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SPI 192: (Updated Recording) Types of Passive Income Generated Online and What to Expect From Each – Part 1

The next three episodes take you back to the future! In 2011, I published a series of three podcasts highlighting passive income strategies—telling you what you could expect from each strategy. Over the next three episodes I'll tell you what has changed, bringing you up to date on the best advice for building a business around passive income.

SPI 148: (By Popular Demand) The Story Behind The Success of Food Blog Pinch of Yum with Lindsay and Bjork

So many of you asked us to have these two on the show, and here they are! Lindsay & Bjork from Pinch of Yum share exactly how they generate an income from their food blog. It's an amazing story, and what's even cooler is that like here on SPI, they publicly share their income report to their audience. And yes, on a food blog. Here's why, and what the reaction has been like...

SPI 146: Product Validation and Pre-Selling—A Real Life Example with Jarrod Robinson

How do you know if what you're working on will pay off? You'll love this episode because we'll get the step-by-step details on how PE Teacher Jarrod Robinson pre-sold and validated a product idea before he even created it. Check it out!

SPI 143: Actionable Email Marketing Strategies and How to 3X Revenue Using Your Autoresponder with Steve Chou

Email marketing is still alive and strong, and in this episode of The SPI Podcast we chat with one of my good friends, Steve Chou from shares with us a few small tweaks he made to his autoresponder sequence that yielded him BIG results. We also get a glimpse of he and his wife's extremely successful (and very niched!) online e-commerce store. Check it out! (Transcript available too!).

SPI 128: [CASE STUDY] Manu Kalia—Taking an Offline Business and Productizing It Online

In this session of the SPI Podcast we chat with Manu Kalia about how he transformed his offline physical therapy practice into a successful online business, including the strategy for his successful 5-figure launch for his first information product, and what he wish he did instead. Another great success story from someone in the real world!

SPI 127: Building a Successful E-Commerce Business and Private Labeling with Ryan and Daniel

There are countless ways to generate an income online. E-Commerce is one that I have yet to personally explore myself, but after listening to this episode with Ryan and Daniel who are earning over $1,000,000 per month in revenue (by private labeling and selling using fulfillment services from Amazon), I may experiment with this in the near future. Learn about the how-to strategies Ryan and Daniel use to run their successful e-commerce business in this episode.

SPI 122: From Teachers to Totally Rocking It Online—Shane and Jocelyn Sams Share Their Success Story

Some of the most popular and relatable episodes of The SPI Podcast involve success stories from those who have successfully built a business outside of the Internet Marketing, Online Business and Blogging niches. In other words, there are more ways to build a successful online business and make money online than just talking about how to [...]

SPI 106: How to Get More Clients and Win in a Competitive Niche with Mary Beth Storjohann

I'm happy to welcome fellow San Diego native, Mary Beth Storjohann from to the podcast! We talk about her strategies for getting more clients, standing out (and niching down) within a very competitive market, plus a whole lot more. There are a TON of golden nuggets and actionable content in this session, so check it out!

SPI 081: How Brigit Earns 6-Figures a Year in a Niche You Wouldn’t Expect

In this session of The Smart Passive Income Podcast, I'm really excited to bring you another online business success story from someone who is generating over six-figures a year in an niche completely outside of the how to blog, how to make money online or the how to become an entrepreneur space. In fact, when [...]

SPI 073: Ask Pat Session 1—Un-Let Go, Traffic, Multiple Niche Sites, Content Mediums, and $1k in 3 Months

In this session of The Smart Passive Income Podcast, I'm super stoked to answer voicemail questions from the SPI audience! Every once and a while, I'll be recording podcast episodes that are completely driven and made up of questions asked by you, so if you have any questions you'd like potentially answered on the show, [...]