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THE Backlinking Strategy That Works

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  1. THE Backlinking Strategy That Works


    THE Backlinking Strategy that Works

    Please note that this strategy was written in late 2010. Although it does still work, it doesn’t work quite as well as it used to, since quite a bit has changed in the world of search engine optimization since then.

    UPDATE: A more recent version of this post has been published, with techniques and strategies for link building that work in 2014 and beyond. 


    Some sites that use this strategy are climbing Google with no issues, while others find it’s not really working at all, and there are no apparent patterns. The only pattern is that less and less sites are finding this strategy to be reliable. 

    I’m keeping this post here because there is still a lot of useful information in it, but in regards to article spinning and using tools like Unique Article Wizard, mentioned below, if you choose to use them, you must be extremely careful about the quality of what you create using those tools. If done correctly, the tools can still be useful, but it’s easy to abuse their power, spam the web and get penalized for it. 

    If you’re at all doubtful about these tools, do not use them. 

    If you’re still interested in building a niche website and understanding how Google works today, I advise you follow my progress on Niche Site Duel 2.0. Thank you!

    This backlinking strategy is modeled after Joseph Archibald’s strategy he generously shared free to the public in his 40 Day Challenge on the Warrior Forum. He was able to rank a fairly competitive niche in the top 5 in Google within 40 days.

    (For everyone’s convenience, he has also since published The 40 Day Challenge eBook, which is a lot easier to read than the 1200+ posts on the Warrior Forum. Check out his sample chapter here.)

    He’s taken it upon himself to be totally active here on SPI and respond to everyone’s questions and concerns about the backlinking strategy on my blog, which just shows what kind of guy he is. If you use this strategy, be sure to thank Joseph sometime.

    ***Note: This strategy still works even after Google’s latest Panda and Penguin updates, with a few minor things that we must pay attention to. Building links in a more natural manner is more important than ever, so there are a couple of things to consider:

    1. Anchor text: The text of the links that point back to your site should only be your primary keyword about 20–25% of the time, at most. Vary your anchor text using secondary and tertiary keywords in the same market (i.e. fly fishing tips, helpful fly fishing guide, stream fishing)

    2. I use this strategy still and it works. However, if you use ONLY this strategy, the success rate is much lower by itself than it was before Google’s updates. I use this as a base strategy to start out with and do several other techniques on top of it for maximum results. This can include guest posting, social media links (from your own account and others—write stuff that’s shareable!), and YouTube videos. I’m seeing great results from YouTube videos, even though they are no-follow links. They are still powerful! (links in description)

    Please keep this in mind when reading the strategy below:

    I’ve revealed my niche site backlinking strategy before, but never in this much detail.

    Ever since the niche site I created for the Niche Site Duel started to rapidly climb the ranks of Google, eventually landing on the number one position, people have been asking me for more detail about my strategy and the software and tools that I’ve been using to help.

    There are several strategies one can use to rank higher in the search engines and the one I’m going to explain is just one of them.


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