The Smart Passive Income Podcast

SPI 153: Systematizing – Pat and Mindy Talk AskPat and Our Productive Workflow

Back in Episode 138, I had a blast introducing you to the amazing people of Team Flynn. I got a ton of responses about one team member in particular: Mindy Holahan. Mindy does so much amazing work around here, including the AskPat podcast. So many of you reached out to ask more about Mindy, what she does, and how on earth she produces a podcast that publishes five shows a week. That's why I've brought her on today.

My New Podcast…with Chris Ducker? Yes! 5 Years In the Making…

My best bud Chris Ducker and I just went live with a project that's been exciting us for months! There's a 5 year history here, but we're happy to finally unveil our 1-Day Business Breakthrough podcast! Each show features a "hotseat" where one entrepreneur shares their biggest struggle, and Chris and I go back and forth for 15 minutes to help that person out. You're not gonna want to miss this one. Check it out!

SPI 122: From Teachers to Totally Rocking it Online – Shane and Jocelyn Sams Share their Success Story

Some of the most popular and relatable episodes of The SPI Podcast involve success stories from those who have successfully built a business outside of the Internet Marketing, Online Business and Blogging niches. In other words, there are more ways to build a successful online business and make money online than just talking about how to [...]

SPI 107: How a Small Blog about Food Became a Big Deal – with Lisa and Jason from 100 Days of Real Food

I love sharing stories of people who create successful online businesses outside of the how to make money, blogging and entrepreneur space! In this episode, Lisa and Jason Leake from share their wild success story and how their small food blog became a BIG, in-demand nationally known website.

SPI 106: How to Get More Clients and Win in a Competitive Niche with Mary Beth Storjohann

I'm happy to welcome fellow San Diego native, Mary Beth Storjohann from to the podcast! We talk about her strategies for getting more clients, standing out (and niching down) within a very competitive market, plus a whole lot more. There are a TON of golden nuggets and actionable content in this session, so check it out!

SPI 105: S.P.L.A.T. – The Neuroscience Behind a Great Presentation, a Solid Pitch and Total Attention

If we cannot hold the attention of our audience, then we might as well not try to build one. In this session, Bryan Kelly and I discuss cognitive science to help us understand how our audience's brains work, so we can better deliver and make change in their lives, and in turn, ours own lives as well.

SPI 099: Buying Stuff and Selling it on Amazon (For 6-Figures a Year!) with Jessica and Cliff Larrew

I love when I'm introduced to a brand new business model like this. Here, you'll learn how Jessica and Cliff Larrew leveraged Amazon's FBA (Fulfillment by Amazon) program to generate over 6-figures in profit last year. Funny thing, it all starts with a trip to the store to buy stuff to sell on Amazon later. This one blew me away.

SPI 096: How to Make a Living Selling Your Artwork Online with Cory Huff from The Abundant Artist

Creating an income stream by selling your artwork is not easy, but as an artist, in order to share what you create with others and earn from it so you can create even more, you must first adopt an entrepreneurial mindset. Here's how, and the steps you can take to make a living from the art that you create...

SPI 094: 5 Proven Content Creation Tips to Help You Maximize the Impact of Your Information

The last couple of weeks have not been good to me. Since coming back from New Media Expo, I was diagnosed with viral bronchitis, which means my voice and my energy levels have gone missing for quite a while.

Thankfully, I'm back and ready to go again! Let's start off with Session 94 of the SPI podcast where I'll be sharing 5 carefully selected content creation tips to help you maximize the impact you have with the information you share, no matter what form of content you're creating: blog posts, podcast episodes, videos, webinars, and even live presentations.

SPI 091: Mixing Online Business with Offline Marketing Strategies – Direct Reponse with Kim Walsh-Phillips

Offline marketing techniques...for your online business? Oh yeah! Our guest Kim from shares direct marketing techniques that are totally being underutilized in the online arena. You'll hear specific strategies that will help you increase the value of your products, retention rate and also reinforce purchasing decisions that your customers make too. Plus, the truth about the cost of running such campaigns. If you're going to sell anything online, this interview with Kim is a MUST-listen. Click play to listen...