THE Blogger’s Guide to Facebook


Note: If you landed on this post, please note that there is an updated post that has everything you need to know about the new TIMELINE Format for Facebook. Please click on this link to check out Timeline for Facebook Pages: The Complete Guide.

Over the last month, I’ve been trying to figure out how to best utilize Facebook as a blogger. To be more specific, I wanted to focus on what Facebook could offer me as far as:

  1. Getting traffic to my blog
  2. Interacting and building relationships with my target audience
  3. Helping to establishing myself as an authority

These three things are all important aspects of becoming a successful blogger, as you probably already know.

I tried to look for posts from the big time bloggers specifically about Facebook and how one could utilize it for their blog, and if it was even worth it. Well, I couldn’t find any definite answers, so I figured I’d just do it myself, see what happens, and report my findings back here for you. That’s kind of what I usually do on this blog.

Anyways, the following is a compilation of what I’ve learned, which I hope many of you can use as a guide if you’re at all interested in using Facebook for something useful other than poking your old high school friends, or showing off your latest Bejeweled Blitz scores and Farmville achievements.


Why Facebook?

Before I get into the actionable, how-to type stuff, it’s important to understand why Facebook should be paid attention to in the first place. Here are some astonishing statistics:

  • There are over 300 million active users (that’s one for each U.S. citizen!)
  • It has an Alexa ranking of 2, just behind Google.
  • On average, people spend 20 minutes a day on Facebook. (Average time spent on any given website: 10 seconds)

Additionally, check out the trends below. I have to credit TechCrunch for this eye-opening comparison:


So, what’s in it for us bloggers? Can we benefit from this rapid expansion into the Facebook platform? I say absolutely, and I have some initial data to prove it.

After just one single month, Facebook has proven to be a notable traffic source for The Smart Passive Income Blog (click chart below to enlarge):


Probably the most notable part of this data is that the traffic from Facebook included those with the most pageviews (3.25), the most average time spent on the site (05:14), and the lowest bounce rate (49.55%), and by a significant amount too. As time goes on, I expect my traffic to increase, and I’ll make sure to keep a close eye on what happens and report back to you. So far, I’m fairly convinced. If not for the quantity of traffic, at least for the quality.

Now, realize that in a perfect world, I would have 1000 Facebook accounts and methods in place to control variables that could have an impact on my data (not to mention, more time) but of course that can’t happen. You can interpret these numbers however you wish, but honestly you won’t know what Facebook can do for you unless you give it a shot yourself. Getting on Facebook is NOT a “Magic Button” for your blog. I’d be weary of anything that claims to be just that. It does take time and it’s another platform you’ll have to “deal with”, but Facebook might be one that you don’t want to miss out on.

The rest of this post is dedicated to helping you get the best bang for your buck if you do choose to get into Facebook a bit. If you’re not convinced, please don’t waste your time with the following information. :)

Personal Profiles vs. Groups vs. Pages

There are three basic ways to connect and engage with people on Facebook:

  1. Your Personal Profile
  2. A Group; or
  3. A Page

Your personal profile is basically your primary account, where you can interact with friends and family. You may wish to just use your personal profile to advance your blog (which many people do), but knowing that you’re going to have to talk about whatever niche your blog is about from time to time, understand that this may end up annoying your friends and family who really just want to see pictures of you passed out in Vegas. For this reason, you may want to consider creating a Group or a Page for your blog, to keep things quasi-separate.

Mashable has a fantastic post about the differences between a Facebook Group and a Facebook Page, so I won’t repeat what they outline, but their bottom line is:

“Groups are great for organizing on a personal level and for smaller scale interaction around a cause. Pages are better for brands, businesses, bands, movies, or celebrities who want to interact with their fans or customers without having them connected to a personal account, and have a need to exceed Facebook’s 5,000 friend cap.”

Because of this, I created a Page for the SPI Blog. It works JUST like a personal profile, so it was easy for me to get used to, and the interaction with my fans (friends for Pages are called “fans”), has been quite good.

You can’t convert between Pages and Groups once you’ve made your choice, at least not at the moment, so choose wisely. The rest of this post will be primarily geared towards Pages, not Groups.

How to Create a Facebook Fan Page

Here’s a video about how to create a Facebook Fan Page.

(if you cannot view the video, please click here to view it on youtube)

Here are a few important things to consider when creating your Page.

  • Put Some Thought Into the Name Of Your Page: Once it’s created, you can’t change it back. Also, Facebook Pages get picked up by Google, so keep that in mind. My Facebook Page for SPI is ranked #3 in Google for “Smart Passive Income”, for example.
  • Are You Going to Upload a Logo, or a Picture of  You?: It’s really up to you, but think about this: if you were a fan of a website or a blog, which would you rather interact with? A logo, or the actual person you’re engaging in conversation with?
  • Send Out Status Updates Before You Try and Get Fans: Why? Because you won’t get any fans if you have a blank wall. At least mention how stoked you are to finally have your Page setup, or how excited you are to talk to your fans in the near future.
  • Change the URL of Your Page So It’s Easier to Work With: It’s a lot easier to say, “check out”, instead of “check out or whatever the url ends up being. You can customize it by going to Please note that you can only do this once you have at least 25 fans. Again, put some thought into the customized URL. Most likely, the same address as your blog will be your best option.

The Facebook Landing Page

This is THE most important part of this whole guide. If there’s one thing you take away from this post, this is it.

In order to convert people who head over to your Page into fans, you must use a landing page. Without it, new visitors will be taken straight to your wall, which is ugly and doesn’t really tell people exactly what to do. They’ll see all of these conversations going on, links and pictures everywhere and they’ll probably end up leaving because they have no clue what to do, or what’s in it for them to become a fan.

You can create a special area on your Page, a landing page, that only new visitors will see first. You can put whatever you want on this page, including exactly what your blog is about, why they should become a fan, and exactly how to become a fan as well. If you have a newsletter or some type of free gift for an opt-in / email list you’re building, you can easily throw that in there too. You basically have a blank html page (about 760 px wide) to work with, so it’s up to your imagination. To show you the difference…

Before, when new visitors would come to my Facebook Page, they would see this:


Now, they see this:


I could probably do more with the copy and the design, but after 3 versions of the landing page, this one seems to convert the best for me. Besides that, which of the two do you think converted more fans?

The second one, by a landslide.

Here’s a video of the exact process to create a landing page on Facebook, and how to set it up as the default page that new visitors will see first:

(if you cannot view the video, please click here to view it on youtube)

As mentioned in the video, you will need to insert a piece of code in the Static FBML application for your Page. My landing page is basically a large jpg file with all that text included, and only a snippet of html text at the bottom, so there wasn’t much code required. I could probably make the landing page look a lot better, and I may even hire someone on to do that for me for $50 or less. As you can see, I have not yet included an opt-in form for an email list, which is definitely something you should consider placing in there if you have one. I’m working on it :)

PLEASE don’t let the design of my particular landing page tell you that this is the only way it should be done. I mean, check out these other awesome landing pages below:

Lastly, if you want to use the “become a fan” button that Facebook uses in your landing page copy, you can just right click and save the .png file below.


UPDATE (4/20/10): Facebook has changed the “Become a Fan” button to a “Like” button. This isn’t to be confused for the “like” that you can click under a friend’s comment, picture or link. I don’t know why they used the same terminology to replace “become a fan”, but that’s just the way it is I guess.

So, when you visit a Business Page that you haven’t “liked” yet, you’ll see this button below, which you can borrow for your own landing pages that you create too.


Keys to Getting Facebook Fans

Besides the landing page, there are a number of things you can do that will increase the number of fans you get. Here are my top 5 tips in another video I just filmed the other day (he first tip I mention is to create a landing page, which we’ve already discussed):

(if you cannot view the video, please click here to view it on youtube)

Here’s an outline of the other tips mentioned in the video:

  • Place a Link to Your Page on Your Blog: You can place a link to your fan page on your blog either in the area where you also have an RSS button, or at the bottom of your posts, where readers are more likely to engage with you after reading your content.
  • Place a Link to Your Page in any Forum Signatures You Have: Make sure to take advantage of your presence on forums related to your niche by placing a link to your Page in your signature, so it’s done automatically for you after each of your posts. Take advantage of html to make a nice looking anchor text (preferably with a call to action), back to your Facebook Page.
  • Include a Link in Any Videos or Guest Posts You Do
  • Advertising Your Page on Faceboook: It does cost money, but you can get highly-targeted followers to your Page and blog by advertising with Facebook.

Linking Back to Your Blog and Getting Traffic

Your blog is where you eventually want everyone to end up, so you want to make sure you provide enough opportunity for your Facebook fans to click on over.

Static Links

Static links are links to your blog on your Facebook page that are not part of the conversations and interactions going on. There are a few opportunities to place links right on your wall for everyone to see.

1. Inside the “Info” tab there’s a spot for your website address. Links in the “overview” area will not be clickable.


2. On your main page, right underneath your profile picture, there’s a perfect spot for a quick intro and a link back to your blog. Just hover over this spot to edit.


Links Via Conversation

The more exciting way to get traffic to your blog from Facebook is to share a link with your fans via your wall. This way, it will be shown on every one of your fan’s personal news feeds. You can also share videos, pictures and events in the same manner.

Screen shot 2009-11-06 at 2.27.18 AMBesides a “broadcast” to all of your fans, you can insert links within the conversions that are already going on on your wall.

Screen shot 2009-11-06 at 2.30.38 AMIf you want, you can use your favorite url shortener to make them look nicer if they are too long, and you can track how many clicks you get at the same time. Personally, I like to use

As with anything that involves you wanting to get people to click something, your copy will have a lot to do with how many people actually click on the link. Test out different ways to present information to your Fans, and I’m sure you’ll find a way that works best for you.

Oh, and as always – spamming is bad. Go easy with your links, but don’t feel like you aren’t allowed to post any links at all either.

Other Multi-Media For Your Page

There are many other applications on Facebook that Pages can utilize (Groups cannot utilize applications at the moment). For example, you can setup an RSS feed tab, which immediately pulls the latest blog posts from your blog’s RSS feed and places that into your Page. The same goes with YouTube and Twitter, and I’m sure all of the other social networking and bookmarking websites as well.

Only a limited number of tabs show up on your Page (the rest are hidden, but can still be accessed), so you’ll have to choose your primary tabs carefully, although they can be rearranged later. Personally, I have a Twitter and YouTube Tab on my Page, as you can see below.


Cool Resource is a company that does complete brand marketing for companies on Facebook. They have a number of different applications you can choose from for your Facebook Page, and the first two you use are free. After that, you’ll have to pay. It’s hard to choose because there are so many cool applications you can use for your blog, such as a twitter feed, RSS feed, YouTube channel, Flickr, Slides, PDFs, file sharing, and more. My advice to you: choose wisely.

Facebook On Your Blog

There are a number of things you can do on your blog itself to optimize your Facebook experience.

The Fan Box

You can create what is called a “Fan Box”. A Fan Box is a widget that you can display on your blog that shows either your latest updates, pictures of your fans, or both at the same time. On the right hand side of my blog, you can see my personal fan box.

The Share Button

On your blog posts, you can insert a button that will share your post to the friends on Facebook of whoever clicks on it. It’s sort of like the Tweetmeme / Retweet button, which you can see at the top of this post on the left hand side. I have yet to try this out, but I might incorporate it into my next design. As far as this kind of “push-button sharing” is concerned, more people are using Twitter instead of Facebook, at least for now.

Facebook Share

Facebook Connect

Facebook Connect is an advanced feature that I won’t be discussing here. It’s a bit complicated. If you’d like to read more about Facebook Connect, or even implement it on your website, you can click on the links below:

All of these Facebook sharing devices (and more), can be found here on the Facebook Widget Page


Well, that was a super long post, but I think it should give you a good start with getting used to Facebook and how to leverage it specifically for your blog. Until next time!

I wish you nothing less than success! Cheers!


p.s. If you found this post useful, please share it on twitter by clicking the button below, and as always, you can subscribe to the blog by clicking here. Thanks!

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    • Pat

      Hehe, thanks Syl. I’m not that smart. I guess you could say, I have a lot of time on my hands, so I made sure I use it for productivity purposes, if that makes sense. I’m kind of a “research freak”, so I like to get really detailed with how things could possibly work.

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      Hey Brett. I’m using Google Analytics for all of that stat tracking stuff :)

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    • Pat

      Hi Cathy,

      Like you, I’m not savvy on html. People like you and I basically have two options:

      1) Get someone else to do it for us, whether it’s someone we pay that we find on elance, odesk or scriptlance, or a friend who might do it for us as a favor. Or,

      2) We can try to figure it out ourselves. I spent WAY too long, in my honest opinion, trying to do this, but it is possible. I made it really simple so I just included a picture and some basic text (the picture has all of that text and the buttons and arrows and stuff included).

      If you want, you can look at the video of the landing page on youtube where I drop in the code, and just copy it straight from there, knowing that you’ll have to change the stuff coming from my site to yours :)

      Hope that helps a little! Good luck!

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      Hi Maria.Yep! I am in San Diego. It’s starting to become the mecca for internet marketers for some reason. Big guys like Frank Kern and others are here in the area too. I go to a meetup everyonce and a while from here in the SD area for internet marketers. You may be able to find me there. If not, send me a message. Cheers!

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    I think I might try to set one up soon, though, just to see how it goes and if it affects my traffic like it seems to have done for many other people. What have I got to lose?

    • Pat

      For “super personal” brands, you may just benefit from using your profile, especially if it’s already up and running quite well, however like you said, what have you got to lose? And, it’s free :)

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      Hey Jacob. For this blog, which is connected to the Facebook Fan Page, I’ve been averaging between 700-800 visits a day, half being from new users. Recently, however, I’ve had a large spike from some interviews and links to my page from blogs that have a ton of traffic, so my numbers now will be skewed, and I’ll probably have a lot more daily traffic as well. Let me know if you need clarification on anything. Thanks!

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    • Pat

      Hi Astrid,

      First of all, your landing page looks super awesome :)

      Secondly, to answer your question, it doesn’t show up either because you are signed in on an account that is already a fan, it’s your own fanpage, OR, you are not signed into an account at all.

      It shows up for me. One thing, you may want to move the arrow so it’s pointing further to the right. it always shows up after the name of the page.

      Hope that helps. Thanks!

      • Astrid

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    • Pat

      Thanks Daniel. I don’t really have enough data as far as what times of the day are best to update a page. That would be a great thing to know though. I would expect it would be similar to Twitter, because that’s when people are “not doing work”, and are checking their updates and stuff. So, probably right before noon.

      I think analytics could track that. Actually, even a URL shortener like budurl and could track that too.

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    I’d love any help you might have!
    Thanks so much for posting this!

    • Pat

      Hi Michelle, the RSS Feed application on this page should work:, as well as the facebook application “Social RSS”, I think. If you look at the first one, on the preview, it shows snippets of the blog posts with a “read more” button, which is what I think you were looking for. Let me know if that’s not what you were looking for, and I’ll see if I can do some further research for you. Cheers!

      • Suzi

        Michelle – have you tried this yet? I would like to do the same thing, so would appreciate any advice you have to offer about which way you decided to do it?


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  • Gabi

    I found the statistics from your site about the increase visit length and page views per visit, as well as decreased bounce rate, from the Facebook referrals.

    Do you think this has anything to do with the concept that when people are on Facebook, idly clicking around on things like links to people’s blogs, they are in a sort of surfing mode already? As in, that Facebook is a setting in which users are already very ready to click and read whatever information they come across, as opposed to someone coming from Google who is searching for something specific?

    • Pat

      Hi Gabi,

      That’s an interesting question. I don’t really think you can compare Google traffic vs. Facebook users because it’s a totally different ballgame / mindset for the user.

      In Google, people are looking for something specific, and find it right away. If they don’t like what they see in a website they click to, they leave right away.

      In Facebook, people because your fan or your friend, and that initial interaction proves a certain trust, that anything you say or any links you provide will be useful information that people will find interesting. They will have already said to be interested in what you have to say just because they have become your fan. That’s why, I think, there is a lower bounce rate, because facebook fans are highly targeted fans.

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  • Suzi

    Hi Pat – I can’t tell you how hugely useful this is.

    I have now put a very basic landing page up at I did this just by copying over the html from my blog’s about page (I am html illiterate).

    I found I had to add some paragraph tags though.

    I have one problem which is that the text is justified to the very left and it could do with a bit of a margin – I don’t suppose you have any idea how to do that? I tried some html code that I looked up on the internet, but it just made all of the text disappear….help!


    • Pat

      Hi Suzi! I’m glad you find this tutorial useful!

      I saw your landing page, and if you wanted to keep the basic text look, I honestly don’t think you need to change the margin, because it lines up nicely right now, IMO.

      However, you can hugely benefit from putting some graphics or pictures in there. My landing page ( is simply just a picture that is 760px wide. It would of taken me years to do html to make it look like it does (well, I would of hired someone), but having an arrow point to the become a fan button totally increases conversion rates because it’s a clear call to action.

      But, it’s up to you. If you want to stick with the basic text look for now, you can probably benefit from bolding the first line.

      As far as html…here’s my guess, lol:

      In your fbml application field, type in:

      at the very top. Then, put in the following tags before and after the text you want moved over:

      Text You Want Moved Over

      I’m hoping when I submit this comment, it doesn’t render the html I just wrote…

      • Pat

        and of did. LOL

        I’ll try on the SSWT forum.

        • Suzi

          Thanks Pat. Just wanted to say ‘thank you’ over here as well as over there…


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    Thanks a lot.. I’m sharing and retweeting that.

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    You can check it out at

    I’d love to hear suggestions for improvements.

    • Pat

      Dude, it looks great! The resolution on the button in your landing page image isn’t the highest quality, but I think that might be a good thing actually. Keep up the good work!

    • Jackie from Beginner’s Internet Marketing Strategy

      that is a great looking fanpage!! Nice job.

    • Dustin | Engaged Marriage

      Thanks, guys! I would say the number of new fans has increased quite a bit since adding the welcome page. I don’t do advertising to drive people there, so I don’t know about conversion rates. However, I am sure it is higher since adding a pithy summary of why folks should become a fan.

      Thanks for the great tips, Pat!

  • Azad Shaikh

    I forgot to leave comment here. so i am doing it now.
    This is the first post i read at your blog. So basically this is the post that make me follow you. Yes this post help me to create my own facebook fan landing page.

    here it is:

    have you notice it. yes Internet Geeks got 25 fans today. Thanks for your guidance.

    Azad Shaikh

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  • Jackie from Beginner’s Internet Marketing Strategy

    I have set up my fanpage ~ I’m going to have someone do the landing page for me. I am wondering if you have an app pulling your blog posts into your wall ~ or are you putting something up on your fan page each time you post to the blog?

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  • Bronzilla

    Hi Pat, thank you for the info on how to set up fan page. I didn’t know you could do this. Do you think you could do a video on how to add a domain to wordpress?

  • Pingback: People Buy More from E-X-P-E-R-T-S | The Powerseller Princess()

  • Jackie from Beginner’s Internet Marketing Strategy

    Pat, I got the landing page graphic done and when I put it in the fbml box it shows “boxes” in the tab and you can see the square that says welcome behind my image. Any suggestions. You can see my landing page image over the top of it but it looks crazy.

    • Pat

      Hey Jackie. Hopefully I can help. You’re using the FBML application, right? When you go into your “edit page” area (underneath your pic on your wall), and then scroll down to FBML, click on “edit”.

      The Box Title is where you enter “Welcome”.

      If that’s NOT what you did, go back to where you placed “welcome” before, and delete it. That should get rid of the box behind your graphic. Let me know how that works out. Thanks!

  • Jackie from Beginner’s Internet Marketing Strategy

    I did that ~ but what I didn’t do was go into the settings and move it to wall. Once I did that it worked perfectly.

    thanks for this post Pat, I never would have gotten motivated and done this without it!!

  • Daniel

    Hi Pat. I finally got my welcome page done. I have a question about the size of image. I notice mine is about 250k. Should I have it made smaller for faster download?

    • Pat

      Daniel, your landing page rocks! I think 250k is perfect. With everyone on DSL and cable today, that’s less than a second to download. Well done!

  • Chris Garcia

    Pat, this is great! Thank you for sharing your story and all your tips with us via this website. You’re the reason why I registered a few domains, started writing an eBook and became determined to make myself self-employed this year. The technical aspects of running a blog are causing me fits (finding and customizing the right WordPress theme, Photoshopping images, etc) but it’s an exciting journey and I look forward to the results.

    • Pat

      Chris, thanks for the comment, and I’m glad I could inspire you to get some great work done online this year. Indeed, the technical stuff can be a nuisance at times, but its a learning experience and it can be fun if you want it to be! Good luck, and please let me know if you need any help with anything. Cheers!

  • Robert Love

    Loved this post Pat, hits the spot and so thorough. I’ve used Facebook pre Fan Pages for marketing in other niches and am now taking the plunge with a Page. Thanks for all your efforts on this, very useful.

    • Pat

      Hey Robert – glad you found this post useful. It was my pleasure to put all the detail into it for you. Thanks!

  • Kath

    Hi Pat, I feel a bit silly but I’ve spent hours on this… I want to use the full picture space in the profile picture…and I cannot figure out how to do this! I have actually already done it on two of my pages! Can you believe it? Please help!

    • Pat

      Hey Kath, I checked out your page. The landing is page is setup, but I’m not sure exactly what you’re asking about. It seems like you’re making good use of your profile picture space. Can you clarify?

  • Austin

    Amazing guide. I’m launching a Facebook page soon for my site and I’m taking all of this into account. I love the landing page idea.

    Brilliant. Thanks a ton, Pat.

    – Austin @ Foreigner’s Finances

    • Pat

      Thanks Austin! Let us know when you finish the page! I’d love to check it out!


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  • Felicity

    What software do you use to make screencasts and to write on the video? Looks awesome. Thanks.

  • Azad Shaikh

    You know why this post is rated higher than other Page Guide. Because of the landing page trick. I had not yet seen this on any other blog. I am using for comments and it is really cool. You must try it, a time saver.

    Warm Regards,
    Azad Shaikh (The Internet Geek)

    • Pat

      Which other Page guide are you talking about?

      Thanks for the firefox addon – that’s really cool! Cheers Azad!

  • Jennie Walker

    Wow, great info – so glad I found your site!!!

    • Pat

      Thanks for stopping by Jennie! Glad you liked the tutorial. Cheers!

  • Jackie | Beginner’s Internet Marketing Strategy

    Hi Pat ~ my new fanpage is gathering fans and that’s exciting. I’d like to know what you’re using or how you are getting your blog posts posted to your wall.

    I didn’t really want them to come through the notes because then it’s the full blog post and it’s harder to funnel people to my site ~ your posts show up on the wall and with only a snippet of the post. I’d like to do that. :)

    If you can point me in the right direction I’d appreciate it.


    • Pat

      Hey Jackie – I insert the link to my blog posts manually, because I like to add a little something extra (i.e. “Just finished my new blog post, check it out!). When you insert the URL, it automatically generates a snippet of the post for you.



      • Jackie | Beginner’s Internet Marketing Strategy

        Ok Pat ~ that’s what I’ve been doing but thought there had to be a more automated way to get it done. thanks.

  • Suzi

    Jackie – I use networked blogs which I’m pretty happy with to automate the posting to my wall. Have a look at if you want to see how it looks.


    • Jackie | Beginner’s Internet Marketing Strategy

      Hey Suzi,

      That looks good ~ what is networked blogs and can you give me a link? oh btw ~ I love your site, was glad to see it again.

  • Suzi

    Thanks Jackie.

    As I am always forgetting how to do anything once I have set up, I tend to try and keep a log of what I do.
    Delving back a couple of months, I find this is what I wrote about networked blogs!

    Went to NetworkedBlogs on facebook
    Go to application (under logo on left)
    Add your blog
    Add in feed URL from feedburner
    Verify you are the owner by adding some html to a widget in your right column
    Once verified you can remove the widget
    Go back to
    Add to your page
    Networked Blogs should be there as an application
    Click on the pencil and fill stuff in
    Also added to my profile and info page (click on profile up the top)
    Edited my privacy settings:
    Hide me from all widgets.Checked. (Don’t really know what this means!)
    Show a link to my Facebook profile (makes it easier for others to message you and send friend requests) Unchecked.

    Can’t be sure if this is still the way to do it, as I think they may have updated it. But hopefully it helps!


    • Jackie | Beginner’s Internet Marketing Strategy

      I’m the same way ~ especially with facebook. I googled it and got it all set up this morning. Thanks for the tip. I appreciate it!


    i dont understand how to make the facebook fan page badge, why is documentation so poor on facebook, some please help.

  • Ndasika

    Thank you for all the instructions. I am starting right away. I have been having problems trying to link my Facebook with my blog, but with all the instructions, I believe I can manage. Thanks again for all these info.

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  • Elsa

    Pat, I found you through the Internet Sherpa; actually Kevin Ward Music from Christine Kane. With all of this I have been dipping my toe in, taking it out. Dipping it in. Out. Now, after finding your blog, I am standing up to my ankles in water. Thank you so much for ALL the great info!

  • Ivan @ MySoloBusiness

    Thanks for this information Pat. I want to make a fan page for my MySoloBusiness blog and was looking for a good post on how to get started. This post is all I need to get up and running with a Facebook fan page. I saw Twitterfeed allows you to automatically send a blog feed to update Facebook so I’ll be setting that up too. Cheers.

  • Ivan @ MySoloBusiness

    Question. When I sign up I to create a fan page I can either connect using my existing (private) facebook account or create a new one with a different email and login. Which would you advise?

  • Clare Salaam

    Hi, this is one wonderful post! Thanks for posting this. I was trying to find for a site that has this kind of info. I just like very much farmville! Glad I found this one! I’ll be frequenting here again for sure! lol

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    Pat, Thanks for your hardwork and helpful insights. I have been reading your posts for some time now and have used many of your suggestions in my website, and my new facebook landing page Keep up the great work

  • GenevaDreamer

    Hi Pat,
    I have consumed almost every bit of what you offer online. Your content is very inspiring… It pushes me to find my own niche in the european markets… If you would like to partner up with someone in Europe… let me know… This post and all the links you provide are great… I will sure be coming back for more… Greetings from Switzerland…

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    facebook ads guide

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    Wow! Simply amazing! I will be implementing all these wonderful strategies next week as I begin to leverage my business pretty heavily!

    Thanks Pat!

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    Thanks for this blog!! Hugely useful! :)

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    Great Post! you shown the stats so well

  • Victoria Vargas

    Pat, I found this post through the A-List Blogging Club and the timing couldn’t be better. I just launched my Facebook Page for my blog and was wondering how to create a landing page and some of the other issues you cover. Fantastic post!

  • Ireti / Centre for Personal Development


    You’re such a genius at producing valuable content. This post has been so helpful to me. I never dreamt of having a facebook fan page for my blog untill i read this post few days back. I decided not to comment immediately after reading it untill i first put the post to use. I followed it step by step and i must confess to you that my Facebook Fan Page for my Personal Development Blog is up and running.

    I even went a step further by connecting my Fan Page with my blog via networked blog. So each time i post a new article on my blog, it gets published automatically to my Fan Page. This post has really been helpful.

    Thanks for the good work. Keep it up Pat.

  • Kim Bauer

    Hi Again,

    This is EXACTLY THE INFORMATION I have been looking for. I have allocated tomorrow to setting up my facebook page. Thank you for being so passionate and sharing what you have learned with others so generously!

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    You’ve successfully encouraged me to “Like” you. :) Will be working on my landing page this holiday weekend! Thanks for the very useful information.

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    Great guide. I’ve been dragging my feet on Facebook for ages and you finally provided the prompt to get serious about it. You’ve provided a great resource here and all I have to say is kudos!

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    Hey Pat,

    Great info on landing pages!

    I created a page for my business, followed all your instructions, but my page doesn’t even show up when people go to my profile, let alone the landing page?

    It’s published too, so I don’t know what could be going on. Any ideas?

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  • Nick

    I need to get more active on my Facebook page. All 17 fans probably feel neglected. I’m not really sure what to post about, besides my blog posts which are automatically posted. But I’m sure I can figure something out.

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    I love your blog and it provides us with some really good and useful tips, thanks for sharing !

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    great post! Everything is presented in a very clear and simple manner that even newbies can easily follow and replicate!

    Thanks for sharing


  • Riad Afyouni

    Hello Pat,
    Interesting article, I started by doing the same for my BLOG:

    I’ll let you know of any happening,
    Thanks a lot…

    Who to expect on your Facebook page after you have created it? Answer can be found on the above mentioned blog :)


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    Thanks so much for “The Bloggers Guide to Facebook.” You have clearly put a lot of work into it- you should be charging for it! FB can seen quite simple at one level, but can be complex in terms of promoting blogs, etc, so your guide will be useful to so many people, especially me. Thanks again!

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    Good stuff dude!! Big thanks for hitting me with the assist to get my FB fan page rocking!

  • Leslie Nicole

    Pat, this post is awesome. I’m in the process of starting my landing page with it. I wanted to ask you about the footer for your posts. It’s awesome! Did you have someone trick out some html for you to have all the social media, recent posts and opt-in? Do you have a post on all that?

  • gemsantor

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    I’m a returning fan. Took a break from the blogging world to focus on an online service. But I’m back because I see the Wisdom in a recurring passive income. It’s been less than a year and I see that you are still thriving and adapting new things. Awesome.

    This is a great post which will allow me to help my own clients. There are a few new things I picked up, technology wise but also learned a lot from your perspective. If only I was as focused as you in my 20’s… 😀

    I’m inspired once again and we’ll be using the tools you recommend. Keep it up cause I’ll need all you’ve got to give! :)

    BTW, grew in San Diego and miss the Carne Asada Burritos!!!

  • Udegbunam Chukwudi

    This is one hell of a post. I even thought it was an ebook for sale until my scrolling didn’t seem to hit the end of the sales copy. lol. You seriously ought to consider offering it as a downloadable pdf. 😉

    I’ll just have to take time out to read and digest word for word.

  • Mobile SMS Marketing


    Curious to know, what WP theme you’re using here? I like how clean and snappy it is and since I see it’s 3.0.1 compatible, I’d like to see how my blog content converts over if I should decide to move to this theme version.



    PS: I also hang my hat in SoCal 😉

  • Shanxi

    Hey, thanks so much for this! I’ve been searching for ages about how to create a Facebook landing page for our nonprofit organization (CFCA), and this is a great overview.

    Now that Facebook is moving away from FBML, however, (, what do you suggest that we do when creating landing pages?

    Shanxi from CFCA

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  • Catherine Gordon

    I don’t know how you do it Pat, but you just keep coming up with masses of great content, even for beginner bloggers like me. I am so grateful not to be left in the dust! I hope you will continue to ask and answer this question. “If I was just starting out, what would I need to know?” Thanks!

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    thanks mr

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    Thankyou so much for this information!
    I do have a problem though, I can’t find page where I can select my Landing page to be viewed by first visitors, I clicked on the things you said but it isn’t between the things I can add… help please?

  • Thomas

    I have not created a fan page yet myself so this article has helped me out for sure. I like the app that can pull your post via RSS to your facebook page. That’s a really great idea

  • Gina

    Pat, this is an awesome post! I do have two questions though – my personal Facebook page has a very high security (as in, only people I know can actually find me). Would I need to lower privacy settings to do this?

    Also, can someone have TWO pages? I’d like to do a page for my professional blog, but also for my website and the blog that goes with that. Can I make two pages or would I need to make a separate page for, say the website alone?

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    Your guide’s really helpful for me. Keep posting these type of guide. Now i m your regular reader.

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    I just checked out for the first time your facebook page in order to learn from you.

    Probably others have commented on that before: your facebook welcome page is waaaay outdated, by almost 1000 facebook fans :)

    Best regards from Greece,

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    This is a good way to increase good traffic and visitors for your site. But off course this is not the only way you can get a good traffic for your site. When I see the image you post in this article and check the traffic statistics of Facebook, I can see that the best source of traffic is from Google. Now what can I say to others who has a site that keep optimizing your site to a friendly SEO. This way you can achieve greater and long lasting success of your online venture.

    Rosendo A. Cuyasen
    SEO Specialist

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    Thank you for this information! I’m seriously impressed, sometimes it takes a nudge to think outside the box.

    I will get started on mine very soon! Just wanted to give a thumbs up for adding value – I truly believe that is a big part of a successful business, and is also what I’m striving to do.

    Looking forward to your future offerings!
    Kind Regards

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    Hey Pat,

    Just wanted to say that this is the most thorough outline of how to tackle Facebook Pages that I’ve come across, and will be put to use immediately!

    Thanks for sharing your experiments with us.

    My best,

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    You have posting a comprehensive review about FB which I think it should worth more than $27.

  • Mel @ Trailing After God

    Your site is always so useful and concise. The videos are awesome for someone who is visual like me. I must not have set my fan page up correctly as I don’t get an option to drop down and select the Welcome tab when I go to Manage Permissions. I have too many fans to start the page over. Thanks for all the work you do!

    Please feel free to stop by: Trailing After God

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    how can you prevent your pictures from being download

  • Elaine

    I’m a newbie to all this. I currently have a facebook page!/pages/Always-Forever-Weddings-Wedding-Planner/269294253717 but do not have the option to set my default page. I have been advised to create a url for facebook is this the same as a facebook username?

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    Love your site!

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    Pat, just watched your video on “how to create a landing page”. It was great except I haven’t got a clue how to create the landing page in the first place. How do you do that? Then I would want to know where do you get the html to copy into Facebook? This is my facebook business page with no fans at as I do not know how to get them! Can you please work with newbies on this? Thank you so much, Claudia

  • Larry Lewis

    Really good article on facebook. When i had been blogging for maybe 3 months i found my way to Facebook. I joined Networked Blogs and within days found myself chatting to my 1st blogging contacts. Within a week i found myself in a facebook group of bloggers. I learnt so much, and made many friends. I would not have reached where i have today as a blogger if it wasn’t for facebook.

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    very good post , Facebook is a very good place to get much traffic .

    Thanks for sharing your knowledge with us.

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    Well I’ve got a facebook fanpage, but it never occurred to me to link to it from my blog – for some unknown reason I was expecting the direction to be one way from Facebook to my page.

    Do you spend much time on Facebook interacting with people on their pages, or is all your interaction confined to your own page?

  • Mas Efbio

    Pat, this is just what I’ve been looking for. To be honest, I’m not a Facebbok fan. I think it wastes my time should I get involved in this social media platform. But after reading this, I could be wrong – I really think Facebook can be very rewarding for bloggers.

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    Great tips here how to build up your Facebook page, it’s so simple how to make a landing page but is surprising how many people still aren’t doing this.

    Thanks again

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    Thanks for the post! I’ve utilize some of your strategies in your post. I also noticed that some of the videos are not updated to reflect the lastest changes on how Facebook allows user to create a landing page. Anyhow, lots of great content and made me refocus on our company fan page.

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    Yes! This is exactly the info I needed. I have a page now but it’s pretty lame. Setting a nice one up seems a bit complicated so this is probably a task for elance, but it’s something I’m going to do because there is so much opportunity for reaching people through Facebook. Thanks for the help!

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    I don’t have my own banner and logo which I can upload to my facebook pictures and also, I should only create my own business page once my site have received a decent amount of traffic?

  • Making money Facebook

    That is a very useful guidance to the Facebook dynamics indeed.Sure Facebook has become one of the primarily important and best viewed social networks and there are so many wide variety of people visiting the site it makes sense to capture some effective space there.Thanks for the very useful discussion in the context here.

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    Maybe I should give this social media platform a try.

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    I believe Facebook is a very useful tool to get more traffic to your blog. this is widely used by people worldwide.

    I am also using Facebook for my blog and I am seeing the results.

    Overall a great article and thanks for sharing


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