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SPI 134: Crucial and Common WordPress Mistakes and How to Avoid Them, with Dan from WP Curve

Dan Norris, co-founder of WP-Curve (a company that provides on-going support for Wordpress users) has helped hundreds of Wordpress site owners through a myriad of different problems. He's on the show today to help us with the most common mistakes webmasters make, and how to avoid them for an improved site and user experience.

A WordPress Plugin For Instant Traffic in 5 Minutes

Just a week ago, I added a new Wordpress plugin to my blog's arsenal. It's called digg digg. It could also be called awesome awesome, because it is. It's an all-in-one plugin that allows you to easily add the digg and retweet button onto your blog posts or page. You can see it in use [...]

10 Ninja Techniques to Get More Subscribers, Followers, and Opt-Ins

So you want more subscribers, followers, and opt-ins for your website or blog? Here's a list of 10 strategies and techniques that are being used today. Some of these you may already know, and if you do - kudos to you. Don't take this as what you SHOULD do, but rather what you COULD do. [...]

5 Free and Random Tips for Bloggers You Probably Didn’t Know – My 100th Post!

Yep, this is officially my 100th post on the Smart Passive Income Blog! It's come so much faster than I thought it would, and I think that's because I'm having a lot of fun writing for all of you. Your kind comments and frequent questions keep me motivated to provide you with interesting and helpful [...]

How to Run Free Split Tests Using Google Optimizer for Better Results

Do you want a poor website? Of course not. We all want to make our websites the best websites they can be. We all want them to grab more attention, catch more subscribers, and increase our sales and popularity. In a previous post, I talked about how I spent just 5 minutes to change my [...]

How to Increase your Earnings in 5 Minutes or Less

Note: While the specific button style mentioned in this post may be dated, the concept of split-testing key elements of your sales process is as relevant as ever. (Editor's Note 09/2015) A very wise person once said, "assume nothing, test everything." This is what Ryan Deiss of did, as he created 43 different "split-tests" [...]