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How to Get More Traffic to Your Blog with Corbett Barr (in Hi-Def!)

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  1. SPI 008: How to Get More Traffic with Corbett Barr from


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    Note: Corbett has been back on the podcast since this episode, on episode 023 and on episode 147 with the whole Fizzle team. Check the Related Podcasts section at the bottom of this post.

    In this session of the Smart Passive Income Podcast, I welcome Corbett Barr from as a co-host, and we discuss something I know most of you are very interested in…traffic!

    We talk mostly about traffic for bloggers, although many of the same principles and techniques can apply to any other type of website you may have.

    Here are just some of the questions we answer on today’s session:

    • What can you expect traffic-wise when you’re just starting out?
    • What things can you do to get your name out there and start to get traffic coming to your site?
    • How do you create buzz for a relatively new blog or website?
    • How many posts should you write before you start up a new blog?
    • What do you do with the great content that you’ve written for your new site that probably not very many people will read, since there’s hardly any traffic coming in at first?
    • Is blog commenting and participating in forum discussions a good way to drive traffic to your site?
    • As a blog starts to pick up momentum, in many cases the traffic will eventually begin to plateau. What can you do to break through to the next level and get off of that plateau?

    So far, this has been one of my favorite podcast sessions to record, so I’m hoping it will be one of your favorites to listen to.


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    Items Mentioned in this Session:

    SPI 008 : How to Get More Traffic with Corbett Barr from

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  2. An In-Depth Traffic Stats and Analysis Report


    So far, I’ve written 15 Monthly Income Reports, but I’ve never written about my traffic—until today. Instead of just “showing you the numbers,” I hope I can provide you with some insight as to why the numbers are the way they are, and what can we learn from them. Thanks to those of you who emailed me asking me to write about my traffic.

    Note: all screenshots taken from Google Analytics (data since October 2008 for The Smart Passive Income Blog)

    Overall Traffic

    Here’s a snapshot of my traffic since I started this blog:

    spi-overall-traffic1A few important things to take away from this graph: (more…)

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