apple app store and I’m laying out time-driven tasks create a plan for passive income.

    – Overwhelmed with info but just starting to use market samurai for research.
    – I listened to 2 more chapters from “The Four Hour Work Week”. I have implemented only checking email twice per day and is doable even with 8 accounts.
    – Despite the fact that my laptop nosedived last night (bad fan has left it unbootable), I am using my iPad w/usb keyboard attached to complete tasks.
    – I watched another video from menotoring program at (
    -I have read at least 2 posts tonight from SPI to complete my last 2 tasks of the night.

    I must checkout resources from SPI about market samurai as another poster mention it was awesome.

    Thanks Pat for all you’ve written and continue to do.

    Terry aka @QueenGeek

    • Lifechitect

      Sounds like you got your plan going Terry. Great post once again Pat!
      Many of focus on getting new ideas, creating new products, designing new looks for our sites yet we forget about the most important part, taking ACTION! We need to eliminate all the things that clutter our minds and focus in one task. Once we have our target talk, we then need to work on it till the end. Don’t get distracted with 10 different things at once, just focus on one thing and get it done.

      Keep up the great posts Pat and congratulations for all the success and inspiration you provide as a blogger.


  • Stuart

    I plan on leaving a few blog comments, trying to design a header for my blog, and looking up potential new careers. Oh, and work, whoop whoop :-)

  • Brandon Hansen

    I did develop a business plan around specific goals I want out of my website and I also finished recording and uploading a sales video to one of my membership sites sales pages. It was a long day, but I did it.


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  • Sharon Cohen

    I am continuing to look at ways on how to reinvent myself at age 62 using my varied and strong communication skills. I need to find a Web site business/service that is not already flooded with competitors but not such a niche that too few people want it. I’ve crossed off several on the list and now zooming in on one. Wish I could figure out if it is the right one.

    • Sheri Oz

      Hi Sharon – I’m also at a junction and I’ll be 60 in a few months. Hope you found your niche. I’m looking for one for me and it is so much fun but also confusing. Good luck to both of us.

  • Henrik Hedberg

    Got my AdWords campaign up and running!

  • Carl Mueller

    I’m going to set up a mailing list which I’ve been putting off for too long.

  • Murlu

    Throughout this entire weekend; I’ll be creating products for my new PLR site that’s in the works. I’ll also be creating the pages, setting up my autoresponder and perhaps begin marketing it once 50% of the packs are complete 😀

  • Mk Akan

    I am going to do a few things.
    1.I am going to build a list of at least 1000 subscriber before 31st dec 2011(i have achieved 2% already)
    2.I am going to hire a programmer on Elance to build my first IPhone app before 31st June 2011
    (i can’t believe this, a 100 words posts got over 300 comments..great)

  • Dawn

    Pat- you are awesome! Thanks for always sharing great, useful info and inspiring your readers to JUST DO IT!

  • Patrick

    I’m going to contact an expert for assistance as to why these backlinks I’ve been building aren’t registering on my niche site. Of course, if anyone here wants to volunteer…

  • semmy @ Make Money Online

    right now what I’m going to do is start writing articles

  • Google Sniper 2.0

    Hey thanks for the reminder! You are right, read all and no action equals to NOTHING! I am going to build quality backlinks to day to my blog! Thanks again.

  • John Mak

    Hello Pat,

    First time in your website and I just read what I needed at this moment. There is no thinking, nothing to do else except act towards something. I totally agree with you and the road to success is when we eliminate everything that comes in front our way and keep going with consistence and focus!

    Today I will not think what I have to do. I will take action and tap my full potential to get the results that I need. I will focus on things that gives me only results.

    Thank you for the inspiration,

    Have a good day,

    John Mak

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  • Warren Talbot

    Excellent advice and I am taking it today. We are off to explore central Lima to inspire our writing and teach us about the people here. Plus, if we are feeling adventurous, we plan on writing out an outline for our first book over a couple beers.

  • Marty

    Well, I think it has to be making arrangement for moving my blog to WordPress. Everyone I speak to recommends this if monetising a blog is the intention.

  • Roger

    this is the most helpfull blog post you have done, not saying the other’s are bad, witch is totaly wrong, your blog is gold.

    take action, this is THE ADVICE.

    thanks mate, heading to some serious calculus studying! wish me luck hehe

  • Neil

    I will create my own blog.

  • David Mount

    I have more on my plate than ever and it’s time to recalibrate and and recommit. I will right a blog post weekly develop more content to share with anyone who can benefit from it.

    Action not intention determines destination!


    Good job a very important post for your audience.

  • Katherine

    Before I read this simple, yet inspiring post – I was going to fix myself some chocolate milk, clean the kitchen, and eat some artichoke hearts.

    But before I do that, I think I will work on my blog for another ten minutes. :)

  • LR Henry

    I worked hard to build my business web site and add some articles, and posted job ads on linkedin and social media. By the time I read this article, I was already exhausted from a lot of work, driving around town meeting clients, preparing presentations for free workshops I am planning, so I already got a lot done and taking a break today…. Plans already made for tomorrow, I sure will get a lot done this week! Thanks for the inspiring post!

  • Sydney Parks

    This week, I’m taking steps to put more life in my work-life balance by fitting in exercise every day. Good thoughts on “just do it.” Being a beginning blogger has really taught me the value of learning as I go, as opposed to waiting for my site or my content to be perfect. I even wrote about that, myself. Thanks for believing in good karma of the web and sharing so much valuable information, Pat!

  • Austin

    Pat, I’m a first time commenter but a long time reader. I’m took action after reading your post and FINALLY transferred my hosting from Go Daddy to bluehost. I have a handful of sites hosted at Go Daddy mostly due to the ease as that is where the domains are registered. I’ll be saving nearly $30/month taking advantage of bluehost’s “unlimited domains” vs. paying $4.99/month for EACH site at Go Daddy. Thanks for the call to action! Keep it up!

    • Austin

      P.s. Do you recommend any good FTP clients for Macs? I have always used the one built into the hosting company but have always found it cumbersome. Thanks!

      • Pat

        I use one called “Yummy FTP” – I hear there are some other good ones but I’ve used this for a couple years and am happy with it. Good luck!

    • Austin

      Hey Pat,

      I thought I’d follow up and let you know that since my comment I left on Feb 13th I transferred my hosting to Bluehost and built my first niche site! I’ve just started with the backlinking strategy you outline in your niche site dual posts. In the first few days I’ve seen $0.73 in Adsense revenue and one order from Amazon netting me $3.56 in commission! I can’t wait to see what the site does when I get it onto the first page (top 3?) of Google!

      Thanks again for the call to action!

  • Maxime Linard

    I’m going to start the negociation for my salary with my boss.

  • Michelle

    So many great responses!

    I’m going to make a final decision is I should change blog themes or not, and then be done with it for at least 6 months. I’m going to get over the dread of writing another ebook and the fear that the rewards will not be worth the effort —> overcoming feelings of futility.

    I love your podcasts. I listen to them at the gym :)

  • Sunil from The Extra Money Blog

    i am going to think about a title for a post as pulling / attractive / attention grabbing as this one that has drawn over 300 comments. the art of internet marketing at its best!

  • Jeff

    Today I am going to narrow down my list of applicants on odesk from 19 to 3 and request article samples. Love this post – if you can do one thing a day consistently you will further ahead than if you try to do too much. The challenge is narrowing it down and acting!

  • Doug

    After this comment, I’ll be connecting on at least 3, new, retirement-planning blogs. It never fails … work … works. Thanks, Pat.

  • Vivek Barun

    Hi Pat,
    I’ll read your e-book which I had downloaded a long time ago :)

  • Paul Evans

    Ill take my 2 boys to the local park so at least they can run around a bit and avoid all the pollution here in Paris…

  • Susan Liddy

    My pledge is to connect with other bloggers more by commenting on the articles that resonate for me. I used to connect a lot with other bloggers and for the past few months have been so busy, that I moved the task to the bottom of the list.

    So, my pledge isn’t only to help my blogging, yet to help myself. I tremendously enjoy reading what other people are up to. Today, I’m going to once again allow myself this “reward”.


  • Rat Racer

    I have read this late but I just did post my very first article on my new blog. Hooray!

    thanks Pat for the words!

  • Joe Edward

    Hi Pat,

    I have been watching your blog for about a month or so, listening to your podcasts and reading your newsletters. I wanted to drop you a note and let you know I love your approach to internet marketing. I love all the great content like this post and the fact that you are not in my face always trying to sell something.

    I started a website a few weeks ago as a test into this whole internet marketing thing to see if I like it and how well I can do. I am a newbie to all of this and I find your website so informative and a great resource. I actually put a link to your site as a someone I’d admire and how your approach is so much better than guerrilla internet marketing.

    I have a long way to go and a lot to learn but your success was one of the reasons I decided to give it a go!


  • Leah

    Hi Pat~

    It’s my first time on your site and I wanted to connect and say hello. I’m in the process of launching my own site and am trying to get it “just right.” Of course, I know that it’ll never be perfect, so the one thing I’m going to do today…is finish up a couple of items and launch the darn thing. Make public all the articles and pages I’ve been working on the past few months and finally stake my claim.

    Because you’re absolutely right – nothing really happens until you take action and execute.

    By the way, I love your blog – great content! I’ll be back and hope to connect with you down the road.

    Thanks for the kick in the butt, today!
    Leah Steinbrink

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  • Marcos

    I hope to get a proper work place so I can offer more dedication to my blogs


  • Tesla Falcon

    At the encouragement of this post, I started a blog on (The brand new “” blog linked to above.) I posted several posts in 3 categories, etc. Today, I discovered that the blog has been “shut down” for ToS violations. I’m not sure what I even did wrong, and in this “shut down” state, I can’t go in and change anything. So, no explanation, no opportunity to fix anything, and nothing to do but tell WordPress to DIE!

  • http://isnotpublishedyet Yago

    I will get working on my essentail pages for my product niche site today and call my coach to get some direction on it to get on track, also I will sign up for free blog and redirect my website to the domain I have secured for it already. And begin to input some content I’ve already wrote on paper.. Orale!! (Mexican for hellz yea!)

  • Salvador

    I will start writing my ebook now that have a first draft of its outline. Thank you.

  • Gon

    Month ago I started my professional blogging career. Today I found this great blog which already helped me to realize what to do in the future.

  • Patrick

    I’m going to sit here and read your100 words and 200 comments rather than the 300 words you usually write. Then I’m going to bed!

  • Rajesh

    Hello Pat & Others,

    Am running a small web designing company which creates and hosts websites for just 200$. So can you please provide me some tips to grow my business.

    Many Thanks,

  • Auret Esselen

    Brilliant post, Pat. Reallly. Such a simple concept, but most people get lost in reading words that they forget the purpose of why they are reading, which is usually to get something done with the acquired knowledge.

    Today, I am going to optimize my blog by going back to previous articles and adding the appropriate tags, headings and internal links. Messy work, but I know it’ll bring me one step closer to my goal. Thanks to everyone on this post (past, present and future commentators) for keeping us all accountable.

  • Fine Wine

    I am really happy that I found your site. Thank you for these great tips.

  • Lucy Perry

    I will take the next steps to get my book (pubished in Australia) onto Amazon and ibooks.

  • Dwight Anthony

    I’m committing myself to getting some things done online that i’ve been putting off.

    Dwight Anthony
    Financially Elite Blog dot Com

  • Ronny James

    I will leave a post on this page.

  • Marion Moore

    I am committing to purchasing the Unique Unique Article Wizard and start article marketing now as I learn more about niche blogging.

    Marion Moore Sr

  • Cynthia LoMonaco

    After a year I finally have a website set up. It’s been 2 days and it’s almost complete and it should be going live next week. On my website I have a page for the E-Books I’m going to write. I’ve got the covers designed and posted; and now I’m finally going to get them written.
    I’m not a good writer but I have info to share; so I’m taking that leap and just doing it.

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  • Fabio

    After reading “21 Quick Actions You Can Do Today to Set Your Blog Up for Massive Success”, I’ll eliminate a few broken links found in the blog I contribute. There are 81! o.O

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  • Julio Ruiz

    Inspirational and motivational few words Pat.

    i´ll dominate the thesis wordpress theme and also some html for a new training website.

    I´ll start right now

  • Louie Sison

    I am planning to limit my online surfing hours and be more productive in writing blogs and enhancing my seo campaigns.

    Thanks pat!

  • sherif

    I Pledge to start improving on my blog by planning atleast 2 specific positive action that I would be taking every day in addition to doing quality research to widen my knowledge in my niche

  • Barbara

    I need motivation… wanting to get started but don’t feel up to speed with online and computer ability/knowledge.

  • Alice Wales

    Simple statement but true. No amount of reading or learning will ever bring you success unless you start taking the first step to work on what you have read or learned.

  • Anonymous

    How bad do you want it?

  • Michael @blast4trafficnow

    I take action every single day. I find out that I waste more time on keyword research, I must stop that and focus on building relevant backlinks. Thanks for motivating me.

  • Erik Esprit

    I will continue to build my site and continue to explore options for monetization as well as keeping the website entertaining.

  • Alain

    I pledge to write 1 article on Infobarrel within the next 1h15minutes.

  • Brett

    I’ve written 5 articles today and ordered a dozen outsourced articles. I’m a machine :)

  • Leo

    I enjoyed your video and found it informative. I plan to learn enough to put up my Fan page(s). I keep coming back to HTML. Canb I use Frontpage to create it and paste in to the FAn and NonFAn blocks? Any other sugggestions?

  • James

    I’m going to go for a run :)

  • Tim Hicks

    I love this short post. Today, I’m writing seven articles for each of my main websites and putting them in the queue to post each day. This way, if I get a “brain cramp” during the week, my sites still get updated.

    • Jonathan Lee Smith – Internet Marketer

      Man two great minds think alike. I do this often. It helps make things much better. I have a weeks worth laid out now on my blog. I feel so accomplished when I have about a week posted already.

      Many people who blog have no idea of this feature in wordpress.

      It really helps out a lot.

  • Eric

    Just want to find a way to get backlinks indexed faster!

  • Alex

    Once a month I comment somewhere on your blog and this time around it is going to be here. I’ve been following you since April ’10 and I really enjoyed most of the content. You are a great asset for the web community and I think you are one of the few who really deserves the success because you seem to have a better capability to “connect” with the audience. I do not return to other blogs to see what’s up unless they pitch me in an email but SPI is something that stayed in my mind even 15 months later. That’s it. The action I wanted to take, is now offiicially executed with this comment.

  • Siegfried

    I’ve written a new article about wordpress setup 😉

  • Bryan Knowlton

    I just finished up a couple short little video clips I am going to give to affiliates so they can include it in their email blasts to their customers. Shot the videos really quickly last night and editing shouldn’t take long. Thanks Pat!

  • Jason

    Did it! Setup my site and added some posts, SEO, and even got an affiliate link up there. Thanks for the motivation!

  • Teresa Schultz

    Today I am going to:

    1) Add 3 articles to my one site that my boyfriend is busy writing.
    2) Add the content of our latest newsletter to it’s category on our one site (previous newsletters).
    3) write an article for another site as a guest blogger (give free content in return for a free backlink in the author bio)
    4) tweak the “further info” page on two sites, since yesterday added submit forms to these two sites, but the “further info” pages these forms pages link to now need updating to reflect the new submit forms added
    5) add some appropriate Amazon affiliate products to already exisitng good traffic pages on some of my sites
    6) anything else that crops up that could do with a bit of time and effort that results in progress or a potential increase in earnings

  • andrew collinson

    I just launched my first information product.

  • Jonathan Lee Smith – Internet Marketer

    Wow what a great post. I think I will be doing a few good things but that will have to start tomorrow as I have just read this post and it is 10pm. A bit late for me.

    Pat, you are inspiring to a lot of people. Even people who have achieve moderate success as an IM like myself.

    I hope you continue down this great road.

    Question: With your permission I would like to do the same thing on my blog. This should help more people to get some stuff done. I am hoping your reply to this comment.


  • Jonathan Lee Smith – Internet Marketer

    Posted this on my blog. Wanted to give credit where it was deserved!

  • Jeremiah

    Best post i read. You can not move forward if you will not act right now. Reading tutorials are useless if you will not apply it. Thanks Pat!

  • Dave Johnson

    Hi Pat,

    Recently discovered your blog via one of your guest posts and am a bit overwhelmed by all the good tips.

    Just in the vision->design phase of adding writing/blogging to my freelance editing to create a full-time, sustainable career. You’ve convinced me to take my time and get this foundational part right. Thanks.

    Today, I’m going to quit dragging my feet and edit a manuscript that I agreed to do free for a friend of my main client. Thanks for the motivation.

  • Steve

    I’m going to continue filling out my mind map a MindMeister, then start knocking out the list. What an awesome tool! Thanks for turning my onto it (plus everything else).

  • Pali Madra

    Start knocking down things from my todo list.

    This post is inspiring thanks!

  • Missy

    I am going to set up a monthly schedule for my latest blog. As of now, I kind of just wake up and write whatever I want. That’s not always the best way to handle things.

  • The Best Hibiscus Tea

    What a brilliant reminder to all of us not to waste too much time online! I love it.

    Today, I’m going to add tags to all my blog posts, and then hunt up any 404 pages, and get them fixed. Those are the kind of small, boring tasks related to blogging that I tend to postpone. :-)

  • Paul @ The Frugal Toad

    First time visitor Pat! Already took action to build links to my blog but after reading your challenge I am going to start a new article!

    Thanks for the inspiration!

  • Kevin

    I finished putting up a new niche website. And tomorrow I am going to write 5 follow up emails

  • Rob N

    I read this awhile ago and realized I didn’t report back what I did that day. I did a necessary update to my website that was much needed, but very tedious and boring (a minor update on each state page, 51 pages in all). I really need a VA, but feel like I am not at the right place to do it. I know, there will never be a right time, but I am only making money off affiliate stuff and am working on my eBook guide. Regardless of income level, once the eBook is done, I will get a VA. Thanks for the inspiration.

  • Jimmy/Life Architect

    Hi Pat,

    I am new here.

    For the whole day I have been on my blog. Today I wrote and published one article. Do take a glance and give me your comment. I improved the looks on my blog, although I know it looks really simple at the moment. But hey, Rome wasn’t build overnight right. One stone at a time. Now I am in the process of commenting. I hope to learn about creating an ebook cover for free after this.


  • Marie

    Today I will write my first article/

  • Ryan

    Just purchased my new web domain!!!!

    I have my doubts. But I have to be willing to make decisions, move forward, and just go for it.

    Thanks Pat!


  • Patrick Blogging

    Making a list of ideas for new articles to write

  • Joe, vet in Tampa

    Thanks for the call to action, inspiring.

    Going to devote some time to backlinks, and also update a page on our original site based on advice learned here from one of your posts (dramatic increase in subscribers from About page).

  • Slava

    This must be the best blog post I’ve read this year. It’s just so true.

  • Christina Whitehurst

    I am going to layout some game plans for all of the ideas that I have and setup a schedule to have them launched in the next year. Thanks Pat!

  • Ryan McNeely

    I just began backlinking to my anchor layer thanks to your blog post “The Backlinking Strategy That Works”.

  • John

    Plan a marketing campaign for my freelance work

  • Joe Daniels

    Just bought 7 domains after reading about your security guard training niche website. But I also have another one that’s nearly done.

    So I am going to start making them! No excuses, no lazy attitude, and I aim to get them all completed within 4 weeks max.

    • rob

      The answer is very simple and it’s the answer to everything: focus on getting what is in front of your face at the moment right.

      No wild ambition, no intoxication with the fantasy of limitless riches, no rush to bring something to market ready or not.

      Of course this flies in the face of typical “get rich quick” seminar bullshit, especially the famous “shoot, ready, aim” method that students of a certain type of “guru” are encouraged to follow.

      The truth is that nothing ever goes right the first time, and the idea that you can build a lasting success with a “sell first and get the quality right later” approach is a great way to fail.

      Unfortunately, this approach has become the new normal in the Internet marketing education world, so much so that some among the new generation of would-be educators don’t even realize there’s another way to do things.

      Bad for the marketplace, bad for people who are trying to learn Internet marketing, and it’s stupid and shortsighted.

      Creative, open-ended, blue sky thinking.Sure it’s where many of our best ideas come from, but when it comes to putting boots on the ground and rubber on the road, fantasy doesn’t cut it.

      Long-term success requires engineering and engineering, to be successful, has to be as precise as possible and rooted in the reality.

      The average life span of a “I’m in a rush to get rich” Internet marketing guru is about two years from the time they’re “famous” to the time they’re despised.

      If your focus is anything other than getting it right –then in reality – then you’ll be building a foundation on sand.

      • Darnell

        I love it, I love it and I love it well said!

        • Jeff

          Few words, huge impact! 100 words I would not hesitate to read 100 times.

  • John Sherry

    Today, I will climb Everest in my self-belief and motivate higher than ever before. World, I’m coming for you!!

  • CR Tutor

    I have built 4 micro-niche sites. I have no clue about SEO and back linking. I am going to take an initiative and learn SEO and back linking and then implement for the 4 sites.

    • kytrader

      and find comfort in knowing you are not alone – husband lost job a year ago we are almost 60 but not 59 1/2 – our phone is NOT ringing – no there are no jobs out there for 58 yr olds with a 40 yr career in one field – so we are turning to the internet – 30 days ago I first learned the term SEO; backlink; EZine Article, Elance and oh yeah, with my budget – – I find comfort in reading your post I have had a few times in the last 30 days thinking I don’t have a shot at this – the competition and full timers of niche’ builders is a serious business.

  • Rachel Howe

    I’m going to start getting better organized. Start writing stuff down and setting deadlines. And stop saying that “I’m going to do that tomorrow.”

    @CR Tutor If you need any help just shoot me an email([email protected]) or visit my website (, I have a great list of SEO tools and posts there to help you get started, and I do SEO for a living and I’m always willing to help.

    • Peter Clark

      Hey Rachel, i just read about your committment to get better organized. I also did this and just want to say how much the program Evernote has made my life so much easier! It’s free ( i don’t get credit for saying any of this), and I love it! no more paper receipts lying around, i never lose a to do and it is organized by tags that you define. simple, user freindly, super powerful and free!

      all the best

      • Rachel Howe

        @Peter Thanks for the info. I have heard of Evernote before but haven’t really got too much into it. I’ll have to check it out some more.


  • reeha@gift ideas

    Best motivational post. its really sound well and loud to our success.

  • Edward Johnson

    Since I have a full time job and a family, I find it hard some days to devote any time at all to my internet pursuits. I’ve always had my work pretty well laid out but after this post by Pat I select one item each day as a “must do.” Even if it is something I do after everyone has gone to bed for the night, it is something I “must do” that day. Most days I am able to get more than the one thing done but getting just one thing done on the those days where I used to get nothing done keeps me motivated and focused.

  • Michael

    I pledge today to build more niche websites. Instead of only making a couple a month I pledge to make at least 10 a month.

    I will start building a fresh new niche site tonight.

  • John Anthony Stahl

    I came up with the idea for my book and started writing it, came up with the cover design, posted the 1st blog without knowing what I was doing and created a FB Fan page. After studying your site for the past week and listening to some of your podcasts on my iPhone, I got some ideas on how to complete my book set up niche blog for staying clean and sober without the 12 step programs and do some podcasts and/or blog radio spots with guests. I would love some feedback on what some of the 1st things I should do to get a successful site going from where I am at right now. My blog is STARt stands for Spiritual Transformation Addiction Replacement Therapy. THANKS PAT I love your site and iPhone app!!

  • Alex Newell

    I have 6 product reviews to do today! I’ll check back in later! :-)

  • Alex Newell

    2 reviews done plus a slight change of plan – plugins, graphic header etc. Other reviews coming along…

  • Lindsie Kathryn

    I will come up with some content for my blog. I am starting to establish some traffic, but no income yet. I’m not sure why. If anyone has comments please email me (my address is on the page :)

    • The Strongest Karate

      I’m in the same boat as you. And I pledge to finally put to use all the resources that I have merely been coralling all these months.

      • Kamil @ Rich Blogger

        Don’t worry, all results appear with time. If only your content is good quality you will have results. I’m prepared with my blog for at least one year building content, relations, backlinks without expecting real income. Of course I monitor traffic, make split test etc but it’s only to improve user experience not really monetize.

    • Justin Westbrooks

      My team and I have been there and completely know what you mean! But trust me, with hard work and diligence, things will start to happen. Keep your eyes open for opportunity and continue to learn, and never stop hustling! You CAN do it!

  • Ian Robinson

    I’m going to put up my first talking head video.

    Hope to inspire people to get up and fly across the planet to pick fruit.

    Ha ha ha. tall order.

    Thanks Pat Flynn. You are a rockstar.

  • Morten Hake

    I promise that I will write a blogpost right now. And also, can I borrow this post, translate it, and post it to my norwegian personal development audience?

    Ps. Pat, you’re doing an amazing job! Inspiring! – Also with so much time with your family still is encouraging!

  • Giggly Greg

    Part of my daily routine is to do my gratitude journal. Then I will complete the action step in my iPhone apps course. I have not been taking action – today I will.

    Thanks for the encouragement Pat !

  • Shay Jordan

    I am creating a resources I recommend page that I saw on your website and I purchased my first niche website domain that I will be working on this weekend. Thank you for your amazing work and openness to help other people do the same thing.

  • Peter Weis

    Started creating more content.

  • Joe Daniels

    Good info. Thanks for the 100 words!

  • Shaqir Hussyin

    get rid of all distractions and finish off this copy – right now!

  • Jen

    I tell you…you are right on target, you couldn’t have said it any better. I have been reading, and reading, and reading, still cannot find a niche. Just found your site, recommended by Pennyonthefloor. Looking forward to learning at lot from you. Thanks

  • Jen

    Thanks for all the hard work you’ve done in order to provide such needed information.

  • jack foley

    Just put an audio up in my products section. Will start building a list and promote my products like you describe..

  • JT McHorse

    I’m setting up a new WP e-commerce store as we speak, and I just setup a blog for my drawings yesterday.


  • Zeke

    While I caught this post late, I was feeling it all day (so, very serendipitous to come across it late in the day).
    Today, despite a website still in the development phase, we created a facebook page (thanks to your video showing the world how to create a super simple landing page for non-fans and fans alike) for our new website and business and recommended it to our friends.
    It is the pressure of an audience (or at least the illusion of one) that will incite us to create more and more content and sharpen the imagery and branding of the business in shorter order. Thanks for the motivation, Pat (even after the fact counts)!

  • Joe

    Hey Pat, do you ever do reviews of products that your subscribers send in? If so, let me know where to send it, thanks and Merry Christmas!

  • Andy Harrison

    Domain purchase, check
    Twitter account with optimized name, check
    Facebook landing page, pending
    Bluehost email farwarding to new brand-name gmail account, check
    1st ten multimedia posts poised to be published, check
    Well deserved beer, pending.

  • Dave Jenkins

    I’m printing off your ebook to study over the next few days with my girlfriend, so we can devise a plan of attack for our websites. I’ve been brainstorming keywords for the 2 main sites I want to create, and I’m up to podcast 22 on your list. Great material, and very inspiring, just the kind of holiday gift we needed to take our plans to action. I am also going to research the LLC, how long it takes to set up, what makes it better than a DBA, and how much it costs. Keep up the good work Pat, and remember to get time to relax too, the money will still roll in, and it will keep you from tiring out, so we can all benefit from your pioneering work. Merry Christmas, and thanks for already providing me with a wonderful New Year!

    • Zeke

      Dave, what state do you live in, as it varies?
      In Maine, an LLC costs $175 to set up, and requires the filing of organizational documents (Articles + whatever else your state may require), which, as of recently, include an Operation Agreement. The latter document can be waived for 1-person LLCs, but frankly, I never advise to go without one.
      The most important thing about creating an LLC (or any legal “person”) is understanding that in the eyes of the law you are truly creating a new person. This means that person needs its own bank account, its own insurance, and expects to be paid like any other person (this is over simplified). If you treat it as merely an extension of yourself (i.e “comingle” your funds, among other red flags), you run the risk of the “piercing of your corporate veil,” meaning the entity will be disregarded and the owner(s) will be held personally liable for whatever is at issue.
      People use a DBA whether they have an LLC or not. It’s really just an understanding between you and your state (and “notice” to the general public) that you will be doing business under name “X,” even thought they currently know you as “Y.” It’s largely a matter of branding and trademark.
      The discussion about whether or not to incorporate in the first place is one that involves your current business plan, the types of contracts you plan to enter into, how much money is at stake, what your company’s growth potential is, what your personal finances look like, whether you have other investments, and whether you plan to bring other people into your project at a managerial level (among other things). It is advised that you speak to consult an attorney when deciding to go LLC (or Inc.) or not. (And, obviously, please do not take this mere information as legal advice in any way, blah, blah). Hope this helps.

    • Dave Jenkins

      We read your ebook Pat! Great work, and you have motivated me to revamp my old Phoenix Quill Studio video production website with WordPress, since it is a quick way to add lots of tools and a great prototype for niche sites down the road. I just got my first Amazon Affiliate account, and a link into a blog post, mostly thanks to your wonderful podcasts and advice. Small steps, but those first steps out of inertia are always the hardest. Thanks again for raising the bar on generosity, humbleness and thorough disclosure. It makes entrepreneurship feel like a noble cause again.

  • Dave Jenkins

    Thanks Zeke! I did some research last night, and found that the Oregon fee for filing is $100, that with the LegalZoom basic service is $199. This answers one of my questions. I like the way you described the LLC. The sites I ran across last night were more along the lines of advantages, and disadvantages in terms of protecting yourself from lawsuits, and reducing your tax liability with an LLC over a classic corporation. The Small Business Bible had a pretty strong argument for starting a small business as an LLC, or converting yours into one if it fits certain criteria. One of my concerns is that my legal and tax paperwork is solid as I start this business.

    • Zeke

      Dave, sorry for the delayed response. Having a tidy “back end” of your business should be a concern, you are spot on with that.
      Personally, I do not trust a service like LegalZoom. My philosophy is: like people, each company is different, and each should be treated with individual care.
      The LLC is so flexible with respect to ownership structure and liability distribution, among other things, that it has indeed become a favorite across an incredibly broad spectrum of industries.
      Keep up the good work. Do you have a website?

      • David Jenkins

        Sure do, it is at It used to be listed as having malware, and I have rebuilt it with WordPress, and am going through the motions to clear out the old databases…Google is clear, and I’m working on Mcaffee. An offsite free-contact form I was linking to got hacked, and thus my site was tainted in the lists. Good lesson, and great reminder to refresh things. Let me know what you think. I’m trying to take my video production experience and share it with microbudget filmmakers.

  • Robert Sinclair

    Hey Pat,

    Thanks for the great info on creating niche site. I really needed this and i’m glad you have a warm heart to just put it out there for the rest of us. Thanks you inspired me to create my blog niche diet shakes

  • Brock @ Amazon Affiliates Blog

    I read this post once a week haha. And then I read like 10 more posts… Happy Friday!

  • Matt

    As someone who just tends to take in more and more information, this post hit it right on the head for me. I am going to sally forth, and build more backlinks today! :)

  • Jill Walker

    Like Matt I’ve been soaking up all the information. Today I’m going to take my Market Samurai research and start mapping out my site.

    Thanks for the kick in the pants, Pat!

  • Lenia

    Hi Pat,

    Today…I discovered your blog and i keep reading to learn more about have to increase traffic on my 2 two websites. And off course I will ask for your eBook!

  • Nathan


    Your site is ridiculously well put together. I am trying to put mine together but am wondering if picking a distance running niche is my best route…seems like all the buzz is around internet and affiliate marketing…regardless, great to learn from your blog…I realize this isn’t going to come overnight.



  • STRONGside

    Execution meets action and success. Good words Pat, even though I have heard them before, they are still motivating!

    Thanks again.

  • Leann Zarah

    It’s a good thing I read this post of yours, as I’ve been struggling to write the way I used to prior to the holiday season. Thanks for the reminder, Pat.

  • Mark

    I know that you wrote this post a while ago, but it is good everyday. I just watched your backlinking videos and now I am posting my articles in the different article diirectories. Thank you so much for all of the useful information that you provide us with.

  • Danny

    Today i used fiverr to set me up two acounts for 35 different social bookmarking websites so that i can get up to 70 backlinks for my blog posts and articles. Not a lot but a step in the right dirrection i hope.

  • Helene Mearing

    Wow, what a brilliant feed…. love the connection of so many motivated achievers holding each other to commitment… Have just joined and I’m looking forward to further connecting.

  • Carl from Small Scale Business

    Today, I will make my first video that I will upload on Youtube.

  • Steven Leconte

    Today I will work on a logo to work on my upcoming website.

  • Ken

    I like a challenge Pat, and today I was going to do something, anything, anyways. I plan on cleaning up the code on my site a bit. I want to get out there and learn more about this process of buying websites, and making them better. So today I’m going to work on getting all the links I need to link to up and running, and set up a RSS feed. This challenge comes in the infancy of our website, and I’m up to making this work.

  • Dale | how to build residual income

    I am going to write a new article today and I am going to submit some spun articles to 4 new web 2.0 sites today.

  • Monty Campbell

    I love this idea. I strive to work regularly on the blog. My challenge has been just being consistent with it.

    Today, I’ll start to:

    1) Use my advertising and set it up my blog
    2) Produce two piece of epic content
    3) Read More content and comment sincerely about life and how the post has helped m

    Thank you Patt Flynn for your efforts and consistent podcast and blogs.

    Have a blessed day.

  • Quagmire | How To Reiki

    I recently purchased a Reiki-related domain and launched the site about a week ago. Initially, I had a great position with Yahoo, but have since fallen off the face of the earth. I have published articles and created Squidoo and Blogger blogs.

    Today’s project is manually posting 50 backlinks.

    By the way, your free flash map is fantastic. I really needed something to push over the top. This is a political site based on the phonetic spelling of “caucus”, not porn, so feel free to take a look.

  • Alexandra

    Well, I’m just starting out on the whole earning through internet stuff – I’m a designer for print stuff and illustrations and also only focused on print design during my education, then spent tons of time teaching myself web design using WordPress as CMS. Now I’ve only recently come to notice that there’s ways to earn money by more than “just” designing. I’ve added a blog section to my portfolio site which will feature Tutorials for WP, Illustrator, Photoshop and even InDesign, give aways like free brushes and patterns and I’m building a second blog about cupcakes (fortunately still a rather small niche in Germany) and a third one which will not be about certain topics but feature my creative writing process with novels and short stories. And there is sooo much to learn – up ’til now I’ve only always set up the SEO and that was it.

    So here’s what I’ll do today:
    I’ll even read more. I’m euphoric and enthusiastic about teaching myself how this works and I’ll try whatever I’ll get my hands on! Thanks for the motivation!

  • ary

    Thanks Pat.. I’ll starting my life, more better than yesterday..

  • Joseph S

    I will develop my website further.

  • Olli

    I started a new niche site last weekend and already wrote about 10 articles for it (I’m very proud of that – normally i work much slower :)). It’s absolutelly true. If you don’t take action you will never have any success.

    Another thing I did these days was to unsubscribe from almost any internet marketing list, because I realized that it is just a waste of my time to read all these incredible business plans and instructions. At the end it is all the same stuff….

    Cheers from Germany

  • Danny

    My site made it on the first page of google and im number one as well so I am going to use what i learned about seo to make more websites that will hit page one

  • Wesley Davenport

    Hey Pat,
    about two – three weeks ago I downloaded your iphone app. and started listening to your podcast while on the road. I cant tell you how many times I’ve pleaded with my friends to start listening to them. Few have, but more will follow after they see my success.
    That being said, I am making the commitment today to leave my 9-5 government contract job! I came across a dot com advertising and marketing firm located close to my home, applied, and was offered the position. I can not wait to be apart of this field. I plan on absorbing all the information I can here and starting my own path of success after business hours.

    Thank you for all of the invaluable information and inspiration you share with others.

    ~Wesley Davenport

  • Zinedine

    I just want to tell you Pat that your blog is very interesting and informative. I’ve come cross your link building strategy, and I decided to apply it for my 5 niche sites I’m owning right now. Keep sharing the good things. I’ll join you ( successful online bloggers) very soon inshallah!

  • Aamir raja

    I am about to make a subscribers list for my blog. which I am having difficulty finding :)

  • Mary

    I am making a decision within the next 7 days about the topic of my information marketing business. I still need to do more market research, so today I will look at at least 3 publications related to my proposed target market.

  • Susan

    I am reading your ebook now and downloading all the podcasts so I can listen to them asap on my Ipod.

    Once I get all the information to help me start up I may do a Blog or a niche site but am leaning more towards the membership site. Even though it will take more work as you point out, I have felt the need to create a site for mentoring and training people for a long time.

    I am passionate about developing people and businesses and have been called mentor, guru by past trainees so now I want to help others develop aong their chosen paths.

    Just getting my head round the design as well as the technical stuff has prevented me from taking it further. But now I am determined to action this by early May.

    Thanks to a friend pointing me to your site 2 days ago – I am now really taking action. Thanks to Elaine ( for recommending me to you Pat – you have both inspired me to move on with this.

  • Susan U’Ren

    Just downloading allthe Podcasts so I can get genned up – Thanks to Elaine for pointing the way for me to you.

    I am looking to form a membership and/or niche site – just need to find the best way to get the copy done, the right way to get it together – so your podcasts and site are essential readingg/listening for me now for a few days to come.

    Thanks Pat – keep you posted

  • Marina Aagaard

    Today, right now, I am copy pasting the actual YouTube link into the description part of my YouTube videos … for SEO …
    Thanks for a multitude of usable helpful tips, Pat!

  • Horvath Ernone

    Hello and Thank You so much for Helpings!

    Your members are also very useful with their opinions.
    Congratulation to Your Success and Thank You Again!
    Many Greetings!

  • http://Workingonithaha Shane

    .com vs .net

    I have a great keyword that meets a lot of good criteria, but its .com is parked and they want like 3k for it lol. .net is available!

    Will have problem in the search engine results??

    • Peter

      Noway .net is totally viable as I currently rank #1 for many domains that aren’t .com in fact my highest traffic website is a .net.

      Hope this helped!

  • Scott Underhill

    Hi Pat,

    Today (well this week) I have been working as a business advisor / project manager for outsourcing. So this week I quite my contracts, save some money and starting on building my passive income sites.

    I had a few products in the past, with a variety of success, now I am setting up a new site for online mentoring. I hope I can achive close to your success!

  • Sergio Felix

    Oh Pat,

    You clever, you.

    Well I closed a deal of $1,500.00 today (yay!) but that’s not important as I didn’t do it right now.

    To take up on your offer, right now I don’t have a header in place in my site. I’m going to leave this laptop for a while, go to my development computer, do the damn thing and then come back to this (hopefully) and let you know if I did it.

    Thanks for such a clever article.


    PS. I refreshed twice thinking I was missing a video from YouTube that wasn’t loading… don’t laugh. :)

    • Peter

      Phwoar, well done Sergio!

  • Peter

    Hi Pat,

    This is my first comment on your blog which I absolutely love and your podcast is killer! I listen to it while I run and it motivates me to work harder on my businesses and fills me with 100s of ideas that make me wanna stop and just write them all down. So I don’t actually get much running done… haha.

    But what I am going to do is finally build some content around some affiliate products for a new domain I purchased.

    Thanks for all your free information and your 2011 earnings were incredible man well done!

    All the best,


  • Mike King

    Hi Pat;

    Good tip mate. I am going to write up one more Ideal Scene for the sections of my company that I am working on.

    I find that when I clearly define the ideal scene, then it just falls into place.

    Catch you later.


  • Jeff the Entrepreneur

    I agree and I got 3 words….
    Just do it!

  • Kurt Frankenberg


    I came to your site to read your latest article, If I Had to Start Over…This is What I’d Do Differently. THEN..! I saw the intriguing title of THIS post: The Only 100 Words You Should Read Today.

    I did.

    And I’m going to go create something of value to give away to my subscribers free… right freakin’ now.

    And it’s all you fault.


    Thanks Pat!

  • John

    I am going to buy “The $100 Startup” and also revisit HTML5 at I am TIRED of starting things but not finishing them. I am also going to finish my Golf Injury eBook and get all the illusstrations in order so that I can make a card to clip on the golf bag and an iPhone app for kids that golf. I am going to be financially free within 5 years and it starts NOW. I am going to also sit down and write down everything I know to see what niches I can fill. I am originally from Arkansas (hunting and fishing) played professional football (in NFL, CFL, AFL and even XFL) and am currently a chiropractor certified in sports nutrition, golf injuries and other types of chiropractic care. That seems like pretty fertile ground for niches to me! I also need to sit down with the hostgator people and get my website up and running so that I can build more affiliate sites. Ultimately, I want to talk to Pat Flynn, because he took the biggest lemon and turned it into lemonade!

  • wilson

    By taking action, you will then able to progress. Usually, I will take action first to improve on my blog before reading and learning stuff.

  • Demian

    I’ve read too many words today, but these 100 are the last. :)

  • Zeke Callanan

    Hey Pat, I wanted to let you know that you are kind of “featured” in our most recent blog post, relating to this topic (we love your podcasts). You are inspirational, so keep up the great work! Here is the post, fyi: Curious what you think of the other resources we have listed (list in progress, of course), and whether there are an immediate items we should add.
    Cheers and thanks!

  • Shalu Sharma

    I am lost between this or that, neither here nor there. But now, I will take my online business to the next level. The best 100 words so far.

  • Henkster


  • Xul

    Reading The $100 Startup by Chris Guillebeau. Pat, book I am reading is a good read. I would not have come across it if you did not promote it. Also, Pat and fellow bloggers, please follow me on Twitter @xuldier.

  • Leandra

    Right now I’m going to type the TOC for my first ebook! And after that I’ll type my first chapters… Thanks for this post, cause I was going to read about typing ebooks instead of actually typing an ebook, until I read this post! :)

  • adhy

    hi Pat, this is the first time I comment, I m not fluent in english, so sorry if I m never leave comment to the article you send..But really this is the article I realize,..that nothing happen if we do nothing…,Salam kenal Pat

  • Ben Troy

    I have create 1 more niche site about wordpress tip and start driving traffic and strong backlinks

  • James

    Great post, will do now! :)

  • Ben Troy

    Today’s my plan
    I would think that the first few bucks should be used to reinvest in the basics:
    1) A solid WordPress theme with decent design, logos (if that hasn’t been done yet).
    2) Basic plugins (most essential ones are free, but there are some good premium ones).
    3) A decent book/course on blogging and how to take it to the next level.

    The temptation beyond that is to get caught up with mountains of WSOs and all kinds of backlinking services and more unnecessary premium plugins etc.

    I would think that the best is to invest in YOURSELF, to increase your knowledge, skills at whatever you’re blogging. This is to ensure that you can come out with more QUALITY CONTENT. It’s sad to see many bloggers spend their money on cheap PLRs that many are using, which get their website penalized by Google for duplicated content.

    Also, investing some money on good images is also worth it.

    Lastly, many would use the money to outsource some of the work. That is good if you know what you’re looking for and have all the processes worked out. That really can save a lot of time, which will free you up to do what really matters for your website, like reading up more and produce more quality content.

  • Julie Coleman

    I’m about to pull the trigger on my first article to, hopefully, be published! Wish me luck. Thanks for the motivation and genuine desire to help others!

  • Rene e

    rethink my niche strategy .. thanx for the motivation

  • Sean T

    Just pulled the trigger to add personalized videos to my site! Sent out the invites and pumped to get rockin!

  • LaTisha

    Great post! I’ve definitely been working on completing one thing each day. Today I plan to write another newsletter autoresponder.

  • Natalie

    Today I resigned from my full time job as a Senior Web Designer. I want to build my own online businesses. I am looking for the information about passive incomes online. If you read this post and have some great ideas, please let me know. Thanks so much! Have a very successful day ! Natalie

  • daxx

    Today I launched my new website, and now I started to build some backlinks.

  • Steven Fox

    Great concept for a post Pat, well done. And to answer your question, I am currently in the middle of switching hosts and completely redesigning/restructuring my main site for better long-term potential. I’ll get back to it then…

  • Summer

    I’m going to get my site off the ground complete with e-book and articles, get started marketing it with the smartest strategy I can possibly think up, and aim to make a reasonable amount of money very quickly.

  • Oli M

    Pat, I’m a real newbie at this but I think you and your site are utterly fantastic – I am at an age where it’s getting harder to be inspired by much, but you are truly an inspiration. I have bought a copy of market samurai, got hold of evernote and mindmeister, and today wrote and submitted my first article on infobarrel. Thanks so much, I know it won’t be easy but I just love your whole philosophy and the way you are working on this, and wish you every success.

  • Melanie Lundheim

    Wrote a pillar article for one of my websites, and now I’m going to get some quality shut eye.

  • Joey

    I’m just about to reach my 100th blog post so I’m going to write my own 100 word post 😉

  • Carole

    I’m going to do more research and read more from your site. I’m a real, true “newbie” and have a lot to learn! :-)

  • Jenny

    Great idea Pat! I’m going to finish off formatting my e-book giveaway! :-)

  • Rose

    I know you want me to be doing rather than learning, but since the doing that I have to do is cleaning and sorting through my bills, I am also going to be listening to one of your podcasts as I clean. The doing in relation to my business that I have done is bookmark your site so I can get to it easier next time.

    Oh, and I am truly going to work on the Kindle books I have on the back burner this weekend. Wouldn’t it be potentially life changing to get one up? Just to be able to do that.

  • Laura Thomas, MFT

    Hi Pat:

    Looks like everybody keeps adding to this post. Maybe because it’s THAT good.

    So today I took a few steps – one was to finally decide on the hosting company for my new website which will be an exciting (and scary, but scary good) venture for me in having my own website instead of paying $60 a month (gulp) for a template website! And yes, I chose bluehost and yes, I used your affiliate link. It’s my way of thanking you, quite frankly. You may be a young guy and doing quite well, but you’re putting out the quality for the rest of us, so why not “pay it back” (or is that forward?).

    Being on Think Traffic’s site, too, I decided I could use a good bootcamp on starting and making a blog that mattered, so I signed up (again using your affiliate link) for the course and watched a portion of Corbett’s interview with Leo Babuata. Good stuff!

    Plus I finished my laundry. Oh yeah, and I did a phone session with a good client of mine (actually, I’m a therapist so that’s what I’m really supposed to be doing).

    Thanks again, Pat. All the best.


  • Will

    Comment 500!

    Hi Pat,

    I am gonna follow your niche site duel. ‘Just in time learning’ to create a niche site I am interested in that generates a bit of income. I have just selected my keyword niches to research. Next its time to download Market Samurai!

  • Monty Campbell

    Today I plan to start a consistent post process. Daily post process for my blog. I will also finalize my post for my yahoo voices account too. I will seek to help new bloggers and get my brand consistent with my message.

    Thank for the post and inspiration.

  • Monty Campbell

    Wow.. side bar.. You have more comments here than you have words in the original posts. That is a statement to how the community has come together.


    Started writing more content and really 100 words makes some people literate thank you so much…

  • Malloy

    I’m going to update our store today to add our new fanny packs and hats. Adding additional items will help to increase the revenue we bring in, as well as help to spread our brand and mission.

  • Trung Nguyen @ Starting a Blog

    I love the first sentence you have written down on this post, yes, success only comes when we take action. Thanks for remind about that sound.

  • Aruna

    I am gonna try and figure how to get the sidebar of my site working when viewed on an Ipad. I am still new to making a site/blog, (which would be very evident if you look at my site now), so if anyone has any pointers to share on this specific issue that’d be much appreciated.

    Pat, thanks for your inspiration…and my heartiest congratulations to you and your growing family.

  • Aruna

    I am super-thrilled. It looks like I already figured it out. I just cut & pasted my first ever code in the styling sheet section. :-)

    Now I need to give myself a new call to action ..try to make a facebook landing page! And before doing that I am going to revisit your post on that.

    Thx again.

  • Reno

    Your site is amazing! I provide web hosting service and have started few new sites but felt lost. Finally a straight up and honest path to follow.
    Found your site last night and read and watched your videos until I realized the sun was coming up! LOL
    Blogs? Never seen the reason for them… but installed one on one of my ebook sites and by the time I got up today, had 60 subscribers!

    Thanks a bunch!
    Reno A., Pensacola FL

  • Paula

    A list of 10 sites I can find women who’ve launched their last or only child and are interested in creating the next chapter of their lufe.

  • Thom Rogers

    This morning I will develop my Company Mission Statement & begin to outline my website content.

  • Mike

    Pat – You inspired me to start….completely from scratch. I started a new blog here: Would love to get your thoughts on look/feel. Wish me luck!

  • Angela

    I’m refining my business plan to enter a local Dragon’s Den style competition. I am an animal chiropractor and need all the community support I can get to spread the word on my unique perspective in animal health :) I will definitely be writing and E-book soon!

  • John

    I am going to write and publish a blog post on our blog at to help some Linux admins take care of their Linux VPS

  • Michael Todoran

    I am committing to doing a drawing a day for 365 days. I’m on day 16 so far an have sold 3 pieces so for. Tonight I’m recording my FIRST podcast with an author and musician as a guest to add more dynamic content and drive traffic to my blog.

  • Kenneth

    I will finish creating the content for my homepage and I will choose a theme by the end of the week… :)

  • blenyo

    I will start writing for a new niche site

  • Mohit

    Just wrote the first post of my new blog! You really inspire me Pat, keep up the good work.

  • Dev

    Added a Landing Page to my Website’s FB Fan Page

  • Damien

    Signed up for your ebook.

    As soon as I’m done writing this, going to register two domain names that I have blog ideas for.

    I only discovered your blog and your podcast a week ago, and already I feel like you’ve given me the confidence and the roadmap I needed to break out of my corporate handcuffs.

  • Karl Craig-West

    Thanks Pat,
    I’m going to dedicate some time everyday to developing incoming links to my website.

  • Tyler

    I’m about to compose by first solo ad and give away a free eBook!

  • Military Money

    Finished up a post about things I did for money in college! Thanks for the inspiration Pat!

  • Kelly

    I’m going to start writing my opt-in offer.

  • Michael

    Push my niche site :)

  • Nikoeveron

    Doing some Backlinks for my secondary sites. Gathering ideas for a new project. Writing down some content ideas.

    • ke toan can tho

      I will build a niche site about accounting job and monetize it with adsence.

  • John Martens

    Just finished creating my first FREE online course in Excel today – all you need to get up and running in just 1 hour. I have other 1-hour courses planned, and I think the first one is the hardest (I hope). Thanks Pat for helping me get the ‘juices flowing’ on this project. Still a newbie and have lots to learn. First time poster here at SPI, but hopefully you’ll hear more from me in the future.

  • Niche à succès

    While I caught this post late, I was feeling it all day (so, very serendipitous to come across it late in the day).
    Today, despite a website still in the development phase, we created a facebook page (thanks to your video showing the world how to create a super simple landing page for non-fans and fans alike) for our new website and business and recommended it to our friends.
    It is the pressure of an audience (or at least the illusion of one) that will incite us to create more and more content and sharpen the imagery and branding of the business in shorter order. Thanks for the motivation, Pat (even after the fact counts)!

  • Neville Solomon

    I’m gonna rigorously look for a niche to work towards… I feel I’ve been learning too much about how to search the market… It’s time to actually put in work… For some reason I’m scared, but I have to work through it in order to be successful. Let’s go!

  • Marc

    I am going to start writing more blog posts, and look to engage with bloggers in my space as a precursor to content exchange

  • Sam Matla (Minimal Blog)

    I’m going to spend some time on forums and also spend some time networking with other bloggers in my niche.

  • Krystian

    I will do some research and write an article for my website.

  • randyh1555

    I’m going to take a look at where I am and where I want to be. Look at the things in my life that need strengthening, things that will help me reach my goals. Envision myself doing what I have never done before, remembering that what others have done, I can do also.

  • Matthew

    Content Content Content, and I need to start building links

  • dich vu thue can tho

    I will build a niche site on accounting niche and monetize it with my own service and affiliate produts i will follow your step by step guides on niche site duel
    Thanks again.

  • jeff

    I do something beneficial to my businesses:
    This link will help Google to index my new site… :)

  • Jeremiah Say

    I will learn some traffic generation strategies and apply them as soon as the holiday period is over.

    I can’t wait to get started:) Happy 2013 everyone!

  • Flora M. Brown

    Great idea for a post.
    I’m going to finish revising my ebook.


  • RSai

    I started a blog not long ago. Like you said, blogs demand more work than a niche site and its all about quality content. I guess this is what I should be aiming for. Quality content.

  • marty

    tomorrow Im going to decide what topic to blog.

  • Dave

    Tonight is all about backlinking. I’m working through my first backlinking attempt. Wish me luck.

  • Kathy Gerstorff

    I’m here to find your affiliate link to the hosting site you recommend so I can transfer my WordPress blog, The Optimist Store. I’ve listened to several of your podcasts and am now a big fan. I’m also following your advice and starting my own podcast in January 2014!

  • Kathy Gerstorff

    I’m here to find your affiliate link to the hosting site you recommend so I can transfer my WordPress blog, The Optimist Store. I’ve listened to several of your podcasts and am now a big fan. I’m also following your advice and starting my own podcast in January 2014!

  • Mila

    Hi Pat, I am huge fan!! You inspire me, you let me know that success is REAL! So I have started a niche site and I am having a hard time , (and fun time)putting it together, but nontheless, its coming together.

    • Anam

      This is sad because I used a landing page since day 1 to better engage my audience and encourage new visitors to like my page and become a fan.

      dr david caminer

      • joe cos

        You have to be kidding right, the site I was sent to is a joke there was zero information offered, looked like an old link bait site from 1993

        • smartpass

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    • dell

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  • Troller

    Im going to fuck your mum

  • Mommihaq

    I will read more of your tips and posts. They are very helpful and inspiring!

  • Trey Shields

    Starting my blog today!

  • Catherine Ochún Soliz-Rey

    I am about to add a service page to my blog – of all the services I offer

  • Chris Brown

    Good one Pat! You just encouraged me to take the time to write an extra bog post today! Cheers,

  • Xuca

    Hi. After reading this post. I have taken action. I published blog: . hi

  • S Charansingh

    Read and read….and consolidate knowledge….so will read more of your blogs

  • Lee

    I have read several of your posts today and this one made me laugh. The reason is because it is the some of the best advice I got here today! Thank you for everything you have put out. I’m going to get the ball rolling…

  • dave

    Thank you I am working on my first blog

  • rahmat ralfa

    This is very, very interesting

  • Maggie

    Hi Pat, I’m just a newbie at this and my blog site is in the birth stage. I’ve read your Smart Passive income and it is outstanding. You give very good advice, thank you. Maggie

  • chaoscow

    Using your techniques for existingish business

  • David

    I’m going to get a notebook and pencil and turn off my phone and computer for a half hour. Then I’ll write down 50 ideas for niche businesses, choose the best ones, and vet them – I’ll pick the very best one and start building a product/site/app. Thanks for the motivation.

  • The Guy

    I’m working on my interaction with the blogging community. Commenting and giving feedback to other bloggers in my niche. It builds friendships and a healthy relationship with other bloggers. It is all about working together.

  • Joanne

    I’m going to write the static pages for my new blog, such as my About Me page. Then research headlines for first 20 blog posts, and write the first 5 and publish. By the end of today my new blog will be live :)

    Thank you for the push in the right direction, I’ve had a plan written for over a week and spent that time reading…not acting!

  • juel rahman

    It is another very good idea.

  • Martin Jul Hammer

    Very true. My problem isn’t taking action. It’s taking focused action on one thing so it actually becomes something big.