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SPI 103 : Stop Being a Superhero. It’s Killing Your Business (and You).

Superhero Syndrome a terrible condition that can turn businesses into failures, and can burn people out in an instant. I know, because I've suffered from it before. Chris Ducker joins us today to talk about what we can do to deal with our own entrepreneurial habits of wanting to do everything ourselves. Should you be doing everything yourself, as the business owner?

Hiring a Virtual Assistant – Everything You Need to Know

I have quite a bit of experience hiring help for my online businesses, but only on a project to project basis. iPhone applications, copywriting and web design are usually what I hire out for. Lately, however, I've been incurring a lot of daily tasks in some of my businesses (mostly geared around the Niche Site [...]

How to Utilize Virtual Staff to Create Multiple Streams of Passive Income

This is a guest post from Chris Ducker from Chris has quite an impressive resume, with 19 years in sales, marketing and PR. He's a CEO of a total business outsourcing company with a staff of approximately 165 full-time employees. I've gotten to know Chris fairly well recently since our recent interview, and he's [...]

Here’s Why I Don’t Have a Full-Time Virtual Assistant

Virtual Assistants, or "VAs" for short, are helping people get more things done each and every day. If you've read the 4-Hour Work Week, then you know that Mr. Timothy Ferriss is a huge fan of using VAs for all of the clutter and "the things that I don't want to waste my time doing [...]

What’s Stopping You From Using a Virtual Assistant?

In Tim Ferriss' book The 4-Hour Work Week (aka, my 2nd Bible), he dedicates an entire section to VAs and the benefits of hiring virtual assistants to do almost any task for you. At first, I was reluctant to agree with the idea of outsourcing because I was always the one who wanted to do [...]