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Why You Need A Business Banking Account, And How To Get One

After being all excited and getting over the fact that I could actually say "I, Pat Flynn, own my own business" (I can't wait for my 10 year reunion), I soon realized that this is really serious stuff. There's much more to it than just filing papers with the Secretary of State and having a [...]

How To Start a Company in 30 Minutes

In my last post, I discussed exactly why I started my own company, Flynndustries, LLC - but here I'll tell you exactly how it was accomplished in only 30 minutes. Traditionally, if you wanted to start your own company it took quite a bit of work. First, you'd have to fill out your state's "Articles [...]

Why I Started My Own Company

So it's official. I am now the proud owner of my very own business - and I have to say, it feels wonderful! It's always been my life long dream to own my own business, so it's nice to say that I was able to achieve this at the age of 26. But looking back [...]