The Smart Passive Income Podcast

SPI 199: The Marketing Effort Behind Will It Fly?

Will It Fly? has launched, and I couldn’t be more thrilled. Team Flynn is back again today to share what goes into planning, scheduling, and marketing a new book. These same approaches can be applied to any large-scale project you have in the works.

SPI 198: Building a Book Launch “Street Team” (Plus Pre-Order)

If you’re new to the incredible power of launch teams, this episode is for you. I’d like you to meet someone who’s been invaluable in making my next book a reality. He’s Daniel Decker, the man behind the Will It Fly? launch team.

SPI 197: Behind the Scenes of Writing Will It Fly?

Today, I talk about the “why” and the “how” of writing my new book, Will It Fly? I discuss how I refined the message of the book and why I chose self-publishing.

SPI 196: How to Level Up Your Life with Steve Kamb

On today's show, I talk with the founder of Nerd Fitness, Steve Kamb. Steve has built an amazing community at the intersection of his two interests: fitness and video games. By carving out a space in the highly competitive fitness market for folks just like him, Steve’s Nerd Fitness has become more than a business—it’s an amazing, die-hard community of devoted fans.

SPI 195: Carrie Clark and Her SPI Reader Success Story

Today's episode is a success story with Carrie Clark. Carrie, a speech therapist by trade, runs Though she loved her private speech therapy practice and the school where she worked, she grew frustrated with the limitations of those jobs and their drain on her time and energy. Carrie knew she could be earning more and serving her patients better.

SPI 194: (Updated Recording) Types of Passive Income Generated Online and What to Expect From Each – Part 3

This is the final chapter in my revamped, three-part series on getting started with your own passive income business. I explore how to get started with membership sites, software, and productizing other freelance services.

SPI 193: (Updated Recording) Types of Passive Income Generated Online and What to Expect From Each – Part 2

This is Part Two in my updated series on the different types of passive income. Today I cover affiliate marketing, advertising, eBooks, and online courses. Here is how to get started and what you can expect with each type of income.

SPI 192: (Updated Recording) Types of Passive Income Generated Online and What to Expect From Each – Part 1

The next three episodes take you back to the future! In 2011, I published a series of three podcasts highlighting passive income strategies—telling you what you could expect from each strategy. Over the next three episodes I'll tell you what has changed, bringing you up to date on the best advice for building a business around passive income.

SPI 191: When a Product Launch Doesn’t Go as Planned: Inside a Coaching Call with Pat and Robert Kibbe

Today's episode is a recording of consulting call with Robert Kibbe from Despite careful planning, his product launch didn't go as planned. We talk through what went wrong and how to recover.

SPI 190: Step-by-Step Product Creation with Bryan Harris

Today's guest is Bryan Harris of, who is a master at building email lists and using them as a cornerstone for product creation. Today, he’s sharing his step-by-step formulas for designing, launching, and maximizing profit from your online product.