How to Publish an Ebook Series – Part 2 – Getting Started

I know that when I read a "series" of posts on other people's blogs, it can be a drag at times, usually because the information is really specific and can sometimes be a bore. I can't guarantee this all of the material I write in this eBook series will be super interesting, but I guarantee [...]

The #1 Tip for Starting an Ebook Is…

Note: To learn more how to create an ebook, check out my free resource eBooks the Smart Way. Write your outline first! The easiest and most beneficial thing that you will ever do to prepare yourself to easily crank out that ebook you've been thinking of writing for the past 3 months is to write [...]

How To Start Making Money Online with Mind Maps

My first full day of being laid off was absolutely a waste. I didn't even leave the house or change out of my pajamas. Not because I was sad or depressed, but because I sat in front of my computer all day thinking of my next money making idea. The problem with me is that [...]