Ask The Readers: Is Outsourcing Irresponsible?

On the Internet Business Mastery Podcast Blog, there's an interesting debate going on, and it involves a little bit of what I do online. There are tons of very interesting comments and a lot of rage about the subject of outsourcing. On one hand, online businesses outsource many tasks overseas because you really can't beat [...]

New iPhone 3G S Released, You Dig?

I'm pretty busy this weekend because of a Baby Shower (not mine...yet), and Father's Day on Sunday, but I was just curious to see how many of you are grabbing the new iPhone 3G S released just yesterday by Apple. I have an iPhone 3G, not not a 3G S, and was wondering if you [...]

Don’t Be Afraid to Ask for an Opinion…BUT

I recently redesigned this blog and asked for your thoughts about it in my last post. If I was the way I was in high school, boy - would I be livid! Let me explain... When I was a little boy (yes, I was still a little boy in high school. I finally reached 100lbs. [...]

What Would Happen if Google Shut Down? Would TSHTF?

Here's the story: I remember back when I was in middle school, my dad would sometimes come home from work and talk about how he "Googled" something. I had no idea what he meant,  so I looked up "Googol" in the dictionary (from the bookshelf in my room) and found that my Dad was doing [...]