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  1. Are YouTube Videos and Podcasting Worth the Effort?


    Are YouTube and Podcasting Worth It?Last year, I made a conscious decision to turn my growing Smart Passive Income blog into the Smart Passive Income brand.

    I knew nothing about “branding” at the time, except that I knew that successful brands utilized all different mediums to reach their audience. Stick to one medium, and you’ll limit your reach to only those who use that medium.

    That’s why you see major brands on television and on the radio (and everywhere else it seems), or why you see many of the top bloggers syndicate and expand their written content with videos and podcasts too.

    I wanted to do the same, and that’s why I have my YouTube Channel, and most recently, my Podcast.

    So is it worth all the effort? (more…)

  2. Quick Ways to Utilize These 4 Non-Google Search Engines


    Non-Google search engines are a beautiful thing – and no, I’m not talking about Yahoo or Bing.

    I’m talking about other search engines that you can use to discover a ton of valuable information about the niche you’re in.

    I guarantee that you’ve heard of these search engines before, although you probably never thought of them primarily as search engines:

    • YouTube
    • Twitter
    • Facebook
    • iTunes

    Let’s go one-by-one through each to discover how we can utilize these search engines to enhance our own websites, blogs and brands. (more…)

  3. YouTube Tips and Tricks For Bloggers – Part 3


    This is the final installment of my YouTube marketing tactics series. In part 1, we covered how to approach video marketing, as well as what to include in your recordings for maximum impact. In part 2, we discussed the importance of optimizing the Title, Description and Tags of your video, and I included a few cool tricks to help you “snipe” traffic from other popular videos.

    In part 3, we’re going to cover some tips and tricks that you can do with your video after it’s uploaded. Much like with blogging (and iPhone apps), the work should not stop once your content is live. There are a few things you should do before you can just let YouTube and the Internet do it’s thing and drive traffic to your videos and ultimately your blog automatically. Again, it’s about putting in the hard work now, so you can continuously reap the benefits later. (more…)

  4. YouTube Tips and Tricks For Bloggers – Part 2


    In part 1 of this mini series about video marketing on YouTube we discussed two important topics:

    1. Your mindset as you begin to push videos onto YouTube for brand expansion and traffic generation; and
    2. A number of things you can do to your video recording to optimize it.

    In part 2 we’re going to cover some tips and tricks for what to do after your video is recorded with the title, description and tags. (more…)

  5. YouTube Tips and Tricks For Bloggers – Part 1



    It’s been around for over 5 years, yet for some reason most bloggers still haven’t explored the video sharing platform where millions of people around the world are watching over 2 billion videos a day.

    I took the SPI brand onto YouTube on September 26th, 2009 for the same reason I do everything else I report on this blog—to see if it’s a worth while place to invest my time.

    276 days later, I can truthfully say that I’m more than pleased with the results of my experiment with YouTube to expand the SPI brand and audience base. Here are some quick numbers from my account as of today:

    • 15 Uploaded Videos
    • 59,582 Total Views
    • 720 Subscribers

    That’s an average of about 1 new video every 2 to 3 weeks. Considering that the average length of my videos is about 6 minutes in length, you can get a feel for just how much time I’ve really dedicated to this “experiment”—6 minutes every 3 weeks.

    Not a huge amount of time invested, but you can see that I’ve earned a considerable number of views and a good amount of subscribers as a result, which has ultimately increased traffic to my blog as well as helped to earn a few affiliate sales here and there. Without much additional effort, my daily viewership continues to grow as you can see below:

    By no means would I call myself a YouTube expert, but I’ve picked up a few tips and tricks along the way that may help you expand your brand, increase your views and grab more subscribers if you do decide to expand onto YouTube, if you’re not on the platform already. (more…)

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