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My November 2015 Monthly Income Report

Each month I share my monthly income and expenses and examine the activities that contributed to them. In November I also had the opportunity to speak with two exceptional groups of students from different backgrounds.

My October 2015 Monthly Income Report

At the end of each month, I review the activities surrounding my business to see how I can improve. October was a big month with new projects starting and some important travel. Here's what I learned.

My August 2015 Monthly Income Report

Everything from the dollars earned to the lessons learned while running my online businesses. I've been writing these kinds of posts every month since 2008, and here is the report for August, 2015!

Podcast Movement 2015 Opening Keynote: You vs. You – SPI TV, Ep. 26

In this episode, I share my keynote from Podcast Movement 2015. This talk is titled YOU vs. YOU, which deals with the struggle within ourselves when we try something new. For podcasters especially, this is something we all deal with, but this voice within our head lies in everyone.

How to Create an Awesome Slide Presentation – SPI TV, Ep. 17

Have you ever sat in on a presentation where you literally just want to fall asleep? Or maybe you get so bored you pull out your phone and start checking your email or Twitter? Not good. If you're on stage presenting, that's the last thing you want your audience to do. In this episode of SPI TV, I'm going to teach you how to create slides that keep your audience awake. 9 tips to help you create an awesome, memorable slide deck that helps guide you through your presentation without spraying bullet points into every slide. Check it out...

33 Public Speaking Tips to Keep Your Audience from Falling Asleep – SPI TV, Ep. 16

I snuck into an empty room while at New Media Expo to film 33 public speaking tips to help you stop your audience from falling asleep the next time you're on stage presenting in front of a group of people...

My April 2015 Monthly Income Report

My monthly income report for April 2015, which includes a line-by-line earnings breakdown, expenses, and all of the lessons learned and important events that happened last month. Check it out!

Behind the Scenes of Back to the Future Again – SPI TV, Ep. 14

Be sure to subscribe to SPI TV  (on YouTube or iTunes) to get new episodes of SPI TV each Friday! On March 24th, 2015, I traveled to Puente Hills Mall in the City of Industry, which is located just south of Los Angeles. On this evening, from 6pm to 3am the next morning, I would be filming a short [...]

How to Become Futureproof: Opening Keynote NMX ’15 – SPI TV, Ep. 13

I'm super excited to share the full version of my opening keynote at New Media Expo '15 in Las Vegas. Complete with a short film I wrote and starred in, a Delorean on stage and everything you need to know to become futureproof - this is my most proud and excited work, and I hope you enjoy!

Back to the Future Again (My Short Film to Open My NMX Keynote)

A lot of you know that I like to go all-out when I get on stage for a presentation. I've watched hundreds of talks online and even hired a coach at one point to improve my public speaking skills, and I always try to bring something new, creative and different to the stage. In 2013, during the [...]