SPI 070: The Brain, The Equation of Emotion, and How We Feel

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In this session of the Smart Passive Income Podcast, I’m happy to welcome Sean Webb as a guest on the show as we discuss and discover some really interesting things about our brains and why and how we feel what we feel.

On the surface it may seem like this information isn’t too relevant to what we do as online business owners, bloggers and entrepreneurs, but in fact it’s actually at the root of everything we do and why we do it. It’s behind every decision we make and eventually determines the success (or lack of success) within our business.

As you’ve probably experienced in the past, being an entrepreneur is full of highs and lows. Actually, to be more specific, extremely high highs, and extremely low lows. It’s the extremely low lows that are dangerous because many people either give up, or get too upset about why things are the way they are.

As you’ll hear from Sean, there’s actually a simple formula that, if we can only understand, will help shape our emotions that surround our businesses and the decisions that we make, and help us quickly move forward when things don’t happen the way we want them to.

More specifically, in this session you’ll find out about:

  • Why Sean walked away from his successful, 6-figure job.
  • How Sean, with no formal education in psychology, presented to M.I.T. and Georgia Tech about what he discovered about emotion.
  • The equation of emotion and why it plays a role in everything that we do.
  • Specific examples of how one may be able to use the equation of emotion to improve their business.
  • How I personally, could have improved my own situation when my servers went down for an entire week a couple of months ago.
  • Whether or not changing your expectations is simply a way of fooling yourself.
  • Some of our favorite quotes to live by.
  • And more!

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Items mentioned in this podcast include:

A Question from a Listener…

This session’s voicemail question is from Frank from Metro Prystai who asks about publishing a book on your own site versus publishing on a marketplace such as Amazon.com and iBooks, and the pros and cons of each. He also asks an audiobook formatting question about how to include separate chapters within a single audio file.

I share my answer to Frank’s question at the end of this session.

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Click Here to Download the Transcript for Session 70 (PDF)

  • http://twitter.com/roudvolf Rodolfo Oliveira

    Way to go Pat! Really great subject for a podcast episode! I simply love the psychology side of learning and developing which I find crucial to any business owner!

    • http://www.kangjum.com Kang Jum

      I Like this one of brain oppinion.

  • Maria

    Hi Pat,
    What I really like about your podcast is that you also tell us what you did wrong so we can do it right. Just keep up with the good work!

  • http://www.managainstthegrain.com Michael

    This is a fantastic episode Pat. This is an extremely useful topic a lot of people don’t think about! I’m trying to do similar things and this was great. It’s unreal how having this knowledge can help you in your life, relationships and business.

  • http://www.livingformondays.com Monja

    hi Pat ,
    I’m a huge fan of your Podcast. Actually, I’m looking forward to the next episode and come over to check the site several time. i usually listen to it at the physiotherapist 😉 i got so much out of these podcasts, i can’t thank you enough for them. Thank you for everything!

  • Ashley G

    Hey Pat,
    I really enjoy your podcasts! I’ve been listening for about a year now, and the sessions are typically life changing material. This session has been very timely as well. Since having failed online time and time again, I’ve been going though some very inhibiting emotions while participating in the niche site duel 2.0 This latest podcast is just the tool I need to break through that negative stuff and keep moving forward. Thank you for everything you do.

  • Dave T

    Pat loving the podcasts. What I like the best other then then topics is the SOUND! I have heard so many bad sounding podcasts/webinars lately. Maybe you should do a podcast on “How to make your podcast sound great” With a list of equipment and software you use. :)

    Keep the podcast’s coming.

  • http://eludethecube.com Mike Collins

    Great stuff Pat! I love the part about not fearing failure because it only moves you one step closer to success. Our mindset affects us in so many ways and if we can learn to think in more healthy in productive ways who knows what we’ll be capable of.


  • http://www.EfficientLifeSkills.com Joseph Michael

    Hey Pat,

    Just listening now. I love the topic of this podcast. It sounds like something I would have on my site 😉

    Seriously though it’s all won or lost in our mind. That is why it is so important that we consistently fill our minds with positive content (like this podcast) and surround ourselves with people who are where we want to be in life.

    As far as the podcast goes…
    I love it. The only thing I wish there was more of is…more episodes lol. I’ve listened to every episode…uhh…twice! So I was thrilled to hear you were going to shoot for 1 a week.

    I think its great when you have guests on the show but actually I think you could do more episodes where its just you. As much as I love inspirational stories I would have to say my favorite parts of the podcast are the practical and actionable tips that come out of it. And you have such a gift with teaching and breaking things down for us. It is much appreciated.

    Keep up the good work!


  • Kyle M.

    Good stuff as always. On a side note you said to be creative to get your attention to get into the MLG. So this is a comment I’m leaving for your Dad since he loves reading your comments so much! I’ve been listening to your son for months on end now(since I got my iPad mini for Christmas) and I’m just getting started in this world of “Making Money Online”. Your son Pat seems like the best and most honest resource and will make a great mentor for someone lucky enough to be a part of the MLG. I’ve got the mindset and motivation, would love for you to put in a good word for me!
    Thanks to both Mr Flynns!

  • http://rustyboozer.com Rusty

    You struck oil again. Great podcast. It was actually a little funny because you seemed so engaged it was almost like your own therapy. It was at least for me.

    Seriously, I think your doing a great job and the quality and format of your podcast are excellent. I really like the Ray Edwards podcast and you may want to check his out to benchmark against. He’s friends with Michael Hyatt as well.

    PS – For your listener question, you can also include chapter markers for the podcast in Garageband on a Mac. You can create it there natively or import it from other projects and then add the chapter markers. Provided they’re in a format that Garageband will except.

    – Rusty

  • http://www.equalizingstrength.com Beth at Equalizing Strength

    Hi Pat, I know the topics in this episode were a little different, but I think variety is good and we can still apply the information to ourselves. You mentioned that you were running out of fun facts about yourself. I have to admit that’s my favorite part of the show, so I have a suggestion. My sister is very good at remembering my awkward moments dating back decades. If you have siblings, they may be equally useful in providing material for this segment.

  • Leah Latini

    Do I like the podcast? Are you kidding?
    No matter what the topic, I feel like you do a great job explaining how it may relate to your listeners. I also just love getting an audio motivational boost every week. I never listen to regular radio any more. I have found my attitude and work ethic are much better when I just listen to podcasts! Yours is by far one of my favorites, and I look forward to it every week.

  • http://www.digitalrealism.com.au/blog Darin Mandy

    Love it, One day I will be first to comment on your Blog 😉 Keep up the good work!


  • http://www.learnabouttheweb.com Michael Chibuzor

    I like everything about psychology and mindset. Just like Sean Webb right said, when the mind is in good order, it can increase peace, boost business and help us relate with other people more successfully.

    Great podcast!

    Personally, I’ve interest in learning about the brain and how mine works. Apart from using it to grow your business by serving your audience well, it can also enhance your life. Don’t you think so Pat?

  • http://vivienvc.com Vivien, digital fashion designer nomad

    thank you for the great interview, it certainly is a deep topic and good for re-listen. Detachment to things is hard to achieve but a great way to be less emotional and be more productive. Great job on interviewing questions to dissect the topic for the audience, thank you!

  • Fireburn

    Very refreshing episode. As entrepreneurs we do wrestle with overcoming our emotions all the time – probably much more than average. I was thinking about what he said about meditation and its effect on stress reduction and improvemed health. How would one strike that balance between a noisy connected world and a peacefully bliss? We work in an ecosystem that revolves around everything competing for our attention constantly. How do we effectively over come that? I don’t remember hearing him touch on that.

  • http://blog.momekh.com Momekh

    Pat, love this!
    Understanding ourselves is how the ancients did it – it is how we can rise above the rest as well. Know Thyself.
    I rarely comment on your posts, although I read EACH AND EVERYONE. I get to learn so much! A thing about this post — the interview goes through relatively “thick” concepts very quickly.
    All the best man!

  • Charles Rivers

    Hey Pat,

    Awesome, Awesome Episode.. This is my area of interest and I’ve been trying to find a way on how I can turn it into a business opportunity. Still searching and digging..


  • http://www.MoneyAhoy.com Derek @ MoneyAhoy


    Anxious to see the transcript. This may be one of your most interesting posts for me yet. They say that succeeding in business is 90% mental, so I will be interested to see what light this sheds on the topic!

  • Matt

    Am I the only one who´s BS-detector went off constantly during this interview?

    Sean Webb makes tremendous claims, but never backs it up with facts. “Backed up by people at MIT and GA Tech who’ve spoken at TED” – Who? If this were true he certainly would use them as a reference, but he never mentions any names.

    Same story on his Facebook Page: “I just got off the phone with the world’s leading expert in affective computing (emotions computing), after sharing the mind model with her…” – Right, care to give any names?

    The spiritual/self-help industry is a multi-million dollar business and to gain a bit of credibility a common tactic is to give the impression of being scientific by referencing journals, using jargon and namedropping.

    I´m not saying Sean is a fake – I honestly don´t know – but all these claims without facts, a book without reviews and products without references do not make a strong impression.

    I think he shouldn´t be able to get away with all those claims in the interview without providing any kind of references to back it up. The SPI blog and podcasts are so popular because all claims are being backed up by income reports, niche site duels and strategies.
    Unfortunately that was not the case in this interview. (On a sidenote, that´s why I find Andrew Warner from Mixergy such a good interviewer – he´s not afraid to confront his guests).

    Anyway, thanks Pat for all the amazing content you´re putting out there. I´m a big fan of your work. Just not this particular episode.

    • Vlad

      Nah, your BS detector seems to be calibrated well. So is mine.

      But then religion helps people, BS or not, so why Sean cannot?

      • http://www.iamspirituality.com Sean Webb

        The placebo effect positively helps people from 27-34%, but plasticity being affected by the epigenesis of conscious thought patterns is clinically proven peer reviewed science. You can see the changes in ion channels at the neurons under a microscope.

    • http://www.habitpoem.com/ Byron Friday (@akaTGIF)


    • http://www.iamspirituality.com Sean Webb

      I’m not a name-dropper, which is why I didn’t mention the names in the podcast. But since you asked, the first person to validate the model at MIT was Dr. Rosalind Picard, the founder of the Affective Computing Group at the Media Lab, who also spoke at TED on emotions. She turned me onto a couple of her colleagues who also validated it at MIT, including Dr. Barry Kort, who is a 50+ year expert in the field of cognitive catalysis of emotions. GA Tech was Presad Tetali at the Advanced Algorithms Research Center in the building named after my friend Chris Klaus. Bruce Walker was the Industrial Psychology consult who turned me onto other experts. Dr. Philart Jeun saw it and signed on as a research partner without hesitation. Dr. Dan Siegel is the UCLA Medical Center contact, who is a professor of Clinical Psychology, and who has a similar model only 2 or so years behind mine. You can read about that in his book The Developing Mind, which was a best seller. He’s up for a Nobel and is widely considered one of the world’s leading experts in the field, to include being the founder of the field if Interpersonal Neurobiology.

      I don’t like name droppers. They set off my BS meter. But as you challenged my credibility and honesty, I thought I needed to share them.

  • http://www.aloeverahq.com Aloe Vera Headquarters

    Awesome podcast Pat! Whenever I loose focus I always drop on over to the SPI blog it always fires me up again! You show us all that is possible to succeed, when the right amount of effort is put in.

  • http://www.teePOPz.com Miracle

    Great interview. Anyone else notice Sean sounds like Seth Rogen? At least, a smart Seth Rogen. ha

  • Holly

    I love your podcasts – the organization of them – the variety – the show notes – the summaries. I always come away with more ideas than I can implement. Do NOT publish more than one a week. I think we are all in a state of information overload and more is not always better. We need time to act before getting more to act on.

    Would love more of the Reader Questions. They seem to cover the basics that sometimes get forgotten for the beginners. Thanks

  • http://www.robertaloufek.com Roberta Loufek

    Loved this podcast. One thing that has helped me to not become overly emotional about things is to keep perspective. As a nurse I’ve seen what can happen to a person’s life in an instant, and that helps me to keep it all in perspective. Even a website going down is not much compared to the health and well being of ourselves and our loved ones. Volunteering for those less fortunate is another way to keep perspective, and travel to places showing those less fortunate. Thanks for all the wonderful things you do.

  • http://simplylearnbusiness.com Nick Purcell

    Hello Pat and Sean,

    First of all, loved this podcast session. I’m very interested in business and psychology, which is why I decided to go for a major in marketing.

    I just recently went through a break up that kind of has destroyed me and the worst part is that she moved on to another guy. I just wanted to ask if Sean is reading these comments (or Pat if you have any advice too). What should I do as far as my perception or basically how I should try and help myself get through this?

    I still have hope (because we talked about the possibility) that we might end up being together after we both do some more exploring (we are both young). Any thoughts from Sean, Pat, or the SPI Community would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.

    • http://www.iamspirituality.com Sean Webb

      I realize. I am replying way too late to be of any service, but as you have doubtless realized by now that time heals all wounds.

  • http://searchenginesniper.org Christopher

    The extremely high highs of entrepreneurship are more than worth all the extremely low lows it comes with. It’s just difficult for those who have never experienced the highs (success) yet to really understand this…and many of them give up early as a result. Finding ways to stay motivated is crucial, at least until you’ve experienced what the other side is like. When you finally get there, that’s motivation enough to work through all future obstacles. It was for me anyhow.

  • http://leavinglowwages.blogspot.com/ Janice

    Your podcasts just keep getting better and better. I love that you are branching out and giving us information on how to improve ourselves, not just our websites. The reason I hang out on your site more than any other is that you truly want to help people, and because you do such a great job at that you make good money at it. That’s my goal too. Keep up the great work!

  • Paul Tynan

    Pat, the best part of the podcast was the answer you provided to the viewer asking about publishing on Amazon. You mentioned the KDP Select program and that is exactly what I need for my upcoming book. I definitely need exposure over money at this point. Thanks for the timely and valuable tip.

    I’m still thinking about Sean’s information and looking at his site. I do think that the topic is very important and I appreciate his efforts which seem sincere.

  • http://www.bedbugsprayguide.com Kris Wenzel

    Thanks for the great podcast topic. The more we can understand our minds and brains, the easier it will be to cope and sell… :)

  • http://www.stumbleforward.com Chris @ Stumble Forward

    Another great podcast Pat. It’s crazy the role emotions play in our businesses. I think being able to control our emotions is a very tough thing to do but as I look back on my business over the last few years I can tell getting caught up in my emotions has costed me a lot over the last few years. This is definitely one area I need to work on to improve myself. Thanks for all the great content.

  • http://familyfirst-online.blogspot.com/ Family First

    i like these podcast topic. You’re my amazing Pat!

  • http://familyfirst-online.blogspot.com/ Family First

    i like these podcast topic. You’re amazing Pat!

  • http://www.dawnofchange.com/training Onder

    Such a great interview Pat,

    Mindset is so crucial when it comes to doing anything in life. I used to be a massive procrastinator and had doubts in my own abilities, which stopped me from living out my life in the way I’ve always wanted. My entire 20’s has been like that until last year when I finally decided to launch my blog.

    It’s one of the main reasons why I wanted to interview you on my blog. Even though the theme of my site wasn’t relevant to yours on the surface, it still has a lot of relevance on a meta level.

    It was awesome listening to this. Thanks a lot

  • http://www.youtuberainmakerreviews.com/ Hai Phuong

    thank you Pat, I love this Podcast, it’s help me have emotion to action, i have new idea but i don’t action, my habit make me lazy,boring… this podcast is amazing

  • http://www.stockservicereviews.com Ethan

    Still not sure if I like the podcast yet…… But I have listened to every episode even though I only found this site about a month or two ago. Also I check pats site every day to see if anything new has been posted.

    Pat I love the new podcast bar. The volume slide and the total podcast length is really helpful.

    Just reached about 30 visitors a day consistently to my site thanks to you pat.


  • http://www.48Days.net Dan Miller

    Wow – way to jump into the deep end. I loved this podcast. Thanks for including information that relates to parts of life other than just technology.

  • http://www.biketoworkblog.com Kwin Peterson

    The guest seemed a little kooky on this one but there is a bit of truth in everything. Listening to this reminded me of all the other people I’ve heard prescribe meditation as an aid to focus, so I did some research and added it to my Lift habits. Thanks for the podcast, Pat.

  • http://www.nickykay.com Nick Kizirnis

    Pat, I really enjoyed this podcast, it was a nice surprise to see Sean here as I discovered his podcast a while back and I really dig how he explains his ideas. Great stuff, thank you!

  • Rick Henry

    Hi Pat,

    I can’t remember where I first heard about you and your site. I wasn’t instantly a fan either. I listened to a few podcasts when I had time at the end of the week after I exhausted my “go to” podcasts. Over time though, as soon as I see a new episode under your podcast, it is the next one moved to my queue.

    This episode in particular was well timed. I have been doing a lot of sole searching lately and the psychological discussions in this episode were very meaningful to me.

    Thank you so much and keep up the great work!


  • Sal Coombes

    Love the new intro Pat! Can’t wait to hear what your target keyword for Niche Duel 2.0 is.

  • Emma

    I really wish there was a daily Pat Flynn Radio show I could listen to on my way driving to work and back (2 hours total!)

  • http://Www.1000islandssteelking.com Mike

    Howdy Pat,
    I’ve been following the podcasts for a year and a half now, and get something out of each and every one. I especially appreciate you making the transcript available because there are many times I need to quickly read through it versus even the sped-up playback method. Thanks for the great work you are producing.


  • http://www.jeanettesvensson.com Jeanette

    Hey Pat!:)

    Just wanted to say that I loved this podcast!!:) Thank you so much for it and all the value that you give to everyone!:)) Keep up the good work and I am looking forward for your next podcast as well!:))

    Thank you and enjoy your day!:))
    Kind regards

  • http://www.fourhourphysician.com George Smolinski

    This guy is absolutely correct about these strategies to overcome fear and the concept of neural plasticity. Our central nervous systems, being so adaptable, can make enormous changes to better interact with our environments. Examples abound from simpler motor skills like shooting a basketball to the relatively newer concept of altering our emotions via neural plasticity.
    Even though he talks highly of meditation–and I do believe its an extremely useful tool–the power to make these structural changes can be a simple as having the self-realization that you ARE having a negative reaction to a given situation and then consciously choosing NOT to react negatively but instead reacting positively.
    Yes, I know. Simple, right? Well, this is one of those things that’s simple, not easy.
    But that first instance of reacting positively is ENORMOUS. Inertia, including emotional inertia, is inherent to our lives. Its beneficial as it gives us a foundational template for emotional reactions to a situation if, and only if, those emotional reactions are beneficial. Changing those reactions again can be difficult but that first step to overcome inertia is a tremendous step because that initiates the laying down of a new neural pathway. The next time you’re in that situation, then, choosing the beneficial emotional response is that much easier and grows easier each time.
    Again, great stuff Pat, and keep up the good work.
    George Smolinski, M.D.
    Four Hour Physician

  • http://www.realestateagenttrainingguide.com Monique

    Great podcast, Pat. It’s nice to get a different perspective on things and to know that I’m not the only one going through these emotions.

    I guess if I don’t get chosen to join your Niche Site Duel mastermind group I shouldn’t take it as an attack on my sense of self :-)

  • C.J

    Argh! I have your intro song stuck in my head now..hehe

  • http://www.technotwinkle.com Jijin Mohan

    That’s a nice podcast Patt, interesting.

  • http://mywealthdesire.com/blog-2/ Walt@My Wealth Desire

    It is correct that we fail to decide because of fear. We mind our emotion over our decisions making. The root of our success is how we act according to our emotions or fear. Many become failure due to supremacy of fear in his mind and body.

  • http://www.squareoneaffiliate.com Tigue Burgess

    Hey Pat,

    I figured I would put my 2 cents in on your podcast. I love it! I was so glad when you committed to more frequent shows at the beginning of the year. You asked if there was anything we would like to add to the podcast. So here are some suggestions:

    One of the things I like about reading your monthly income reports is that you go into detail about insights into why your projects were more or less successful for that month. I would like to see a segment of your podcast devoted to lessons learned from your experiences with your business, and maybe an insight to your methodology behind some of your business decisions. Maybe not every episode, but 1-2 times a month.

    I think every one of us would love a “fireside chat with Pat”; (you can use that if you want 😉 Maybe you could get one of your podcasting peers to join in an episode, not as an interview, but just to chat about the business with each other as you would over lunch.

    Pat, you are an inspiration to me to keep at my goals in online business. I admire you for your focus and work ethic, while still putting family first. Kudos to you and thank you for all you do.


  • http://www.fonds-ecrans-gratuits.com/ fond d’écran ordinateur

    Just wanted to say that I loved this podcast!!:) Thank you so much for it and all the value that you give to everyone!:)) Keep up the good work and I am looking forward for your next podcast as well!:))

    Thank you and enjoy your day!:))
    Kind regards

  • http://www.mon-theme-windows.com/ theme windows 8

    Great podcast, Pat. It’s nice to get a different perspective on things and to know that I’m not the only one going through these emotions.

    I guess if I don’t get chosen to join your Niche Site Duel mastermind group I shouldn’t take it as an attack on my sense of self

  • http://www.homelearningexperience.com Sibo

    Every I am distracted by so many business ideas and browse so many different websites to chase for ideas and my fear goes up and confidence goes down when things did not meet my expectation.

    Today I am glad I listened to this great podcast and found the best explanation from the science point of view about human behavior. I am a bog fan of facts and evidence, so I will look into this topic further.

    Even though the whole idea did not sound like related to business at all at the first place, it is really the core of live a better life.

    I will stop guessing and start understanding today!

    My biggest “thank you” to Pat to Sean for the great interview. You guys rock!

    • http://www.iamspirituality.com Sean Webb

      Thanks, Sibo!

  • http://www.100simplebooks.com K.B. Helm

    I like when you answer people’s questions. It might be a good idea for a whole podcast episode “ask Pat” where you let people submit questions for you just like the Tim Ferriss interview and then respond to them. I know you do this in comments and email, but it might be helpful for people to have an episode of direct questions to you in a podcast format.

  • http://active-writing.com/ active-writing.com

    very interesting as always/!:):)

  • http://twitter.com/gobrickless Eric Foster

    Hi Pat,

    Great episode!… I always find it helpful when I get a reminder of just how much, that I DON’T know. And this episode was that reminder for me. In a good way! Very interesting stuff!

    As far as your 1st 70 podcast’s… They were all great. Well, at least 68 of them. LOL. I really look forward to the things you will be doing in the future, and to the next 70 episodes.

    Keep up the great job!

  • http://www.quantumcoursereview.com Martin

    Great podcast, learned a lot from it. I just got started with internet marketing so I am trying to learn as much as possible. Thanks.


  • Celine

    Wow Pat. Just wow.

    You are so on the button with this episode it is unbelievable. This topic is so relevant right now, and not just for entrepreneurs.

    You’ve addressed a very real but unseen aspect and challenge of entrepreneurialism and being human in general.

    Thank you Pat and Sean.

    • http://www.iamspirituality.com Sean Webb

      Very glad it helped, Celine!

  • http://www.dialysistechniciancentral.com Shaun Penrod

    Hey Pat,

    I loved this podcast. I love learning about other aspects of business beyond just the online how tos. (Those are SUPER useful though so don’t stop teaching us the baby steps.) But this emotion podcast was great.

    I kept thinking of applying the model to our visitors. Ask “what do they expect when they visit our site?” If they don’t get/find it they will have a negative response and feel negative emotions. If they find what they want they feel positive emotions.

    So let’s help them get what they want.

  • http://www.plugins24.com Phil

    Hey Pat,

    great Podcast as always. Thank you for NOT only talking about affiliate marketing, but also about other aspects of marketing and blogging. I think we all often under estimate the power of psyhology in our markets.

    Thanks again,


    • http://www.marketingyourfarm.com/new-here/ Iain

      For sure.

      Hearing about different aspects of marketing and blogging is pretty cool. You can use the knowledge from here in different ways to help you become a better marketer.

      It always amazes me how much marketing and psychology are intertwined. There are so many little things that we don’t notice that come from psychology.

  • http://www.toxicnetwork.net Mike Francolino

    Hi Pat, i recently found out about you through Cliff Ravenscraft and seriously wish I would’ve found out about the Smart Passive Income site and show wayyyy sooner. I’m currently on only episode 23 but I’m climbing the show later quickly. Its an amazing podcast with great quality and amazing, insightful, and engaging content. Ive learned so much already and cant wait to see what i learn next. If its this good at 23 I’m sure by 70 it will be that much better. Keep up the good work brother.

  • http://www.tradertechtalk.com John Verbrugge

    Hi Pat,

    Your podcast quickly shot up my list of weekly podcasts to listen to, and it is now my #1 favorite. Every episode is relevant to what I’m working on, and every episode has so much take-away value that I have to wrestle with what to implement first!

    Keep doing what you’re doing. I love the variety of topics, but keeping it all coming back to how to build a business online and make it work.

    Thanks for all you do.

  • http://www.guidedecouteaudesurvie.net/ meilleur couteau de survie

    great Podcast as always. Thank you for NOT only talking about affiliate marketing, but also about other aspects of marketing and blogging. I think we all often under estimate the power of psyhology in our markets.

    Thanks again,

  • http://www.chaise-enfant-guide.net chaise bébé

    great Podcast as always. Thank you for NOT only talking about affiliate marketing, but also about other aspects of marketing and blogging. I think we all often under estimate the power of psyhology in our markets.

  • http://www.poussettepascher-fr.com/ poussette canne

    Great podcast, learned a lot from it. I just got started with internet marketing so I am trying to learn as much as possible. Thanks.

  • http://www.mindbodymarketingonline.com Lisa Kneller

    Thank you for this podcast Pat. As a yoga teacher and internet marketer, it really resonated with me and I just bought Sean’s book. Love what you are doing and plan to learn more from you as an affiliate marketer. Blessings! Lisa

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    This was a great podcast. For the first time, I didn’t listen to music during my weekly run, because I had to catch up on my podcasts. The timing was excellent as I just had a training that discussed emotional quotient (EQ) and the importances of working towards expectations instead of wants. It is an important distinction, you need to expect to success and not want to succeed. If you expect to succeed you will not quit until you do.

    Getting my attitude correct to get full speed on the NSD 2.0!

  • http://www.attractionmarketingdirect.com Stephen Malan

    Thanks for this podcast. And thank you for making it more about blogging and marketing in general and not specifically about affiliate marketing or some other specific area. It is interesting how some times wants get in the way of our expectations.

    Thank you for sharing this…

  • http://homefitnessgeek.com Fred aka HomeFtinessGeek

    This was a great episode for an “out of the box” topic. How we handle our emotions will certainly affect our productivity and our business! Also, I recently heard about the technique of “Getting to No” (if someone won’t purchase, then move on to that next successful sale) from a guest on Erik Fisher’s “Beyond the To Do List” podcast.


  • http://www.vinyldye.co.uk Adam

    Just a not to say, I’ve listened to 4 of your podcasts back to back on my commute. They are FANTASTIC. Seriously good. Thank you. The content is great too, really makes you think. — now i’m off to take a look at your niche site duel, oh, and yes, I did hear the creepy whispering at the end, I was like, ‘hey, this podcast software is broke, it’s meant to skip to the next one, then oww…’, LOL, funny. Love the quotes at the start too.

  • http://www.fliptopline.com Eftiel

    Now this is the one article that catch may ears.
    Great podcast Pat.

  • http://betternetbiz.com/blog Robert

    Our emotion is the energy that puts everything in life in motion. The quality of our emotions (positive or negative) defines where our life is going.

    Several years ago, I had a big setback in my life. Everything looked dark and gloomy and my mind couldn’t see any possible way to get out of this state…

    Finally, I decided to let go of my fear, anger and desperation and to put my mind on something positive – on things that made me feel a bit better every day. This wasn’t difficult, it was just a matter of choice.

    Somehow (I still don’t fully understand how), those problems I was holding on before started disappearing and my life changed from dark grey to bright light.

    I’m convinced, this only happened, because I changed my state of mind, this lead to different thoughts, to different emotions and to different actions… which in turn allowed me to create a different physical reality.

    It is never about specific actions, but always about our state of beingness and it seems like our physical reality and our circumstances are always a reflection of this inner state of beingness.

  • Katrina

    Hi Pat

    I’ve been listening to your podcast for the last 2.5 years and don’t think I’ve missed one yet. I got a lot out of this one. Keep up the great work and best of luck with NSD2 – very exciting!


  • http://www.birthtouch.com Kathy Morelli,LPC

    Hi Pat – Nice podcast… (funny coincidence..Bodymindspirit was the name of my fist bodywork business) .Interesting to hear the concepts of the emotional brain (amygdala & limbic system), the plasticity of the brain as memory & learning change it, our perceptions, and managing emotions as applied to being an entrepreneur. Love the discussion about the on-line flame war, too; those are definitely a waste of valuable time! I love this advice & I gave myself hours in the day quite a while ago by detaching from this kinda stuff on the ‘net. And so valuable to spread the word on the bennies of mindfulness to a new audience. Such valuable concepts are used in professional counseling and in birth hypnosis every day. thanks for this! Kathy

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    i really appreciate the information and the tips you’re giving us!
    Can you please tell me what do you think about my website? and if you have any tips..

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    Another awesome podcast Pat. I really enjoy listening with your conversations and I find the topic very interesting.

  • http://www.kingged.com Riza

    Totally agree. However, common sense should tell a person that what we feel is at the core of how we think, and how we make decisions. I mean, isn’t that obvious? The Secret’s borrowed idea of the Law of Attraction explains how powerful are minds and emotions are in controlling the outcome of what we do.

    Awesome podcast, by the way. Learned a lot. :) I’ve shared this and “Kingged” this on the IM social networking site, Kingged.com and left the above comment there. :)

  • http://breakingferriss.com Nate

    Dude. Don’t know if you’ve also read Steven Pressfield’s The War of Art or it’s just in the air, but I felt similarly about my niche. If you’re not a little scared, it probably means it’s not challenging enough.

    There are obviously other factors to weigh, but nobody better than yourself to tackle this niche and show that by building a fantastic resource you can succeed.

  • http://passivelyfree.com Tal Gur

    Sean is so passionate about the topic, love this podcast! emotions are such a powerful influence on decision making. From my point of view it all starts in the brain…

  • http://canadagirleatspaleo.com Sam

    I haven’t listened to this episode yet – i just have to say OMG YAY! I just found your podcast yesterday and I have listened to episodes 1 – 13 so far. I am so in. You have inspired me so much already and I am so grateful for that! I\m pretty much ready to start my e-cookbook :)

    I for some reason thought you had stopped podcasting though…so to see you are still active is making me extremely happy right now! Thanks for everything, you rock!

  • Theoinwa

    Sean describes Buddhasense. How does each arrive at their own Zen like state.

    It is a very Westernized prescription, like the Secret. It’s a mix of logic, metaphysics, and self-awareness. The ability to separate things as they are versus as they should be. And developing a sense of detachment and non-attachment.

    One area that is left uncovered is the biochemical aspects, how one with micronutrients and knowledge, can shape their own perceptions and how their senses are sculpted.

    Thinking induces actions. Much of it is a function of serotonin and dopamine, and the ability to rebalance those neurotransmitters, and maintain a state of balance.

  • http://www.brillyantliving.com Julian Illman

    Thanks for this great post, Pat and Sean. I jumped for joy when you mentioned the Henry Ford quote “whether you think you can or think you can’t you’re probably right” as I had recently written a blog on the same topic.

    I think recognizing unhelpful beliefs holding us back in business can be the starting point to doing something positive to rectify those blocks to progress. The process of letting go of those beliefs and replacing them with more helpful ones can sometimes take a little longer. Sean alluded to the benefits of meditation and I’d really agree with that. Mindfulness meditation for example can be a fantastic way to recognise the workings of our brain and is a really useful way of understanding and listening to what we are actually experiencing rather than what we are labelling in our minds.

    I thought the stuff you discussed on the immediacy of our reactions to being cut up in a car for example, the threatening of our ego, also very interesting. Dr Steve Peters, in ‘The Chimp Paradox’ has some interesting points to raise on this subject if people are interested. Steve Peters was credited by cyclist Sir Chris Hoy as being instrumental in his achieving a gold at the Olympics.

    Nice to get a post which mixes psychology and business together. Keep up the good work.

  • http://michaelmalbrough.com Mike

    Don’t feel bad Pat. I got the Sega Saturn for Chrismas too. I thought I was going to last until I played the playstation at my best friends house about a week or 2 later.

  • http://www.habitpoem.com/ Byron Friday (@akaTGIF)

    Pat, great on you for bringing this guest on an broaching an important subject. If you don’t mind i’m going to offer a few thoughts regarding Sean Webb’s method of delivering his message:
    -I value Sean’s message however he complicates his message delivery with too much jargon. He method of communication is more like a physicist than a personal development expert/coach. Pat Flynn’s method of message delivery is simple and effective.

    – Us listeners would have benefited from more real life stories (examples) on how he applied his principles in real life. In other words less theory and more actual examples of how he makes the magic happen.

    When Sean Webb got off the phone with Pat what do you think Sean Webb was thinking? NAILED IT! ? – Dang!!! I choked? or Other?

    What do you think his emotional reactions was?

    I ask the above with both respect and from a perspective of critiquing how this marketer delivered his message during the interview – not about the actual value of his content.

    I use the following words of wisdom to guide my emotions during challenging times – “God grant me the serenity to
    accept the things I cannot change;
    courage to change the things I can;
    and wisdom to know the difference.”


    PS – the above are just thoughts and opinions – I do not wish to debate any opposing thoughts and opinions that you have. In fact I highly value any and all opposing views and opinions expressed by you <3

    • http://www.iamspirituality.com Sean Webb

      Awesome comments Byron. I definitely didn’t think I “nailed it”. I am still learning to be an effective teacher. Getting some professional help with that. I will take and integrate your suggestions as best possible. I agree that stories are very compelling.

  • http://www.habitpoem.com/ Byron Friday (@akaTGIF)

    Here is a real life example of how to manage and learn to cope with negative emotions that’s tied into online marketing and social media – wisdom that is practical to apply to your work.

    How to Handle Negative Comments –


  • Olga

    Hi Pat! I’ve been listening to your podcast for about 6 months now. And when I started, I had no idea what passive income was. Now I feel educated enough to start my own niche site. Your podcast is high quality and high value. What I like most is that you stay on topic, you control your conversations with guests, you always make sure you deliver the content that you know we need. I also loved your book Let Go, and I hope I will have my own success story to share with you soon!

  • http://www.spiritualawakening.tv Leah Andrews

    Hey Pat,

    A quick note to let you know how much I enjoyed SPI70 – it was a departure from your usual format, but a subject that’s super close to my heart. That’s because in many ways, Sean’s work is intricately entwined with what my website is focused on.

    I’ve chosen to create a website that brings together all manner of spiritual teachings, which at their core, have the ability to bring happiness and peace. I started the website around the same time you started Niche Site Duel 2.0 so I’m travelling along great right now, and enjoying the slow but steady process. I also want to say how much I valued your recent podcast focusing on the benefits of doing one thing at a time…..definitely timely advice for me and I can honestly say my site is probably more developed right now because I listened to your advice!
    Anyway, thanks as always for all that you do, I’m a big fan and wish you every happiness :-)


    (from Melbourne, Australia)

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    wow very fun and interesting episode

  • http://Www.upwardspiralhq.com Peter-G

    Hey Pat and Sean.

    I enjoyed this episode hugely. I find that there’s not too much you can actually control in your life. But if you can control your thinking then you can direct your life towards some fantastic results. Hey, positive thinking actually works. Our experiences and results are the outcome of our behaviours. If you are snappy and grumpy you don’t get to build great relationships. Our behaviours are the result of our thinking. If you think anger when you get cut off in traffic you will behave badly by trying to prove your point. Our thinking is a result of our thought habits. I think Sean’s advice is key to knowing your thought habits and helping you to change them. Positive thoight habits lead to positive thoughts lead to positive behaviours lead to positive results. Brilliant episode. Thanks.

    • http://www.iamspirituality.com Sean Webb

      Thanks Peter!

  • http://www.businessaccountingmastery.com Joe

    Definitely not your run-of-the-mill “tactics” episode. And, for that, I loved it!! For someone, like me, struggling to start building their passive/residual income streams, it is invaluable to see how managing my emotions is one of the more important things I can do. Looking back on it, I probably started and stopped too many projects just based on my emotions. We can’t eliminate emotions, but we can certainly manage them.

  • http://www.yourexitstrategy.org Elizabeth Hurlow-Hannah

    I can’t remember how I “found” your podcast today, but it was definitely worth listening to! I’ve read through your website and “Thanks Pat” for encouraging a newbie like me. My web designer is almost finished with my website, wish I could say the same for myself in the book that I’m writing. I totally agree with you, that our work should be for the benefit of others, which is why I’m tackling the subject everyone wants to avoid: “Preparing in advance for your End-of-Life” wishes.

    I’ve learned so much today, and really appreciate all of it.

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    I’m in debt to you big fella. Your podcasts give me knowledge about exactly what I need, just stay on this cool path and the sky’s the limit.

    Ps I would beat you in a back to the future off!!

    Much love

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  • http://www.worldsim.com/international-sim-card/ traveller

    You pick some of the best motivators!!

  • Marsha

    Have to be honest Pat…one of the podcast I enjoyed the least. The way this guy presented his topic was very jargon”y” and I guess if he didn’t study psychology maybe he needed to sound like he did. If I hadn’t studied and researched neuropsychology during my MSW I wouldn’t have understood half of what he said. I was so bored halfway through that I’m still not sure what he claims to have discovered? Is he saying that due to the cognitive distortions formed during childhood (i.e. attachment theory – anxious/avoidant, etc.) and reinforced through the developmental process that our experience of reality that confirm our deny those cognitive truths or fallacies? This is basic attachment theory and CBT. I’m not sure how this is a new idea. Also, I wonder how the author views positive psychology and positive thinking and if these contradict his mode. Really not impressed. Also, Anger = fear or hurt (vs. an overly complicated example of attachment map). Odds are that if my server went down, I was actually afraid that a) it wasn’t going to come back up and b) I was going to have to re-do everything c) I would loose my subscriber list, d) hurt – feel like a failure for not backing this up, etc. etc.

    • http://www.iamspirituality.com Sean Webb

      Marsha, I agree that a single podcast is not an efficient place to explain a new emotions model. It’s tough to explain emotions in a nutshell for the non-science community who need to understand them for business (Emotional Intelligence is on the cover of Harvard Business Review’s OnPoint magazine this month as “The Essential Ingredient for Success”). That said, I find your critique a bit unfair, as was you review of my book for which you offered the only 1 star review of the dozens of reviews that now exist.

      I passed the model through experts at MIT, GATech, and now Stanford and one of the world’s leading experts at UCLA Medical Center, who is a professor of Clinical Psychology, teaches with the Dalai Lama, and who is up for a Nobel. In the proper setting, I was able to convey the model in its entirety, and was given only praise and more introductions into the professional scientific community to share it. We are even speaking with Google at the highest levels to determine if the algorithms have value in solving the simulated emotions problem tech is currently facing.

      First, when i use the word attachment, it is not in the traditional attachment theory sense (although this is also a sticking point of vocabulary with one of the world’s leading experts on attachment theory who I have

    • http://www.iamspirituality.com Sean Webb

      (Part 2) …spoken with).

      Regarding your question of positive psychology, while I like the affects emerging in the study participants, it is agreed in the field of contemplative neuroscience (per Richie Davidson, also up for a Nobel) that much of the work on the cognitive self becomes pointless when the self eventually gets disassembled and rebuilt rather than repaired with stopgap therapies. But I do REALLY like the plasticity implications of positive psychology and I do think it genuinely helps some people with their everyday struggles.

      Regarding your understanding of the definition of anger, I have no idea where you got that. Your assessment is incorrect. My logical definition, while the world of psychology has yet to collectively and definitively land on one, is congruent with the definition of anger forwarded by Aristotle, and supported thereafter by the life’s work of James Gilligan, and Dolf Zillman, two of the leading researchers on anger and rage.

      Your response to a server going down depends on your Perception, which of course is half of the Equation of Emotion

    • http://www.iamspirituality.com Sean Webb

      (Part 3 -read from the bottom up)

      . So the example Pat and I were talking about was HIS specific reaction to the time his server went down, not yours. Google is finding it possible to track perception tendencies in users, so this make this a hard problem, not a wicked problem as defined in social planning paradigms.

      I’m interested to find out your other critiques, as that I want to review them for accuracy so I can address them if the model does indeed have weaknesses that have been yet uncovered. Please email me at seanewebb at gmail. Please review Marsha Linehan’s model of emotions, which I am told is VERY similar but not as elegant or complete (unless you ARE Marsha Linehan, in which case you need to take a better look at your own model, then again at my book), and also review Dr. Dan Siegel’s work, as that he is only 2 years behind me in creating the same exact model based on 40+ years in his field. Add Prof Robert Solomon as well. Same track.

      My discovery is in the logical definitions of emotion, for which there are over 70 that so far cannot be refuted or disproved.

      Hit me with what I am missing.

  • john

    So I loved this episode. I know its a little different that the typical SPI stuff but this was awesome (which really isn’t that different from the typical SPI stuff!) I liked it so much that I completely stole it and did a blog about it. http://lifewisefuture.com/stolen-from-pat-flynn/
    Pat thanks for always bringing us great value. I know that this is an older episode and my blog on this is older as well but I wanted you to know you had been robbed, by me. Sorry and thanks.

  • Chris Mealick

    Hey Pat, just getting to this podcast, and it was great! I quit listening right around this podcast in the past (I lost my Itunes information, and just redownloaded all podcasts and am working my way back through). This episode was great, I loved the user question and your answer. Keep up the great work!!

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