THE Backlinking Strategy That Works

THE Backlinking Strategy that Works

Please note that this strategy was written in late 2010. Although it does still work, it doesn’t work quite as well as it used to, since quite a bit has changed in the world of search engine optimization since then.

UPDATE: A more recent version of this post has been published, with techniques and strategies for link building that work in 2014 and beyond. 


Some sites that use this strategy are climbing Google with no issues, while others find it’s not really working at all, and there are no apparent patterns. The only pattern is that less and less sites are finding this strategy to be reliable. 

I’m keeping this post here because there is still a lot of useful information in it, but in regards to article spinning and using tools like Unique Article Wizard, mentioned below, if you choose to use them, you must be extremely careful about the quality of what you create using those tools. If done correctly, the tools can still be useful, but it’s easy to abuse their power, spam the web and get penalized for it. 

If you’re at all doubtful about these tools, do not use them. 

If you’re still interested in building a niche website and understanding how Google works today, I advise you follow my progress on Niche Site Duel 2.0. Thank you!

This backlinking strategy is modeled after Joseph Archibald’s strategy he generously shared free to the public in his 40 Day Challenge on the Warrior Forum. He was able to rank a fairly competitive niche in the top 5 in Google within 40 days.

(For everyone’s convenience, he has also since published The 40 Day Challenge eBook, which is a lot easier to read than the 1200+ posts on the Warrior Forum. Check out his sample chapter here.)

He’s taken it upon himself to be totally active here on SPI and respond to everyone’s questions and concerns about the backlinking strategy on my blog, which just shows what kind of guy he is. If you use this strategy, be sure to thank Joseph sometime.

***Note: This strategy still works even after Google’s latest Panda and Penguin updates, with a few minor things that we must pay attention to. Building links in a more natural manner is more important than ever, so there are a couple of things to consider:

1. Anchor text: The text of the links that point back to your site should only be your primary keyword about 20–25% of the time, at most. Vary your anchor text using secondary and tertiary keywords in the same market (i.e. fly fishing tips, helpful fly fishing guide, stream fishing)

2. I use this strategy still and it works. However, if you use ONLY this strategy, the success rate is much lower by itself than it was before Google’s updates. I use this as a base strategy to start out with and do several other techniques on top of it for maximum results. This can include guest posting, social media links (from your own account and others—write stuff that’s shareable!), and YouTube videos. I’m seeing great results from YouTube videos, even though they are no-follow links. They are still powerful! (links in description)

Please keep this in mind when reading the strategy below:

I’ve revealed my niche site backlinking strategy before, but never in this much detail.

Ever since the niche site I created for the Niche Site Duel started to rapidly climb the ranks of Google, eventually landing on the number one position, people have been asking me for more detail about my strategy and the software and tools that I’ve been using to help.

There are several strategies one can use to rank higher in the search engines and the one I’m going to explain is just one of them.

Please note that links to software and tools within this blog post are affiliate links which I do receive financial gain from if purchases are made from them.

Furthermore, the principles of this strategy can be done for absolutely free without having to buy any software or tools. I use the software to help and speed things up.

Don’t spend money on anything you see online unless you can afford it and you feel it will pay you back in the future.


I’d like to start by sharing an overview of the process with you so you can see how it all works as a whole. Later in this post, I’ll get into detail about the individual parts.

(Click to watch Backlinking Strategy & Process Overview on YouTube)

To summarize what I talk about in the video, the backlinking strategy I’m using involves two layers of backlinks – the anchor layer, which are links that you create which link directly to your niche site, and the indirect layer, which are links that you create which link directly to your anchor layer.

Backlinking Strategy Overview

The Anchor Layer

The anchor layer consists of a few parts, again, which link directly to your niche site.

These include:

  1. Top Article Directory Submissions
  2. New Blogs
  3. Web 2.0 Properties
  4. Links from Blog Blueprint (Blog Blueprint hasn’t been performing as well as it used to. It’s not vital if this part of the strategy is taken out)
  5. Updated 12/03/11 – Direct Links from BuildMyRank (BMR is a BB replacement that has been working much much better for my sites lately! You get 10 links for free, so try it out! Most of the other niche site creators I know use BMR now as well as a primary link resource.)
  6. Updated 3/20/12 – As of this date, BMR articles have apparently been starting to be de-indexed from Google, so creating backlinks using this tool would be a waste of time, at least for now. The best advice is to not use blog networks to drive links back to your site and continue with the other portions of this backlinking strategy, and to diversify the links coming to your site as much as possible.

Later in this post when I talk about how this all happens, I’ll get into what exactly is involved with each of these 4 parts in the anchor layer – what directories I submit to, what “new blogs” is, etc.

The Indirect Layer

The indirect layer is a way to create massive amounts of backlinks which link directly to the anchor properties we setup in the anchor layer. These links do not point directly to your niche site.

The indirect layer consists of:

  1. Mass Article Submissions using Unique Article Wizard
  2. Mass Bookmarking Submissions

The reason that you don’t want to link directly to your niche site is because you’re creating hundreds of backlinks at a time and if you point all of them to your niche site, it will look totally unnatural and your young site won’t be able to handle all of it without raising a red flag. When you point these links to your anchors, because your anchor sites are on high ranking, totally populated websites, they’ll be able to handle the wave/influx of links but at the same time pass or feed that SEO power generated from all of those links into your niche site. Your anchor properties act as a shield while at the same time allow you to get the SEO benefit from the indirect layer.

Yes, I know – it sounds kind of wacky. When I first heard this strategy it really didn’t make sense to me, but after implementing the strategies myself the results are very clear.

The Streamlined Process

Now that you have a general understanding of the what, I’m going to show you the how.

I think the best way to do this is to actually just walk you through the process from start to finish and show you how I can create all of these backlinks from a single unique article.

Step 1: Write an Original Article Related to Your Niche

Everything in this process begins with writing an original article. Personally, I like to have full control of what’s written and what’s published, so I like to write the articles myself, but there are many people who are comfortable with having a virtual assistant or ghostwriter write the article for them instead.

Either way, it should definitely unique content and should typically be around 350-600 words in length. Although the length isn’t extremely important, it’s smart to stay within this range because it will make your life easier in the later steps of this process.

Lastly, you can choose to post this original article onto your niche site before you move on to the next steps. You could kill two birds with one stone by adding content to your site and following the next steps to help build backlinks as well.

Step 2: Prepare The Article for Spinning

Like I mentioned in the overview video above, spinning an article gives you the ability to quickly create multiple variations of an original article so that you can submit them to various places without worrying about duplicate content penalties and so that you can save tons of time by not having to create brand new content from scratch over and over again to get the same message across.

I talked about article spinning in my previous backlinking post and naturally a lot of people commented about it (currently 174 comments) because it is a widely debatable topic.

Not everyone is comfortable with the idea of spinning an article – using multiple variations of an original article and then submitting those variations to several different locations on the web. Some people view it as spammy and others view it as dangerous too. I totally respect that side of the argument, but let me tell you why I think it’s okay.

(I don’t want this post to turn into some huge debate, but I feel I should tell you why I am okay with this method since this is what I’m showing you how to do.)

First, I don’t view it as spammy because I’m making sure that the content that I submit (even after spinning) is good. Since they are quality articles and I don’t submit different versions of an article to the same location, I feel comfortable knowing that I’m doing what I can to make sure my message gets read in the most places as possible, without using the same exact text over and over again.

Also, think about press releases for a second. Press releases are one single version of an article that gets syndicated to tens of thousands of places on the web. Companies like PRWeb make money doing this for other companies, brands and people. As described on PRWeb’s site:

“We send your news to 35,000 journalists and bloggers, 30,000 websites and hundreds of newspapers including the New York Times, Los Angeles Times and the Chicago Tribune as well as local news outlets across the USA. PRWeb gets your story where it needs to go.”

Several brand name companies and individuals use press releases (the exact same article, not variations) to help spread the word about something. This is exactly what I’m doing when I submit my spun content to various places on the web, although I’m taking it a step further and am not using the same exact content over and over again. I’m using different variations because that’s the only way I can make it happen, at least without penalty.

In my previous post, I think Mark Mason’s comment says it best:

“I hate this spinning discussion. Let’s say Pat has the cure for cancer and he posts it on his blog. Curing cancer is good. So Pat spins articles about curing cancer and posts them everywhere so he can help the most people while playing by the rules that GOOGLE has set.

So what about security guards? Pat’s site rocks. It will help people that are thinking about becoming a security guard. Security guards are a help to society. It’s all good.

So what if Pat “advertises” his site by placing similar content all over the web? It’s not like the web is “full” and Pat is harming someone by taking up too much space.

It seems acceptable for Toyota to place the same add on every TV network and run it over and over. It’s OK for AP to syndicate their content everywhere. Why not Pat.

Not to mention the fact that Pat is only doing this because Google’s algorithms are too poor to tell good content from bad content. I would argue that if Pat Does not do something to rank his site, he is being unfair to all those readers out therebat NEED him but cannot find him.

Failing to properly promote your site when there are people to help profitably is A lot bigger sin than syndicating 47 very similar but different copies of a good article.

If you want to take a stand against someone, get mad at Google. They have an inferior product that relies on backlinks — yet they make Billions of dollars each year from it. That’s the problem, not Pat.

Anyways, I think we’ve beat this to a pulp already – it’s time to show you how it’s done.

In the video below, you’ll see me using a piece of software called The Best Spinner, which is by far the best spinning software available with the biggest bank of user generated synonyms that make the spinning process much faster.

Although there is a “one-button” approach that you can use to spin your articles, I would advise against using that feature because although The Best Spinner is awesome, it’s automated functions aren’t entirely perfect. You’ll see that I take the time to go through each word one-by-one to plug in good synonyms that make sense. Even though this takes some extra time (and like I said preparing an article for spinning is what takes up most of my time in this backlinking strategy), it’s totally worth it when you can just copy and paste spun versions of your articles in all of the later steps.

(Click to watch The Best Spinner – Article Spinning on YouTube)

Is article spinning absolutely necessary in order to make this strategy work. No!  But as you will see, it does help to speed things up a bit.

Step 3: Submit to Article Directories

In this step, you’ll be submitting spun versions of your original article to various article marketing directories.

The directories I usually submit to are listed below:

You probably know that many of these top article directories check to make sure that the article is unique before approving and posting it onto their site. EzineArticles, especially, is notorious for this, however I’ve never once had an article denied approval or removed. If you are worried, you can still continue through this process by submitting a version to just one of the article directories.

EzineArticles is the top-choice directory, however it usually takes a while to get your articles approved (several days if you have not yet written 10 articles for their site). If you want an immediate approval, you can submit to GoArticles, which helps because then you don’t have to wait days to utilize the article in this backlinking process.

Here is one version of my article that I spun from the spinning video in step #2, live on Don’t forget to add a link directly to your niche site in the author bio / resource section, making sure you have at least one link that is an anchor text that matches your target keyword or keyphrase.

And yes, Pete Chamberlain is my pen name for my niche site and all related articles.

Step 4: Create Your New Blogs and Web 2.0 Properties

At this point you can use spun versions of your original article to create new blogs and web 2.0 properties that all have backlinks pointing to your site. They will be a part of the anchor layer that we talked about in the overview, which means they will contain links that point directly back to your niche site.

New Blogs and Web 2.0 Properties

These are new blogs and web 2.0 sites that you create for free, and the real benefit here is that they are a part of a larger, more powerful and higher ranking domain.

So for example, when you create a free blog at, even though the blog you create will start out as a Page Rank 0 (PR0) website, it’s still a part of the PR9 domain. This same ideology goes for all of the articles you’ve written for article directories too.

Each of the new sites will only require one post, which you can grab from a spun version of your original article (although you could and probably should add a little more (spun) content later – just to give the site more meat.

In addition to the content, you should embed a related video from YouTube (and even a picture too) just to make your page a little more relevant to the topic, and so it looks like it’s lived in a little.

Here is where you can create your free blogs and Web 2.0 Sites (thanks to Joseph for the updated list! – updated 2012):

Again, these only require 1 post (2 or 3 is better) with a link back to your niche site, and after that the only thing you have to do with them is remember the URL so you can link to them in the next step (step #5). I don’t do any cross linking between these sites.

Anchor Text Update for 2012: Also, make sure you vary your anchor text a bit. Meaning, the link from these sites that point back to your main site shouldn’t ALWAYS be using your main keyword. Why? Because it’s unnatural and a good variety of related anchor texts is better. So for example, if your target keyword is “Fly Fishing”, then it’s probably smart to use “Fly Fishing” about half the time (roughly) and then a mix of other keywords like “Fly Fishing Rods”, “Fly Fishing Reels”, “Fly Fishing Techniques”, “Fly Fishing Tips”, etc. for the other half.

Notable Web 2.0 Properties

There are two unique Web 2.0 sites I’d like to mention real quick:

They are free to setup and treated in the exact same manner as the New Blogs, they are just setup a little differently. You can use a (HIGHLY UNIQUE) spun version of your original article for some content, you can add an rss feed from your niche site, some videos, some pictures – there are a lot of cool things you can do with Squidoo and Hubpages. Again, just make sure there’s a least one backlink (with your keyword as the anchor text), pointing back to your niche site for each.

Note about Squidoo and Hubpages (and the reason why they’re separated out): More recently, they’ve been getting more and more strict with the content that is posted on their sites. I would actually write the content on these sites manually if possible, but if you don’t have the time you can test a spun version of your original article, knowing that it may not be approved. This is a warning for you just in case, just remember to think about the end user and what’s actually useful for them. The more “modules” and content you can add on those sites – the better, and the link that can come from those sites can be extremely powerful, if you can land ’em.

After you have all of the above mentioned sites setup, you don’t need to keep creating more. When you get to this point, you can skip step #4 entirely because they will already be in place and doing their job.

Step 5: Indirect Linking to Your Anchor Sites

In this step, you’ll be creating a load of backlinks that link back to your anchor sites that you’ve created from your article submissions, your new blogs and web 2.0 properties.

Unique Article Wizard

Unique Article Wizard is a tool that I got familiar with a month after starting my niche site and it’s proving to work quite well. Previously, I’ve used Automatic Article Submitter to do mass article submissions, but UAW definitely outperforms AAS in my opinion, simply because I can get a lot more backlinks from it.

That being said, UAW isn’t entirely automatic either, but you can get up to 800-1000 backlinks from a single article, with links to prove it, which is awesome. This is why we use these articles to link to our anchor sites, because 1000s of backlinks to your niche site would definitely be a little much.

Here’s a video explaining how UAW works:

(Click to watch Unique Article Wizard – Massive Backlinks on YouTube)

Social Bookmarking

This is another method you can use to link directly to your anchor sites which will ultimately help boost the authority of your niche site.

There are several different backlinking tools available to help you with this process. One of them, Bookmarking Demon, automates the entire process but I’ve found the software to be really hard to handle, and it’s extremely expensive at $147 a pop. After purchasing it myself (again, I purchased and played around with all of these tools to see what works and what doesn’t so I could report back to you), personally I found that it wasn’t worth that much money to me.

I’d rather use a free tool from Social Poster, which really isn’t automated at all (and the initial time you run through it it takes a while because you have to manually sign up for all of the different social bookmarking sites), but it does save a little bit of time.

During my journey with my security guard training niche, social bookmarking was the thing I did the least. If I didn’t have unique article wizard on hand, I probably would have done more of it.

Step 6: Rinse and Repeat

Go back to Step 1.

An Important Final Note

So that’s the bulk of the backlinking strategy, and as you can see there are a lot of parts to it.

The thing is, most of the software and tools I’ve been talking about come with a cost, but I don’t want you to think that you need to purchase any of these things in order to succeed.

You can complete this entire backlinking strategy from the article submissions to the creation of new blogs and web 2.0 properties and social bookmarking without spending a dime. So please, don’t feel like you need to empty your wallet after reading this, I just wanted to show you exactly what I was doing and the tools I’ve been using to help save some time and speed things up a bit.

The tools work, but they aren’t necessary.

I know how much influence I have now that the Smart Passive Income Blog has grown so popular, and with that I accept the responsibility to make sure to never cheat you or tell you that you NEED to spend money on this or that in order to find success. When I created my first online business, the only thing I spent money on was a domain name and hosting package.

In the beginning, I didn’t spend money on a fancy website design, search engine optimization, article spinning software, submitter tools or anything like that. Heck, I didn’t even know those things existing and the only thing I did was publish great content, and I eventually gained a following and things just took off from there.

I am anticipating a number of questions or comments from this post, so please be patient for my response while I catch up on some sleep. It’s has been a long night putting all of this together for you, but I love it. If someone asks a question and you know the answer or have something to say, please don’t be shy.


Update: My buddy Eric over at created a really handy excel file to help you keep track of all of the link building and sites that you create for this specific backlinking strategy. Check it out here!

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  • Ryan

    Im not sure if this is really still the way to go, I had pretty good luck with this strategy the first time reading it back in 2010, but now i have noticed that a lot of my sites have dropped rankings, or completely lost rankings. I will say that at the time it was really easy money, i focused more on Adsense and the checks that were coming in were outstanding. I am now focusing on just building great content on authority sites rather then building small niche sites (not saying the content before was not great, just not as much and really focused on one keyword).

    I actually just cancelled my membership with UAW, which breaks my heart because we had a great run, but I really feel it is a thing of the past. I will say that it is still possible to rank with niche sites, but you will need a lot of content and you need your visitors staying on your site for several minutes to keep your rankings. If you look at Pats security site, he is still ranked number one, but he has a ton of content on that site (i think it was around 120 pages).

    I would love to see an updated post for SEO from you pat, because this one worked great but i dont think that it is still the backlinking strategy that works, it is more like the backlinking strategy that worked.

    anyways enough with my rant, keep up the great content, and i would love to see more podcast coming out i check at least every other day.

    • Tom J Ripley


      Your jumping to conclusions with NO imperical data.

      This strategy doesnot cause the money site to drop in rankings. The highest probability i sthat you sites were hit by the panda and penquin updates in late april.

      In genral terms most people that suffered with penquin were using over 70% exact match anchor text from the anchor layer back tothe money site.

      This is a bad practice as has been outline din this thread before.

      vary you anchor text get rid of bad links and also improve the content of your site. They may then recover potentially.

      It still works and will do until google changes the algorithim to zero value links and PR! at which point backlinks will have no value and the whole shooting match will start again.

      To assert that its the strategy that worked is to misunderstand offpage SEO in recent times. And if you used UAW extensively back to the money site no wonder you had issues.

      SPammy content on your site plus spammy content and backlinks to the anchor is a disaster waiting to happen.

  • Malcolm

    This is the same way i have read on a few sites, but it is written so well and easy to follow. Thank you so much for all of your time on this post!!

  • Taylor Bauman

    The whole point of article directories is to syndicate your content. Like the Associated Press. Duplicate content is not syndicated content.

    Duplicate content defined as the same content that generally appears on the same URL. It’s deemed malicious if it’s seen done intentionally in order to try to deceive the search bots. I’ve linked to Google’s terms below, check out their own words.

    The WHOLE POINT of Ezines is that web publishers search for articles there to then post on their own lists/sites. If they pick and publish your article and must re-produce it exactly. It thus exposes your work to their audience (provided you have the proper links). They need content, you need targeted traffic. You can approach them directly as well. These links have the secondary benefit of providing you high quality, RELEVANT links (i.e. a respected web publication in your niche just published an article with a link yo your home page). We all know a few of these are worth thousands of low PR irrelevant links. PS Ezines articles over 1000 words are much more likely to be picked up by publishers. Any legit publisher with a real following needs to provide real, non-salesy content to their readers.

    Even though Ezines itself has a PR 6, your new article page on it will have a PR O.

    Your article could and SHOULD appear and be be indexed on your own site first. That way it will be the original. That will protect you. Some worry that an article on a directory will outrank their site on Google. Even if that did happen (which many say doesn’t often) A) it would still have a link to your site and B) either way, if you play this syndication thing right you’d be getting targeted traffic from the relevant publication it appears on anyway. Traffic is traffic.

    Ezines and other directories want ORIGINAL content. They didn’t say unique. Note the difference. The same exact article can appear on your site, Ezines, other article directories, blogs and publications in your niche etc. Again–think about why whoever started Ezines started Ezines in the 1st place? Think–what is the point of article directories in the web ecosystem? Providing syndicated content is the original reason that real directories exist (there are many dubious ones that now prey on those who pursue this notion of “article directory marketing” (for links straight from the article directory) rather than article syndication marketing to disseminate content (that also happens to have links–that ultimately end up in real web publications, not just irrelevant low PR article farms run off of servers in Eastern Europe.)

    From Google. Note the distinction between duplicate content and syndicated:

    Another article:

    • Taylor Bauman

      PS—you have to keep your author name EXACT as it appears on your site when submitting to Ezines or you will be rejected. When people don’t realize this and get rejected, they then publicize their experience which feeds misconceptions.

    • tom j ripley

      The problem wuth this field is old artcles are pointless.

      Penquin has been launched and this duplicating of content is just going to get you NO WHERE.

      If the page gets de-ranked and filetered out by Penquin your wasting your time.

      We are not a publishing house with authority but just a smal site on the edge of the web.

      Just dont bother,

  • Kalille

    Can someone correct me. For each article submitted to top article directories, do we link back to the main domain of money site or the post/page where we spun the articles from. Do we include the backlink in the post or in the resource box? How many backlinks?

    Also, for massive article submission, what anchor text do I use that will link back to the web 2.0s and top article directory links? The main keyword or a variation of main keyword?

  • Jblake

    I think this method really works. This is sort of a mini net for your website. Very effective but quite tiring to do. You need more patience to do this but this definitely works for me.

  • Suzanne

    After reading this post and then watching the video – I’m not sure I understand exactly what you propose as far as creating content. According to EzineArticles and other article re distributors the article you submit cannot contain or resemble posts that you have already on your site. Also one of their stipulations is that you cannot sell items (at least flagrantly) in your article. So I’m curious as to how you would create an article, spin it and then submit it to these “channels”. Especially if they make sure that your content is original by checking your site.

    I’m going to go through the article here again and see if I missed something but I do not understand how you are able to get around the stipulations that these channels set forth (even with spinning) unless you write unique content for each hub. That being said when I write or create posts most of them are very informal and usually have tutorials, presets, freebies etc. These items take time to create and I wouldn’t want to make 10 unique posts for other feeds – I would want to make them for my blog. I also do not like just re-listing content others have created (i.e. tutorials, freebies, assets), granted it’s great to help spread the word around but I think that part of branding is creating items that others can use and want.

    Any help you can give me to understand more clearly – I would much appreciate.

    • Dennis


      Why would you want an article similar to the one on your money site featuring on article directories? You need to write another one.

      You create 2 articles on a topic? The best one goes on your money site and the other is for spinning & distribution (syndication).

      Furthermore, with the whole ‘unique content’ debacle on your tier 1 web 2.0 sites, I can understand why you would want to create unique content for each property. And ideally you should as it looks more natural. Personally, spinning works for me. I just vary the title and keyword anchor placement for the links (I put the links back to my site in different paragraphs and use different anchors because no matter how well you spin the article, if the link back to your site is ALWAYS showing up on paragraph 4, sentence 6 of the article with the anchor ‘cheap used laptops’, that’s a footprint).

      Also, why are you against publishing.. or ‘relisting as you call it’ (look at the massively popular I mean, you don’t have to re-list stuff on your money site if you don’t want to but you’re doing your readers a disservice because truth be told, they could well benefit from reading other people’s perspective on whatever topic your site is about.

      Also, why couldn’t you re-list other peoples content on your web 2.0 sites since you are so concerned about the time it takes to create unique content for each one? Remember what these web 2.0 links are for – it’s easy to forget. They are purely for LINKS. Strong LINKS back to your main site. You aren’t so concerned about people coming across them.

      All you need to do is scour the web for a good article related to your topic. You then reblog it and put a few comments in there and then you drop a link back to your site (be sure to credit the source with a link back). It’s an easy way to populate your web 2.0s with content WITHOUT having to create 100% unique stuff.

      I’d personally start with 10 blog style web 2.0 properties and manage 2 a day. You just find stuff to re-blog and populate them with content and then put a few of your own comments and drop your link(s) back to your money site. The INTRODUCTION needs to be unique aswell. The structure is like so:

      1. paragraph of unique stuff in the intro i..e hey, I found this cool article about blah blah blah.. (drop anchor text link)

      2. drop a snippet of the article and put a no follow link to ‘read more’ to the source

      3. write your thoughts on it at the end. (drop url link to your site).

      You can then hit the web 2.0 properties with UAW or cheap fiverr blasts.. whatever you choose.

      • Marc

        Hi Dennis there are are schools of thought on this pertaining to content on web 2.0 hubs.

        I am looking into a strategy using posterous which allows you to add web 2.0’s and the likes of You post duplicate content to all your web 2.0’s etc via posterous because posterous allows you to post to the hubs all at once. However in each web 2.0 you have anchor text pointing to money site.

        • Dennis

          Marc, that is absolutely right. The posterous strategy was featured in The Challenge 2010 if I remember correctly. I am not sure if it is as effective in 2012 but a thorough test would be appreciated. Let us know how you get on.

        • Steve Wyman

          Hi Marc and Denis

          Yes it was part of Ed dales work on the 2010 challenge. Very effective through to mid 2011 but somewhere along the line Panda or another filter made it pretty lame.

          I know a lot of people read this thread and try to look for new ideas as well as understand older ones.

          PENQUIN has changed the game. There is no doubt that it (or a related filter) is targetting SPAM.

          What your suggesting is spam. We need to be using highly spun (ish) content. ON topic and with links back to our money site that are diverse in anchor text. The posterous process creates mulpile eaxct duplicate pages with the same anchor text pointing back. Not good at all.

          IWith backlinking its not reasonable to expect us to create 100% unique content bt with some efort and great spinning tools 70% + should be easily achievable.

          Then vary the anchor text very highly with the extach (EMD) being less than 30% of the total links. BUT all links need to make sense in the context of the article published on the web2.0 AND the target page.

          So dont publish spam rticles on dog training with a link to lemon cake mixtures embeded in it.

          Your just wasting your time.

          Have a great week to ne and all.

  • John

    Hi Pat,

    NEED HELP! I don’t know if this was already been answered in the comments, but I just like to clarify the social bookmarking part.

    What URL’s should I bookmark, is it the URL’s from the mass article submissions OR the URL’s of the articles from my money site? Thank you for this great post by the way. Cheers!

    • Steve Wyman

      bookamrk to the anchor layer

  • Rommel

    Thanks Pat for really taking the time to go through the steps in detail, coz it get’s kinda confusing unless it’s shown to you. I’ve being reading your blogs for a couple of months now but this is the first time I’ve actually explored the rest of your site! lol So much resources =)

  • JB

    Pat, let’s say I spin my original article 10 times, do I also have to change the original title 10 times or can I keep the original title for all the spinned articles. Also can I use the same bio at the end of the original article for all the spinned articles or do also have to change it for each spinned article.

    • Steve Wyman

      Hi JB

      YES you MUST spin the title as well as the content. Its vital that you do so. From an SEO point of view the Title is still highly relevant.

      I would spin Bio’s as well.

      Also dont forget to Spin the anchor text back to the money site.

      i.e. highly spin everything to get as Unique as is possible.


  • Jamison

    What about blog commenting for backlinkinks? (what I am doing right now). Do high pagerank blog comments give you any backlinking power? Does the blog have to be relevant? Has anyone experimented with this?

    • steve wyman

      yes they do
      no they dont

      In my niches this is totally true.

      Test a few yourself on one of your sites to establish if its true for you.

      Vary anchor text, DONT use the emd keyword more than 10% of the time. make sure the OBL (number of outbound links from the page) is less than 50. Make sure the PAGE and not the domain has PR3+

      This is my experience in august 2012
      somebody else will tell you other wise
      dont tell Matt Cutts or his team.


  • Adam

    I am sure I missed this somewhere but when did you start building back links to your site? Was it right away after you had a few pieces of content on there or did you have like 10 or 20 posts and then started to build back links?

  • Thomas

    Do the names of the blogs matter? Should you pick blog names that include the keyword you are going for? Thanks

    • steve wyman

      yes you should. BUT you will need to put a prefix or suffix typically to set them up

      so (as most emd have already been done)


    • steve wyman

      Hi Thomas

      as above yes but if you really get stuck you a phrase match instead.

  • Thomas

    Should the blog names include the seo keyword or do they not matter?

  • MultiMillionaireRoad

    Thanks for the tips Pat. I had never realised how important and how complex propper back-linking is. I’m going to have to read these a few more times.

  • Enstine [email protected]

    Wao! has the recent Google dance not have any negative changes than may affect this backlink plans?

    • Marc

      Enstine said “REPLY
      Wao! has the recent Google dance not have any negative changes than may affect this backlink plans?”

      I at least haven’t heard that this strategy still works.

      • Steve Wyman

        Hey Marc!

        Ok well if you read the thread you Will 1 read it still works.

        bear in mind that most of the people making great money in adsense sites DONt talk they do.


        • Marc

          Steve Wyman said “Hey Marc!

          Ok well if you read the thread you Will 1 read it still works.

          bear in mind that most of the people making great money in adsense sites DONt talk they do.


          Yes that what it seems about Adsense. I’m new to all this and I’m not concerned about Adsense just making sales. I haven’t implemented this strategy yet but I’ll start but without Build My Rank.

        • Marc

          Hi Steve can anyone recommend an article spinner to use with a Mac?

        • Elaine

          I have a question about picking my keywords on Market Samurai. On a broad match type it’s coming up at 91 for SEOT and 45k for SEOC. Is the SEOC too high? Also, when I’m trying to pick keywords am I looking at broad match types that meet the SEOT minimum or exact match? Thanks!

        • Marc

          Hi Steve,

          Just got an article spinner and ready to go. Some questions.

          1- create unique article and post it to niche(money) site
          2- spin articles to submit to article ezines

          Question, are we suppose to spin articles in conjunction to how many ezines we submit too? In other words if I’m wanting to post to 5 Ezines should I have 5 spun articles or could I the same 1 spun article for all 5?

          3- create web 2.0’s

          In regards to article to web 2.0’s… Let’s say I have 10. Do we need to have 10 spun articles or can we use just the 1 spun article to all of them?

        • steve wyman

          Hi Marc

          this thread is a bit broken so hard to reply sometimes.

          You have 1 spun article. from the article you spin out x articles to your needs.

          If you want ten articles per site then you could use 10 spunarticles each one producing a article for a site

          hope thathelps

  • Thomas

    I wonder if anyone else got this problem. I followed the steps and was getting pretty good results. However, I’ve notice now that some of my anchor layer blogs are ranking HIGHER than my niche sites. For example, for one of my keyword searches, a blog post from my Blogger post is ranking higher than my niche site. I thought it was important to write about a similar topic in order to make it seem natrual. I was blasting away with my article directory service to the anchor layer blog, and now that’s higher than my niche site.

    Does that mean I should just start blasting my main niche site in order to rank higher?

    • Steve Wyman


      This is because google algo changes are benefiting the blogger blogs when in low comp niches.

      DONOT start blasting the money site. just keep doing what your doing. With time the money site should outrank the blogger site anyway as it gains authority. Especially if neither of them is yet ranking in the top ten.


    • jimmy

      Hey Thomas,

      I see you still receive decent results after penguin. Thats nice to hear, which article directory service are you using?

      Cheers mate!


  • John

    Hi, Is this still a good strategy to use with all the recent updates? Cheers

    • Marc

      Hi John according to Steve Wyman it works. However you must re-read the tutorial cause some tools have been nixed cause of Google updates such as Build My Rank and I think Blog Blueprint.

  • Jay P

    Hi Pat,

    This has always been a favorite post for many of us. I was wondering if you could share your backlinking strategies post Panda/Penguin? anchor text diversity%, etc.

    Also, are you still using Blog Networks, Spinner Software, etc.

    • Marc

      Jay P re-read the strategy again. Pat referred to Blog networks etc.

  • Ellen

    Hello There. I found your blog using msn. This is a very well written article.
    I’ll make sure to bookmark it and come back to read more of your useful information. Thanks for the post. I will definitely comeback.

  • Paris

    Hey pat
    Thanks for all the great info you share with us! I am a big fan and I try
    To follow your techniques to my new site! Keep up the good work!

  • Ben Troy

    This is one of best guide for me
    I use guess post and article marketing for long time, it works 😉
    More, i also make mega-comment to attract traffic

  • Jay Villareal

    Is it necessary to have a different pen name when signing up or writing posts for web 2.0 or blogs?

    • steve wyman


      Fr the web 2.0 etc on teh anchor layer – Yes new names and email adress’s for new entitites.

  • Kristy Shen

    I’m on step 2 of the awesome backlinking strategy and I found a free article spinning tool that works REALLY well. SpinChimp is very similar to the Best Spinner but it’s freeeeeee!!!

  • Emma from Family Meals and Cooking Tips

    Hi. A few days ago someone mentioned the name of a free spinning tool in a comment here and forvtheblife of me I can’t find it again after trawling through the comments. Can anyone remember what it was? Thanks a million!

    • Kalille

      Very recommended alternative to TBS. Free version is enough. I purchased the Pro version for $59 lifetime not because i need the pro version but i just want it like to donate to them

    • Kristy Shen

      Hi Emma,

      Not sure if you were referring to me, but I posted a comment a few days before yours about SpinChimp. The basic version is free and it is totally awesome. Like I-want-to-marry-it-and-have-its-babies awesome. Here’s the link:

  • Buy Youtube Views

    YES you MUST spin the title as well as the content. Its vital that you do so. From an SEO point of view the Title is still highly relevant.

    I would spin Bio’s as well.

    Also dont forget to Spin the anchor text back to the money site.
    Scrapebox and senuke all the way! :)

    • Martin

      I’m debating to get Senuke. Is t worth it? I was thinking it was a spam creator.

      UAW has limited the amount of articles they will let me send because I was sending to many versions of 1 spun article. I need to diversify my link profile. Wondering if Senuke is the way to go. My VA has a copy of it so it’s no big deal to have access to.

      • steve wyman

        Hi Martin

        Senuke is a beast. It important to use it carefully and not blast to much. I would not use it on the money site unless YOU understand it.

        If your backlinker knows it well it could be very useful to build links to anchor layers. But only if they understand it properly.

  • Brain Vitamins

    Interesting blog post.
    Do you believe this traditional backlinking strategies (white hat seo) will be overpowered by blackhat techniques like scrapebox?

    • Steve wyman

      Hi Brian

      No, a year or so back it was possible to do so.

      today with caution is the correct way to do backlining Some niches you can slam links in and with very weak comp rank well. Some niches require no backlinks!

      The general approach i would adopt going forward is to build no links unless you need to.

      Now for 90% of case that means you need to build links. And good practices such as diverse anchor text and a slow velocity of links works best.

      As always with seo and backlinking there are a ton of people that can disprove those ideas and just blast away.

      Having seen the disaster that was the penquin AND panda updates in april I for one follow a slightly more cautious approach when dealing with Google than i would have before.

      Bing however still seems to like lots of content and links..


  • Allan

    Hey Pat are you still using this strategy to date?
    and have you made any new adjustments to it?

    We all hear about link diversity being a big thing after the recent penguin and panda updates.

  • Abdul Waheed

    Awesome Back linking strategy, I have personally used something similar and this tier linking really does do wonders.

    Thanks for the great post and the awesome video.

  • stefan

    What about the anchor text from UAW to anchor layer? Does it have to contain the targetted keywords (and its variations) or it can be just any anchor texts?

    • Steve wyman


      Post penquin panda etc I would use all types of anchor text as you suggest.

      Maybe a little as 10% Exact match to the target keyword.

      Yes you can use the different type with those servcies other than the naked URL as anchor.

  • Matt

    Hi Pat,

    I’m new to all of this but I’ve already run into a problem with posting my spun article on Squidoo and Hubpages. They both tell me that my content is elsewhere even thought I spun it. I know that you mentioned that you never had this happen to you, but here I am, with over a 60% uniqueness score and I’m given grief on the article. Are you running into this problem now as well. Is anyone here having this problem? What are you doing about it now?

    • Kristy Shen

      Hi Matt,

      I ran into the exact same problem as you with my site. I’m not really sure how to get around it but until I find a solution, I’m going to write unique articles for Squidoo, Hubpages and Info-barrel, and use spun articles for everywhere else (ezine, goarticles, etc). It might take a bit longer but it’s worth it.


  • Sohel Parvez

    Personally I Believe this article are no longer effectively work after Google panda & Penguin updates.

    • Jamie

      BAsed on what!! just uess work. or a failure for it to work for you?

      Works just great here!

    • Ron

      Working for me. I have jump up over a hundred position in google in the last 60 days-for multiple keywords. Not as fast as the “fly by night” gurus, but it is solid and is working.

  • Rita Dawson

    Hey, Nice Post Man! The back linking strategy is really good and works wonders in Page Ranks. You have very well explained the 2nd Step. The inclusion of Theme words in the Spinning article can also be best way to spin it. Anchor words can work out well as you say. Anyway, Thanks for sharing.

  • Gabe

    I am curious how you set up your links from the anchor sites to your main site? Did you link only to your home page, your sales/money pages, a mixture of home and sales/money pages, or did you place blog articles on your site too and link back to content; which then linked to your home site and sales/money pages? Also, how many links would you include in one of your articles? Ezinearticles only allows two selfpromoting links in each resource box — so I am curious how you best used those links? Also, would you ever link to a list building landing page as one of your links? Did you use anything to track where your traffic came from (i.e., did you track your links so you could determine which of your sites you created was producing any human traffic)? Thanks great post, look forward to the responses. If you have answered these already, please direct me to the comments. Thanks again!

  • Ronald Grein

    Hello pat, I was wondering, does article wizard submit only to top directories? or does it submit to directories with all sorts of page ranks?

  • Karan Lugani

    The Best Spinner Seems to be working great. It really works fab, the only thing that needs to be kept in mind is variation in keyword.

  • Jason

    This all makes sense, but in practice it isn’t so easy to do.

  • Steve (Construction Contractor)

    Occasionally, I find a post that I feel the need to print… or at least save as a PDF in case the site goes down. And this is one.

    Thanks Pat and Joseph for sharing this with us.

  • Michelle

    I got my site to rank on Google 1st page within 4 hours of submitting my site and haven’t really done any backlinking. Do you think it is really that necessary for ranking or is it better to note this strategy as a traffic driver.

    • Marc

      Hi Michelle I’m new to this but my theory is you can rank easily if you pick an non competive keyword. I have 3 sites so far and 2 reached first page quickly without back links because I got lucky and didn’t know I picked 2 non competitive niche’s according to metrics. These are 1600 and 1900 exact match searches.

  • Annie

    My question is regarding how many times I can spin the same original article in Unique Article Wizard. Let’s say I have written an original article and then submitted a different spun version to various article sites and blogs etc for my anchor layer. When I start up Unique Article Wizard I use the same original article for spinning and then in the resource box I link back to 2 of my anchor layer sites eg. Go Articles and WordPress.

    I’m slightly confused about whether it is recommended to then write another original article for spinning because obviously I have a bunch of other sites in my anchor layer that I need to link to using Unique Article Wizard. Or do I just set up a new project in UAW for each pair of anchor sites, each time spinning the same original article and using the resource box to link back to these two anchor sites?
    Any advice would be greatly appreciated – cheers.

  • Jimmy Mathews

    PAD submits are working well these days and its not used much by link builders.

  • Sanjeev

    Thanks for the valuable information. Really i learnt new things.

  • Atif

    Thanks for this wonderful guide. I learned something today. I have a question though. How can I utilize this strategy to drive more traffic to my blog. I dont have a “money site”. I have new blog and I am just trying to grab as much traffic as I can.

    – Thanks

    • steve wyman


      “money site” is just a way to identify your main target.

      So it doesnot matter if thats a blog, ecomerce store or anything else. you can still use this process

  • Josh

    I hate to say it but I don’t think this method works any more, which is a real shame.
    I started using the Backlinking strategy that works a little over a year ago (Late July 2011) however 7 days ago my site was Sandboxed by Google for using this strategy. I don’t post everyday, nor do I backlink everyday and I never did use UAW (don’t have the cash).
    I think some changes need to be made in our SEO methods. Pat has made changes before, hopefully he will make some new ones.

    • Jack House

      Hi Josh

      Im sorry to hear of you issues

      HOWEVER the problemis not teh strategy but the implementation. If you using exact match anchor text (I suscect this) and point all you links to the root. You simply got hit by a penquin refresh.

      Your not alone.

      The strategy with correct implemenation still works. Scan this thread over the last 2 months to find examples.

  • Bas

    What do you think about this article? I heard some people also saying article spinning will get you site banned for life if google find out, but how about that? I think its a bit confusion what to believe and what not. I’m a newbee :)

    • Steve Wyman

      Using article spinning will not get you banned.

      You need to be pretty unique though say 80% +

      In SEO and IM for every idea there are ten alternative theories.

  • ian

    What a fantastic article. Thank you Pat and thank you Joseph.
    1 question, do you repeat this process everytime you write a new article if so do you use the same web 2.0 sites already created for the first article?

    • steve wyman

      Hi Ian

      Yes you repeat the whole process again from scratch for each new page or post you create.

      With good interlinking and good content on a small site you may find you dont need to do this to get every page to rank but it will help.


  • bongski

    I plan to start a few and blogs (free, of course) that will serve as back links to my money site. However, I have a few questions. when it comes to, is it a must that i need to create a new account for every blog that I will link to my money site? Another thing, i am worried that creating all these anchor/link sites (however you call them) on a single computer (I will be doing it) will just be detected by penguin as artificial link sources and so will be disregarded. It this so. Please i need advice on this. I plan to build the blogs, for at least a month, regularly posting unique articles. then place the links to money site. Or is it okay to link them immediately? thanks so much to all who will reply.

    • steve wyman


      Yes, typically a new account for each new blog that you create. You want to minimize and footprint you create. Bear in mind that blogger or any other web2.0 provider may disable you account for that one blog if they see a violation. (this changes over time).

      MAJOR CAVEAT ON THE FOLLOWING : Things change and this si true today but who knows what google will do next.

      When you create links from the anchor layer (blogs etc) back to your money site – you are NOT creating them on your computer. you are creating them on the site. There is no connection between the link itself and you nothing o detect.

      Obviously penquin and panda etc etc (the unnamed ones) can and do look for things link link velocity (how fast you create links) and also that the anchor text you use is diverse (maybe only 10% of links should have the desired keyword etc).

      When people have issues with using anchor layers its because they build all the sites with the same anchor text and that’s a bad practice and may well get a rankings drop.

      The only time the IP of your computer comes into play is when you create the account at the web2.0 an so they may capture that info but probably not. This is not passed to google. why would they?

      the web2.0 company might use that info to delete blogs you create but i don’t know for sure. When building manually i build 1 site per web2.0 property per day and dont see issue. if you using some automated software then you need hidemyass ip changer type software.


      • Marc

        Steve I want to outsource this strategy. Any recommendations?

        • steve wyman

          Hi Marc

          there are people such as whooshtraffic who do something similar BUT the cost is to high for small nice sites IMHO

          Some automated tools also do somehing similar. Its certainly possible to do with SEnukeX and i’ve seen some fiverr gigs doing it.

          BUT I’d steer clear of fiver gig. Five dollars just isnt enough to get teh job done well.

          If you have enough sites the build a team through odesk or virtualstafffinder.


        • Monty Campbell

          Do you outsource and still use Unique Article Wizard?

  • Salman R.

    PAT you are a real source of inspiration for me. I have started an online venture i-e, all the learning done through your site that is really informative. Now I want to learn about SEO . Hope you will help here too…

  • vlado

    Can you please solve my dilemma and tell me what is more important in backlinking, pagerank of a website, or pagerank of certain page on that website on which I put my link on? Some sites have like pr 6, but their pages (posts) on which I can put my comment and link on are like pr 0 or 1. So what would be the pagerank of that backlink?

    • steve wyman


      the only Pagerank that matters when doing backlinking is the PR of the PAGE you place the link on.

      In this context the site/domain PR is irrelevant.

  • Marc


    I was wondering if anyone can recommend an outsourcing person/company that can implement this strategy post Penguin?


    • steve wyman

      hi marc sorry for delay Ive commented above

  • Chris


    I really like the info you put in the blogs and podcasts.

    However is this really still practical using spinning to improve ranking?

    Do you have an update since the the 2010 blog post ?

    • steve wyman

      Hi chris

      The post has been updated many time since then (as recently as may 2012)

      It still works well. caveats from me are that anything can and will change.

      the thread is rather long now but there are “success stories” along the way.


  • sarin

    what you basically mean by new site.Is it new blog or you mean by your new site or you want to mean new web2.0 page based on your article or profile?Please confirm.

  • tk

    the information provide by you proved very helpful to me in improving my backlinking strategies …thanks for posting ….

  • Rafeeq Daha

    Hi Pat!
    It was nice to read your blog and what i am going to add here is that I have read your blog today but I am using this strategy since the april,2011. I must be pleased to verify your strategy. One more thing that i want to add that this strategy not only works for English sites but also any of the language site in the world. One more thing about using the tools is that don’t make blast of any tools but use them a bit carefully by creating counted links on one day. It will increase the time but it will give you perfect links that are natural. And yes, TBS ( The Best Spinner) is the master software if you use it a bit carefully. The way of using it will be soon published on my Blog shortly. Thumbs up Pat


    What a great post and helpful points. i really think backlink is very important way to keep site generating more and more traffic everyday. thanks for sharing.

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    I love the post.You have shared such a nice post.Thanks for strategy, its really great sharing.

  • Taran

    I love the post.Its really a great strategy, its a great lesson for me.I got some great info from your post.Thanks for sharing great info.

  • Hammad Baig

    This is the similar way i have read on a some sites or blog, but it is written so well and easy to follow. Thank you so much for all of your time on this post!!

  • Ernest

    I plan to make 3 to 5 web 2.0 websites as back links directly pointing to my website. Do I need to make these websites on 5 different computers, and hence, 5 different IP address, or is it okay to build them on one computer (my own), which means all website is built in a single IP address?

    • steve wyman

      Hi earnest

      No you dont. its standard practice to use one computer/internet connection to create these properties.

      Its fair to say that the place you create the site can and may track you IP BUT that relationship is not passed on when you link out to your money site.

      So if you use something like SEnukeX and create to many sites on say wordpress without changing your ip they will detect and delete

      But at your rate there’s nothing to fear.

      After all there’s nothing wrong or unnatural with you creating 5 sites on different web 3 properties is there.

  • istanbul masöz

    Great post, I tried it with my website and it still works. I think the importance of social media is increasing, especially at the start. Apart from that, yours is still a solid strategy, thank you very much for sharing.

  • Godlove

    great post again fromyou. i have been learning safe backlink building methods lately and i found this article really helpful it has added to my intelligence.

  • Oyunlar

    what you basically mean by new site.Is it new blog or you mean by your new site or you want to mean new web 2.0 page based on your article or profile?Please confirm..

    • steve wyman


      probably a new web 2.0 BUT can you copy the part your asking about here so i can be clear which new site your asking about?


  • suzanne

    Thanks for the tips, i find it had trying to get traffic to my website

  • Jon

    Hey Pat,  

    Thanks for taking the time to revisit and revise postings like “THE Backlinking Strategy That Works”.  I’ve noticed that you have done that on some of your other articles as well.  Too often, I run across what appears to be very helpful information but posted say 1 year ago or even longer.  The information may or may not be relevant at this point.  Knowing that you took the time to cross out the old, explain why, and add in the new is very valuable.  I still have the book Webonomics from 1997, but I don’t think it would be wise for me to use it to build my online business today.  I’m not sure if you have written an article about revisiting and revising, but it might be a good topic.  If you already have, I’d like to read it.

    Thanks again Pat!

  • Satinder Singh

    I think Blog Commenting plays an important role to rank your site… Don’t think about nofollow tag… And write for users not for search engine

  • Spencer

    Thanks for the helpful article! One thing I’m left wondering… is it okay to use the same username to create all of those blogs? That seems like something that Google would watch out for. Do people usually diversify the usernames?

    • steve wyman

      Yes you can that information is only stored at the place you create the site. Google should have no access to that.

      However if you built a load of sites at with the same details WordPress might use that info to track down and delete your sites.

      Therefore best practice is to vary the username and email on the platform. So multiple blogs would each have their own login details BUT they could also be reused on other blog platforms and web2.0 properties

      • http://[email protected] Marc

        Hi Steve I asked this before and not sure if I got a response. Do you recommend or does anyone recommend an outsourcing service that can implement this back linking strategy?

    • steve wyman

      Google doesnot have the usernames unless the blog platform supplies it to them. Its not in the public domain.

      HOWEVER the blog platform does and if they find a site they dont like they can track down the rest on their platform and delete the account.

      Therefore use different ID’ for each platform. But you could use the same for wordpress and blogger. I hope that helps

  • Justin Mott

    I’m about to start this strategy. Thanks for all the information Pat! I’ve been reading your site now for probably 4 months and love it. Its given me the drive to start my own website. Funny how things work, I found your page while looking up P90X results.

  • daayur

    i’ve learn so much from this.Thanks for the info.

  • rose

    Is the Best Spinner the same as the Unique Article Spinner? I purchased the latter as was VERY unhappy.

  • ??????

    thats great ..

  • Wing

    Is this backlinking strategy still works right now? Please let me know guys :( I want to start making money with adsense.


  • SpartaChris


    I have what are probably a couple of pretty dumb UAW question for you, but I’m going to ask them anyway.

    For the sake of argument, let’s say I’m using well-spun content for everything in the below mentioned scenario.

    If I have 10 properties (Article submissions, Web 2.0, blogs, etc) currently serving as my anchor layer, would I want to create 10 different UAW campaigns to send links to each one of these properties separately? Or would it be better to combine them two at a time (One link to this article directory, another link to this blog post) like you did in your video example? Are there any pros/cons for either method that you know of?

    Finally, if you’re creating separate campaigns and building links to these properties individually, is there any risk of content being duplicated, and thus penalized, on the various blogs/article directories UAW submits to, or it is more or less a non-issue?

    Thanks so much for taking the time, I genuinely do appreciate it.

  • Brian P.

    Hi Guys,

    I’m preparing to begin some article marketing using the tools mentioned in this post (The Best Spinner and UAW), a few questions:

    1. How many spun version of each article are needed for the anchor layer? (From the post, I’m assuming approximately 28 versions of each article; one for each of the anchor layer sites?)

    2. From reading a lot of the comments, I’m a little weary of UAW these days, but still leaning towards it. I feel cautious about building links too quickly, and I have no need to rank my site overnight so to speak. Would it be worthwhile to limit the number of directory submissions to 25 or 50 per day or less, as opposed to the 350 Pat recommends in the video?

    Pat, if you read this, I’ve been following you and inspired for over a year now, this is the first communication I’ve had on your site, please know that your work is highly appreciated!


  • Brian P.

    Another question,

    With UAW, let’s say I’m targeting 10 keywords, one for each of 10 pages or posts on my site. Does that mean that if I’ve created 1 post for each of these 10 keywords on all 28 anchor layer sites (280 total anchor layer posts), I must then create 280 projects within UAW in order to complete this strategy correctly?

    I appreciate any feedback you may provide.


  • steve wyman

    Hi Marc

    I cant find your comment to respond. th ethread seems tohave snapped again..

    I cannot recomend anybody. Whoosh trafic as i suggested before do somethink similar. The issue sis one of cost. If your going to do a quality job its not cheap.

    These days a cheap job is a bad bad idea.

    Also with the dramatic changes this year a lot of folks are doing 0 r very few back links to the money site.

    What i like about this strategy is if need be the link from the anchor layer to the sites can be removed.. thats agood thing

    Backlinking is becoming a difficult task with caution required. A few good links are definetly worth more than lots of rubbish.


  • Donny

    Does this method still work.
    I read a lot of conflicting opinions on the Warrior Forum.
    Like to know peoples experiences.

  • Brian P

    Hi Guys, I’m about to start implementing this strategy with a new website. A couple questions:

    1. Should I spinning each article 28 times (and posting on each of the 28 anchor sites mentioned)?

    2. If I’m targeting 11 keywords, and need to drive links to each of the 28 anchor layer articles for each keyword, does that mean I would need to create 291 (11 x 28) different projects in UAW?

    3. Finally, I’m not in a huge hurry to rank quickly, and am a little sensitive to building links too quickly given some of the comments I’ve read on here. Would you recommend setting the rate at 25 or 50 submissions per day as opposed to the 350 Pat recommends in the video?

    Pat, thanks for your work, I’ve been following for over a year and I’m a huge fan!


    • Monty Campbell

      Hello Brain,

      I too am a newbie hear and I truly value the questions you’ve asked here. I can not say what pat would say, but I can say what I’m doing for my site.

      1) Yes spin each article 28 times. If you have more original content with a similar them it will be more original if you have the 28 links to your money site from the anchor sites.

      2) Yes. To be clear, the more links you have on the key word the stronger your position will be for the long tail search terms

      3) If you are not in a huge hurry I would do 25 to 50 per day to start. At the end of the month at 50 a day you would have 1500 submission for your valuable key word. If you used the Market Samaria you should have the refined key word list where your competition is fairly week. So while you might not be attempting to get there quick, the formula is so that you can get there fairly fast for a fairly valuable set of key words.

      I look forward to hearing more about your success.

  • Liam

    Hi All,

    I just had a thought, if submitting these links automatically can lead to a penalty, what is to stop someone vying for my spot in the SERP and submitting a whole heap of crappy links in the hope that I’ll get demoted?

    Is there a technical reason why this couldn’t happen?

  • Notification

    Very valuable information and nice video with HD Quality thank you sooo much PAT . Can you please tell me how many backlinks should we have to add per day?

  • sumo@Notifications

    wow really the best secret that i heard about blogging thank you soo much PAT i will implement from today to increase traffic.. for my blog once again regards to smartpassiveincome

  • Jon C

    Late to the party by two years but I do have a question. On the Warrior Forum thread, Joseph mentioned spinning hundreds of articles. You mention submitting spun articles to a handful of sites only. Are you making fewer spun articles than Joseph did? Are you submitting one article per site/directory or multiple spun articles to each site over time? I assume its one per site due to the duplication concerns but wanted to make sure.

  • Greg

    Hi Pat. Really appreciate your transparency on this site. There’s not enough of it in the world that’s for sure. I’ve been using this strategy and it’s working really well so thank you very much!

  • SEO Tips And Tricks

    Your style is very unique compared to other folks I have read
    stuff from. I appreciate you for posting when you’ve got the opportunity, Guess I’ll just bookmark this

  • Jeff

    Hi, thanks for the info and hopefully this will help get my page ranked better in the search engines

  • Bob

    This was clearly a useful article and I appreciate the fact that you are not pushing some software for sale. Yes, I agree that this kind of small investment speeds up the backlink building process. Thanks for the support of the little guy.

  • Arthur

    Hi everyone!

    I’m kinda new here and would really appreciate some help. I’ve started with my niche site and now started backlinking as Pat desccribed. Still, Market Samurai shows that it has zero backlinks. When does google start seeing the backlinks you create?

    • steve wyman

      Hi Arthur

      That’s an involved question.

      1) Google need to have crawled and indexed the page your building links to (in Google o a search SITE:yourdomainname (include the .com or .net etc on the end). If the page doesn’t show up here you site is not indexed yet and yo’ll have to wait.

      2) the place you have built the ink from has to be indexed if its new web2.0 it may not be yet

      3) not all links are reported anyway by Google. So some will never be reported.

      So I would look every few weeks and see whats there if you wish to but dont overly focus on this aspect. Look at your rankings (using something like whooshtraffic) and your traffic (Google analytics) rather than worry about

      • Arthur

        Thanks, Steve, for your answer!
        Still, it’s kinda worrying to see no backlinks via Market Samurai. I guess, i need more patiency :)
        Thank you one more time 😉

  • Arthur

    I have a question for those who use Unique Article Wizard. Today i’ve just started with it and done everything as it was shown in tutorial, but they submit only 5-25 backlinks a day. I’ve changed it on my profile up to 1000, but it doesn’t help and they don’t submit any more than 25. Maybe anyone already had this problem?
    Thank you guys a lot for helping!

    • Arthur

      And this is the answer that i’ve got from the help desk:

      “The reason we have a hard cap on the daily submission is two fold. One, Google has made it very clear that natural looking quality articles are important. To make the system look natural we have limited the distribution of each article to 25 or less per day. It is not natural for your articles to go to 1000 sites in a day. This is for your protection.

      Second, the protection of the network. If your article gets sent to 1000 sites it is very easy for Google to see that it is not natural and they may take action against our network.

      Therefore we do not allow more than 25 for your protection and the protection of our network. I hope this helps.”

      I saw that Pat was making 350 backlinks. How? :)

  • Matthew Horne

    Some really good information here, just got myself on squidoo. I didn’t even know about this but it looks like a cool place to help promote content and products ect.

    Thanks Pat

  • Azim

    Hi Pat,

    There is a solution for BMR where you go for private blog network. I personally use private blog network where is bring good impact to my website rankings in search engine. You can find private blog network on warriorforum. There are many of them.

    For me, blog network still work. But it must be private blog network.

    Just my 2cent.


  • Andrea

    Pat, thanks a lot for a great resource, your patience and assistance here :)

    Nevertheless, I have a question as I am completely new to the topic and more I read, more I feel I dont understand completely. I get the overall concept, but what actually motivates the readers to click through all the spinned articles to get to your nichesite?

    I mean: even though the wording in particular articles is not 100% the same, the content (primary info) remains the same. As a user I get from indirect layer to anchor layer, lets say blog – but if that is basically just a single page that does not have more to offer or I click on a link where I read pretty much the same content then I probably just leave. Or did I miss something? Thanks

    • Steve Wyman

      HI Andrea

      Whilst getting traffic from the indirect layer is nice its not the primary focus of what were trying to achieve.

      Were building links to gain ranking not to drive traffic.

      To drive traffic you’d want to use high quality content on youtube or a a blog guest etc.

      • Andrea

        oh ok, I got it now…I thought it is getting ranked by the popularity and the amount of traffic. Great, thanks a lot!

  • Matt

    I have learned a lot from this article. Thanks!

    One thing that I’m wonder about though… If you’re using a WordPress site in your anchor layer, should you approve Pingbacks?

  • Richard

    Is there a free service similar to Unique Article Wizard and The Best Spinner? I want to try this backlinking strategy without spending any money.

    • steve wyman


      Sadly not or we would all use it !!

      To minimise costs and maybe just test a little maybe you could find somebody on odesk to do some of this for you..

  • Kyle Pearce

    Hi Pat:
    Love your podcasts… have been listening for a while and I now read your blog often. Great advice and easy to listen/read!

    One question for you, Pat (or others). I used and took a look at and and was surprised to find that your wordpress anchor link only showed 52 links.

    Using your technique with Unique Article Wizard, I was expecting to see hundreds (or even thousands) of links to your wordpress blog being used as an anchor link.

    Am I missing something?

  • Johnny Carlston

    I used to use this technique from Joseph one year ago but stopped don’t really know why as got good results
    ..but after hearing a podcast from him with adsenseflippers one month ago i decided to try it again in a new site that i am developing and got great results! even tho i changed the technique a bit and added a few links from link exchanges i am almost on the first page of G after 1 month. Diversity is key

    • steve wyman

      Hi Jonny

      Thats really great to hear its working for you.

      best of luck with your sites

  • Eric

    It should be noted that the The Best Spinner is a Windows based application only. Its the 18th of 18 bullet points on their website… which I missed. If you have a mac you then would also need software to be able to open Windows applications. Roughly around another 50 bones.

    Just a heads up… because I missed this.

  • Glock – Santa Teresa Costa Rica Hotels

    Thanks for the great content. Pinguin really hit my site because of the anchors and this now is a great way to treat anchors and make it a bit more “natural”

    Would like to know just to have an idea.. If x niche site takes you 2 months or x amount of hours to go 1st on G using your tools, how long would it take you to do it manual?


    • steve wyman


      Its really not feasible to do the whole process manually you would be at it for ever (it takes a lot of time even with the tools).

      You could consider going to odesk to find folks with the tools if you only have one site to work on to start with.


  • Jonathan Stuart

    Thank for sharing your insight and “source code” (aka, Joseph Archibald) strategy for backlinking!

  • Arthur

    Hi, guys!

    Do you spin your articles before adding to blog directories? What if you don’t spin and add the original of your article?

  • Victor Balasa

    This is absolutely brilliant! Thanks Pat for this great material. I’ve posted a small guide on making money from blogging (a somewhat related topic) on my blog too. Your information has been extremly valuable in getting more trafic from Google.

    I think I’ve already promoted this to all my friends, and wrote about your site in the before mentioned post on my blog.

    Giving away content so great is a sure way to build a loyal audience!

    Thanks again!

  • Monty Campbell

    Greetings Pat,

    I read, re-read, re-read, re-read, and re-read this again almost on a weekly basis. This approach is a fundamental truth about business. You must learn to do what the people with your solution does. You must ignore those with your problem in route to achieving your solutions.

    I thank you for this work and look forward to more content from you. Good Lord willing I will product a podcast and be on your show one of these days.

    God Bless.

  • Charles Marabella


    So glad you shared this with us, it helps a ton. I have two questions.

    1) If you create blogs/2.0/directories can google detect if you use your same gmail email to log into those as your website and penalize you because they know it’s the same person.

    2) I noticed on your niche site for most of your topics (Security Guard Gear,
    Security Guard Jobs, Security Guard Job Description etc) your homepage ranks in google and not the article. Are you pointing the link to your topic article or homepage? I would like my site to rank for only the homepage as well instead of the keyword article, is there anything to this?

    Charles Marabella

  • Tommy Coates

    Great post. I was checking constantly this blog and I am impressed! Extremely useful information particularly the last part :) I care for such information a lot. I was looking for this particular information for a long time. Thank you and good luck.

  • Laksh

    Hi – thank you for this phenomenally helpful post! I’ve been reading all the comments and I’m still confused about how to structure the Web 2.0 properties with respect to many nice sites. If I have niche sites based on clothes eg: –, and so…can I create multiple Web 2.0 properties with urls like – clothesilove, myfancypants, toptenclothingaccessories etc – and post spun articles on to these web 2 properties that link back to all my niche sites over time? Or do I need to create a separate set of Web2.0 properties for each micro niche site? Thank you!

    • steve wyman

      a seperate set.

  • James @ local business reviews

    Can you suggest to me what backlink strategy that works on old site the site age 3 yrs. I hope you can help me with this kind of problem. By the way this sites has low cpc and it is niche sites. The articles posted is plr articles.

    I hope someone could help me, any suggestions?

    Thanks in advanced.

  • Kyle Jacobs

    I wanted to ask, while this is all good information, I guess the best way to put it is why does back linking do what it is supposed to do. Why does making these blog and putting links help raising rankings? What is bookmarking actually doing? Why must I spin an article to post it somewhere else? Why am I posting it to these other websites? I’ve read several blogs and listened to podcasters and I don’t understand the function (not for the person making a niche website)in the grand scheme, what do these things do and why do we do them?

  • Rahul

    Hey Pat

    My name is Rahul and i just started blogging. Iam working on website from last one and half month. My website daily page views are more than 100 and visitors are 70 to 80.
    I appereiciate your article and i do back linking all time. But i want to increase traffic on website which is basically about celebrity.
    Will you please suggest some tips that will help me out because i want to extand my website to buisness later..

    Thanks Pat

  • Mike

    “I don’t do any cross linking between these sites.”

    The page has 4 links in the top menu bar, 1 of which points to your WordPress page.

    • Jason Love

      When you say to your wordpress page do you mean the niche site page, his security guard page, or his smart passive income page? I am going to assume you mean between his Anchor Layer.

      Doing cross linking does not hurt, but I personally wouldn’t link two spun articles together. It also depends on if you are using unique articles from your blog or not. I think linking two anchor pages can help with Google search engine spiders for two reasons:
      1-It finds those separate anchor sties faster and more importantly your link in those posts.
      2-The google algorithm sees those articles just point to one site (remember google is trying to eliminate manipulation of their search rankings).

      I hope this helps.
      -Jason Love

  • Cathy

    Great information! Glad I found your blog. You answered many questions for me.

    My bounce rate is 2.5% and I have about 100 visitors a day without being ranked in Google yet. My free coupon site is one month new.


    • Ple

      Donot post duplicate content, just new fresh to be ranked fast

    • Cathy

      Yes, backlinking works! My first website has zero backlinks and is ranked #21million. My second website has 20 backlinks and is crawling up the ladder at #10million. Thanks for the insight!!!

      • Free Coupons ABC – Cathy

        Update: My site’s Alexa Global rank is now 3,303,783 and US rank is 558,546. Google has given the site page rank 2/10. Once again, thanks for the valuable info!

        • daveM

          Great to see this post comment. I was wanting to ask if there was recent success with this approach. I have started to do some backlinking and use some related sites but too soon to see results. You just gave my enthusiasm a huge boost. Thanks

  • Jacob Wade

    I totally agree with you Steve about the forum profile links.

  • Joseph

    Hi. I was just wondering. How many versions of a spun article do you make?

    Do you just spin the original article once and submit that same spun version to all the sites, or do you spin one for each individual site.

    Eg, one new article for ezinearticles, another new and unique one for…..etc.

    • Syamsul Alam

      i also learn this type of tiered backlinking strategy from Matthew Woodward.

      As i understand it, if you create fantastic spun articles with 95%+ uniqueness, you don’t have to worry about this thing.

      You can spin one articles and post different spun version of it to multiple 2.0 sites, article directories, wikis, etc…

  • Leah

    Pat, thank you so post is an awesome reference guide and proving to be so very valuable. I am putting your techniques into practice to rank for a keyword on my authority site but think it should work just as well.
    I am currently working with the best spinner (from your affiliate link) doing manual spin/edit/check am not sure what is considered ‘good/acceptable’ in terms of % uniqueness. What do you recommend? I currently have my first article at 800+ words and 45% unique
    Thanks in advance

  • Trevor

    Why do you no longer have affiliate links in your resource file and throughout this post pointing to UAW? Do you no longer support/use/recommend UAW. I was considering signing up – having read your recommendation months ago – but now I am nervous because it seems your endorsement is gone. Thoughts?

  • Michelle from Hairvenly Extensions

    I’ve been using that backlinking strategy and somehow it worked in my site. Content really helps boost your rankings in Google as long as you know how to make quality content that links to your money site using varied anchor texts. Even if Big G rolled out the Penguin and Panda update, it is still effective and it really works.

  • Dan

    Hey Pat!
    I am getting started on a blog and with all the updates lately, can you let me know if this strategy is something I should still follow?
    Thanks in advance,

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    Thanks for this. Exactly what I was looking for.

  • Brian P.

    Hi Guys, I’ve begun implementing this strategy, and since it’s a bit cumbersome, I’m wonering if anyone can recommend a good and trustworthy resource I can outsource the rest of the work to.

    I’ve already gotten the spintax’s created and have done a few Anchor Layer posts, but I’m a little stalled out. I need someone who can complete the Anchor Layer posts and use UAW to complete the rest while I continue creating and improving the content on my site.

    I’m not looking for a full-time VA at this point, just someone who can handle this short term project. Any referrals would be greatly appreciated!!!


  • Ann @ world-links

    Really brilliant read. So thorough and helpful. I also use bookmarking demon and yes I find it a bit complicated to use the software, I might check out social poster. Thanks so much Pat! Cheers!

  • Jim Flynn

    Hey Pat: Just wondering whether you still feel that this strategy is useful today, now that the Panda/Penguin dust has settled even more.

    I see your note at the top of this post that you’d now use this strategy only as part of a more varied approach, but I’m guessing it’s a few months old, and would love to get a quick update if you’ve got the time.


  • Lucas

    I have a MacBook and the Best Spinner software isn’t installing. I put in a help ticket, but are there any web based applications that do the same thing just as well?

  • Eric Flanigan

    Hi Pat,

    I’m digging this article/post—of course I have questions :) Let me check my notes, ah yes…
    Anchor=Primary=Teir 1
    These links point directly to the niche site—coming from Article Directories, new blogs that one creates, and various web2.0 properties.

    #1: I assume that the article directories employed here (that point directly to the niche site) are to be those of the highest caliber? IE,
    Yes? Uniquely spun of course.
    For web2.0’s should I use YouTube as an anchor or indirect?

    It’s been a while since this post went out…and I think another person had a question pertaining to UAW: Does it still remain a viable method (as of October 2012)?

    Thank you (or anyone else) for any input here…I appreciate it in advance!


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    Thanks for the tips.Just what i need.Ive been looking for a site that can help me gain more knowledge about my business and I’m glad i found your site.

  • seo services in mumbai

    PR and ARTICLE submission are very effective strategy for link building.Only the main thing which should be kept in mind is that the content should be fresh and keyword rich.Stuffing of keywords should be avoided.

  • Forex Robot Nation

    I think this is an effective strategy but it can’t be your only approach. Links have to be picked up from other more natural avenues to accentuate this strategy so make sure you don’t do just this because too much of one thing is never good.

  • Jeff Wenberg

    I’m starting this for my voice over site. I just started with UAW and it will only let me send out 25 a day max. Is that what I should do, or is there some way to up that number that I’m missing?

  • Kevin McNally

    Great post.

    Interesting twist on using UAW and the way in which you use article directories as tier links.

    For anyone starting out they should print this post out and get busy !


  • Jeff Wenberg

    With UAW you can only submit 25 a day now. Is this still a good way to go with backlinking?

  • Mohamed Datoo

    Hey Pat-

    I can’t commend you more for the amount of info you put up here man! You’ve become a big inspiration for me to create my own niche website.

    I have a few questions:
    1. When you were promoting your security website, for the web 2.0 and article directory and social bookmarking sites pointing to your money site did you use any submission tool or did you do that manually? (because I know you mentioned you used Unique Article Wizard to get backlinks to your “non-money sites”)

    2. Do you recommend using Senuke? I’ve heard mixed reviews.

    3. Have you heard of Webfire? If you visit their website, it’s a new tool that offers whitehat SEO tactics. If you visit their website,, they have some promising stuff just wanted your opinion.

    4. Would you say registering for the article directories and web 2.0 sites manually and using UAW to promote your niche site is good enough to get similar rankings?

    I appreciate your feedback. Thanks again for all the videos.

  • nathan ward

    One of our main money sites was number 1 on G for over 4 years and on September 29th it dropped to page 2 and after 3 days it dropped to page 19 and stayed there until this week.

    It has now gone back up to position 2 on page 2 and we are beginning to realise what we did wrong…same article submitted to 10 article sites at once, footer links on sites with over 3,000 pages, very similar page/post content on our site with perhaps just a slight change to the title – not duplicated but just very similar content and now we think about it, we realise that it added nothing to the user experience. Tons of pages with similar content but targeting different geographical areas such as SLR Cameras Miami, SLR Cameras Dallas, etc

    It has taken a while but we are beginning to get it now…add value and something unique to the user and you should do ok…

  • Chris

    It’s not always easy to reply to a particular post here.

    Just read one addition about a site dropping all of a sudden to #2 and then further down.

    Then the realisation came that they had (almost) lots of duplicate content spread around the web.

    Their conclusion? Add real value. Period.
    I liked that. Very straight forward!

  • Kiril

    Awesome post and it seems to become really popular among your readers, but I think there are some things to be cleared and revised.
    1. With all new algorithms that Google and Search Engines are releases day after day, they are becoming really smart and just spinning an article with The Best Spinner will pass only Copyscape, but won’t pass Google’s check for the whole article structure at all. Also similar keywords and phrases do not mean Different.
    2. Methods like UAW may still have some effect, but the most effective ones are Guest Posts or building a whole new private Blog Network, but nothing like BMR.
    3. Some people are ignoring, but comments also matter, since they can be a good sign, whether the comment itself is written by human or a bot and one placed on a site like yours with a lot of Authority do have weight on the overall SEO.

    That’s only 3 out 3K points to be considered, but I hope this can help someone rethink their strategy.
    Regards, Pat

  • Nikster

    When I create one blog on each domain name, can I use them for the SEO on more then one website?


    • DoubleKGK

      What do you actually are trying to say ? Could you please explain ?

    • tim

      no you cant.

  • Tony Miller

    I would be interested to see an updated post on this linking strategy. Does it still work after the recent google penguin and panda updates?

  • verse

    Proper back linking is so important. You spelled out a perfect linking strategy. Every webmaster should read this article twice. Two thumbs to you.

  • Justin Mott

    I just wanted to stop by and drop a line in to everyone that is wondering if this method still works. Let me just say that it does. I’ve been using it for the past two months fairly consistently and I’ve jumped up to the second page on my keyword since started. Its not a strategy that will work tomorrow for you but if you are willing to dedicate a little time everyday, you can really make some great strides.
    I personally work only an hour a day at most on this backlinking strategy. That is mostly checking my spun articles and starting new blogs. The spinning may take a little time but once you get some practice in, you can make 99% spun articles within an hour or so.
    I’m no expert but I can say that this is one of the best and least expensive ways to build your site in Google.

  • Niche à succès

    One of our main money sites was number 1 on G for over 4 years and on September 29th it dropped to page 2 and after 3 days it dropped to page 19 and stayed there until this week.

    It has now gone back up to position 2 on page 2 and we are beginning to realise what we did wrong…same article submitted to 10 article sites at once, footer links on sites with over 3,000 pages, very similar page/post content on our site with perhaps just a slight change to the title – not duplicated but just very similar content and now we think about it, we realise that it added nothing to the user experience. Tons of pages with similar content but targeting different geographical areas such as SLR Cameras Miami, SLR Cameras Dallas, etc

    It has taken a while but we are beginning to get it now…add value and something unique to the user and you should do ok…

  • Adam

    This may be an obvious question. When you create an account for and other sites do you make seperate accounts for every subject or do you publish all your articles under the same account name?

    • Pat Flynn

      Best to separate each account based on each niche site that your’e targeting. Unless they are closely related topics, that’s what I and many others are doing.

  • Eric

    Thanks for the gold mine i will be back often.
    God Bless

  • Damien

    Hey Pat,

    I noticed that your security guard training site has a number of .edu and .gov backlinks. Any chances you’re going to develop a post around you strategy on how to get those desirable links?

  • funny nepali jokes

    i am a new bee to the bogging but this post make me now much more about the process of back linking which will is great advantage for me to build my blog and use the strategies of back linking mentioned. Thanks for the wonderful post.

  • jocelyn

    Thank you so much for this piece of information. As you can see, I am a newbie and I really want to succeed in blogging. I know what backlinking is one of the best ways to increase one’s page ranking in the search engines but before I read your article, I did not know how to use it as my very own instrument to success. Again, thank you and God bless :)

  • jrm

    That is a great article, but let me ask you guys a question, any can answer really:

    Where does Content Curation fit in to this strategy and also can I link mutliple article to the web2.0 sites from different sites?

    Let’s say I have two sites, can I use the one 2.0 created site to link to two different ones?

    • steve wyman

      I would not do that. your cretating interlink dependency and thats not a good think.

  • randy

    Can anyone recommend a good article submitter that is free, or inexpensive.

  • Leonard Jackson

    Hey Pat, great post. I worked for an SEO company and the backlinking strategy was very similar.

    Just wanted to let you know as I went through your list of blogging platforms I found that was a dead link. I know it’s not that big of a deal but just thought I’d let you know.

    Thanks for everything!


  • Ben

    Thanks Pat, thanks Joseph.

    I used to think of spinning as black hat, but I just decided it isn’t, thanks to you. Ha. I’m sick of writing 400 words for every backlink, time to start spinning.

  • Justin

    I just read this great great article recently, but as a newbie to the IM scene there is something that is not clear to me in the article. In one of the updates added in 2012, Pat says “The best advice is to not use blog networks to drive links back to your site”. Is a ‘blog network’ in this context one of the old pieces of software (such as BB or BMR) or is it a term used to describe the activity of creating blogs (on sites like, which was described in the original strategy prior to the 2012 updates?

    Thanks in advance the assistance.

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    Very interesting

  • Mike T

    Awesome info in here – this method is still pretty much working I guess then? Looks like it’d still be ok?

  • Web design Fife

    Does this method still work? Anyone??

    It seems like an awful lot of work if it doesn’t.
    I’d rather hire someone else to do it.


  • ali

    I have this concert Pat, the articles in the indirect layer (which contain backlinks to anchor layer) will be indexed automatically by Google or we need to do another step to get these articles indexed. Thanks in advance ^^

  • Rob

    Thanks for the information, it works for my site

  • Hesi

    I hope this strategy still applies today even after all google has done to abolish it.

  • Damien

    @Pat – love you man, but I have to agree partially with Tom – any time I comment on a post of yours, I hit that “notify” button, so I can follow the thread, and the spam is out of control lately. Have you thought of signing up for Akismet? It does a pretty good job on my site of not even letting me see the spam and letting the actual comments through.

  • Zaahib

    Thank you for the good information

  • frostgambler

    Pat, I know this is an older post but I have a question – when linking the free blogs to your niche site, do you recommend putting a link to your niche site in the blogroll on the free blogs, or just putting a link in a post or on a page of the free blog to point to the niche site? The reason I ask is I know a few years ago the preferred method was linking from the blogroll, but I heard that now google is scrutinizing blogroll links more heavily and if you have many of them pointing to a site it looks more suspicious than just a link in a single post or page. What do you think?

  • daveM

    I have found this article and comments to be so very useful. There are many articles on similar topics on the web, but for me this article and the insights in the comments has been particularly suitable for me. Thanks to Pat and his guest authors for this superb content.

  • daveM

    I just finished purchasing the book by Joseph Archibald, holy crap, this thing is like a road map….. he lists everything he does and all of his tools and points out all the freebie tools to do the job. I usually hesitate to buy ebooks as many of them have not a lot of quality info….. this one is just jampacked with good stuff. I am really pleased.!

  • Ken

    I’m trying to implement this strategy, and I’m a newbie, but I’m hoping someone can answer this question:

    What happens after you’ve done this strategy for your first aticle, and you’re ready for the next article. From everything that I’ve seen I see that you “rinse and repeat”, but from what I also gather, on your web 2.0 sites there’s just 1 posting.

    In the rinse and repeat stage, do you just create new articles and use UAW, basically skipping over submitting new articles in the anchor layer and continue to link the indirect layer to your original anchor layer articles? Or do you create more blog entries/ezine articles and things like that, adding to the articles on the anchor layer?

    Thanks for any help

    • daveM

      I think that I read that they are using more than one article, say 2 or 3 articles.
      I am also thinking that if they do not get what they want after 1 or 2 articles that they add one or two more until they get the results. Sometimes there are more obstacles to getting the page rank so they add a little more content. IMO

  • daveM

    I purchased Joseph’s book a few days ago and have read much of it several times. This is a great source of resources and techniques, although a couple things are now outdated. I am glad I purchased the book as it has influenced the direction that I am taking as a marketer.
    All that being said… Joseph has another lengthy period of experience under his belt, I am wondering if he is considering a second publication, perhaps a joint effort with Pat as I am sure they both have a lot more to share.
    C’mon guys, think of the fun you would have to build this new book….

  • Thor

    Very inspiring. I just started my blog. I’m still trying to figure out everything. Couldn’t even tell you how many visitors I have a day yet. Either way I learned a lot from reading.

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    Very Nice article informative.. After along search in google i find this article which is related to what i need.


  • Chris

    So, this may have been asked…

    You are sending all this SEO juice to your anchor layer from the indirect layer. You are then linking your anchor layer to your niche site…

    Why does your niche site rank for your chosen keywords and not for instance the squidoo or hubpages site you created? Are you not using the same keywords or does google just rank niche sites higher? Seems like you’d be in competition with yourself. I love this idea and I have been working on ways to help make this work post Panda and Penguin but this is the one part I still don’t understand. Thanks

    • James – Orlando Vacation Tips Blog

      That’s exactly what I was thinking… Argh… Pat, please help when you get back from Vegas! 😀

  • Rajib Kumar

    Really nice tips for link building. Definitely i will follow your tips.

  • Ferdinand Tan

    I’ve been trying to follow your backlinking strategy for some time now..doing exactly what you’ve listed in this post. In some cases where competition is not that tough, it actually works and I’m seeing some targeted keyterms in 1st page, but not exactly in rank no. 1. I usually look for low competition – high density keywords that are easy to rank for and with this strategy, I can definitely do well in the SERPs. Thank you so much for sharing and good luck in your endeavors!!

  • Jason Faughnan

    Great post Pat, i have been wondering myself for a while now which was more important, link diversity or anchor diversity..and seeing that i was unsure i kinda of diversify both just to be on the safe side.But as you say yourself, if you create quality content then it should naturally start to get links,obviously when people can find you in the first place :-)

  • Rajan

    nice article. thanks for the info. :)

  • Mohamed Datoo

    Hi, great information here on this post. I am actually starting a niche website right now and will be using your link strategy to promote the website and we’ll see how it goes. I’ll try to give everyone an update so you know if it still works. If anyone can ANSWER PLEASE, did Pat use to backlink his security guard website through any bookmarking tool like SeNuke or everything was done manually?

  • dustin

    Pat, when linking to your anchor layer (livejournal for instance) do you link directly to the livejournal post where your keyword is, or do you just link to that livejournal account that contains the posts that contain your keywords?

  • harry

    pat doesn’t seem to be coming back often to this page any more.

    I had a question for the others still looking at this page, UAW seems to be capped at 25/day now and also doesn’t show which directories it is submitting the articles to, since I had set up the articles to point back to some of my wp blogs, I’m seeing the auto comment/pings and when I visited the pages a lot of these blogs are new, started just a month or 2 months ago with maybe pr 1, I think this is fine to be added to the mix but they got rid of showing everything the articles are being posted too, which creates doubts in my mind that the newer article directory and blogs might have at a higher percentage than it should be, which might not be very effective any more. Any comments on this? or Maybe I’m doing something wrong that’s why I couldn’t find the list of blogs/directories they are posting to.

    best regards.

    • Pat Flynn

      Hey Harry – it’s definitely tough to respond to all of the comments here but sometimes the community does a good job of responding for me. Anyway, to address your question, UAW is locked at 25/day, but this is good. Because of the latest changes in Google’s Algorithm, too many links will raise a red flag, and lately the strategy has taken more of a “the slower the better” approach and has worked pretty well, as long as it’s consistent. I see what you’re saying about the quality of the blogs and directories that the articles are being posted to, but they’ve been a little more secret about that (i.e. not as open about where they post, again, because of the algo changes) to keep the quality of those links as high as possible. Even PR1 sites are valuable, because remember that the actual PR number changes just a few times a year, if that many times at all. I know this because I spoke with the owner of UAW because I had the same concerns myself.

      • harry

        hi pat.. I was surprise to have you respond! thank you.

        actually, in the past hour, I did more investigation about this.

        1. I went ahead and contacted UAW support, with this question they did say that their directories got hit bad last May, so they had decided to hide this, it make sense to me. The possibility of someone feeding the urls to G cross their mind.

        2. The other way I investigated this the past hour was to use market samurai I purchased here to analyze the anchor links created, so far there are a couple links showing now, some of them have main domain pr 0 or 1 so far haven’t seen a good pr site yet. Some others are actually deindexed from google’s index couldn’t find some of the directories using the site: operator.

        funny is I have been doing SEO for 8 long years never used article submission until now.. hehe..

        I think one of the strongest SEO strategy is your service, investigated the back links! good work on that!

        anyways, thanks for responding I appreciate it.

        best regards,

  • Wilfred Weihe

    When engaging in social media campaign it’s primary objectives is to post your site’s links. After you’ve built your profile, it’s time to start looking at where you’re going to send out your links to get the best exposure on Facebook. But how to create a profile/page if your main goal is Amazon affiliate? Do you create special / pseudo profile? And find some random users? Or do you use your real friends and your real name?

  • Marce Recommends – Success Advisor

    Wonderful post, thanks for sharing.
    You know, I am running a case study at this same time using your strategy to rank YouTube videos on Google. People keeps saying me that videos are far easier to rank than a regular website, but I still couldn’t find the golden nugget to make it happen.

    I hope this strategy helps me to get there. Should I spend all the required time to rank just YT videos using this strategy?, these videos are long term low competitive for my Success Advisor helping program. I would like to hear your opinion about this Pat.


  • Jody

    I have heard of spinning and re-posting the same content from a couple different people but until I read your article I was still questioning why. Thank you for the very informative and helpful post.

  • Marlon Sanders


    I’d be quite interested to hear your update on this linking strategy.

    It seems to me that almost everything Google has done this year was
    aimed at destroying the effectiveness of this sort of strategy, especially
    UAW, article submissions and web 2.0 properties.

    Best wishes,


  • Ricky

    When you write on the web 2.0 sites, do you write the articles as yourself or do you need to create a pen name and some sort of separate account for that pen name.


  • Ryan

    I’ve tested this strategy using a different network besides UAW. I was able to rank to the first page using the strategies you’ve laid out but I’m adding some directory links.

    This is still a very powerful method if you don’t overdo it. BTW, how many times did you create web 2.0 properties for each site? (Blogspot 1x, 2x, ??)

  • bagus sajiwo

    ok’s good to build backlink system

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    Hi, I am new in SEO. I am now practicing and trying to apply SEO techniques in my personal blog. But, I have a blog. I started to create backlinks from blogs and forums but after doing that for some days, Google had banned my site. If I search for my site in the address box then this appears “Oops! Google Chrome could not find”.
    It’s my request to admin or other experts here, please help me to fix this issue.
    Thanks & Regards

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    Awesome backlinking strategy … Pat !!

    I’ll make sure to follow each of the steps shared to successfully build backlinks to my niche site

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    Thanks a lot for the info Pat..

    I’m slowly climbing the ranks in Yahoo and Bing and the important thing is that I’m helping people

    Thanks again and happy christmas

  • harvey

    Just do some legitimate backlinking, grab a list of business directories and do some submissions. Write quality articles and submit those to directories as well. Do some keyword research and whatnot.

  • Omar Habib

    Oh it’s great. The process works. I am getting backlinks and traffic too. Thanks buddy.

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    What I dont know is not building backlinks, getting backlinks superfast. Could someone help me about this topic? I will be greateful if anyone help me. Thank you in advance

  • Emily

    I have gotten a lot of valuable tips from Smart Passive Income- but Unique Article Wizard was really disappointing. You can only get your article sent out to 25 sites a day, and my articles “finished their run” after they had only been submitted to 175 sites. It was a far cry from the thousands of links that this post claims. I don’t think that SPI should promote this site any more.

    • Pat Flynn

      Hey Emily, thanks for the comment. It’s actually a good thing that UAW is now only sending 25 sites daily because in today’s Google search engine environment, any more wouldn’t help, and in fact it could hurt. UAW changed their submission process to make sure articles were not flagged and still work, which many people lately have reported it does. I still promote it because based on this it’s obvious that they are keeping their site updated to the times. I apologize for the confusion!

      • James – Orlando Vacation Tips Blog

        Hey Pat. Thanks for this post, and I hope you had a good time at your recent presentation.

        I know you will be quite tired when you get back to the blogosphere, but could you just answer this one question from me please? Before I pay for UAW, does it post 25 per day to each new blog, or does it post 25 a day across all of your blogs? Would it be the more blogs I create the more submissions I have per day?

        Thanks for everything you do Pat. Hope you enjoyed the past week.


  • dan
    • Karine

      Hi Dan
      Who on Earth is leaving his Email out there, get ready for crap load of spam.
      And for the link building, forget about it, start creating Epic Shit. Backlinks will follow, be sure about that.

    • Joelito

      Hi Dan,

      I’ve sent you an email. Kindly check it my friend.

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    What a terrific post Pat. During Christmas Holiday break, I spent a lot of time on your site to catch up on the new tools. I have literally spent days going through this and I am simply impressed at how you strive to help people achieve their goals. I’ll give all your suggestions a shot. Thanks so much for your info!


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    Does running a well-established blog such as yours require a lot
    of work? I am brand new to writing a blog however I do write in my
    diary everyday. I’d like to start a blog so I will be able to share my own experience and feelings online. Please let me know if you have any recommendations or tips for brand new aspiring bloggers. Thankyou!

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    Awesome information that I use with growing success (on the German market…)!

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    is this technique still applicable or worthwhile following with all the changes that have occured with google in the past year?

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    wonderful listing of some great ideas
    thnks Pat!!

  • Phil

    Hey pat, I’ve only just come across your threads on this topic and I can’t believe I’ve only just come across this Duel – mind you, I have been to the moon recently so this may explain how I’ve missed everyone talking about it!

    I’ve got a question on the Anchor Sites (I will admit I haven’t read every single comment posted here yet); when you speak about making the New Blogs, do you constantly create new ones as a sub domain to (for instance) or have you bought aged/new domains so you don’t always have links coming in from sub domains.

    If we were to use regular domains instead of the hosted ones, then we could quite easily set a limit to UAW so that it looks more natural. I understand the result’s may not be as quick and you have to consider the hosting costs, but at least we have an Anchor site we own outright? I just wanted to know if you’ve started doing that yet?

    Looking forward to seeing the next post to your website and all the best for 2013!

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    This method may take a long time, but the results will be enjoyed by the future, ..


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  • brainetics

    Hi Pat,

    I am using your strategy to rank my squidoo lens. It’s ranking so fast for my primary keyword (product + review), it’s no brainer. It’s been only a month plus.

    Now, I’m ranking the product keyword and other secondary keywords, I’ll let you know the result.

    Let me end by saying you laid out the steps as easy as it is.

  • Jan

    I have been implementing this strategy for the past 4 months and currently get about 2000 uniques per month. What’s more interesting is that I am ranking for a number of long tail keywords that I never intended to.

    Anyways, wanted to chip in my own .02 which was outsourcing the article spinning. This ended up being the most time consuming and tedious part of the process for me. I have a VA who takes care of it at a low fixed price per article.

    I cut out the worst part of the process so I can focus on what matters most, content. It took me a few bad eggs to find a good one but I have a woman from India with impeccable English who does this for me. Send me an email if you are interested in hiring her through odesk, she is awesome and I wish I could give her more work

    • Thom Bastian

      Hi there, I’m definitely interested in your VA reference. It’s hard finding someone with impeccable English it seems!

  • Pandita

    Great post Pat! This is invaluable information, it is really so hard to pin down a ‘here is how you do it’ style post, and this is just amazing!

    I have a question about the blog step of this back-linking strategy, perhaps one that should be obvious, but this is all new to me. When starting a blog for the sake of back-linking is it important that the title or name of the blog itself be somewhat in sync with the keywords you are targeting? Or is it possible to have a slew of general blogs that you use for back-linking to you various sites. So, for example, if you start up a new website you simply re-use the same blogs, adding a new topic and a couple of posts related to the topic of the site with links back to the site or page?

    Thanks again for putting so much information on here, it is a priceless resource. :-)

  • Taswir Haider

    For spinning I am using TheBestSpinner and submitting my articles through ArticleMarketingRobot. Thanks for sharing your detailed guide. This has helped me to learn something new.

  • Jay

    I’m not sure why everybody is so freaked out about all the google updates. You just need to diversify your baclink strategy by building manual backlinks and driving traffic to your site and purchase seo packages such as the one’s available at and your site will be rocking. The main thing is finding the right keywords to use to implement in your baclinking strategy. If you get the right long tail keywords, you can be on the first page in google for any of them if you use this strategy of mixing white hat and grey hat backlink building.

  • Lode

    Hi Pat,

    Very valuable information, thanks a lot !
    Something about the ‘rinse and repeat’ is not really clear to me, i hope you can clarify it.
    Suppose you repeat this 20 times for 20 different posts of your niche site. Do you make 20 new links on existing Squidoo lenses and blogs, or do you create a new one each time ?

  • Tony

    I am interested to see some more results from this strategy. I have put together a similar strategy that I will be using soon, but involves many more sources of backlinks to the anchor sites. I will also be hand writing every article for all the mini blogs I create, so hopefully the SEO lasts forever.

  • Bill

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  • Steven J Fromm & Associates

    Thanks for this comprehensive strategy. It looks like a lot of work but anything worthwhile takes a lot of effort.

  • New York Shopping

    This is a really great strategy. As this dates from 2010, is this still working now?

    John from

  • CR

    I’m working on my first niche site (as a result of reading this blog) and I’m now at the back linking stage. I really dislike this part of the process, it makes me feel uncomfortable. Throwing out a bunch of internet litter that isn’t going to provide any real value to anyone just to try and help my site rank better seems sleazy, and I wish Google didn’t force us to do stuff like this to get our valuable content ranked higher. Ugh… oh well. I’m going to try out the strategy anyway to see how well it works for what I’m doing.

    • CR

      Well hold on, let me add to what I said before I piss someone off – even if the spun articles are somewhat useful, they are only going to be snippets to help funnel people in to a site where the user will get all of the helpful info. I’m sure the articles Pat writes to sprinkle everywhere are fairly helpful to people. I just have seen a lot of “spun” articles filling up the search results that don’t provide much value, and it’s obvious what their purpose is. I just feel a little bad contributing to the clutter on the web. But again, that’s the way Google forces people to play. So until they improve their algorithm, this is what we have to do to get our valuable content viewed.

  • Epomedicine

    One in a while, I thought the backlink thing was history, good to know still it works a bit differently and more intelligently.

  • CR

    Just to confirm the way this strategy should work – the basic idea is to take a single article optimized for one or two keywords combinations with links pointing to your niche site, spin that article and post 20-23 versions of it on web 2.0 properties you create, in addition to the article sites above. Then spin it again and change the links that were pointing to your niche site to point to all of those web 2.0 properties and plug it into the Unique Article Wizard and social bookmarking. So in the end you’ll need to have 25+ versions of the same keyword optimized article posted in 25+ different places?

    Does that mean if you have 3-4 keyword combos you’re trying to rank for, you will have to write 3-4 different articles and spin them all 25+ different times and submit them all the same way? And seeing how the spinning software works, you might end up having to rewrite a good portion of the spun articles. So you would essentially be spending hours trying to write roughly 100 articles about the same topic?

    Does that sound about right? Just want to make sure I’m getting it right.

    • CR

      I know Pat’s busy, anyone else able to confirm this? Just want to make sure I am completely clear on how to execute this strategy. When you start thinking about scaling, it’s a little overwhelming with multiple keyword combos. But maybe I’m looking at it wrong.

      • noah

        Hi CR, great point and very curious for the answer. Anyone want to give it a try?

      • Nate

        CR, these strategies don’t work anymore. If they do, they work in the extreme minority of cases.

        > Your target anchor text should be 0-10%

        > Article directory links and 2.0’s are good for link diversity, but too many will fry your website.

        > Seek relevant websites to offer high quality, unspun guest-posts on. The traffic alone is worth it.

        After losing my rank I followed these steps and revived my site. Strive for relevance, diversity and authority.

  • She will Berich

    Thank you for this post!

  • Eddy

    Thank for this post Pat. I have a question, last year I’ve done this strategy but I cross link between web 2.0 and blog. And because my post contain to much link that direct to my niche site so my web 2.0 (blog) got suspended. I thought the strategy is similar with yours how to solve problem like this? Do you post another article that not link to your niche site?

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    thanks for sharing..

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  • jack

    are these tactics still relevant?

    • Nate

      Jack, they’re out of date. Watch Matt Cutts latest YT video.

  • Steve West

    Hey Pat,

    I hope you are recovering well from your bronchitis now!

    Wow awesome post! I have a few questions for you or anyone that knows though…

    I appreciate you said that some of these strategies may not work so well now. I recently heard from a local internet marketer that EzineArticles and a few others have recently been blacklisted by Google and it would negatively impact your site if you use them. Do you know if this is true or are they still good to use?

    As for spinning articles, since Google panda and penguin I am also aware that spun articles are not liked by Google. However, is doing it the way that you suggest spinning them in this post still ok or is it now even more risky since the time you first wrote this post?

    Awesome strategy on creating the free blogs to generate backlinks, haven’t heard of that before! :)

    Many Thanks in advance Pat, you rock!

    Regards, Steve

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  • Sudheer Yadav
  • Nash Lin

    Hi Pat, just like to update that the following doesn’t seems to work well.

    Articleblast – no longer an article website
    Article Alley – My article hasn’t been approved for a long time and login is always an issue.
    Amazine – now requires payment of 10cent per article.
    Xanga – no longer able to register – each time i register, my account gets deleted – only premium members can put a link in their article
    insanejournal – requires fee to join the site

    I’ve been pushing my website and hope it will go up the ranking pretty soon!
    Thanks for your guides!

  • Serdar

    This article changed my perspective totally. I will try these on for my blog.
    Thanks a lot Pat

    • Pablo

      Hey, did you have a chance to try it? I noticed Pat’s article was written in 2010, and I wanted to see if you had tried it and whether it still works in 2014? Please let me know.

  • Sam

    Great post: Just a quick question with regards to spinning articles. Do we need to spin each article for each Web 2.0/bookmarking site? Or can we just spin the original article once, and submit the same spun article across the two layers? Looking forward to your reply!

  • Anastasia

    Thanks, Pat. I will try these for my blog

  • RJ Bryan

    Hey Pat,
    I thought Squidoo was still a great source. I definitely still hear of people recommending it

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  • Jimmy

    Yeah, link are counting less and less. To many people have and do abuse link building. It’s all about value of contents for users now.

    • Nick

      Don’t agree. See Matt’s video snippet, where he explains that back links are still one of the most important ranking factors:

  • Sudheer Yadav

    perfact article please help for my indian movie blog

  • guppy

  • Dee

    I agree with the opening ‘edit’. Google has since changed the ranking algorithms twice. As far as I understand it tries to understand the content on your site in sort of an abstraction method. From what I read, keyword stuffing is really ignored and they look more at content. Still it is a mystery how some crappy sites get top ranking. Who knows…besides Google.

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  • Stuart Marshall

    The link to Social Poster isn’t working! Its broken 😉

  • Scott Mazerall

    Hi Pat, I just wanted to give you a heads up that you have a dead link on this page:40 day challenge sample chapter. Hope this helps!

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    what is your new backlinking strategy?…

  • Kyle

    Pretty much all of this worked pre 2012, but now does more harm than good. Be careful people.

  • Rodrigo Antonangelo

    hey Pat, this strategy still works?
    Thanks man.

  • Shahnawaz Sadique

    Article submission is still works but it depends that on which sites you are working.

  • Kriangsak Charanyanond

    Thanks for your very nice information.It ‘s easy to follow and understand.

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    I was trying to use this strategy…but it seems really hard and outdated even. Finally found something that looks promising here ->

    heres my niche…im still trying to make money on it!

  • Working Nomad

    Surely this information is out of date now, e.g. submitting to article sites is surely a fast track to getting your site banned.

    It would have been excellent information back in 2012 though, I wonder if we are going to see an updated version of this?

    • Nate

      Agreed. Pity the newbies who spend thankless hours applying this strategy, only to find their site is … Nowhere.

  • tim casentini

    So after A LOT of searching, I finally found an up to date backlinking strategy by Neil Patel. Its a bunch of infographics so its really easy to follow along…check it out! This is chapter 12, but grab a cup of coffee and read it from chapter 1. IT will answer any questions

  • Asif Rajan

    Good day,

    Very well done and comprehensive set of topics and concepts to consider when writing blog posts. I love it!


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    I have used a lot of SEO tools in my time. Some good and some useless. This one worked pretty well.

  • Jon Thomas

    This is a very old strategy, it was effective for passive income years ago but now it’s a sure way to get your website banned from Google searches.

  • Matthew

    I would love to hear Pat’s opinions on this now as link building may have become a thing of the past. Too many of bloggers out there simply abuse the concept by executing this in a meaningless way. I would rather prefer indulging in intelligent, relevant conversations, both learning and contributing at the same time driving traffic to the site/blog. I guess that’s a more genuine organic way of growing your business. What do you think?


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    • Mike

      Private blog networks, but don’t expect pat to publicly state that. Also this blog has been up and popular for many years now, so no doubt he gets lots of links naturally.

      • Sawyer Mattson

        Thanks Mike. But aren’t the web 2.0 websites in the anchor layer PBNs? Or are you talking about high quality expired domains? Also why wouldn’t Pat state that publicly? Are PBNs really that frowned upon? Thanks again!

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    It annoys me all these unanswered questions and spamming being allowed. Its making it more difficult to se whats happening in the thread.

    So you still suport the use of UAW as a method build backlinks to the anchor layer !!! You have really found nothing better

    If you can be bothered why not emplyee a VA its not like this blog cant afford it?

    And whats with the spammer button when it doesnot stop spammers
    theres a great video on first adopters that youd do well to look at. dont forget your first and second adopters

    Sorry to rant but come on dude pull it up.. its your rep on the line.

    Happy christmas and have a fantastic 2012

  • Pat

    Tom, I’m taking a few days off to enjoy time with my family, so I apologize I haven’t been able to deal with these spammers right away. Every other time, I’ve come in here and deleted them right away.

    I get upwards of 150+ emails a day from people, and I respond to each of them individually when I can. I’m sorry I can’t come in here and answer questions right away and “give back to the community” in every which way possible that you wish. Everything I do regarding this blog is giving back – sometimes you just don’t see it happening because it’s a private conversation.

    Some of the questions on this post have been addressed already in the comment stream, and a lot of times other people have been kind enough to answer so I give it some time usually (Big thanks Steve and Joseph, and several others too).

    Yes, I still use UAW, because it’s still working for my new niche sites.

    For the spammer button – there would be hundreds more spam comments a day coming from bots, so the current one is doing it’s job on non-human spam comments, and again I do my best to come in here and delete the ones that are human. Do you have a link to the adopters video?

    No worries about the rant, Tom. I appreciate your honestly and truly value it. Merry Christmas to you and yours!

  • James Hussey

    One of my favorite aspects about your blog, Pat, is the way you magnanimously handle hot heads. WTG

    And FWIW – yes, UAW still works just fine, though there are other tools out there, if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.

  • Cody Sellers

    Not trying to disagree with you just to disagree, but your comment of “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it” is not the best method to take with Google.

    When it comes to building backlinks I would recommend using multiple sources because one simple algorithm update can devalue every link that is built with a network, such as UAW.

    There are lots of factors that go into ranking a site, but backlinks are certainly a big factor (if not the biggest.) Therefore, I would recommend using services other than just UAW. This way, in the event that Google completely wipes out the value of the UAW network, you have links coming from other sources.

  • Dave

    Well said Cody and I couldn’t agree more.

    It is very easy to use just one service or one link building method but easy is not the way to go. From what I learned over the past year about SEO (and I ranked a few keywords) is that there are 2 things about link building you must follow:

    Link Diversity and Link Velocity.

    Get links from multiple sources and be sure to get links all the time rather than in spikes (1000 today, nothing in the next few days).

    I am a big fan of UAW and used it for a long time and it was the best at one point but right now, I find ArticleRanks to be the best blog network and the great thing about it is that you can actually use if for free if you add your own domains.

  • Steve Wyman

    Hi Dave and Cody

    Fellow travelers on the SEO highway. Indeed they are two of the major factors for sure

    With Link diversity I would break that into two part

    Link SOURCE Diversity
    Link ANCHOR TEXT diversity

    Arguable which is most important but they are key.


  • Chris

    I would be careful with Article Ranks. I used it exclusively as my blog network and the blogs associated with A.R. are being de-indexed at a high rate. I’m currently loosing 5-10% of my links everyday since Google’s latest Panda update. I can’t build links fast enough to make up for the losses. What’s the point of spending all your time building links to your web 2.0 sites if they are going to be slapped by Google? Just seems like a wast of time.

  • Dave

    Hi Steve,

    I personally think that link source diversity is more important. That is just what I seen from my own link building. I know that many say that anchor text diversity is key but I never really diversified my anchor text much and it didn’t prevent me from getting top rankings.

  • Ampit

    Completely Agree Steve.

  • Steve Wyman

    Hey Dave

    Im pretty much sure that link anchor text diversity is now a big factor. Googlebot with Panda updates is definetly showing bias against exact match anchor text at 70%+

    As always in some niches you can do any backlinking and rank well but for longer term stability I believe total diversity will be a good idea. Its fairly easy to do as well so a good practice.


  • Dror

    I agree Steve.

    The bottom line is that it can’t hurt to diversify your anchor text and it doesn’t require more work since it is fairly easy to do as you mentioned so there is really no reason not to do it.

  • Carl from Small Scale Business

    Is there a tool for me to know if my exact match anchor text is at 70%+ ? Thanks!

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    look no further than this comment. from a person that has no idea of seo or even creating a site

    A Spam comment feeding back to a site that has nothing to do with this niche.

  • steve wyman


    I agree with the press release and article comments.

    But still be careful with using any back links to the money site where the anchor text is limited we continue to need diversity and velocity.

    Forum profile links definitively keep those away from your money site. There spamming links however you look at them and often are limited in the anchor text you can use.

    My reasoning is “How natural/legit does it look for lots of people with different names/emails etc to have as “their” default website URL set as yours” it would not be hard to add that to the penquin filter algo”

    >10 forum profiles to this URL raises a flag type of thing. If you had 100 forum profile links i’d say watch out for penquin catching that one day.

    Of course to the anchor layer i would not care as always i consider those disposable anyway


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